Short Financial Vade Mecum for the PAT Throughout February

Georgi Stankov, February 11, 2016

The Ascension scenario has arrived at its final crossroad. As we all know, it is closely linked to the collapse of the Orion monetary system and the economy. As I promised you end of January, February will be the month when the financial and economic markets will crash visibly for all the investors and observers to see and when the last vestiges of their irrational hope for survival will be buried for ever. The system is broke and has to disappear from this reality once and for all. This is our divine decision as Logos Gods of Gaia since the very beginning of this incarnation experiment on Gaia.

It is irrelevant now if this will happen this month or in March, what counts is that this time the collapse is irreversible and the ruling cabal and their bankster-minions are helpless. Everything they tried to mend the system since the beginning of this year has led to the opposite dialectical results. I will spare you the graphs and proofs but when you go to ZeroHedge you will find plenty of recent data that confirms this observation.

The world debt bubble has burst full force and the four constituent apocalyptic bubbles – equities, sovereign and corporate bonds (e.g junk bonds), the dollar inflation and the real estate market have imploded now. The credit crunch, the deadly spiral of exponentially diminishing liquidity, especially the lack of physical dollars on the market after the persistent slump of the oil price below $30 that obliterated the petro-dollar system of 10 trillion dollars worldwide, the crash of the equity charts, especially the crash of all banks stocks in Europe and the USA, the fall of the dollar, etc. are the natural consequences of the bursting of the gargantuan world debt bubble that was artificially and deliberately created by the western ruling cabal to install the NWO in the End Time and prevent ascension.

However, the only thing the dark ones have now triggered is the current unwinding of all bad loans that will stipulate into a total financial infarct of the system any moment. After all the world economy is in the Greatest Depression of all time since 2008 and has just hit the bottom as all experts begin to realise these days. In other words, the reality is catching up with the long lasting illusion of the ruling cabal and the masses. The prevailing impression is that the dark ones have fully lost touch with the reality while the masses are awakening and are beginning to see their insanity for the first time without a make-up. This is due to the prevailing quality of truth and transparency that the source energies are bringing on this uppermost mother planet since the beginning of this year.

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Imminent Ascension

Jessica and Georgi Stankov, February 10, 2016

Hello Georgi and Carla,

I hope that everything is going well for you both. Although I am aware you are very busy, and not updating your website or responding to emails, I felt I really had to share this with you. I also wonder if you may have a short response as this experience was so dynamic, and seems to indicate imminent ascension. I apologize for bothering you during this time.

On Sunday February 7th, I was resting in my room on my bed. About an hour in, while I was sleeping but not dreaming, I had the sensation of being pulled right out of space/time. That is the only way I can describe it. I thought right at that moment ‘This is it! This is ascension!” I was pulled right into a vortex and begin travelling thru at a great speed. It was similar to being in a twisting and turning water slide, except that there was no real structure and no water.

As the experience began, I had the sensation of someone touching my feet and legs which felt real and I assumed was my husband. It was distracting because at that point I began swaying and moving with every bend and curve of the vortex, to such an extreme that there were points where I would have fallen off the bed. As it turned out, the person who had been touching my legs was now holding me in an embrace from behind so that I would be safe and not fall off the bed or otherwise hurt myself.

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Breaking News: Jerry Has Almost Ascended

Jerry R James and Carla Thompson, January 31, 2016

I had to publish this before we go into silence. Jerry wrote this morning to me this most wonderful letter and shared his amazing experience with us as to how Anita has visited him in a physical body this week. I gave Jerry’s email to Carla to read. She was stunned by this news and then she immediately received compelling information and visuals from her HS regarding this exceptional event. And here they are:

Sedona, where Jerry lives, has almost ascended and is now bathing in gold and blue crystalline light in the uppermost 4th dimension. If the 4th dimension is subdivided into 12 levels, Sedona is dwelling between the 9th and the 11th level, some parts are higher than others. These parts are almost merging with the city of light which as we know exists above Sedona. There are huge chunks of light that are now encompassing vast areas of Sedona and connecting them to the city of light. We are now building the same city of light here in the Vancouver area but we are not there yet. That is why we need to make this move as to finish our work on this light city.

Jerry himself has managed to create a sacred space in the house where he lives – I must admit that we do not know exactly where he lives but, from what Carla sees, he has been able to raise the frequencies of his abode to almost 11th level and short of the 12th level where the transition to 5D can occur any moment. He is on the cusp of moving to 5D. That is why Anita could so easily come to him in an almost physical body.

When Anita asked Jerry if he was afraid to ascend and he answered that he was not, then she began to laugh. According to Carla’s vision, Anita laughed because she knew that Jerry had almost ascended, but that he did not realize this fact. Then she told Jerry that the ascension was nothing particular and that it was like a dream. What she actually conveyed to her husband was that he was already in this dreamy state of ascension because he is in the final process of transfiguration. Anita is now together with Jerry and he will move very soon to 5D.

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Important Announcement to the PAT

Georgi Stankov, January 31, 2016

On January 14, the Elohim came to us and announced big changes:

This is one of the greatest shifts ever enjoyed here, triggered by the arrival of the transliminal souls.  Their strong desire for success is really driven by their deep desire to maintain energetic connections to the source and to their soul families. Together with you, these souls will begin to refine the energetic imprint of this highest expression and pull themselves, and you, up into the upper levels of the fourth dimension. This means “movement” for some of you, which means some of you will move physically within your own outward realities, and where some of you are moved to begin new levels of service with either new partners or within the area of service in which you have been concentrating.

I must admit that little did we know at that time how timely and urgent this Elohim message was, although they gave us two days earlier (Jan 12th) this personal advise:

“On a personal level you must exercise patience and tolerance as this new phase is a stepping stone to the breakthrough of human understanding and therefore of science.  These are two necessary qualities of the ascended master who wishes to create a new earth reality full of truth and in the expanded consciousness of transparency without fear, delivered in the rich field of loving kindness.

We tell you to be open to change, yourselves, as this is the key to your forward growthBe positive and be flexible.  Have faith and trust in all things!  Great things await you both!

Two days later we learnt that we must leave our apartment and move away. We had no plans to move as we were very happy with our domicile and intended to ascend from there. But the human mind thinks and the HS decides. This decision came over us like a tornado and was absolutely unexpected. After the initial shock, I said to Carla what Bill Murray says in the movie  “Groundhog dog” when the clock timer finally moves to the next day: “Any change is good” after the interminable stalemate to which we were subjected in the last years.

The suddenness and the urgency with which this change was thrust by the HR into our life was the most clear sign that we have moved to a completely new level in the ascension process. This intrusion happened immediately after we performed the alchemical reaction of transforming the equity markets:

A Powerful Alchemical Reaction to Crash and Transform the Real Estate Market Took Place on January 14th

We gained certainty in the irrevocable character of this decision to move away on January 24th when we experienced the massive ID shift and the death of billions of transliminal souls that arrived on this uppermost mother planet when we opened the Christmas portal:

Message From the Elohim and St. Germain: Massive ID Shift and MPRs on January 23/24 Leading to the Physical Death of Billions of Transliminal Soul Fragments

I am giving you this timetable to get a proper sense as to how swiftly and urgently the changes now unfold. In fact, I learnt from some PAT members that they were also subjected to sudden changes and that their ordered life was also thrown into shambles for the better. This is what we have always expected for the End Time and we should be hilarious as kings about these sudden changes.

It will be undoubtedly a very big move for us and we need the whole month of February to accomplish it. We now pray to the HR that they will spare us from the most severe waves during this time as to cope with this almost unbearable physical stress. Otherwise we have no idea how we shall make it. For that reason I will be unable to edit the website during February and to communicate to you. If everything goes well as planned I will resume my editorial activities in March when much is bound to happen.

While my guess is that February will be comparatively calm for us after the tsunami waves in December and January, the next intensive wave period of the new 2016 cycle will occur in the month of March. On the 9th of March there will be a Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces, at the time of the New Moon. This will be two weeks before the first Equinox of 2016 on the 23rd of March, which will be the Spring Equinox in the North. At the end of March I expect another huge ID shift that may as well be the ultimate one. Most facts and signs we experience these days are in favour of this forecast.

What we are getting now from our HS is that this urgent move in February is of great symbolic importance for us personally and then for the entire PAT and the global ascension process. This physical move actually embodies our conscious transition to higher dimensions and further expansion. It became pretty obvious to us in the last weeks that in the condo where we live the frequencies of all the other neighbours have dropped significantly and that the whole building has begun to descend to lower timelines. We can no longer keep our frequencies high enough and that is why we have to move away.

This separation across the society is the beginning of the final ID shift when certain areas, houses and buildings will simply move to higher timelines while most of the other places and humans will descend to lower timelines. However, there will be still an interception between the two realities. How exactly this ID shift will unfold from a human perspective is a subject to the individual imagination, but there is no doubt that it has already commenced and will gain momentum in March.

In the last days Brad and I started a momentous new project. We analysed the current economic and financial situation and came to the conclusion that the time is ripe for this incentive. When it will be realized the PAT and the entire humanity will hugely profit from it. I am hopeful to report some good news on this project when I resume my editorial activities in March.

As you see, although I will be silent on the Internet for the duration of the next month, we are continuing unabated with our intensive light work promoting the ascension process. The big move we will do is not only for us but for the PAT and the entire humanity as it has already triggered another powerful alchemical reaction that will lead to our final transfiguration and the establishment of the new worlds in this rapidly changing holographic model. For this reason we will highly appreciate if you continue with your generous moral and financial support during these days of silence while our thoughts and efforts are always in close connection with all of you. Even when we carry the heavy boxes.

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Harnessing the Flow

Brad Barber, January 30, 2016

Dear George,

What you wrote by engaging the bond market is exactly right and what I meant when I said some stuff wasn’t even bothering to bounce yesterday.  The HYG, or corporate bonds, was exactly what I meant so nice work.  This is why I wrote The Silencing of Jesus as the final systemic cleanse and targeted the thought patterns of money managers and the mother energy.  I have no further conceptual articles of a cleansing nature that need to be written as the Giving Tree begins to bloom again but we need just a bit more focus on the current subject.

Even beyond all of the insolvent bonds, corporate, municipal, and sovereign, is the gold market.  The banks don’t mind receiving no return on bonds as they continue to push asset prices up as yields go negative.  Then derivatives are used to generate further returns on artificial prices.  Yields are pushed lower as perceived safety.  An insolvent entity isn’t safe.  Negative interest rates are an admission by a currency that it is dead, but when dealing with a world of zombies dead doesn’t seem to matter lately.  This basically means the Euro and the Yen are already dead now in practice and there’s a reason Fed heads are hinting at negative rates in the US and why I mentioned it in my mother article.  Every money manager in the world, in 3-D thought, should be recommending gold.  Any fiduciary with the tiniest bit of care for people should be saying get out.  Basically, the system has to recommend its own death to think clearly. Very few like to recommend the end of their own job. I did it. It’s not easy ( I did it also when I discovered that more than 90% of all registered drugs increase mortality and morbidity in patients and closed my clinical research institute, Note, George).

When you recommend gold, you recommend not doing anything. When you don’t do anything, you piss off momma.

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Forget the Stock Markets For a While, the Corporate and Governmental Bond Bubbles Have Already Imploded

Georgi Stankov, January 30, 2016

Forget the stock markets this week, the big news is that the corporate junk bond bubble and the governmental bond bubble have imploded and they are many times bigger than the equity bubble. We have ended up again where we started five months ago – with the bursting of the four apocalyptic bubbles.

Stocks started off the year with the worst drop in their history. And this is just the beginning. This week we witnessed the final respite before exitus. However, while stocks grab the headlines, it is the bond markets that warrant the most attention. Why? Because of its size. The corporate bond bubble is $100 trillion in size. To put this into perspective, the Tech Bubble, the single largest stock bubble in history relative to profits, that burst in 2000 and crashed the markets in 20o3/2004 was just $16 trillion in size. I have given you the history of the German Tech Index that died after it dropped more than 95% and helped the dark cabal steal over 400 billion euro from the German savers.

Beyond this, there are $555 trillion derivatives out of more than $900 trillion total derivatives market that are based on interest rates (bond yields). So that $100 trillion in corporate bonds is leveraged by an additional five to one.

In simple terms, as much as the MSM focus on stocks, the corporate bond bubble is a much larger, more pressing problem that will break the cabal’s neck. Especially since it has begun to burst last year and has precipitated this year. Junk bonds were the first “shoe to drop.” They’ve taken out their post-2009 bull market trendline (blue line) as well as critical support (green line):

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The Arcturians: Straight Talk on Ascension

Suzanne Lie, January 29, 2016

Sue has just sent me this very good message which fully coalesces with our direct experience with the incoming, extremely powerful and intensive source energies in the last few days. Tomorrow I will report in more detail on this latest energetic development.



The energy is VERY HOT right now. By “hot” we mean “HOT” as in electronics because you are experiencing an ever-increasing frequency rate of your neural synapses. The reason why your synapses are firing at a higher frequency is because your consciousness is resonating to a higher frequency/dimension.

In fact, your states of consciousness are beginning to match the frequencies of higher light that is penetrating and transmuting all your neural synapses. In your human state of consciousness, there are three major categories:

Unconscious Mind—alpha and delta waves—fourth dimensional self

Conscious Mind—beta waves—third dimensional self

Super-conscious Mind—gamma waves—fifth dimensional self and beyond

Right NOW, these transformational waves of Higher Light are everywhere within your current translation of reality. We say “translation” because each of you is beginning to perceive frequencies of reality which you had never perceived before—that is, in this incarnation.

Most of you have had many incarnations on Earth. Some were parallel realities and some parallel or simultaneous lives. You chose to take these simultaneous versions of reality in order to rehearse your ascension. Now it is not just a rehearsal.

That long-awaited process of planetary ascension is here. (Tomorrow you will know more about that when you read my announcement to the PAT, note, George). What you are learning about that process NOW is that Ascension Is NOT leaving.  Ascension is RETURNING.

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Economic Forecast for February 2016

Georgi Stankov, January 29, 2016

Don’t be confused by the rigged stock markets this week. This dark reaction was expected and announced in advance by Brad and myself. It is the last futile effort of the dark cabal to oppose the inevitable – the total crash of the Orion matrix. Just keep in mind that the world economy is end of January in a worse shape than it was at the beginning of this year and it was already in shambles last year.

Here is a selected list of some articles from the MSM that confirm the abysmal financial and economic situation of the world economy. It is not only the USA, it is carnage everywhere and there is not a glimpse of hope whatsoever that it might get better. It is a death foretold with short pauses to increase the agony of the dying Ponzi-hydra:

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