Trump Is a Walk-In of an Old Soul

My Encounter with Trump in the Astral Dream State on October 18, 2020

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 20, 2021

first published on November 25, 2020

As I have written on many occasions, a key part of my role as an incarnated Elohim soul is to coach through inter-counseling at the soul level influential political leaders who are important in the overall cosmic plot for this planet in the End Time.

I have met, for instance, dozens of times with Putin, and our first encounters were all very hostile after he took power and still behaved as a belligerent KGB agent. Then he received a very old soul as a walk-in and I remember how friendly and joyful my encounter with this old soul mate of mine was when he came on earth and we met in Kremlin one night. I have reported about this encounter in my book

Gnosis as a Personal Experience, page 48

After that, Putin mutated into a wise statesman, and the rise of Russia as a bulwark against the plans of the Western cabal to install the NWO earlier by destroying Russia on our ascending timelines commenced.

My encounter with Trump recently was equally friendly and joyful and I knew with certainty that Trump is a new walk-in of a very old soul and a close soul mate of mine shortly before the election.

This information was vital for me for a better understanding of the upcoming ascension scenario on the ground but it is of little relevance to the main topic I have discussed in my original article from November 25, 2020, where I first published this key encounter:

How Humans Will Change as Energetic Systems During the Upcoming Global Shift.

Before I proceed, let me state as clearly and unambiguously as possible: We have entered the last phase prior to our final ascension and transfiguration where we very easily drift in a dream-like state but in full consciousness into the astral plane and higher dimensions to receive direct information or meet other entities as our vibrations are now so high that we are dwelling most of the time in the 5th to the 7th dimensions day and night. That is why we do not get any verbal messages anymore as our information is now direct and immediate. This is also the reason, why I speak of pivotal dreams, they are real astral events of great importance.

And here is what I wrote in my diary regarding my astral meeting with Trump’s new walk-in old soul and my mate 2 weeks before the US election.

In view of this information my readers will be able to better interpret what will occur today and in the coming days in the USA and all over the world.


My Encounter with Trump in the Astral Dream State on October 18, 2020

“I met with Trump. He was holding an election rally and was talking on the street. I was surprised that he has come down to the people and that there were so few to listen to him. He saw me all of a sudden and was very happy to meet me. He embraced me and said that he has been waiting for me and that he is very happy to meet me. I told him not to worry and that he would win the elections but that was not the point. Big changes are coming.

Then we walked on foot together, side by side, to the White House where he resumed his work. I was surprised about this very positive encounter with Trump as my previous encounters with him in the dream state were very critical and ambivalent. He must be a new walk-in as this happened with Putin shortly after he was elected president for the first time and then stopped the bloody war in Chechnia. He is also a walk-in of a very old soul and a soul mate of mine and since then he became a very wise leader.

It is significant that I dreamed of meeting Trump today, only 2 weeks before the election day as I wrote a very precise analysis in 2016, also 2 weeks before the election day and predicted the victory of Trump contrary to all experts and polls at that time. I only recently mentioned this article in my correspondence with other PAT members as proof of how we form the reality on the earth (and later published an article on this topic). I am confident that Trump won the elections only after we installed the protuberance field in North America in June 2016 and because I did this analysis. The Elohim told us that we shape the world’s reality with our thoughts in a very effective manner.

I see a big movement for us in North America too.

I just read that Trump has said the following in a rally yesterday: “Speaking at the Saturday rally in Muskegon, Michigan, Trump told his supporters that “Democrats would terminate our recovery with a draconian unscientific lockdown like your governor is doing right now.”

Something is afoot and I will inform Amora…

Since then I am in constant and very intensive telepathic contact with Trump through his new walk-in soul and I know exactly what is happening behind the veil at any moment. At the same time, I, the captain of the PAT, have open contact with the Source through my Elohim soul and monad. I am fully informed about the Divine Plan of the ongoing final planetary ascension, of which I am simultaneously the human architect, director, and executor on the ground and throughout all dimensions up to the Source.

Since I have accomplished quite a few planetary ascensions of Gaia and humanity since May 28, 2014, when the first ascension took place, I have great experience in that even at the human level, while my Elohim soul as Prime Creator of Gaia and humanity is a renowned expert in planetary ascensions across the entire multiverse. She is traveling around giving lectures to the numerous spiritual hierarchies while finalizing the ascension of Gaia and the last timelines of humanity (See previous messages of the Elohim on this issue on my website.).

My articles from the last several months give testimony to that. The precision and detailed information of my predictions regarding the ascension scenario are immaculate, whereby today’s military coup in Washington DC and across the USA is just a minor aspect.

I really do not need any 3D intel from dubious sources, such as A, B, C, and Q. as some insiders who have currently gained short-lived notoriety on the Internet. However, every incarnated human personality is now contributing to the ascension scenario according to her soul evolution and we also need this kind of intel in this turbulent interim phase of dramatic change.


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