Urgent Message to Trump and Old Humanity – Abolish the Fed or Die

The Greatest Fraud of All Time and How it Leads to the Introduction of the New Astral Currency

Georgi Stankov, February 25, 2017


Know Your Enemy as to Know How to Defeat Him 

Herewith, I will explain why the introduction of the Astral currency project as a reset of the failed Orion monetary system is of such paramount importance in the final stage of the ascension scenario. This article also explains why Trump has no chance to be successful in his presidency and be able to implement his ambitious economic program to revive the ailing US economy, unless he abolishes the Fed and takes full control of the emission of the national currency in the next few days, which is highly unlikely for him to do given the conceptual chaos of his administration in the first month of governance. Hence his presidency is doomed to fail and this will accelerate our ascension and the beginning of our true mission as ascended masters and stewards of the new humanity.


There is no doubt that all the machinations of the cabal banksters in the last 100 – 200 years were aimed at establishing a total financial dictatorship on this planet at the End Time. The goal was to prevent the planetary ascension and that of many old and ripe souls who have incarnated at this auspicious time to experience individual ascension and move to a new level of incarnation experiences in higher 4D and 5D worlds as this is now scheduled for spring equinox after Gaia made the crucial Intergalactic shift to the new Golden Galaxy on February 14th. The reason why the dark side wanted to prevent our ascension is that they need us as energetic fodder after these dark archons and their human minions have severed their connection to the source at the ego-mind and at the soul fragment level and need badly these vital energies in order to survive.

Everything else that is happening in finance, economics and politics is subjugated to this end. This is the most difficult part to understand for most people, including all the agnostic critical experts who “seek the calf under the bull”, to quote a German saying and are incapable of grasping the bigger transcendental picture. Not so the PAT and all the readers of this website. Therefore allow me to put the pieces together one more time so that you can gain the utmost clarity on the cusp of our ascension and the beginning of our true mission as Logos Gods and Ascended masters in the impending transition period.

The spearhead of the dark ruling cabal is essentially composed of the members of the 13 ruling banksters families with reptilian DNA and mainly of Khazarian origin, many of them as shape-shifters and quite a few as genetic modified Nordic type of clones. There are roughly 300 dark entities belonging to these families that control the global financial system. This number is not of great relevance for my subsequent elaboration as I will concentrate only on the financial facts, but it needs to be said here as to get the full picture and to show why the dark faction on this planet is actually not bigger than the PAT (planetary ascension team) in terms of numbers and much weaker in terms of light power and creationary potential.

The actual global attack of this spearhead of the dark ruling cabal against humanity began on December 13, 1913 when they founded the private Federal bank (Fed) in the USA. The owners of this private central bank were at that time, and still are, the following 10 private banks:

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Adamu: Die falsche politische Zweiteilung in links gegen rechts

Adamu, the Pleiadian, channelled by Zingdad, February 18, 2017


translated into German by Karla Engeman


Adamu: Die falsche politische Zweiteilung in links gegen rechts

Eine Einladung von Adamu

Ich begrüße euch, meine Freunde.

Ich bin Adamu aus der Monaden-Entität der Plejaden-Zivilisation und komme wieder einmal durch Zingdad zu euch.

Ihr habt die Amtseinführung von Präsident Ronald Trump noch frisch in Erinnerung, und heute möchte ich euch ein weiteres Update zu eurer sozio-politischen Szene anbieten. Dazu werde ich mit euch einen Blick auf das teilen, was in den Nachrichten vor sich geht, was hinter der Bühne bei den sogenannten Illuminaten vor sich geht und was in eurer kollektiven Psyche vor sich geht. Allerdings verfolge ich mit dem heutigen Update einen Plan, und den möchte ich völlig offenlegen:

Mein Plan ist es, euch zu zeigen, dass ihr außerhalb von euch selbst keine Wahrheit oder authentische Kraft finden könnt. Eure Wahrheit und eure Kraft kommen aus euch selbst. Und was noch wichtiger ist, ich möchte euch einladen, dass ihr aufhört davon auszugehen, dass sich die Welt außerhalb von euch zuerst ändern muss, bevor ihr glücklich sein könnt. Euer Glücksgefühl kommt aus eurem Inneren.

Unser heutiges Update markiert also eine Art Übergang. In den letzten Updates haben wir von uns nach draußen auf die Ereignisse der Welt geschaut. Mit dem heutigen Update werden wir anfangen, uns mehr nach innen dem Ewigen und dem Göttlichen in uns zuzuwenden. Im Verlauf der folgenden Updates werdet ihr auch lernen, Zugang zu eurer eigenen tiefsten Wahrheit und Macht zu finden. Und wie ich euch bereits versprochen habe, werde ich euch auch die Heiligen Schritte lehren, die ihr verwenden könnt, um eure Wirklichkeit zu transformieren und neu zu erschaffen. Doch das alles ist den zukünftigen Updates vorbehalten. Lasst uns jetzt mit der heutigen Übertragung beginnen: einer Erörterung, die die falsche politische Zweiteilung von rechts gegen links aufgreift. Die Demokraten gegen die Republikaner in den USA. Die Liberalen gegen die Konservativen. Anschließend werde ich euch aufzeigen, wie das in meinen Plan passt.

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The Balancing Act of the PAT and die Dissipation of Highly Disequilibrium Systems in the End Time – A Case Study

Patrick Amoroso and Georgi Stankov, February 21, 2016


Dear Georgi,

Recently as I was navigating my way through the Asian internet world, I came across a most remarkable video presentation. After viewing this personal exhibition a number of times for its sheer elegance in a display of intense concentration, sublime awareness and immeasurable control of physical stamina, I was reminded of the PAT and how we in many ways have also endured an intense balancing act in this 3-D hologram matrix while at the same time exhibiting a spiritual and physical stamina which this video reveals in all its splendor. Georgi, you recently mentioned to me it is like tip-toeing around the edge of a volcano.

Japanese 55 year-old Miyoko Shida Rigol performs a complex number which is called the Balance Sanddorn. It is an art produced 15 years ago by the Swiss theater actor and producer Madir Yugster Rigol. A feather is placed on a dry palm leaf stalk, and the effort proceeds by combining successive stalks in a balancing sequence until they become 14 in total. Sandorn Balance is both a meditation activity encompassing dance and intense natural balancing. It requires one’s full attention, grace and physical strength as the viewer is almost hypnotized by such an incredible display of human achievement. One cannot help but come to the conclusion that this also reveals a more profound and esoteric connotation, that the world is interconnected like a feather balancing among and between 14 light sticks but this harmony is very fragile and easy to destroy.

** THE VIDEO MUST BE WATCHED IN ITS ENTIRETY . It is certainly well worth it!

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Why Trump Has No Chance to Succeed

Georgi Stankov, February 20, 2017


This article was written as a comment to Saker’s publication on Trump and Flynn’s resignation. It succinctly presents the major arguments why Trump is doomed to fail because his intermezzo as US president only serves as a catalyst and introduction to our appearance as ascended masters around spring equinox when the old matrix will fully crumble and the final ID shift will take place. 



While I agree with the Saker that Trump had to protect better his team and Flynn, there are indications that he did not work well with the rest of his team and that his resignation may not be that bad as he turned from an asset to liability. And his policy against Iran was very hawkish and dangerous and it is good that he is gone. The Iranians are relieved and so do the Russians who support them. Watch also this video on Flynn’s resignation:


The biggest danger and a source of disappointment is to expect too much from Trump. He cannot reform the US system and economy as the system is corrupt from top to bottom by employing the same means of the old matrix – the governmental institutions of the Washington swamp. USA is heading to collapse and nobody can prevent that, not even Trump no matter how hard he tries.

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Return to the Garden of Eden, Fourth Density Shift on March Equinox 2017

Magenta Pixie, February 19, 2017



Georgi Stankov

This latest message of Magenta Pixie is an excellent summary of all I have written and we have discussed so far on this website. It confirms the massive shift we performed with Gaia on February 14th to a new hyperspace of less density with a more fluid and crystalline structure in the new Golden Galaxy (although this message does not mention it directly). The source defines it as fourth density while the ascending humans will move to the 5th dimension.

It also confirms the ascension scenario as designed by myself in the last six years where we shall play as ascended masters the role of the main protagonists in the End Time drama of transformation. We shall represent the alternative of light in opposition to the crumbling disorder of the old Orion matrix to which all service-to-self politicians and adjacent structures belong.

This source also forecasts the long-expected final shift of this uppermost mother planet to occur around spring equinox which coalesces perfectly with my educated guess and based on the constant build-up of source energies that flow through our physical bodies and expanded energetic fields and make us already feel multidimensional beings. It is obvious that this spiral of energetic intensities must come to an end and March is an optimal date for us to ascend and appear as the new Guardians of this planet and humanity and begin with our true mission for which we have come here.


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The False Political Dichotomy of Left Versus Right

Adamu, the Pleiadian, channelled by Zingdad, February 18, 2017


This channelling is a nice confirmation of what we have recently discussed without presenting any new evidence or even discussion regarding the ascension of Gaia and part of humanity, except that from now on the reality is within us and not from without. What we observe at the political stage is a shadow boxing for the young souls to collect negative experiences and expand their awareness as to begin to open to their higher selves.



Greetings my friends,

I am Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilisation coming to you, once again, through Zingdad.

Today, with the inauguration of President Donald Trump quite fresh in your memories, I wish to offer you another update on your socio-political scene. So I will be sharing with you a perspective on what is going on in the news, what is going on behind the scenes with the so-called Illuminati and what is going on in your collective psyches. But with today’s update I have an agenda. And I wish to be totally transparent about that:

My agenda is to show you that there is no truth or authentic power to be found outside of yourself. Your truth and power comes from within you. And even more importantly, I wish to invite you to cease to see the world outside of yourself as that which needs to change before you can find happiness. Your happiness comes from within yourself.

And so, today’s update marks a transition of sorts. We have been looking outside of ourselves to the events of the world in the past few updates. Beginning with today’s update, I will begin to point you ever more inwards towards the eternal and the divine within yourself. And then, as the following updates unfold, so you will also learn how to access your own deepest truth and power. And, as I have promised before, I will also be teaching you the sacred steps that you can use to transform and recreate your reality. But all of that is to be found in future updates. Let us begin now with today’s transmission: a discussion that will centre on the false political dichotomy of left versus right. The democrats versus the republicans in the USA. The liberals versus the conservatives. And then I shall show you how this supports my agenda.

But first let us take a small step back and look at the broader world picture.

It is a truism that a snake is most dangerous when it is injured or when it is blinded by its own shedding skin. In such a state, a snake is most likely to strike aggressively at anything that moves.

And the same is true of the Red Shield Illuminati faction (This faction is behind the Fed and through the rigged Orion financial system controls all western governments and countries. For further information read this message from Zingdad. Note, George). Being really quite grievously injured and being more than a little blinded by the transitions going on in the world that are suddenly, incomprehensibly beyond their power to control, they are suddenly more dangerous than ever before.

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The Prophetic Character of the New Gnosis of the Universal Law

Georgi Stankov, February 16, 2017



Human history is a repetition of the same toxic stuff, each time at a higher level of intensity. Until the final crash comes. In 2001 when 9/11 happened, I thought for a moment that humanity had reached the breaking point prior to ascension. This was logical from my point of view as in July this same year I ascended for the first time and saw the earth as a small ball from the cosmos while the energies that flowed through my physical body during this ascension experience almost incinerated it. I had for the first time in my life a direct glimpse into my power as Logos God, being one with the Universe, which I had the privilege to repeat several more times thereafter. This changes ones world view for ever and after that you no longer feel human.

9/11 was a crucial event perpetrated by the dark ones that threw back the planetary ascension process and postponed it for another decade. Initially, the final year of ascension was scheduled to be 2007 as the Agarthans and other higher dimensional entities had announced in the 80s and 90s in numerous channellings and this forecast seemed very credible at that time. But the ascension process is a very complex and fine-tuned assembly of infinite aggregated probability alternatives and parallel timelines and nothing is engraved in stone.

Now we have reached this breaking point again after spending another life-long sentence on this toxic planet and it is worth to read one more time what I wrote 16 years ago about 9/11 from an enlightened gnostic point of view. All the more as everything I have said at that time is still highly actual in the current extremely hot end phase of the ascension process. After all everything happens in the Now where past and future melt into the eternal present.

This essay is part of my first gnostic book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” written in late 2000 and early 2001. It was written end of September and added to the book in October 2001 during the darkest moments in the history of mankind after 9/11. Its prophetic character reverberates to the present day and resonates very strongly with Sue’s message given to her by the Galactic family which I published a few days ago together with the PAT energetic experiences with the current source energies. The latter are leading to a total chaos and decompensation of most humans when the thin layer of civilized behaviour has been stripped off from the shameful loins of western society and the ugly visage of the young, unripe soul population in the west is revealed for everyone to see. This essay also explains why Russia with its predominant ripe and old souls’ population plays such an important role as a pole of light in the battle against the darkness of the unripe young souls in the western hemisphere in the current End Time.

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PAT Report on the Transgalactic Shift – February 15, 2017


Watch this video about an unusual strong pulse registered by all seismographic stations in North America from the East to the West coast for which the author has no explanation. In fact, this is a solid proof for the initial physical tremor which the earth underwent when she ascended in a transgalactic shift in the night of February 14th, 2017 to its new position and configuration in the hyperspace of the Golden Galaxy. If the author of this video would have had access to seismographic data from the rest of the world, he would have surely registered the same strange pulse as it affected the entire earth:

Feb. 14, 2017: Seismograms across North America noticed something unusual today, a disturbance of some sort traveling linear across the United States in 2 1/2 to 3 minutes time. These instruments, some many hundreds of miles from each other shared the same odd reading at nearly the same EXACT time. http://earthquake.usgs.gov/monitoring…


Georgi and Carla,

Thank you for your recent update.  I woke in the night with a massive headache as well.  The intensity of the pain was such that I knew something big was happening.  I was having a difficult time coping with the pain and asked my higher self for a sign of reassurance, I was shown an image of Richard Nixon using the V hand gesture to signal victory.  At that moment I knew whatever was occurring the Light was victorious.  Victorious, indeed.  Upon waking I felt surrounded by tremendous love and joy, so much that I’ve been weeping all day.


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