Trump Is a Walk-In of an Old Soul

My Encounter with Trump in the Astral Dream State on October 18, 2020

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 20, 2021

first published on November 25, 2020

As I have written on many occasions, a key part of my role as an incarnated Elohim soul is to coach through inter-counseling at the soul level influential political leaders who are important in the overall cosmic plot for this planet in the End Time.

I have met, for instance, dozens of times with Putin, and our first encounters were all very hostile after he took power and still behaved as a belligerent KGB agent. Then he received a very old soul as a walk-in and I remember how friendly and joyful my encounter with this old soul mate of mine was when he came on earth and we met in Kremlin one night. I have reported about this encounter in my book

Gnosis as a Personal Experience, page 48

After that, Putin mutated into a wise statesman, and the rise of Russia as a bulwark against the plans of the Western cabal to install the NWO earlier by destroying Russia on our ascending timelines commenced.

My encounter with Trump recently was equally friendly and joyful and I knew with certainty that Trump is a new walk-in of a very old soul and a close soul mate of mine shortly before the election.

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And the Best Is Yet to Come !

Inauguration Speech of Donald Trump of the New Military Government

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 20, 2021

Today, Wednesday, January 20, 2021, begins very promising. Trump has allegedly just delivered a farewell speech, which is in reality his endorsement of the new military government that will be installed today when further breathtaking announcements will be made. Stay attuned!

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Urgent Message to Trump and Old Humanity – Abolish the Fed or Die

On the Eve of the Expected Military Revolution in the USA

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 20, 2021

Human history is a sequence of recurrent events. Immediately after Trump took office as president in 2017, I wrote an open letter to him highlighting what is needed to be done in order to reform the old evil, corrupt, despicable financial system which the former PTB from the Orion /Reptilian Empire have imposed on humanity for eons of time and have transformed all humans who are powerful creator beings into “deplorable” slaves as Killary put it so well with her inimitable cruelty.

Today, we are watching spellbound what announcements Trump and the military will make to the American nation and humanity. The expectations are shooting high to heaven. The most important and urgent announcement must be the reformation of the current rigged Orion monetary system, which is the most corrupt and oppressive system of payments and exchange in the entire multiverse consisting of infinite incarnated civilisations.

In order to appreciate the magnitude of reforms that are necessary to transform this vicious Orion monetary system into a just system of payments and transactions benefiting all the people on this planet, I have decided to republish one more time my open urgent message to Trump from February 2017 as the situation today is even more urgent than at that time.

This message is a litmus test Trump and the military must pass in order to be moderately successful in reforming the current global evil before the Interdimensional Shift can happen and bring with us as ascended masters completely new higher dimensional solutions to humanity.

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Insider View Versus Higher Dimensional Bird View

Martin Geddes: Open Your Mind to Change – A Guidebook to the Great Awakening


Observations by Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 20, 2021

We, the light warriors of the PAT, witness the 3D events on the ground mostly from a higher dimensional bird view as we have the privilege to live on individual 5D platforms, and I suggest, this should stay so. But I have learned from my personal experience with the discovery of the Universal Law and the unraveling of the entire fake human science, be it physics, mathematics, or bio-sciences, that you have to keep your mind alert, open, and be able to constantly shuttle between the Whole and the parts as to grasp the entire picture.

This is what I am doing now for more than a quarter of a century in a conscious manner in all areas of human life and this is how I acquire my vast and detailed knowledge. My mind is like a squirrel that constantly runs up and down the tree of knowledge from the roots to the furthest branches and leaves without getting lost for a minute as I follow the Axiomatics of the Universal Law. This is the challenge of the human mind in a 3D incarnation. Adopting an axiomatic, dialectical way of thinking is the only solution not to get lost in the 3D maze.

What is happening now in the US capital and throughout the country is a topic of infinite speculations and most of them only contribute to the overall confusion rather than to establish the necessary clarity. This is true for the agnostic, now slowly awakening masses, and also for the new agers who display an appalling political ignorance when they feel being called to make political predictions.

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Email to Robert Steele

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 19, 2021

Yesterday Robert David Steele from Public Intelligence Blog sent me an email and asked me for an interview.

I decided to respond to Robert Steele in a comprehensive letter as I had to decline his offer for a very simple reason: Until now there is no photo of myself on the Internet and I personally reject all kinds of optical presentation as it is not conducive to human intelligence.

It is true that I am very present on the Internet since 2011 when I opened this website, although I had previous websites since 1997. But then I boycotted the internet for 10 years, from 2000 to 2010, in order write my five books on Human Gnosis and do in private the light work I am doing now officially – being the captain of the PAT and the human nexus to the Source. It was a very hard time for me as I was alone in doing this heavy-duty cleansing of Gaia and humanity for the most part.

There is also a psychological reason why I prefer not to appear publically. I will try to explain this to you with the following example, which unfortunately only partially applies to me.

I assume that the older readers of my website may have read or heard of the book “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger. When this book appeared after WW2, precisely in 1951 when I was born, it became a cult book for the postwar generation. It is considered to be the greatest hit on the bestsellers lists of all time. Each year since then more than one million copies are sold.

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A Word of Utmost Clarity

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 19, 2021

I need to say a few crystal-clear words on the eve of the political resolution of the current 3D drama in the US capital, which is neither our drama nor the world we live in or appertain to. That is why we have the necessary clarity to see through this illusion.

The fearful, disillusioned, disheartened, without any moral, ethical, and spiritual principles American patriots are all about to lose their minds on the eve of their redemption, as I have given new evidence in an addendum to Patrick’s article yesterday – go and check the links. I have never expected anything else and that is why I dubbed them “dark children of the Empire of Evil” and Patrick convincingly showed in his article that these “patriots” ain’t no better than the evil democrats.

Therefore, we can safely assume that whoever the president’s men are that will perform the military coup tomorrow and will install the legitimate new president Trump after a military interregnum, their spiritual (un)ripeness will not exceed much the one the American patriots now display, as where would these people come from if not from this same patriotic crucible of low vibrations?

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The Disgrace of the American Patriots

Patrick Amoroso, January 18, 2021

Dear Patrick,

can you write an essay under the title ‘The Disgrace of the American Patriots” as an American citizen? They have all given up hope and are unable to see and understand what is happening now as they are such cowards and deficient personalities. Go to Alex Jones, Natural News, Bannon War room, etc., watch also Alex Jones interview with Steve Pieczenik, it is hilarious, and check the BS they are now writing and saying. Veritable dark children of the Empire of Evil.

Can’t learn anything. Dastardly Cowards!

I could have written it myself but I am fed up with threshing on the Americans, if you like to write it and express your disgust, this will be an important article when they realize how wrong they have been all along. This is the right psychological moment to expose the depravity of all American patriots and why they would not have achieved anything on their own but had to be saved by the military.

With love and light



Ok and thanks. When I was a lone wolf challenging the fabricated and bogus Bush Wars against Iraq for over two years during 2005-2007 on a leftist media platform, I would often ask myself where are the truth-tellers on the Right. There were none except for Justin Raimondo (recently deceased) over at He and I conversed through email a few times.

You are quite correct that the forerunners of the Trump crowd never gave serious scrutiny to the Evil done in their name.

Of course, before this was all finished, unmarked helicopters buzzed my house for two years.

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Breaking News – The Tide Has Turned

Trump Is Already Prevailing

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 18, 2021

Obviously, the corrupt nazi big tech corporations as Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and the like have already relented to Trump before this will become officially announced this week. This is a significant sign of what to expect in the coming hours and days.

Twitter and Instagram have already restored Trump’s accounts.

Now Youtube has begun also restoring the old videos of Trump that were disappeared from the internet for many years.

Many of them I have published in previous articles and was mad at Youtube and the censorship of the dark cabal that these videos were no longer available as they contained important information related to my articles and argumentation.

I just found to my greatest surprise and delight that the historical interview of Trump with Alex Jones from December 2015 has appeared all of a sudden after it was taken down by Youtube when Alex Jones was permanently banned from YouTube and all the social media began to strangulate him economically as they do with all their ideological adversaries and competitors as we have seen it these days.

I had published this video in my pivotal article:

Urgent Message to Trump and Old Humanity – Abolish the Fed or Die

It was taken down more than 2 years ago, as far as I remember, immediately when Alex Jones was banned from all social platforms, even though Trump was president at that time.

Today I revisited this article and to my greatest pleasure, the video was there again. I checked only last week this article and the video was not available.

Please listen one more time what Trump has to say in this historical video prior to his election, at the very beginning of his campaign, and then read my open letter to Trump to have an idea of what to expect this week when the big Announcements will be made:

InfoWars: Alex Jones Interviews Donald Trump – December 2, 2015

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