Energy Report of the PAT – November 25, 2015

On Twin Flames and Healing through the Elohim Meditation with the Green, Violet and Gold Flames

The PAT is on the verge of entering the beauty and the bliss of eternity – the encounter with our full selves as Twin Flames in incarnated or excarnated form, the completion of our multidimensional identity. This new extremely positive and promising trend is in full contrast to the surge of nastiness and heinous acts on the ground. The ID shift has commenced with full force on this uppermost mother planet and I strongly urge all PAT members to increase the level of full detachment from this reality one more time as we are now on our way to heaven while this illusory reality is crumbling in front of our eyes.

That is why I have decided to publish this energy report with personal, intimate emails of PAT members and myself I initially intended to keep confidential, because they convincingly highlight these aspects of final separation of the timelines through healing with the third eye and by using the powerful meditation of the green, violet and golden flame as recommended by the Elohim in their latest message to Carla. Make full use of this meditation as this kind of healing is now the fuel for our ascension.

Just a minute ago Carla came to me and told me that she feels that we are in the middle of another major energetic breakthrough. Unfortunately I cannot confirm this sensation as I have just been hit by another cc-wave with a headache and am in a state of fever. But this always happens when there is a massive descent of source energy on this earth leading to another ascension leap.

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How to Create the Optimal Financial System in Your Reality

by Jeff Nielson and Georgi Stankov, November 25, 2015

This discussion is so important as it anticipates the plethora of similar discussions that will very soon flood the public arena when the Orion monetary system will collapse in the coming days and one basic truth will emerge on the surface for everyone to see – humanity is not ready for true sweeping reforms of the Matrix as it has not done its intellectual homework in due time. Hence the people must follow the advanced ideas of their new Guardians – the Logos Gods of Gaia and the new Ascended Masters of humanity from the PAT. There is no way how they will bridge this intellectual gap in such a short period of time – between the impending collapse of the old financial system and the creation of new enlightened social relationships on the new 4D worlds.



21st Century Banking: A World Run By Parasites

Jeff Nielson, November 20, 2015

Sprott Money

Banks are parasites. Big Banks are very large parasites. It is the fundamental equation of human commerce in the 21 st century.

Bankers are the quintessential middle-men: contributing nothing to our economies, while blood-sucking us for assorted “fees”, and (most importantly) interest payments. Many readers will object to this characterization. They will argue that banks and bankers “facilitate” commerce, and thus (somehow) “earn” the vast sums of capital which relentlessly flow into their vaults.

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This Could Be a Very Big Story of Revelations

Freemasons fixed inquiry into Titanic to protect Establishment, claims secret archive that lists two million members – including Winston Churchill – and reveals secretive group of elites ruled society for 200 years 

Daily Mail, November 23, 2105

  • Probe into tragedy that killed 1,500 people cleared most of those involved
  • Archive of Freemasons containing two million names set to be published
  • It contains the names of royalty, statesmen, judges and military top brass 
  • Will reveal the scale of Masonic influence at all levels of British society 

Freemasons dominated the inquiry into the sinking of the Titanic and may have allowed Establishment figures to escape blame, it was claimed last night.

The investigation into the 1912 tragedy that cost 1,500 lives exonerated most of those involved, including the ship’s White Star Line owners as well as its captain.

Now the publication of a secret archive of Freemasons – containing two million names of members from 1733 to 1923 – reveals the scale of Masonic involvement across the highest echelons of British society.

The archive contains the names of three kings, statesmen, judges, military top brass and bishops.

Experts believe it could lead to a re-examination of almost 200 years of British history, revealing the scale of Masonic influence at all levels of British society when the UK was one of the world’s most powerful countries.

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Energy Report of the PAT – November 23, 2015

PAT Participation in the Healing Meditation of Humanity Through the Third Eye of Divine Co-Creation


Just finished reading your 11/21 portal post and WOW!!! This is so remarkable!! I was just going to write you today and ask if we have had another ID shift because the past 2 days (19th & 20th) really sucked. Not the entire 48 hours….there were some great periods but overall I was exhausted, body ached and just depressed.

What is so remarkable about your account is that I definitely was revisiting some masculine wounding in my own life. I was also thinking about how my brother has suppressed me my entire life and tried to make me look like the “crazy hippy” to the rest of the family. Yes, many times heguised it as loving jest….but it was condescending none the less and showed how much he felt threatened by my gifts.

I was also realizing how much pain comes from people being told not to speak out…not to speak up. Families have such dark secrets and they encourage the victims to just let it go…they say it like it’s the healthy thing to do, instead of acknowledging that it happened, instead of consciously healing it together. No, just be quiet about it.

I’ve had so much of this in my own life, Georgi. I was very abused as a child and teen. I do not recall being sexually abused, but it may have happened. I may have suppressed something, I’m not sure. But I know for certain I was physically abused by my moms’ boyfriend of 14 years and my brother. I was always seeking help, going to school counselors. I finally ran away at 15 and was put in a juvenile detention center (as if I had done something wrong).

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The Elohim on the Healing Medidation Through the Third Eye on November 20, 2015

Carla Thompson, November 22, 2015

Here is the message from the Elohim that I channeled tonight (November 21) about the meditation we did at Julia’s home yesterday. Enjoy!


We are the Elohim and we confirm our participation with some of you during your guided meditation to heal the many wounds perpetrated upon and experienced by the feminine representations of divine perfection.

In your experience of duality, there exists the masculine energy and the feminine energy, as an expression within the third dimension of your reality.

These expressions, masculine and feminine, are a divine creation meant to complement one another.  One is not stronger than the other, smarter than the other, more beautiful than the other:  they are complementary reflections of the other.

There cannot be masculine energy without the feminine counterpart, nor vice versa as they do not and cannot occur alone.

They were created together and therefore express together and must exist together as One in a divine balance that Creation intended.

Each of you carries the divine masculine AND divine feminine energies!  It is your responsibility to each balance your divine energies masculine to feminine.

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Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies Through Opening of the Third Eye

by Brad Barber and Georgi Stankov, November 22, 2015

Dear George,

Unfortunately I am being faced with great difficulties in being able to execute a well-composed linear article at this time.  After reading your latest work on magnetism, polarity, and superconductivity, I was shown such an amazing concept of a “bridge” article, but I can’t think clearly enough to put it together.  If you don’t mind, I’ll just let what I can write happen.  When I say you, it can mean you as the man Dr. Stankov, or you being the reader as I can’t see straight at this point.

I’m not quite sure how to say it, but my body is hyper-sensitive to the current state of “incoherence” of many of the energy flows at work on this planet and it is devastating my body.  The internal electric current feels that I have the potential to unleash the grandest energy ever seen, but I feel as if I’m being crushed into a tiny pain molecule that gets more condense all day.  I don’t get affected by waves as much anymore as I do a relentless pressure that gets worse every minute.  Every bone hurts.  My heart is screaming at me. My eyelids are pissed off.  It’s very hard to breathe.  Laying down is getting harder each night.  Hyperactive pituitary area feels like I have a stake being driven through my skull and whatever mass is there is half filling some of my sinuses.  Just pretending to be functional takes up most of my day.  Any place of refuge is being taken away faster and faster.

The great news of all this is that it’s very hard to worry about the future or delve into the past when you are cemented in the Now in pain Armageddon, and I do get to see and talk about some things with my experience  crossing all the worlds that most would never see (or care to hear).  It can be a magical place.

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The Insertion of the New Structures of Superconductivity

by Robert Shepard, November 21, 2015

Note: I was informed by my readers that you cannot see the pictures Robert sent me. I tried everything possible to show them but I failed. Unfortunately the pics appear on my website, so that I cannot know that they do not appear for you. I am still looking for a solution and am grateful for any suggestion.



This email contains amazing photos taken by a “walk-in” in a friend of mine who returned from Peru. The photos are real, as I downloaded them for her from her camera onto her laptop. What do you and Georgi think?

With much Love and Light,

Robert, from Mt Shasta


Dear Robert,

for me this is a clear image of the new energetic structures of superconductivity which we now create at the level of our HS and have introduced on November 15th on this uppermost mother planet.

With love and light


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The 11.21 Portal of Purification and Healing of the 3rd Eye – Energy Report

Georgi Stankov, November 21, 2015

The November 21 Portal began actually with full force on November 19, when a massive descent of source energy occurred one more time. Both Carla and I were independently taken away at noon for about an hour and a half, that is to say, we had to lie down and our souls left this reality. After that a massive influx of source energy hit our left brain portal and caused a split head and severe headache throughout the whole afternoon and night until early morning.

On November 20th we had planned a meditation in the house of our friend Julia, with whom we have done a lot of light work in the past, including on our Infinity portal in White Rock. We were afraid that we may not be in the position to drive to Julia’s house in Vancouver, so depleted and bad we felt yesterday morning. Then our physical situation improved all of a sudden and we drove to her. Two more ladies were present there for this meditation.

Before I proceed, I must confess that it was the first collective meditation I have ever done in my life as I usually reject such organized meetings and very rarely meditate in a deliberate manner as I am in a natural meditative state most of the time, especially when I write and am consciously channelled by my HS.  Anyway, I was the only man in the meditation circle and only after the light work was done, did I realize why I had to participate in it.

Our friend Julia, as I have mentioned in previous reports, is a gifted medium and a visual channel who works in White Rock and gives readings to clients. She also works with Carla since four years creating the Infinity Portal in White Rock. When I came two years ago I reinforced their work and helped to expand this portal over the mainland of Vancouver, also in conjunction with the city of light which we have created over this area.

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