Energy Report of the PAT – May 5, 2015

New Bilocations of the PAT to the new worlds as visions, dreams and conscious experiences

Dear George

writing you from the corner of Austria/Swiss/Germany, close to Lake of Constance, here in the morning.

I need to share with you, that just an hour ago I have seen the sky with the red colors and looking straight into the sun, it started to turn into blue color and radiating even in other colors too – such a wonderful experience, I could keep my eyes open and the sky has been miraculous beautiful. An uncommon cold breeze has been blowing. Now it seems a kind of “back to normal”…

I already woke up in a celebration state, even prepared a special breakfast for all of us. My dream from tonight is telling me, that the circle is completed and that I Am in the New Circle of Creation Now. Here is a brief story: It’s about a simple silver ring with “eternity” written inside. When I bought it, years ago (I do not like to count the years any longer) –  I gave this ring to myself as a present for my ascension – yeah! The moment the woman in the shop showed this ring to me, she tried to read the letters inside of the ring, but the letters were not written together and she just could not read it – I stood behind the desk, not seeing it with my physical eyes, but of course with my inner eyes and I joyfully told her: ETERNITY… it means  e t e r n i t y !  (since it was in English, this was also a reason she just did not grasp it)  …so I got – gave myself – created this ascension-present for me!

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“Spirit, Spirit” – a New Song Dedicated to the PAT

by Ramona Kasheer, May 5, 2015

Lieber Georg,

dieses Lied hab ich vor ein paar Tagen geschrieben, und ich möchte es gerne mit Dir und Carla teilen … in Verbundenheit und Dankbarkeit.



Liebe Ramona,

solche wunderbare Musik, wir danken dir vom Herzen. Es tut mir sehr Leid, dass es so lange mit der Antwort gedauert hat, aber ich habe keinen MP3 auf meinem Computer und musste auf Carla warten, bis wir deine Musik in Ruhe hören konnten. Deine Musik ist sehr sinnlich und kraftvoll zugleich.

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Die Elohim: Dies ist ein neuer Tag, ein neuer Tagesanbruch!

Der Anfang von bewussten Bilokationen
Carla Thompson, 4. Mai 2015

übersetzt von Georgi Stankov

Heute (2. Mai) haben wir die spannendste Neuigkeit jemals erhalten, eine Nachricht von Jennifer Rott, in der sie ihre Bilokation auf einer neuen 4D-Welt beschreibt!

Nachdem ich über dieses Ereignis gehört habe, fühlte ich eine solche Aufregung und einen Ansturm von Energie durch mich hindurch, im Wissen, dass wir jetzt offiziell einen Schritt näher an den Erhalt unserer Aufgestiegenen Meisters Fähigkeiten in diesen Körpern gekommen sind und dies in der vollständig bewussten Wahrnehmung!

Die Elohim kamen mit einer Botschaft für uns alle innerhalb einer Stunde nach dem Hören dieser fantastischen Neuigkeit, und ich muss euch sagen, dass das Zimmer mit einer solchen unglaublichen Begeisterung, Freude und tief empfundenen Liebe erfüllt war, dass ich zu Tränen gerührt war. Genießt nun die Energie dieser Botschaft, meine Freunde!

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The Elohim: This Is a New Day, a New Dawn !

The Beginning of Conscious Bilocations

Carla Thompson, May 4, 2015

Today (May 2nd) we received the most exciting news ever, a message from Jennifer Rott that describes her bilocation to a new 4D world!

After hearing about this event, I felt such excitement and a rush of energy through me, knowing that we are now officially one step closer to obtaining our ascended master skills in these bodies and this through a fully conscious awareness!  

The Elohim came with a message for all of us within an hour of hearing this fantastic news and I have to tell you that the room was full of such incredible enthusiasm, joy and deeply palpable love, that I was moved to tears.  Enjoy the energy of this message my friends!

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Energy Report of the PAT – May 3, 2015

PAT Dreams and Visions

My dear Georgi,

My second dream, which I call “Black Skull“…

For several nights prior to Friday, 4/24, I had very little sleep or hardly slept at all. So, being at a weekend conference which started on Friday, 4/24, I wasn’t at my highest vitality. The transit problems afterward on Friday evening were exceedingly stressful and caused going to bed extremely late. Was therefore quite strained and very tired on Saturday, 4/25. I dreamt Black Skull Saturday night / early Sunday morning, 26 April. After awaking from this dream, I couldn’t sleep and lay awake for nearly 3 hours, upon which it was then time again to get up for the Sunday conference events.

This is the dream:

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Breaking News: The Era of Conscious Bilocation Has Commenced !

The Elohim Confirm the Completion of the Energetic Infrastructure for Massive Conscious Bilocations and Interdimensional Travels on Gaia 5

Georgi Stankov, May 3, 2015

The Elohim have interrupted their prolonged radio silence and announced in elated mood and with great joy yesterday evening that we have completed the energetic infrastructure of etheric corridors and portals, which will allow massive conscious bilocations and ID travels within the confines of multidimensional Gaia 5 and later on intergalactically.

The conscious bilocation of young Jennifer on May 1st was a pivotal test run to evaluate the final coupling of this uppermost mother planet to the new 4D worlds and numerous 5D timelines through this network for bilocation and ID travels. The ID trip about which Jenny reported yesterday is of great significance and the HR are in great joy about this enormous breakthrough. From now on the number of such conscious bilocations will increase exponentially and we all shall participate in them.

The energetic coupling of this timeline with the new 4D and 5D worlds of Gaia 5 has been successfully completed. We have been working arduously on this project for months and this also explains why in the last several weeks the Elohim were silent. They were holding their breath during the final most vulnerable phase of this major project, in which we all participated.

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Short Energy Update – May 3, 2015

Georgi Stankov

With the full moon portal yesterday, we have reached the most vulnerable phase in the ascension process. We are now amidst the total collapse and dissolution of all 4D astral planes where all dark archons and entities could hide so far and from where they could exert their heinous deeds on the incarnated humanity without impunity.

Now these astral niches are flooded with source energies and are being wrapped up. This has wreaked havoc among all dark entities. They are now swirling in desperation around this uppermost mother planet, but cannot find any purchases anymore, from where they can exert their dark influence on humanity.

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May, a Month of Miracles – My Bilocation to the New 4D Worlds

by Jennifer Rott, May 2, 2015

Translated by Georgi Stankov

Dear Georgi,

For about 4 days I have abdominal pain associated with immense convulsions. But despite this pain, I decided to go on Wednesday to Frankfurt. Since I have neither a car nor a driver’s license, I have to rely on public transport. Since I love to travel by train, this does not bother me. Very often remarkable things happen when I am traveling. I see angels and other enlightened beings. Through many decrees and invocations the number of dark beings that I meet on the road has dropped significantly.

When I left our apartment, I already felt that something will happen. On the way to the train station I walk through a road that passes close to a gravel pit. In front of a bar, called “Württemberger Hof”, often frolicking shady characters. Most of them are possessed, one can see it clearly. Also prostitutes stood sometimes in front of this said bar and invite the passing-by men to their rooms. And often there is a police car in front of it.

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