Personal Reflections

by Georgi Stankov, March 2, 2015

All events which now break into this crumbling 3D holographic reality are of multidimensional nature and create a plethora of facts on infinite levels. It is the savvy of the ascended master to know this and act accordingly.

When this website was shut down, this at first glance seemingly unpleasant event triggered a series of major effects, most of which we shall know only after ascension. What Carla and I were getting all the time, beginning with the first shutdown on February 9th, was that “this site has fulfilled its function“.

This statement should be evaluated in the context of the bigger picture – this reality is irreversibly coming to an end. One does not need to be a prophet to see this. I have been talking about the need of this reality to end up with a total collapse for years now. This is not a self-fulfilling prophecy, as narrow human minds would usually label it, but the core of all creation. You create what you think. And if you are an ascended master you create Big on behalf of the whole of humanity.

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We Are Pillars of Light

by Tomasz Roszak and Georgi Stankov, March 1, 2015

Dear Georgi Stankov,

Pillars of light

I want to be full in my existence. Being which provides everything by existence through itself. I’ve had enough madness of this world: lies, killing, wars, corruptions, lack of love and light. Insecurity of existence overwhelms me because of some dark assholes who arrogate for themselves the right of life and death for the rest of the people the world over.

I had a vision wherein I saw myself as a pillar of light from earth to heaven. Each need was satisfied by itself. Everything had its source in itself. It was so beautiful and I was completely detached from this reality. I was in this world, but not of this world. As a pillar of light I sustained heaven. I have been a channel connecting “up with the bottom”. Each human need inside me was dissolved in light, which I was in that moment.

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Energy Report of the PAT – February 24, 2015


Latest Update – February 28, 2015, 08.00 am PST

The website is back again. It was a real thriller to recover it. I will report later on on this dramatic story in more detail when everything has been settled down. At this place I would only like to express my deepest gratitude to my friends and PAT members Sherina and Piotr from Berlin. Without their invaluable help and resolute intervention, I would have not been able to resolve this issue. This was the most malicious and criminal attack I have experienced so far on the part of the dark ones.

And now the good news. We shall move the website in the coming days to a new server. Piotr is an IT specialist and has taken the full responsibility for the technical support of the website. He will establish two identical websites with two domains, so that when the one website is eventually attacked, the other one will be immediately available. Piotr will make a back-up every week, so that nothing goes lost. The server will be in a country outside of the reach of the dark Western cabal and the website will be much more protected than now.

I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you who have supported me in these difficult time in an unwavering manner and have contributed with your invocations to this happy ending. Although the website was down, your energetic impact on this reality was actually augmented and has caused such a major energetic breakthrough in the last few days that we are now living on a different much higher 4D planet. To this I shall say more in the coming days.

I will appreciate very much if you continue with your unwavering moral, energetic and financial support of this website, especially now in order to make the move to the new server in a fluent and easy manner

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Breaking News: Killshot Averted by the PAT

by Erick Premiere, February 22, 2015

Due to the growth power and light of the PAT a solar killshot was averted on the last day of the planetary alignment we discussed earlier…. (Planetary alignment: The energies (inner chi) have been spectacular…Incredible times right now! Glorious moon and planets at nightfall February 20 |; we saw this planets-moon constellation and it was spectacular indeed, note, George)

VideoHUGE Solar Blast – ‘Killshot’ will Miss Earth | S0 News February 22, 2015

Comment: Very impressive indeed. It explains why the energies felt so exorbitant in the last several days. Visible sun activity now correlates very closely with the energy waves coming from the Source as our sun is simply a portal for the Central sun.


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Warum eine klare Definition menschlicher Grundbegriffe augenblicklich die wichtigste intellektuelle Voraussetzung zum Aufstieg ist.

by Georgi Stankov und Michael Naumann, February 22, 2015

Sorry, there is no English translation to this article. You may use Google Translate. – George

Lieber Georgie,

vielen Dank für deinen wertvollen Beitrag. Hier wird klar und unmissverständlich beschrieben, was es mit den persönlich erlebbaren, momentanen emotionalen Achterbahnen auf sich hat und vor allem, dass viele Menschen ein inneres Gefühl von etwas absolut unbekanntem/neuem in Ihrer Gefühlswelt beschreiben. Für viele ist es ein Einstieg in Symptome des LBP, den wir ja seit vielen Jahren erleben und ein Lied davon singen können, wie man so sagt. Teilweise wird es so beschrieben, als ob eine unbekannte Krankheit im Anmarsch ist und alles verändern könnte, einer Art großer Mutation, die aber nur manche betrifft.

Weiter ist festzustellen, daß wieder auf sichere Instinkte wie den APPETIT bei der Nahrungsauswahl zurückgegriffen wird. Es wird wieder bevorzugt gegessen und getrunken, was schmeckt und die notwendige körperliche Kraft gibt, um den Transformationsprozess durchzustehen, jenseits von nahrungsmäßigen Konditionierungen und Phasen relativer Appetietlosigkeit.

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Washington’s Loosening Grip on Ukraine and Europe Has ‘Russophobic Hack Pack’ Howling with Despair

Byzantium, February 21, 2015

The EU is cracking up with Greece as potentially the first domino to fall as unsustainable debts collapse across the Washington-promoted transnational bloc.

When we started this column in November as a space to discuss ‘the big picture’ with an emphasis on Russia’s relationship to Euro-Atlantic relations, we could not have imagined that some nameless editor at BBC Monitoring would fancy our term ‘Russophobic hack pack’. Unfortunately, we cannot trademark this label and sell it on t-shirts along Old Arbat to tourists, next to the tees of Putin and a housecat cozying up to the ‘Polite People’ of Crimea. As a link to the original source made clear, this pithy phrase comes from the tweets of a Muscovite Irishman, RT social media editor Ivor Crotty.

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Manuscript of Survival – February 21, 2015

by Aisha North

This latest missive of the manuscript of survival very well reflects my discussion on the Inner Transformation that now happens with many human beings and will manifest as the full collapse of this Orion reality very soon.


As many of you have noticed, this ongoing merger of the inner layers that is taking place now will have many of you sitting up to take notice of the effects this will induce upon your system, and rightly so. For as we have already told you, this period will be one of massive transformation, one where these incoming missiles of energy will interact in a most profound way with your own energetic setup, and as such, the collapse of internal division into a coherent and far more fluid system than the former fragmented one is now finally on its way.

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The Inner Transformation Now

by Georgi Stankov, February 21, 2015

We have been in the last weeks and months in a constant massive inner transformation as this has been reflected in our regular energy reports. In the last days this inner transformation has peaked one more time and we have lost the last remnants of our common sentiments as human beings. Our emotional and mental fields and our physical vessels have been reset and rewired from within to such an extent that the new reset bears no resemblance to what we used to be in the past.

Many emails which I have received from you in the last days and weeks reflect this profound inner metamorphosis. There is no doubt that these processes are extremely challenging as they make us fully incompatible with this reality. We can no longer communicate with other human beings as they no longer understand what we say to them. We vibrate so high that their low frequency senses can no longer resonate and respond to our energies. Communication presupposes a common spectrum of energetic vibrations and this interception no longer exists between us and the rest of humanity.

The most dramatic inner transformation happens however not within the physical body, as most of you have already finished with your LBP and transfigured last year. Now you are only present here as Logos Gods in a physical vessel, before you leave this holographic reality for ever. These changes now happen at the cognitive and emotional level, where an incredible expansion beyond the usual human awareness is currently taking place.

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