The Energetic Background of the Upcoming Global War in the Middle East Leading to Our Ascension

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, November 8, 2023

Today I contemplated one more time on the current political and energetic situation and received a massive download of spontaneous knowledge as in the good old times when I discovered the Universal Law and developed its new science and gnosis. I came to the conclusion that the dark ones need a new WW3 starting from Israel, the citadel of the darkest zionist cabal, in order to install the NWO. After that, I wrote this forecast while I was continuously channelled by the Source. We are definitely in the end phase of the ascension process that will lead to the interdimensional shift to the New Earth and our personal ascension to the Source. Here it is.

The West has no intention to win the impending global war in the Middle East and that is why it is inciting it without any proper military preparation. There will be no big troops on the ground in the Middle East as the plan is to go nuclear, just as NATO never intended to win the conventional war in Ukraine against Russia and hoped that Russia would strike nuclear first as the Western cabal claimed erroneously numerous times in the past.

All alternative and more honest political experts define this behaviour of the Western ruling elite as utter insanity. They are unable to perceive their perverted logic, whom they consider stupid, and thus are blind to the hidden facts that are now coming in plain sight. They fail as thinkers because they are agnostic and do not consider the impending planetary shift and the ascension of a portion of humanity to the higher dimensions and why the ruling elite tries to prevent this event with all possible heinous means even when it means the extermination of the majority of humanity.

I exclude from this discussion all the new agers who display appalling political and intellectual ignorance in general, do not care what is happening on this planet, live in an illusory self-created bubble of an irrelevant esoteric hodge-podge, and cannot develop a meaningful synthesis between the political and economic events on the ground and the energies from the Source that drive the current ascension process as they do not participate actively in the Ascension process like the Planetary Ascension Team, the captain of which I am. Thus they do not even know what is happening energetically in the current moment. They substitute this ignorance with the constant production of stupid repetitive phantasmagorias of the love and light illusion that the dark ones inserted into the New Age movement to derail it, and only strive to remain relevant and present in the public media with idiotic videos and interviews.

Contrary to the gullible slumbering masses and their failed intellectuals, the dark ruling cabal knows exactly about the ongoing planetary ascension of Gaia and a portion of humanity. They want to impede this energetic process with all possible heinous means in order to create before the shift comes, optimal conditions for the total enslavement of those humans that will not ascend. The latter will descend to greater densities and their life will eventually become a veritable quagmire after the current ascension process is completed and this old earth will be irreversibly severed from the ascended New Earth. That is why they are leading a permanent war against humanity which peaked in the mass genocide through obligatory, extremely toxic vaccinations during the coronavirus scamdemic, which is the biggest lie and crime on humanity.

In fact, this war is led against the white race in Europe and North America as this is the only race that will ascend as a group. Neither the black race nor the Asians, in particular the Chinese and Japanese, but also most Indians, will ascend as their souls are not ready for that. Of course, there are some old souls who have incarnated as Chinese and Asians and they will ascend (read The Soul Age Model of the New Gnosis). We are in contact with some of them. Some of the Caucasians in South America will also ascend and that is why we built three cities of light 1) in Europe, Italy, Central Europe, 2) in Vancouver, Canada, North America, and 3) in Ecuador, South America. We were told by the Elohim that this triangle of cities of light is indispensable for the planetary ascension.

In this context, I must state with utmost clarity that this has nothing to do with racism and genetics. Both terms are false science because they do not consider the leading reality of our souls who have created this incarnation experiment on the earth. If most ripe and old souls, who are potential ascension candidates, have incarnated as Caucasians in this lifetime, this has only to do with the script of our souls for the current End Time. In order to ascend, old and ripe souls had to incarnate in big numbers in geographically homogenous populations, such as in Europe and North America because young unripe souls are much lower vibrating and unevolved and behave, in the soul age cycles of baby, child and young souls, recklessly and irresponsibly. They are easily enslaved and manipulated by the dark ruling cabal of human and non-human origin. When they incarnate in big numbers in a population, they quickly destroy the texture of human civilisation as this was the case during the Dark Ages after the big wave of old souls in Antiquity completed their incarnation cycle and left the earth forever. Their heritage – the Golden Age of Greece, Egypt and the Hellenistic world – was afterward easily destroyed first by the Roman young souls and then by the baby and child souls during the Migrations, rather invasions, of the Barbarians from Asia into Europe (Völkerwanderung).

If such unripe souls were present in big numbers on these two continents, the whole ascension process would have been jeopardized. For this reason, the dark ruling cabal in the West criminally promotes uncontrolled immigration of young unripe souls from Asia and Africa into Europe and the USA against the will of the people there in order to prevent the ascension of the white Caucasian race. This should be a big topic for a separate discussion.

The West Europeans and North Americans (G7) were the masters of the world after WW2 and they were the freest and most evolved people on the earth for some time, also the wealthiest, and loved their freedom. The only reason for that was the Cold War and the imminent danger of the Soviet Union conquering the rest of West Europe in the 50s and 60s when there were big communist parties in France, Italy and some other countries that were on the verge of winning the democratic elections. The Western cabal faction needed free citizens to foster economic growth and military strength after the huge destructions from WW2 and thus to counter the expansion of the Soviet Red dictatorship.

Therefore, it was very difficult for the dark cabal and their ET masterminds from the Orion/Reptilian empire to install the NWO as it had to enslave these white race populations first and it knew that they would resist most. Hence everything that was done after the Fall of the Iron Curtain and the collapse of the communist block in Eastern Europe was to impoverish and oppress the EU nations, the USA and Canada, whereas the latter is the most advanced candidate for the NWO. China has remained a communist dictatorship even though it embraced the capitalist economy. Russia struggled after the disintegration of the Soviet Union economically and politically the whole time and only gained relative economic stability with the war in Ukraine and its orientation toward Asia and the South.

Therefore, the rise of China was done at the expense of the deindustrialisation of the USA, Canada, and Europe. The last country with a sound economy in the West was the defeated Germany which was ultimately destroyed by the Ukraine war and by blowing up North Stream 2.

The war in Ukraine was not meant to be won by the West but only to kill as many Slavs as possible and eventually weaken Russia, but this second goal could not be achieved. The primary goal was to impoverish Europe and the West, especially Germany. In this, the dark ones were most successful and used this war to clamp down on freedom of speech and basic human rights by introducing hate propaganda such as Russophobic racism and rabid censorship. Precisely for this reason the West has no qualms to drop Zelensky after he destroyed Ukraine with the military help of the former in a devastating attrition war against Russia.

Paradoxically, the corrupt camarilla of Russian generals around Shoigu and Gerassimov also have no intention to end quickly the war in Ukraine as the longer it takes, the more powerful they get in the society as they also control the vastly expanding military-industrial complex in Russia in time of war. We have the same situation as in the Soviet Union when the military industry sucked out the vital force of this nation at the expense of the civil economy and individual prosperity and eventually led to its bankruptcy.

This cynical behaviour of Shoigu and Gerassimov and their post-Soviet mafia of Russian generals was well known to Prigozin as their caterer and he got at the end so mad at them after witnessing how many young Russians had to die in the war due to deliberate withholding of vital weapons by the generals and accused them of high treason. This didn’t sit well with the Russian generals although he was supported by the middle-rank officers and most soldiers and they killed him with Putin’s approval. Because of this crime, Putin will play no role after the shift when we take full control of humanity and in particular of Russia as ascended masters.

We have coached Putin’s walk-in who was a very advanced soul for more than 2 decades, however, Putin didn’t listen to us and his walk-in and didn’t fulfill his soul contract and that is why the walk-in left Putin’s physical body recently and he regressed to his old mentality of a nasty KGB agent, who has no moral reservations to eliminate his critics, even when they were his friends for a long time as was the case with Prigozin. By the way, the same applies to Trump whose walk-in also left his body this year after he failed due to his cowardice to go ahead and prove that he won the elections with all the data at his disposal and thus squandered his chance to fulfill his mission with the help of his evolved walk-in soul whom we also coached since 2016 when he entered the elections campaign.

Similarly, the ruling cabal in the West wants to start a new global war in the Middle East which it does not intend to win but only to create a united Arab-Muslim block where the NWO could be easily installed as the mentality of these fanatic people is conducive to this kind of religious and political dictatorship. Iran is a way-shower in this respect, just as China is the prototype of the NWO in Asia, and Russia will soon be because the current war in Ukraine has unleashed an unhealthy patriotism among the Russian people that is a revival of their oppressive communist past and mentality.

India has been left aside for the moment but Modi has already started to enslave the Indian population with financial and other oppressive measures that go in the same direction as in China. Besides, when the NWO is ready to be installed, China and India, being very similar in their amoral pecuniary behaviour, will enter a big conflict as neighbouring countries and will be easily neutralized as national states in the NWO.

South America has always been the backyard of the USA under the Monroe Doctrine and their societies are already ravaged by civil wars, coup d’etats, and invasions, especially by the Mafia groups of the drug cartels and, above all, by massive corruption. The newly expanded BRICS will collect these corrupt countries under a second political block that will be dominated by the new dreadful Chinese version of the NWO and strengthened by the Russian military power of a post-Soviet type. Postcolonial Africa now undergoes a huge redistribution of spheres of influence. For that reason, the Russian generals have no intention of winning the Ukrainian war so quickly and are planning to expand their military influence on the African continent after they killed Prigozin and dissolved the Wagner group.

All these activities are closely coordinated by the dark hidden elite beyond borders and ideologies and all participating nations join in, although they officially behave as opponents to mire the people and the so-called “political experts”. Exactly like the false COVID epidemic that was perfectly coordinated by the cabal behind all governments worldwide and then the blame was put on China in order to continue with the divide and conquer tactics.

All lies and deceptions in this illusory reality of human incarnation are based on profound ignorance and stupidity – in the latter case, also on false science that erroneously claims that viruses exist in nature and are contagious. Hence all conflicts that we now witness as wars between national states are camouflage for the stupid goyim who do not understand yet how they have been mired and duped into the NWO by such devastating perennial wars and ongoing gargantuan lies of the ruling cabal.

Like the Ukrainian war, the upcoming global war in the Middle East does not have the goal of being won by any side but to prepare the impoverished world population for the NWO and it does not matter if, in the end, Israel will cease to exist. For this reason, the West is entering this war totally unprepared militarily and this poses the greatest conundrum for all agnostic experts who do not understand the seemingly perverted logic of the ruling elite in the USA and Europe. They know that the NATO army is the weakest in its history and that their munition supplies are depleted in the Ukrainian war. These experts blame the politicians for their reckless stupidity who are simple stooges of the real hidden dark elite behind all governments and thus miss the bigger picture. Just as all scientists and doctors missed the ample fact that viruses do not exist in nature and when some of them became critical of certain political decisions, they didn’t contribute to revealing the truth about who we truly are – immortal beings – but only increased the level of human confusion by reinforcing the idea that humans are vulnerable biological species that fall prey to all kinds of killer viruses and other pathogens.

The end goal of this world war, which most probably will not unfold the way these dark ones plan it as we shall ascend before that and end it energetically in a novel manner, is to prevent the ascension of the vast majority of the white race which consists predominantly of ripe and old souls. This has always been the plan of the ruling cabal.

Based on this analysis, we must indeed expect the escalation of the long-lasting Palestinian conflict in Gaza and the West Bank into a full-fledged Middle East war, where all world powers will be engaged in one way or another: Russia because it has troops and interests in Syria and is in a close economic relationship with all OPEC countries through OPEC+. China has heavily invested in all Arab countries and depends on their oil supply. The USA has always been militarily present everywhere in the Middle East and Europe as the weakest participant in this war has already lost its independence and must follow the USA as a hapless stooge. That is why the Chinese have deployed many ships in the Middle East and the Russians have their planes with hypersonic Kinzhal missiles patrolling over the Black Sea that can reach any US ship in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

From a higher-dimensional perspective, the impending global war in the Middle East is the last act of a very long karmic drama that involves all three religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – as soon as they emerged in the Middle East and have been the source of infinite wars and conflicts since then. More than 2 decades ago, I made an exact prediction in my first book on the “New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“, 2001 on the importance of this religious drama that will prepare the stage for our ascension as Logos Gods and the new custodians of the earth who will also end all wars on the New Ascended Earth (The descending old earth will continue with the wars until this devolved humanity acknowledges the imbecility of all wars and accepts that all humans are immortal beings so that death, defeat and victory in wars is an illusion, while they are crimes against one’s own soul.).

All three religions are essentially advent teachings and prophecize the End Time with the arrival of the new prophet, respectively the “Second Coming of Christ” – hence the relevance of the upcoming global war in the Middle East that is only political between nations at first glance, but in reality of religious character. It will prepare the end of all three religions, as they will have no place on the New Earth. The first ascended human masters will embody the new Christed energies from the Source and will automatically abolish the derailed religious concept of the Second Coming of Christ or the last prophet in Judaism and Islam. This most magnificent event in the entire history of mankind will cause the greatest disillusionment among all religious believers and will eventually open their encrusted hearts and minds to the gentle guidance of their souls.

For this purpose, I will quote the prediction from my book made more than 22 years ago. At that time, I didn’t reckon that it would take that long but humanity was in such a deep slumber and so profoundly dumbed down by the dark ruling cabal that we needed many delays in the ascension scenario to, at least, reap a modest harvest of ascended human beings beginning this year.

“Humans are not accustomed to radically separating themselves from the collective garbage of thought of the past and entering new paths of thinking, even if this inheritance obviously stands in the way of their spiritual and social evolution. The reason for this encrustation in people’s thinking, their tendency to stick to old, outdated beliefs and voluntarily bow to the pressure of conformity in society, is the much-quoted fear structure as a formative energetic characteristic of being human.

Even if the current war between Israel and the Palestinians is treated politically from the point of view of national sovereignty, it is clearly the clash of two religions with opposing gnostic views, which is only superficially carried out on the national state level.

The conflict escalated increasingly after the assassination of Rabin by the ultra-right-wing Jews because of his Oslo peace initiative. After that, they gained importance in Israel and could decisively determine the current violent policy of the Sharon government. On the other hand, the militant Islamists in Palestine (Hamas) gained the upper hand. For this reason, the world community is not in a position to end the conflict in the Middle East by political means, although almost all world powers speak in favour of peace.

It is indeed incomprehensible why the world powers are unable to end a limited arms conflict between two small peoples that has been going on for decades when they were able to end the Cold War peacefully only recently. There can be no lack of common will, bearing in mind that this conflict is increasingly becoming an economic and political disaster in the face of rising oil prices, increasing radicalization of Islamic peoples towards world terrorism and global recession.

The current conflict in the Middle East is actually part of the Jesus drama that began under the direction of the astral realms 2000 years ago and is now in its final act. As a mirror image of the spiritual development of mankind, this stage play shows two things:

1) Even after such a long time, the Christian teaching of charity and grace that began in this geographical part of the world has not been able to prevail: Religious conflicts, i.e. opposing gnostic views, are still carried out today by force and not in philosophical disquisitions;

2) The squeezing of gnostic questions into the Procrustean bed of the national state does not resolve the problems, but only aggravates them. Both religion and national state are mental constructions of the Young Soul mentality according to the principle of separation and have no place in a new world community of love which will be introduced with the Evolutionary Leap in human consciousness.

For this reason, we are witnessing an escalation of violence in the Middle East before this conflict is processed and resolved by the world community in a new evolved, spiritual way. The resolution of this conflict will serve as a model for future conflicts until humanity learns to see itself as One and finds its way to final peace.

The incarnation process is a painful experience on the way to cognition:

Faith must be replaced by knowledge.

Only when Israelis and Palestinians realize that they wanted their fate as incarnated souls exactly in this way and not otherwise and that in reality there are no perpetrators and victims; only when they begin to know that they can choose the nationality of the opponent in another life and that the opponents of today are their soul siblings for all eternity, only then will they also recognize the absurdity of this war. Then the politicians too will no longer be needed to end the war they have instigated. The people will find their inner and outer peace by themselves.

Even today, many people, including many scientists, tend to regard traditional religious writings as “holy” and “genuine”, although most of them have been proven to have been forged and rewritten in many ways. Two aspects are thoroughly ignored hereby:

First, the prophets who received such texts in trance, though Old Souls, yet children of their time, were intellectually seldom in a position to understand the texts and internalize their content. The information was first passed on in expanded consciousness, then the experience was recounted as best it could in awakened consciousness and only later on written down, whereby the original content was considerably distorted by the fear structure of the channeled prophet and the later reporters.

This phenomenon can be observed most clearly when Mohammad receives the Quran Surahs and writes them down, not least because this process is documented by several sources. However, most of the holy scriptures originate from oral traditions of third persons. They contain gross distortions of the transmitted gnostic findings. If we were to use the same procedure in science today, the results would be described without restriction as counterfeits. Of course, this does not change the fact that many renowned researchers are continuously making “scientific interpretations” of the holy scriptures.

None of the early Christian Gnostics, for example, was able to approximate Plotin’s capacity for intellectual, unspoiled self-reflection of the Transcendental, the Divine, during an ecstatic out-of-body experience as expressed in his works (The Enneads):

“Many times it (the ecstasy) has happened: Lifted out of the body into myself; becoming external to all other things and self-encentred; beholding a marvelous beauty; then, more than ever, assured of community with the loftiest order; enacting the noblest life, acquiring identity with the divine; stationing within It by having attained that activity; poised above whatsoever in the Intellectual is less than the Supreme: yet, there comes the moment of descent from intellection to reasoning, and after that sojourn in the divine, I ask myself how it happens that I can now be descending, and how did the Soul ever enter into my body, the Soul which even within the body, is the high thing it has shown itself to be?“ (footnote 1).

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Due to the low level of education of early Christians, comparable reports on ecstatic experiences in Christian Gnosis, such as the Revelations of John, are very strongly influenced by the fear structure of the person concerned and thus of poor gnostic value. I, for my part, can fully confirm Plotin’s poetic description of ecstasy. Since my physical knowledge of this process is much more sophisticated and extensive than that of Plotin, I would accentuate my experience of ecstasy differently.

Second, the esoteric Gnosis received by such religious founders was deliberately written in the terminology of the time, so that it could be understood and accepted by the people. It had to remain imprecise and naïve in order to take into account the intellectual development of the people of that time. When Jesus spoke of All-THAT-Is in the sense of the “Father in Heaven”, his conception of the astral worlds was grasped in the terms of the patriarchal world at that time.

Today, our conceptualization, not least through the natural sciences, is incomparably more advanced and differentiated, but not our capacity for logical thinking, which in turn leads to Babylonian conceptual confusion. Logical thinking is a mental process that must be trained; it presupposes a fearless psyche, for fear distorts perception and the ability to think. Modern man is therefore still very far away from logical thinking. In many respects, we have to note a clear and painful decline compared to Socrates (Plato) at the present moment. For this reason, mankind is still not in a position to develop a binding Gnosis and overcome the tense separation of world religions.”

The dark cabal is now running out of time and they know that, hence they are forced to start this war in the Middle East at any price without considering its dire consequences as they also want to decimate most of the human population prior to the shift when they will have to descend with the old earth to greater densities where life will be a veritable hell. This new old earth will be predominantly populated by the black race and the Asian races and will have only a few white Caucasian people who may later disappear. The souls of the black and the Asian races come from all over the universe and they are here not to ascend but only to experience this energetic event and preserve the memory of it for the future when they will be ready to ascend in eons of time.

The white Caucasian race consists of souls with other incarnations predominantly on the Pleiades and Arcturus, and also in other civilisations belonging to the Galactic Federation. They are ready for their ascension and planetary shift to the New Earth, which, by the way, already has a completely different geography and is a unique jewel of beauty in the entire multiverse. I know that because we have already created it as Elohim souls and primary creators of the New 5D-Earth and the new Golden Galaxy where the former already exists.  This is well known to the dark ones and that is why all their politics in the last several centuries have been directed to ultimately prevent this event as it will abolish their total control of the earth and deprive them of human slaves on whom they can sponge on like vampires.

The impending global war in the Middle East is being stoked by the cabal faction in the West that is predominantly dominated by the zionist Khazarian mafia which also controls the banking system and by default most of the Western economy, including the military-industrial complex. It started this war in Israel against the Palestinians from a weak position after it practically lost the war in Ukraine against the Asian cabal faction that consists of China, Russia and Iran, with India on the sideline. In between these two antagonistic factions are the remaining countries from the expanded BRICS and some other Latin American, African and Arab countries that seem to gravitate to the Asian faction but are, in fact, “insecure cantonists” (German saying for an unreliable ally) and are contested by the Western zionist faction.

According to the plan of the global dark cabal, the NWO will consist of several blocks of total dictatorship. First comes communist China which has already achieved this goal followed by Russia with a very strong communist past. China has embraced Russia in a deadly economic grip after the West sanctioned the latter because of the Ukrainian war and forced it to reorientate its economy towards China and the South. This doesn’t bother the Russian elite whose mentality has remained communist-imperialistic and is nostalgic for the past worldwide expansion and huge political influence of the former Soviet Union.

The second block of total political and rabid religious dictatorship will be the Muslim world led by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian Mullahs which will emerge after the Israel-Palestinian conflict expands to a global war. That is why this war is by design, and both the Israeli zionists around Netanyahu and Hamas worked in cahoots to trigger this conflict as they needed it for one and the same reason – to enslave all humans regardless of nationality or religion. One only needs to know that Israel created and financed Hamas to divide the Palestinians and weaken the position of the PLO. Since Erdogan is a very influential member of the Muslim Brotherhood, he has now taken the leadership in fanning the hatred of all Muslims against Israel, just as his counterpart Netanyahu is doing the same on the other side. It is so simple and so predictable, and this tactic of the dark ones has always worked in their favour in the past to enhance wars at the expense of the stupid masses.

The dark cabal has the greatest difficulties in establishing the NWO in the West, essentially in the countries of the Atlantic Alliance populated by the white Caucasian race for the reasons said above. It hopes that with the current global war in the Middle East which will also derail all oil supplies and trigger the most devastating economic crisis in Europe and North America, the goal to enslave the impoverished white race will be finally achieved. Of course, the western zionist mafia has further effective means in its arsenal to achieve this goal, such as digital currency leading to total financial control, martial law, etc.

NATO is, for instance, planning a war against Serbia, a staunch ally of Russia, by instigating Kosovo to begin with its provocations against Serbia and then destroy this country as retaliation after they failed during their bombing war in 1999 and thus compensate for their defeat in Ukraine. Another theatre of war may break out in Korea when the USA and South Korea provoke North Korea and the latter retaliates with full force conventionally but also with nuclear weapons. This outcome should be prevented through our ascension which will trigger the interdimensional planetary shift.

I am describing here the maximal goals of the dark cabal and know for sure that on our ascending timelines, none of these goals will be accomplished as the interdimensional shift to the New Earth will happen first. What we currently observe is the hectic and brainless positioning of all the protagonists for the Day After, in full denial of the human and planetary ascension. For instance, China has just published its new political maps where Israel has been eradicated as a country. Russia has just accused Israel in the UN of being an occupying force and thus has no right of self-defence which is true with respect to various UN resolutions according to international law. These examples only show where the tectonic rifts leading to the NWO are now beginning to gape.

While the gullible masses are indeed ignorant of these processes and reject them even when they hear about them from people like me, the masterminds of the ruling dark cabal behind the political puppets in the national governments are fully aware of the impending planetary shift. Elon Musk is one of these vampiric masterminds who has decided to work in the open, especially when the dark cabal began to make so many stupid mistakes after we eliminated the higher-dimensional rogue clique of evil masterminds, who has controlled the earth for eons of time, in a most dramatic night on December 1, 2021. Since then the downfall of these dark ones has been unstoppable, and any open-minded observer can see it for himself.

This elaboration gives the reader a glimpse into the direction in which the descending old earth will go after the shift and what gruesome destiny awaits all those humans who decide to stay on this earth and reject the idea of ascension.

What these dark ones still do not reckon with is that when the shift happens, there will be immediately a change of the guardians on this planet. We as ascended masters will take full control over Gaia and humanity as the new custodians of the new ascended earth but also of the old earth in the transition period, so that all these dark ones will be exposed and branded for their evil deeds after the shift. We shall have full control over finance and the economy through the introduction of the Astral currency from the quantum field as INFER and new advanced higher dimensional technologies that will lead to the worldwide acceptance of the new theory and gnosis of the Universal Law and its Divine Constitution for the ascending humanity.

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This final act of the ascension drama will unfold according to the principle of “resolution through escalation of confrontation between the forces of light and that of darkness” as was first introduced by myself on this website in 2012 and widely discussed by the PAT. We must now only wait and carefully gauge when the tipping point of escalation of confrontation will be reached for the shift to occur.



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