The Full Moon Eclipse Portal on July 4th Was a Giant Leap in Our Ascension – Full Report

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 7, 2020

Part 1

July began exactly as June ended – with a firework of downloads of source energies and codes, and a barrage of fateful events. Everything we shall experience this month is the result of the incredible lightwork we accomplished in the previous months.

Therefore, I shall begin my energy report with a retrospective overview of what happened in May and June. I have kept this information confidential sofar as the time was not ripe yet and any premature disclosure would have played into the hands of our enemies and would have jeopardized the Divine Plan.

After May was full of healing miracles, I promised you that June would bring surprises and further miracles, in particular around the Sommer solstice and we were not disappointed in that. First, on June 3rd we eliminated in a most dramatic purge most dark entities from the human fields that were sponging on human soul energies and preventing their evolution as incarnated personalities (here). This was a major operation.

Immediately after that, the earth and humanity began to be flooded with the yellow flame of illumination in order to install the divine mind on this planet and sharpen the focus of the human mind to see the truth and not be misled by the usual lies upon which this holographic model is based (here). I am both on the yellow flame of illumination and the blue flame of divine God’s will.

The yellow flame of illumination is now reaching a second peak with the beginning of July and we shall soon see the results of the new clarity of human thinking at the societal level.

Parallel to that, we continued in June with our battle against the former reptilian masters of this planet, or so they believed to be. On June 8th, I was urged by my HS to publish Archbishop Viganò’s open letter to President Trump, not knowing what this article would trigger.

Then on June 10th, I published my key article “Why There Are no Viruses” which was inspired by the White Brotherhood/Melchizidek Order and personally by St. Germain who is constantly around us, Amora and myself. This article is the program for future revelations as it contains all the major elements of fraud, perpetrated on this planet that must be revealed in the coming days in a stringent and logical manner without much sensationalism. Needless to say that these revelations will begin with my ascension and appearance as the new spiritual leader of humanity (here).

As I also mentioned Archbishop Viganò’s open letter to president Trump in this pivotal article one more time, it served as a bait for the ugly big reptilians, the evilest beings in this universe, to attack us personally. This event was divinely arranged. Their headquarters used to be under the Vatican (all their underground bases are closed now). They were the initiators of the current lockdown and personally threatened and blackmailed most politicians to follow their orders and install the lockdown under the false pretext of the current scamdemic.

We had received a detailed report from the Arcturians about this fact several weeks ago but kept it secret as we were still involved in ferocious battles with these dark ones and had to preserve the element of surprise. Now that the war with the former evil masters of the earth has been won, I can give you some glimpses into the dramatic events that happened in June as to have an understanding and a measurement of what to expect in July as each month builds upon the light work done in the previous one. Here is an excerpt of what I wrote on this topic on May 17th, 2020 in my diary:

How the Big Ugly Reptilians Forced All Politicians to Declare the Current Lockdown in a Futile Effort to Prevent Ascension – A Telepathic Message From the Arcturians

“Slept well but feel very tired in the morning with a headache upon awakening and my whole body is in pain, with rigid muscles. Something is afoot. The weather was supposed to improve after having bad weather with a lot of wind for more than a week since we opened the cosmic gateway on May 9th, but it is cold, windy, and has rained in the night. There is a kind of menace in the air. After breakfast, we decided to go for a walk along the beach, and there we established contact with the Arcturian spaceship, and probably with another group of ETs who are constantly above us in the last days. They told us to return back home as we were not safe.

When we were in the apartment, Amora began to receive telepathically an important message from the Arcturians with visuals. Here is the quintessence as Amora was receiving the information and was telling me what she saw and we were discussing it at the same time. The background for this message is of utmost importance to understand what is currently happening on earth and should be a must knowledge for any enlightened person.

I have been wondering for some time why the Russians, and actually also the Chinese, consented to play along in this charade with the virus scam. Especially the Russians have gone through so many challenges and hardships in the last 20-30 years that it was inconceivable to me why they should be so impressed by this non-existent epidemic, which they should have known is a western scam and had no reason to follow. Instead, they also declared a lockdown and pretended that it was a great danger.

Amora started an Italian course online in March as Paul the Venetian urged her to learn Italian. There was a young Russian lady who also took the same course. She studied in Milano and when the lockdown was declared in Italy she returned to Moscow and reported from there that the city was as rigidly locked down as Italy. Putin has more or less hidden in the last two months and the whole behavior of the Russian elite was very unusual, to say the least.

We got some glimpses from our HS that the political elite all over the world must have been threatened to accept the virus scam and to lock down their countries and were wondering who this powerful group of entities could be. We assumed that the politicians must have been massively blackmailed by this group of evil entities with something else, more dangerous, a lethal agent or something like that if they do not follow the orders and declare a lockdown.

And today we got the full picture. Amora was told by the Arcturians that there is this evilest group of reptilians on this planet that control the elite. I knew this for a long time as I have been attacked by them from their underground bases when I opened the website massively on several occasions and had a direct experience of their evilness. We have had also a few other encounters with reptilians of which there are several breeds and some are more “human” if this is possible, and of course, we have the shape-shifters such as the queen and the 13 banksters families that control the financial system and the economy, and through them all politicians.

I dreamed on May 3rd that the queen was deported from her castle to an unknown city and vanished. This dream came shortly after she gave a weird speech to the nation on the virus epidemic and then disappeared from the Buckingham Palace. Recently, the newspapers wrote that she is hiding in Windsor and will probably not be available for representations for years to come due to the virus danger, which is total BS. My guess immediately was that she can no longer cope with the high-frequency energies coming from the central sun and is not capable of shape-shifting anymore. That is why she gave her last speech on the virus epidemic in a sealed room with only the cameraman behind so that no one can assume that this was a doppelganger.

Anyway, having this all in mind and having discussed it with Amora on several occasions, this is what we received from the Arcturians this morning. This group of reptilians represents the purest evil, they have severed their connection to the source totally and the only emotion they are capable of experiencing is naked hatred for any human being and all life. They have no hesitation to kill anybody who disobeys them. They control the human elite and in particular the zionists. Even the reptilians as shape-shifters such as the queen or Zuckerberg have to obey their orders. We saw pictures of them and they are really reptilians with typical ears and facial features.

Since the frequencies on the earth are constantly rising in the last few months, these reptilians can no longer cope with the higher frequency energies and are hitting an extinction wall. As they are telepathic and dwell in the astral plane but also underground on the earth, they know much more than their human stooges that represent the current elite. In particular, they know that there will be ascension in 2020 and that this is the end for them as they can no longer evolve. At the same time, they are so dark and completely severed from their souls that they do not understand and believe in the LBP as actually most humans also do. That is why they did not reckon that with the lockdown of the human population, the people will begin to release their fears and open their chakras by raising their frequencies and will become even less susceptible to their lies and manipulations. This was their fall from grace.

I referred a few times in my latest articles that these reptilians and their human stooges are reading my website and know what is happening and why we were attacked by these dark ones. These reptilians are definitely linked to the rogue group of multidimensional dark entities from the old Atlantean timelines we severed in March, but have actually their own agenda on the earth now, which is the survival of their dying species. All they want to achieve is to preserve the old situation where humanity is completely controlled by them and lives in fear, wars, scarcity, and naked survival.

That is why these reptilians are abducting children and trying to clone genetic hybrids with the human race that will guarantee their survival but are failing in the last years as the vibrations are very high and their experiments fail. That is why these reptilians have become desperate these days. The current lockdown has been in the preparation by them and their human stooges for many years and only yesterday there was an article proving that this plan existed already in 2012.

This whole information came to Amora and me when we read the following article about the death of a Chinese diplomat in Israel, which has to do with this whole situation:

And here is what Amora got in very vivid visions. Shortly before the lockdown was announced, first in China and then in Italy, these evilest reptilians have personally visited the politicians of all or most countries. They did this for the first time so obviously as they usually work through intermediaries. They summoned them in secret locations and threatened them that if they do not comply and declare the lockdown as to imprison the human population and thus prevent the impending ascension they will unleash a deadly biological war on the earth and will kill also all politicians. Then they took somebody from the politicians’ entourage, let us say, a bodyguard and killed him with a lethal agent in front of their eyes within minutes.

All the politicians who attended these meetings were shocked by this naked evilness. Not that they are not evil themselves and have any respect for human life but they are still humans and have a connection to the source through their heart, while these reptilians are the incarnation of evil and pure hatred for life as they are actually condemned to death as a species and have totally severed themselves from the source. That is why they want to prevent the ascension of humanity in order to save their species which is a futile race against time. But this explains also their desperation and unprecedented direct brutality. They know that they have nothing to lose anymore and do not need to hide as in the past in order to be successful and keep the illusion on this prison planet which they created as evil masterminds and with the help of their human minions.

All the politicians who attended these meetings with these reptilians were scared to death and decided to declare the lockdown actually for humanitarian reasons as to avoid the mass culling of their population by these amok reptilians and also save their own lives. There was a recent message by Ron Head channeled in trance that explained this motivation which now makes a lot of sense in the light of what we learned today:

The telepathic message of the Arcturians continued as we tried to put the pieces together and discussed them. I suggested that Putin and Xi Jinping knew exactly what is going on as in Russia the knowledge about the existence of these evil reptilians is popular and shared by many insiders. I have seen a few interviews in Bulgarian TV with Russian cosmonauts who were talking about these brutal evil reptilians and that they are controlling the world through the zionists and the cabal, which is actually amazing as one cannot find such programs in the West. This program was stopped by the way a few years ago, and I established contact with this journalist several years ago but no exchange of information happened as he was not ready.

This explains why both countries participated in this virus charade as they had no choice. They were not threatened by the western cabal to do that as we initially surmised but by these reptilians who this time decided to blackmail the political elite directly. Of course, they also work with such stooges as Bill Gates who is very stupid and believes that nothing could happen to him as he is protected by these reptilians but they can kill him anytime if he no longer serves them and because he knows more than is healthy for him. This is by the way true for the entire elite and all celebrities in their entourage who are now in the hide.

We then speculated whether Trump was also directly involved in these meetings with the evil reptilians and got the information that he was not as he is too clever and dangerous for the reptilians and they did not want to see him. However,  Pompeo was there and he then must have told Trump: “Don, these are the evilest and most dangerous entities you can imagine, you have no chance but to follow their orders and do what we promised to do.” There was a press conference on March 20 with Trump and Pompeo where the latter explained the lockdown and Trump was surprised about measures Pompeo took of which he was not aware of and that was a very telling situation (At the end of his conference Pompeo speaks of live exercises and Trump says – “I didn’t know that, why didn’t you tell me?”, but this statement is almost edited from this video while there is a clip where one can hear Trump clearly saying that from another camera position). I saw it on another short clip which I cannot find now:

That is why Trump is actually not very happy with the lockdown and tries to shorten it while most of the other corrupt cabal politicians such as governors and the like want a prolongation. The same situation one can observe also in Italy and Europe where factions are now built depending on how much they know about the reptilian blackmail.

I had the telepathic knowing, from the Arcturians, that Boris Johnson was personally present at these meetings with the reptilians and got so scared that he immediately pretended to be ill and went to a hospital as to prevent that they eventually kill him. After all, these reptilians control fully the UK contrary to some other European countries. Merkel did not attend the meeting with the reptilians as she is so servile that she does anything other dark masterminds tell her to do. Conte of Italy was particularly scared as these Reptilians dwell also in Italy and control the Vatican.

This was grosso modo the information Amora and I got from the Arcturians as to how this lockdown happened.”

In Part II, I will inform you for the first time how we eliminated the entire global clique of the big ugly Reptilians from the earth that are responsible for the current lockdown. It is now safe to do that.  This was the second big surprise in June, but not the last one.

This is the most important, key information on what is happening on this planet these days that you will not find anywhere else as we are the only ones who are personally involved in all these dramatic battles and events that even exceeded in their ferocity the elimination of the interdimensional rogue Atlantean clique in March 2020.

I started this battle end of 2019 when I arrived in Austria and it peaked in March 2020 when I came to Italy. Sadly, as it is, some self-proclaimed PAT members were representatives of this dark Atlantean clique, which I had personally to combat and eliminate, so that all Atlantean timelines could be severed and the ascension of Gaia guaranteed. Read carefully one more time this article as to better comprehend the logic behind all energetic events that happened in June and will determine the outcome in July:

Melchizedek Acknowledges the New Study and Spiritual Centres in Italy and Our Lightwork

This is the biggest cosmic drama and saga ever seen in this universe and we are the main protagonists.

Part 2

In Part 1 of this energy report, I explained how this lockdown was installed by the big ugly reptilians that controlled the Unholy Six from the Orion /Reptilian Empire and fulfilled the function of the former evil Powers That Be, whose role was to enslave humanity and dumb down all humans for eons of time to the lowest level of consciousness in the entire multiverse.

As Gaia and humanity are now on the steady course of ascension  – actually on the verge of this event thanks to the heroic light work of the PAT – this evilest clique of dark entities in this galaxy had to be finally eliminated from the earth. Only after that, it will be possible to end the current unnatural lockdown that has fulfilled its pedagogical function, has helped awaken sufficient numbers of humans and has paved the way for the sweeping revelations that are scheduled to begin in July.

As I mentioned in Part 1, I was instrumental in luring the big, ugly, evilest reptilians into their final mortal battle which had to be waged before being eliminated on June 10th, 2020. The bait was my pivotal article “Why There are no Viruses” that will go into human history as probably the most important and consequential publication of all times. Judge for yourselves. This is what I entered in my diary for that day:

How We Defeated the Big Ugly Reptilians and Saved the Earth and Humanity From Their Perennial Oppressors on June 10th, 2020

“I had a stabbing pain in my right eye socket the whole night and in the morning. Now it turned into an excruciating headache. The vibrations were off the scale and are smashing me. This painful experience tells me that I have been engaged in a ferocious battle with some very dark ones. Not a good start into the day as it was revealed soon.

Although I was in terrible shape, I was urged by my HS to correct my article on “Why There Are no Viruses” which I wrote the previous day and prepare it for publication. Amora then did the proofreading and I published it in the morning shortly after 10:00 am.

Around 11: 00 am the weather became very bad all of a sudden, it started to rain cats and dogs and around 12:30 pm a storm with thunder and lightning began with full force. This was very unusual and we could sense a huge danger and menace in the air. We began talking about the reptilians that caused this lockdown and discussed the Arcturian message on this topic, which we had received more than 3 weeks ago on May 17th (see Part 1).

Before that, early in the morning Amora had a vision that the reptilians are in her face right in our proximity, in the living room and they are very angry, desperate, and up to something. When the thunder and flashes of lightning came around noontime, they were so close to our house, just in front of our window and there was no time-lag between lightning and thunder which were extremely loud and almost frightening. Amora felt how her heart chakra was shattered. I was so weakened by my headache and cleansing that I couldn’t think or do much.

We got very tired and went to bed after an hour of lightning and thunder. The thunder felt very much like we were being attacked with a psychotronic weapon as if somebody was firing at us with huge cannons from a short distance, and we knew that there was a real battle going on with the GF and with us in the higher dimensions. Our apartment on the 4th floor felt like a besieged citadel with the enemy at the gate constantly bombarding us.

Amora was urged to make an invocation to protect us with gold Christed light and the other seven sacred flames while lying in bed. I also did my invocation to support her.

As the attacks did not seem to stop, my HS urged me to invoke a massive vortex and throw all the reptilians from the earth into the void.

I, and also Amora, saw with my 3rd eye how powerful I was, how all the reptilians were sucked into this vortex and disappeared forever. This was the most awesome vision I have ever had in my whole life and the relief after that was indescribable. I also felt a deep satisfaction with my great power as an ascended master.

All of a sudden, the flashes of lightning and thunder stopped and the weather improved within minutes. The rain also stopped and the sky cleared. We felt such a huge relief as if we have been saved from mortal peril.

Of course, I could have acted earlier and eliminated these evilest big ugly reptilians but I was very weakened by the headache and the stomach pain from the constant and rapid bilocations. Most probably this was the right moment to act and eliminate these evil ones and this exact moment in time was precisely coordinated with the GF which had a massive presence above our heads.

Obviously, this battle was raging on numerous timelines the whole night given the excruciating headache and downloads of energies I had the whole night. This shows that it was an epic battle in which all light warriors fully participated and I will not be surprised if some of the PAT have reminiscences of this battle and have written down their nightly experiences.

The rest of the day we spent recovering from this shock.”

Two days later we met with Sophia at a cafe to discuss what happened with us in the last several days and exchange information. She told us that she participated in this battle exactly as we did from her apartment and had to invoke all her guides and forces of light to fight and repel the big ugly reptilians. Her experience fully coalesced with ours and this was an important proof for the validity of what happened on June the 10th.

Amora received a message that we had done a great job. On that day (June 12th) she had a 4-hour appointment at the hairdresser in the morning and the lady that combed her hair did it so painfully that she was almost dying. This hairdresser must have been a torturer in previous lives and is surely a clandestine sadist in this life, this is what we three unanimously got about her intuitively. This pain was, however,  a necessary preparation for the alchemical reaction that we three unleashed on that same day.

Sophia established contact with the GF while we were sitting relaxed at the cafe and they confirmed our battle two days ago and how they had helped us eliminate the evil big reptilians from the earth and prevented them from harming us. The ETs were very happy, almost exuberant, and rather talkative. They told Sophia that we were under the protection of Mother Mary who immediately connected to the source and we received divine dispensation. After that the GF “came to us through a wormhole in the blink of an eye”, that is exactly what they told us, and defeated the reptilian fleet by busting their spaceships and weapons as soon they tried to use them against us.

This was what we experienced as massive thunder and flashes of lightning at the same time, just in front of our windows, a thing that has never happened to us before. This was not the usual lighting and thunder during a storm, although the weather seemed to be very stormy. It was a real battle in the astral plane and we were fully engaged in it as we already live on a 5D platform.

I got in the evening from my HS that these evil reptilians dwell, among other places, under the Vatican. This was also confirmed by Sophia. When I published my article with the open letter of archbishop Vigano to Trump on June 8th, they read it and believed that we are working with this faction of the light in the Church against them in order to take over the Vatican and eliminate their stronghold as I wrote nonchalantly in the article, guided as usual by my HS who can be very mischievous and unleash some very dramatic events, much to my liking, as otherwise human life can be so dull and boring.

That is why the big ugly reptilians decided to attack us on June 10th, two days later in a most ferocious battle. They were desperate because the lockdown didn’t bring the desired effect for them and they saw that we, the light warriors, are winning the war with them and humanity is beginning to awaken.

Amora had bilocated on June 10th in the morning, shortly before they attacked us, to their meeting. She saw how these reptilians were very distressed and full of hatred against us, talking about their plans on how to destroy us, and then she felt them the next moment to be present in the middle of our dining room, which was a clear warning what would come next.

I took this vision of Amora very seriously on that day, but as my headache was excruciating throughout the whole night and morning, I couldn’t think and act as decisively as normally. This headache was the result of massive downloads and indicated that we, the light warriors of the first and last hour, were already fighting a huge battle in the higher realms throughout the whole night and on many timelines while cleansing and severing low-frequency dark timelines from the ascending Gaia.

However, the HR waited until we were personally attacked to eliminate these evil reptilians forever from the earth. We served as bait, so to say, and my article was the initial trigger. How clever that I was channeled to publish this article, not knowing what it would unleash.

This explains the message of the Arcturians from May 17th when they warned us to keep silent about these battles with the reptilians as we are involved directly in the ending of the lockdown and have to preserve the surprise moment. The ending of the lockdown can only happen after these reptilians that initiated it has been removed. This happened on June 1oth.

I must add that we had in the second half of June some more skirmishes with dark entities which were dwelling in the human fields and even had in grip whole countries and were weakened by the incoming very powerful high-frequency energies from the Source but also because they had lost the support of the Reptilian clique. The latter functioned as the de facto evil masterminds of this planet and its population and thus facilitated the infestation of virtually all incarnated human personalities with dark entities and even demons from the astral plane.

Currently, the human stooges of these ousted evilest reptilians, the politicians, and the elite, are trying to step up into the role of their former masters as the new controllers of humanity but they will not succeed. Conte had invited the entire European cabal in Rome in June to discuss the future of Italy behind closed doors, i.e. how to enslave Italy and from there the whole of Europe, by excluding the elected parliament, but we could prevent this evil plan with daily invocations.

After our meeting with Sophia on June 12th, I got the message that we have opened humanity on that day in a massive alchemical reaction to the energies of the new earth and reality after we cleansed all ascending timelines from all the evil reptilians that were also responsible for the current lockdown. It began with Amora taking over the pain of the entire humanity, as allegedly Jesus once did on the cross, while sitting in the hairdresser’s chair of torture. Then came our discussion with the owner of the apartment on that same day when we three showered him with our light and high frequencies and he was very charged and excited. After that, we continued disseminating these codes to the people on the streets who seemed to be very happy on that day after the lockdown had been eased a little bit in Italy.


The second half of June was filled with miracles of personal and collective nature. It was a continuation and an expansion of the healing miracles that began in May. I cannot report at this point what miracles happened but it suffices to say that they were big surprises for us. They dwarf by far and large the usual miracles of the Christian Church that this fraudulent institution is so proud of and upon which it founds its faith, such as the Immaculate Conception or the Fatima miracle. This gives you an inkling what to expect in July when we are about to experience another significant peak in manifested miracles while at the same time the old matrix will fully crumble.

Here is a small foretaste of what you can expect in July and during the rest of the year.

For several days Amora was getting a message from her guides that the channeler Ron Head will receive a message that will be groundbreaking as to what we should expect in the coming days. This is a common procedure with us as I also know in advance what messages Daniel Scranton will get from the Arcturians because we are in constant contact with them after a soul fragment of myself ascended to the 9th dimension of Arcturus in January 2019.

Unfortunately, Ron Head very rarely gets a message and we had to wait a long time. Otherwise, he is one of the few clear channelers who doesn’t channel the usual new age crap. Finally, on July 4th he received the message we have been waiting for so long. While it doesn’t say anything new, it heralds the beginning of the crumbling of the old matrix and human society exactly as we envision it.

The remark that most people will not be prepared for the shocking revelations that will come very soon refers in the first place to the fact that the only categorical system of knowledge humanity has developed so far after all religions have fully failed as gnostic teachings, is,  in fact, fraudulent, fake science. This source also admonishes that all shocking truths are already available on the Internet and it is the failure of the new age in the first place and all alternative thinkers and intelligentsia in the second place to disregard them – by disregarding the existence of the Universal Law and its new true theory of science and gnosis since it was discovered and published a quarter of a century ago. Hence the shock they will have to undergo very soon when they realize their own self-afflicted blindness.

There will be no spectacular announcements as the truth will actually reveal only the intellectual, emotional, moral, and ethical deficiencies of all humans on this planet and this is the bitterest truth of all and the most difficult to swallow, as Ron Head channels. And exactly this insight has been a leitmotif in all our discussions over the years. Including the individual ascension of some advanced humans before the real global shift can happen who will assume the role of the new spiritual leaders of humanity.

This message also addresses the upcoming freedom of humanity as discussed by ourselves, the Elohim, the Arcturians and St. Germain recently, which will be possible only when the cities of light manifest and some advanced humans will be able to reactivate their spiritual feats, overcome gravity and will be able to bilocate with ease through space and time with their new crystalline bodies. The greatest transformation will be though the huge expansion of our multi-dimensional consciousness, which this channel also announces. This will be the source of immediate creation, abundance, individual freedom, and bliss for all.

In Part 3, I will report on the energies of the latest Full Moon Eclipse Portal and what we can expect in the days ahead till the beginning of the Lion’s Gate on July 26/27.

Part 3

In Part 2, I reported how we won the most glorious and decisive battle in the whole ascension process and freed humanity and Gaia from the evilest big, ugly reptilians that were the self-proclaimed masters of humanity and the cause of all evil on the earth. I hope one day the new humans will give us credit for that.

Now that the earth has been liberated from these evil ETs, the next act in this magnificent cosmic drama is to disavow and oust from power their human stooges known as the cabal or the “elite”. Since humanity still lives in an Orwellian world, the “newspeak” is exactly the opposite of what the words are supposed to mean. Very soon the people will realize that the current elite is, and has always been, the pariah of human civilisation and this process has commenced with the arrest of Epstein’s madame pimp Ghislaine Maxwell. Many more arrests will surely follow. The self-proclaimed gods must fall from their pedestal and it has already begun in the USA with the demolition of the monuments of the founding fathers of the Empire of Evil.

The month of July promises an explosion of revelations and even some more arrests of dark criminal entities, which are irrelevant in the bigger picture of planetary ascension that I have always adopted in my disquisitions. However, this will have a significant cathartic effect on the masses that should not be neglected in our evaluation of the current very dynamic situation on the earth.

As I mentioned already, we experienced at the end of June the greatest miracle in our lives which was also the greatest and most beautiful surprise we couldn’t even imagine. And we have experienced so many miracles and surprises, positive and negative, that we should be immune to that. This gives you a measure of what you should expect this month and until the end of the year.

The major factor of transformation is the massive arrival of the yellow flame of illumination that is now flooding the entire humanity and opens the minds and the hearts of the people. The illumination flame is carried on the wings of the light warrior’s energies.

Let me explain: When the people begin to open their eyes from their perennial slumber and realize how they have been lied and duped for such a long time, they will be first outraged. This will begin with the revelation about the true purpose of the current lockdown as I have explained it extensively in more than 10 articles in the last several months and in particular in my pivotal article:

Why There Are No Viruses

There is no other author worldwide who tackles the current lockdown from this clear perspective and this already gives you an idea of the level of deception in which mankind currently dwells.

When the outrage and anger will settle down, the people will experience deep shame that they were so stupid to believe all the lies and deceptions of the corrupt and insidious ruling cabal. As at the same time, humanity will be offered an alternative perspective – the ascension through us and the participation in the new cities of light – the awakened portion of humanity will realize quickly that it is a waste of time to expose and persecute the elite as they cannot change their mentality because they are not evolved at all and because what the elite thinks and does have no effect on their future lives.

The awakened ones will realize for the first time in their lives the basic gnostic truth: They are the sovereign and unlimited creators of their own reality and destiny. Therefore, they will not engage in senseless, unyielding persecutions of the evildoers. These dark ones will tear each other to pieces in their 3D reservations on the new earth much more effectively than any human justice of inefficient courts and disgraceful judges would do, as these evil ones know nothing else but to harm other people. Now they will harm their kin.

Instead, the newly awakened ones will discover their slumbering indomitable spirit of light warriors. They will be driven by the powerful inner impulse to transform as soon as possible this old disgusting reality and create a new world for themselves. The warrior energies are the energies of transmutation by combatting the old and powerfully installing the new.

The newly awakened masses of light warriors will soon realize that the most effective way to do that is to eradicate in the first place all old belief systems and prejudices that have kept them blind and mired for eons of time. This inner acknowledgment will be accompanied by a lot of shame as the light warrior is in the first place dedicated to honesty and sincerity. This is what makes him an indomitable warrior. He uses honesty as a lightsabre and a shield in his battles.

Shame is a very unpleasant, corroding emotion that will force the awakened people to radically drop all concepts and behavioral patterns that have kept the illusion of the old holographic matrix alive so that it will crumble rapidly. The social order will collapse within days when innumerous fingers will be pointed at its failures, injustice, and ineffectiveness that hold the majority of humans in abysmal and ignominious poverty. This will be the veritable explosion of revelations, which will be in the first place the broad recognition of the inner truths of the soul.

I must again make my readers aware of the social dynamics and the historic timetable which I have described very precisely for the Fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989 in my article based on personal experience:

The Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain in November 1989 – a Template For the Collapse of the Old 3D Reality

This article outlines the most probable scenario that will unfold this year of 2020 on a global scale, beginning with this month, accelerating in August, culminating in September and leading to a resolution till the end of the year.

And the resolution can only be the visible separation of the world population in awakened ones and the eternal yesterdays. The former will embrace the idea of ascension and the Universal Law with all its consequences and ramifications. They will eagerly accept and welcome the sweeping changes and transformations of the entire human race, by dropping their past survival instincts and educated fear of change.

Those who will stubbornly stick to the old ways of life will be caught in the maelstrom of the crumbling 3D matrix. They will have to fight for their naked survival as an outer expression of their distorted inner beliefs of ubiquitous antagonism between individuals and organisms as the current lockdown clearly embodies and will quickly lose all social relevance. They will be left on their own to resolve their issues outside of the now predominant mainstream of ascension and the triumphant march of the new scientific theory of the Universal Law, also in the form of new advanced higher dimensional technologies. After all, it is the science of ascension.

The warrior mentality of the newly awakened ones will powerfully introduce and establish the new science of the UL against all existent scientific institutions, educational systems, and fake authorities as they will realize its infinite advantages for human life and prosperity; also for their own benefit to evolve spiritually and qualify for ascension in the near or distant future.

The first institution of science to be abolished will be the Swedish Nobel Prize Committee that has contributed to the propagation of fraudulent science by honoring false ideas and fake scientific achievements more than any other single institution in the old world. It will be automatically abolished with the introduction of the UL and will disappear as an eyesore from the surface of this planet. Otherwise, the whole Swedish Academy will fall into disgrace and this will be also true for this proud Scandinavian country.

The Illumination flame that will bring about these huge changes is intimately coupled to the violet flame of transmutation. Therefore, it is no surprise that St. Germain’s temple of the violet flame in the USA is in Jackson Peak, Wyoming, very near to the temple of illumination of Lord Lanto in Royal Teton, Wyoming according to the Agarthans channeled by Aurelia Jones in her book Seven Sacred Flames.

We were told recently by St. Germain that these two temples will play a key role in the awakening and transformation of the current savage, brutal, and very debased American society into an enlightened population, ready to participate in the life of the New Earth as embodied by the second city of light New Lemuria in Vancouver and along the North Pacific coast. For this reason, the near-by Salt Lake City is destined to become one of the spiritual centers of New America. This is breaking news for all lightworkers, especially for those in the USA, as they do not expect this and I hope that they are able to understand the magnitude of this revelation in advance.

By the way, what about the Agarthans, and also the Lemurians as part of the Agarthan network? They are now very close to us and we are expecting them to contact us in physical form very soon, and surely after ascension, as we shall work closely with them in the cities of light. I cannot share any details here as the information we have is still confidential in order to preserve the element of surprise as was the case with the elimination of the evilest reptilians, the PTW, from the earth last month. When the time is ripe, I will give you more information but you have all the major clues for the time being to work with, especially for all the PAT members in the USA to check if they feel attracted to the aforementioned area.


The Full Moon Eclipse Portal began for us on July 3rd in the evening. Amora and I decided to do the third Source activation which Amora has developed in the recent days and weeks under the guidance of her spiritual guides. This is the most powerful healing procedure I have ever experienced, especially when we do it together as I am an open nexus to the Source and the energies can flow freely through my higher chakras and fields, and reach the entire humanity through our expanded protuberance field.

This Source activation is also extremely effective in healing all humans from past imprints and dark ancestral patterns that manifest as diseases in this life as it includes the healing of all past, parallel and alternative lives throughout all dimensions. Amora has already had some spectacular healing successes with this new extremely powerful Source activation and I personally can confirm its effectiveness as she applied it also to me. As I am not involved in it personally, I am not competent to tell you more, but rest assured that this healing method will very soon gain broad application not only in our healing centre in Diano Marina in Italy but also in all the healing centres around the globe. This is how humanity will be healed very soon as we promised on our crowdfunding website.

Anyway, on July 3rd we did the third Source Activation of the Moses codes of regeneration, rejuvenation, and the Tree of Life. We wanted to do it earlier but somehow we never managed that. When we began with the activation, Amora was informed that this is the right moment and it has been preordained. The Source energies and codes began to pour into our bodies and fields and we were paralyzed. We sat on the balcony with a view towards Cervo where we expect that the interception of the healing centre of light with this reality will first manifest. We noticed unusual translucent rays coming over the hills indicating the presence of the healing centre there.

Please observe that there is no city on the other side of the hill over which the translucent rays appear and that the rays are high in the sky and separated from the hills. To us it looked like the city of light was shimmering in the dark night sky, which was clear so that these rays are not the reflections of clouds.

This photo was made immediately after the previous one and we do not know why the colours changed. We assumed that the HR manipulated the camera to show us the violet and blue colours of the city of light. The city of light in Lofer, which we saw in December 2019, was pale violet as also confirmed by the Arcturians and the Agarthans in their messages to Amora

At some point, the downloads of Source energies and codes became so unbearable that we decided to stop it and received a confirmation for the correctness of our decision. After that, we were depleted and went to bed.

This is when the Full Moon Eclipse Portal began with full force. I had a 48-hour non-stop cc-wave with an excruciating headache, alternating left and right but predominantly right and severe stomach pain due to the constant bilocation to different timelines.

The next day we invited Sophia for dinner on the roof terrace to watch the rising full moon over the Mediterranean sea and the valley of Diano Marina where the healing centre of light soars in the 5th dimension. Sophia made some beautiful photos of the full moon which I would like to enclose in this energy report for you to attune:

Later on, we went for a walk along the sea promenade. I was hit by the most powerful ascension wave in my whole LBP for more than 2 decades. The vibrations were the highest I have ever had and their intensity was of such magnitude that they created a huge vortex above my head and my hair was electricized, or rather magnetized. I was wobbly and my coordination was impaired. I expected that I would ascend at any moment. I barely made it back home. The whole night and the next day the cc-wave with the headache continued with intermittent peaks every 2 hours.

I would definitely say that this was the most intense and powerful portal in terms of pure ascension energies as the portion of cleansing energies was very small this time. However, I am sure that all humans have felt this wave that has cleansed their fields and chakras in a profound manner. This full moon portal will soon bring huge changes in their lives.

I personally could not have coped with more intensity, this was my utmost limit and this makes me confident to say that the July 4th portal has exceeded my expectations and promises big changes this month and throughout the course of this year. If we continue with this tempo, 2020 is the year when all major events will unfold and after that humanity will have to assimilate them and adapt to the new earth in the coming years.

There is now a huge build-up towards Lion’s gate beginning on July 27th, so that this date should be strongly considered as another major peak in the ascension process, hopefully, the decisive one.

There is no doubt that the exposure of the scientific and political fraud around the current lockdown will begin this month as all future revelations will commence with this scamdemic which the dark cabal used as a pretext to incarcerate humanity and install the NWO in their futile effort to prevent our ascension. Now that their masterminds have been removed from the earth by us, they are headless and very confused. They also have no idea why they started the lockdown in the first place as even the evilest cabal is a human being and has a God’s spark and thus has the potential chance to be redeemed and ascend in the distant future, while their former evil masters, the Reptilians, have never had a chance.

The dark cabal are currently in the biggest dilemma of all and this makes them so weak.

On the one hand, they are tempted by the perspective of becoming the new masters of humanity and this planet after being submissive stooges of the big ugly reptilians for a very long time. On the other hand, they tremble in fear day and night, unless they are as stupid, dumbed down, and totally corrupt as Bill Gates and Fauci, as they know how many crimes they have committed and that they will be asked to take the responsibility very soon.

Even Trump seems to indicate this new development in his latest speeches in a veiled manner (here).

Humanity has now reached the perfect threshold for a fateful U-turn of its destiny. These are truly historic times and I wouldn’t miss a single moment, having the privilege to be the main protagonist at the energetic level and, at the same time, a dispassionate enlightened observer as an incarnated human. I take great delight in watching this grandest cosmic saga of all times from the lofty place of our 5D-platform, waiting for the curtain to lift so that I can begin with my true mission.


Hi George!

A spectacular display of higher dimensional energies pouring over your part of the planet due to the fantastic energy work you have been doing… dazzling!

With love and light

Fiona, California

Budapest, Hungary

The Golden Illumination Ray over Paris

See more photos here, however, these are not noctilucent clouds as the fraudulent meteorologists claim. They are created by the streams of plasma light from the Central Sun that now engulf the earth.


Hi Georgi,

Nic from Montreal here, hope you are doing well despite these super duper crazy times. About your latest updates, and the upcoming part 3 on the moon eclipse:

I want to share with you that on July 4th my daily meditation felt very different, the energies I felt were unusual for me. While in meditation, but also afterwards, I vividly perceived myself as myself but as a new me, in a kind of new energetic environment. This was a very strange and unusual feeling I never had before so something definitely shifted on that day.

Today (July 6) I felt that same energy again during my meditation. This being said, I look forward to part 3 of your latest report.


Dear Nic,

happy to hear from you again and that you have been able to survive the onslaught of the last years. The full moon portal was a massive shift and it still continues. It has propelled us to new much higher frequency levels. We also feel that we are on the new earth….



Roxie from the USA on her experiences with the full moon eclipse portal on July 4th:

“….Then the day of July 3rd, my creativity kicked into high gear and I started inventing products to use without electricity for off-grid. No particular reason, but I enjoy a nice thought-provoking challenge and wanted to create alternative ways of doing things. That day, I could focus, with high energy, on my ideas and I felt a creative flow beyond anything I had ever felt before.

That night, I had stayed up till morning. Around 5 am, I felt an urge from my HS to find some stories I wrote when I was young.

Once I found them and read them, I felt a STRONG transformation energy come through my crown and directly to my roots, vibrating my entire being. I had pure bliss for the entire day and was not even tired at all for the rest of the next day. It felt like a piece of my identity that I had been missing had integrated back within myself. I cannot give justice to how miraculous this was.

About an hour after that happened, several people contacted me, having some sort of breakthrough, 2 of them were energetic and spiritual, so to speak, the others being more on the mental side. However, it was still very obvious they were all affected by this energy.”





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