The Elohim Discuss the Megashift May 15th – May 24th

Carla Thompson, May 27, 2016

Hello everyone!

The very intense shift that many of us have felt energetically over the past two weeks has culminated over Monday May 23rd and Tuesday May 24th into another profoundly successful headway in the ascension process.  Here I would like to share a very beautiful, and emphatic message from the Elohim that also came to me with clear inner visuals to assist my understanding of this incredible shift.  

According to the Elohim several major events have taken place on different timelines and in different dimensional realities, beginning with a collapse and release of many third dimensional expressions and an anchoring of new upper dimensional realities, all over the course of the two weeks beginning on May 15th.  It is my understanding that while both these activities have also occurred in the past, then it was almost a trial run, if you like, and this time was much more intense as it was a full-fledged birthing of new upper dimensional realities that have been growing in the imaginations of all those who are embracing their awakened power as true manifestors in this reality.

For two weeks a great number of us felt the tension of this shift, albeit in many different ways depending upon our roles and known (and unknown) responsibilities with which we have decided to engage.  One very clear visual I had was that of the upper third dimensional realities ( by “upper third” I am referring to realities pertaining to this matrix, although they may vibrate at a fourth dimensional level ) shuffling in front of my inner vision like a rolodex of cards (or money counting machine), rolling and rolling incessantly, and as the rolling continued, the realities disappeared into thin air and new ones took their place.  In the end, the rolodex began to slow its rotations and gradually came to a standstill.  In the moment it came to a standstill I was made aware that many of you whom I consciously know, have also supported this shift in many beautiful ways, for which I have no words to describe, and for which I thank you for your deep commitment to humanity and Gaia.  It is clear to me after this shift when I was shown what had been accomplished, your continued depth of caring and love for humanity and Gaia still reigns as high as ever, and for which I am full of unending gratitude for you all. 

During the release of these third dimensional timelines and realities I could see the concurrent appearance of higher dimensional expressions around and among us, as shown to me in a beautiful visual of highly complex vertical crystalline structures made out of what appeared to be crystalline light.  Most of these structures appeared to me in varying shades of blue with gold accents and they emanated enchanting harmonic tones which I feel to be auditory expressions of All-That-Is. 

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Follow-Up on the ID Megashift May 15th – May 24th

Energy Report of the PAT – May 26, 2016

Hello Georgi and Carla,

In response to More on the Mega Shift, it is interesting to note that the 15th was Pentecost, and the 16th, Pentecost Monday (It falls on the tenth day after Ascension Thursday, which itself is 40 days after Easter.)

In addition, on the 15, 16 and 17th, I experienced a much more intense experience of clearing human dross than in the past. It was truly 3 full days of intense sadness and grieving. As with other PAT members, the heart wrenching injustice of why ‘they’ are given anymore time at all when so many suffer at their hands, was front and center in my emotional experience. I spent much of those days pleading with the HRs to finally release the energies of the final end of days. It is almost impossible to continue on pretending to live and enjoy anything anymore. The truth of the horrors of the evils that are STILL perpetrated on humankind dissolves any joy instantaneously, as least for me. In this way, my heart is broken. In this way, I am not living anymore, merely transmuting energies, on behalf of humanity whom is broken, whom is blind, and whom also isn’t living. It brings to mind the passage:

If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.

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The Sun Gate and Grand Climax of Humanity’s Ascension on 6.20.2016

AA Michael, channelled by Michael Love, May 23, 2016


Georgi Stankov, May 26, 2016

I decided to publish this message as it addresses all the major ascension events with which we are dealing in the last several years. AA Michael speaks of the first wave of ascended masters, the PAT, who carry the entire burden of the planetary ascension process, then of the second wave of ascension candidates whom we opened for the ascension process on October 2014 when we visited the Radiant Rose Academy here in Vancouver. The achievements of the PAT have been well documented in a seamless chronicle of prospective events and is the most reliable archive in real time regarding the ascension of humanity in the End Time.

This message also speaks of the third mass wave of ascension candidates whom we are also opening since the end of last year and increasingly so this year when we made it possible for billions of transliminal souls to incarnate in the human bodies on this uppermost mother planet. Insofar this message is a surprisingly correct summary of what the PAT has accomplished in the last several years.

However, it goes further and announces June 20, 2016 (summer solstice) as the possible day of the final ID shift when also the transfiguration of the first wave of ascended masters will occur. AA Michael also confirms the descent of the 5D matrix over this uppermost mother planet last week, which the PAT accomplished with great personal sacrifices as described by myself in my short energy update on May 23rd and then unanimously confirmed by the PAT (and here).

I came across this message only today and wanted to publish it in advance to the Elohim message on the latest ID Megashift that is still ongoing and prepares the ground for the final event probably in the end of June. This is another rare independent confirmation of our last critical experiences with this Megashift and our forecast that end of June some key events may happen if all variables align perfectly. This includes the collapse of the financial and economic systems on this uppermost mother planet as this has already happened on numerous lower timelines which we have shed off in the last months and especially in the last ten days after we decided to trigger the ultimate collapse of the financial system and the introduction of the new Astral currency on May 18th.

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More on the Megashift May 15th – May 24th

Georgi Stankov, May 25, 2016

The latest Megashift that began on May 15 and ended on May 24 exceeded in its condensed intensity anything we as a group and humanity as a whole have experienced so far. We have already documented the major experiences in these ten very dense days on our website but the last two days represented a new peak and should be honoured accordingly.

As Henry Clymer correctly observed today:

B. was telling me yesterday that everybody is on the ascension path right now.  I am starting to believe it based on my limited exposure to the public. I have gone through an amazing process of self-transformation.  It is way to lengthy to describe right now…”

This is exactly my impression as I wrote back to him:

“I confirm the Megashift since May 15 through May 24 which almost killed us the last two days. Carla has received a message from the Elohim yesterday (May 24) evening about it and will probably receive some more information today while typing it. I have no idea what they have told her. Obviously more and more people are being hit by these waves as yesterday Julia told Carla on the phone that she is wiped and was lying the whole day in bed. She is otherwise very athletic and has not been hit by these waves in the past. For me this is a clear sign that more and more people are now being thrown in the LBP and this latest Megashift which we initiated and performed through our fields, represents this expansion of the ascension process among the people.”

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Energy Report of the PAT – May 24, 2016

Ascension Dreams of the PAT

Dear Georgi,

your break was perfectly timed and I hope you’re feeling better now after the recent energetic tsunami. I think I’ve never slept so much during the day as the last few days were really intense.

I had a cascade of dreams last night after I asked my HS to tell me what’s happening:

There was a funeral of the British queen taking place. She died here in Czech republic (I have no idea why here) and her remains were being transported to the UK.

I (or somebody else) was after British PM Cameron. There was a fight in which I’ve been involved, but do not remember the exact outcome clearly. I then entered the building just to find out I’m missing my gun, but immediately after that somebody appeared with a magic wand and told me: “Here, you’ve got your gun back!” and it appeared in my hand. So I went through the door and the dream ends.

Hillary Clinton! She sits quietly and above her, on a rope is a ninja performing some kind of art. The ninja then drops something which seems to be some silver swords, but without the blade, just the handles! They were however connected, forming a cross. Hitlery was just staring at it. I then realized that she is powerless and has no energy anymore.

With regards,
J. Fleischman.
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Short Energy Update – May 23, 2016

Georgi Stankov

This last week marked another huge and prolonged shift to higher frequency levels. I knew it and that is why I had to take a break from my editorial activities. It began on May 15th and 16th with a 48 hours cc-wave of massive descent of source energies, followed by another 2-3 days of massive cleansing of human dross at all levels.  And it peaked with the Blue full moon on May 21, one day after Wesak Day (the day of Buddha). Some of you wrote to me and confirmed independently this stressful energetic episode:

Major ID shift

Hello Georgi and Carla,

I realize that you are recharging which you certainly deserve without question. I just wanted to comment that this past week including today, May 20th (at full force) has got be one of the biggest shifts at least recently. It just keeps coming without a cessation. I am just barely making it thru the days. I need to lay down almost all of the time just to handle the intensity of the energies that are coming in. Of course all of the physical symptoms are there and I feel that my back is going to give out on me, which it has twice before. Once in July of 2014 and the other in June of 2011. As I reflect back to those times they were both Major shifts/portals for me personally. I feel very frustrated and although I know that everything is held in All-That-IS in perfect symmetry, I long for the finale. Sometimes it is as though the HRs ask beyond what I can physically offer. I wonder if yourself, Carla and other Pat members are experiencing this as intensely as I?

With Love,


Indeed, this major ID shift had a well-defined goal and here it is: On May 18th we, the PAT, made the collective decision at the soul level in a conclave to initiate the final crash of the Orion financial system. Don’t ask me for proofs now, but take this information at face value. I hope some of you remember this crucial meeting in the dream state. I have no idea how long it will take until this sudden financial apoptosis will manifest in this reality, but it can’t last very long. Parallel to that we also energetically obliterated all the plans of the ruling cabal in the West and in particular in the USA to install the NWO. It has to do in the first place with the underground cities of the deep US government which have been built with taxpayers’ money to give shelter to the most insidious dark ones when the final ID split and MPR will happen. They know that these events are inevitable in the End Time. Since then their only thought and effort have been how to prepare for this End Time Apocalypse while we ascend.

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Новая “Астральная” валюта уже в пути

Перезагрузка мировой Орионской денежной системы после ее коллапса в этом году.

Георгий Станков, 1 Марта, 2016 год

Translation into Russian from the original publication by Polina Korneeva

Дорогой Георгий, Вы написали настоящую Декларацию о Независимости, которая обрисовывает условия, необходимые для существования многомерного человека в настоящем моменте. Возможно, это самый важный документ, когда-либо опубликованный. Поздравляю. – Брэд Барбер.


Это ключевой проект, которым я дорожу с 90-х – период, когда я полностью осознал, что деньги – это зеркальное отражение свойств энергии. Согласно новым физическим и математическим аксиомам Универсального закона, мир состоит только из энергии, т.е. – “Все-что-есть” – это энергия. Отсюда любая денежная форма, которая заменит нынешнюю неэффективную Орионскую финансовую систему-пирамиду должна идеально выражать свойства энергии. Я посвятил на эту тему множество статей, в частности, как должна будет работать эта новая, цифровая, численная система платежей и переводов. По сути, эта новая днежная система должна будет функционировать как система СИ в физике и не иметь ценности сама по себе.

Я также доказал, что все физические измерения и единицы в системе СИ могут быть сведены к двум измерениям: пространству и абсолютному времени (или частоте), которые эквивалентны понятию “просторантсво-время“. Пространство-время есть то, как люди воспринимают энергию с ограничениями их органов чувств в 3D мире. Я показал, что деньги отражают свойства пространства-времени, а именно, что пространство и время являются канонически сопряженными, диалектически взаимно обратными составляющими. Когда пространство расширяется, частота (время) уменьшается; и наоборот. Пространтсво негативно прорционально энергии s ~ 1/E, в то время как частота пропорциональна количесву энергии в системе f ~ E. Важно также отметить, что линейное (стандартное) время идентично пространству t = s, т.е. линейное время – плеоназм (синоним) к понятию пространство.

Дискриминация этих двух идентичных физических величин человеческим мышлением является источником всей когнитивной иллюзии этого вида в состоянии инкарнации.

В финансах, количество напечатанных бумажных денег эквивалентно пространству, и инфляция денег обратно пропорциональна энергии, которую они несут. Другими словами, по мере расширения пространства ценность денег и валюты уменьшается. И так, все наблюдаемые денежные феномены, такие как инфляция, дефляция, девальвация и т.д. могут быть элементарно объяснены природой пространства-времени, как энергией, воспринимаемой людьми – со взаимнообратным характером ее состоявляющих: пространства и времени. Это теоретическое построение незаменимо для надлежащего понимания проекта новой валюты в этом эссе.

Здесь я представлю новую валюту “Астрал“, которая должна быть введена во все новые 4D миры сразу после того, как рухнет нынешная орионская денежная система и растворится весь старый матрикс. Между тем, нет сомнений, что этот поворотный момент случится в этом году, и месяц марта похож на период линейного времени с высокой вероятностью наступления этого события. Отсюда такая срочность этого ключевого проекта в Вознесении этой верхней планеты-матери.

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The Tortoise and the Synchronicity of All-That-Is

James L., May 17, 2016

“Those who believe that the world of being is governed by luck or chance and that it depends upon material causes are far removed from the divine and from the notion of the One.” – Plotinus, Ennead VI.9

My Story

The story starts with a business trip to Nashville. Instead of jumping on a plane, I decided to visit my son in Dallas. Road trip. Quite a road trip considering I was starting from Southern California. My schedule was cleared so I decided to drive with my wife. She was game.

Fast forward. Shawnee, OK. We are getting a room at the major hotel chain when the clerk informs me I will be eligible for the promotion of stay two (2) days to get one (1) day free. She further signs me up and gets these points in the system. I am stoked as I will be getting a couple of free nights. Grin.

Fast forward. Nashville, I check into an eligible hotel for three (3) days. I discuss the stay with the clerk and the points and am told they cannot input my points into the system. I need wait until after the checkout and call an 800 number they supplied.

Fast forward. After the stay, I call the 800 number to redeem my stays. First call, I press the required number to redeem my points and wait. Hang up. Well – this may not be easy.

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