The Beginning of the Final Ascension Shift Period on December 5th, 2016

Georgi Stankov, December 6, 2016

Yesterday we entered with aplomb the final ascension shift period that is intended to culminate around winter solstice. For me it began as usual with a massive cc-wave from the source causing excruciating headache, stomach crisis, skin burning and a complete shock of the body elemental. This continued throughout the night with left eye socket pain and throat pain causing a severe coughing attack. I knew that we have entered the final period of ascension. Today Patrick made me aware of the huge coronal hole that has appeared again on the sun showing that we are again at maximal activity of the Central sun that is sending a huge proton stream of transformation as this has been repeatedly the case in the past when we have made significant leaps in the ascension process:

“HERE COMES THE SOLAR WIND: A solar wind stream is approaching Earth with wind speeds as high as 700 km/s.  First contact with the fast-moving gas on Dec. 7-8 could produce G1-class geomagnetic storms and auroras at high latitudes. Observers around the Arctic Circle could be in for a fine light show.

The source of this solar wind stream is a hole in the sun’s atmosphere, shown here in a Dec. 5th image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory:

This is a “coronal hole”–a region where the sun’s magnetic field has opened up, allowing solar wind to escape.  Because this hole is broad, the emerging stream of solar wind is broad as well. It should influence Earth for several days after it arrives.”

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Is Janet Yellen Trying to Crash Stocks to Screw Trump?

Georgi Stankov, December 1, 2016

Is Janet Yellen Trying to Crash Stocks to Screw Trump?” – asks the well informed Phoenix capital in his latest of many apocalyptic predictions, which, while essentially correct in their analysis, failed to materialize in this linear time due to rapidly changing timelines on this ascending uppermost mother planet. These scenarios however take place on lower timelines and the same holds true for all my forecasts as I have explained thoroughly in previous articles.

What are the current developments in the financial markets behind this announcement? Since Trump was elected, we witness an unprecedented rally of all equity indices which were already at historical highs. At the same time the GAAP earnings of the companies listed in the broader S&P 500 index have reached their lowest values since the beginning of the 2008 crisis. GAAP stands for “generally accepted accounting principles” which simply means that most of the revenue numbers given by these companies are utter fraud and do not reflect the true financial situation of the US economy.

The reason for that is that the dollar index has climbed to more than 101 points and has become so expensive that there is a massive flight away from the dollar as a currency worldwide.

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Follow-Up of the First QHHT Session

Todd (Suzanne’s QHHT client), Georgi Stankov, November 29, 2016


Suzanne (Spooner) told me that you had blogged our session about ascension and Donald Trump. I am the voice giving the information. It appears that you would like to know about me.

I went to Suzanne because I “knew” something was different about me and always has been. My path to awakening took about two years and when something internal knew I was ready,  I was drawn to a session with Suzanne.

During the session the information came out that I am a soul fragment from a planet in Alpha Centauri that has evolved beyond physical existence. I was here before to assist evolvement from 300 BC to 12 BC at which time I left the planet in disgust. I am back now to help finish what began all those linear years ago.

The torsion spin of photons was just one of several things I said and had to look up later when I listened to the recording.

The part where I state that time makes no sense and then say “Rotations” is where higher self had analyzed my internal definition of time and had pulled out to view the Earth transiting around our Sun. Suzanne asked another question before the calculation was finished but the transit was slow as if I was attempting to arrive at a fraction. The answer I feel would have been something less than one “Rotation” around the sun. I saw approximately 3/4 of one rotation from where we are currently.

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Another QHHT Session Confirming the Final ID Shift End of This Year

Georgi Stankov, November 25, 2016

Today I was made aware of this QHHT session published on October 31 by Andrew Martin on his blog by our PAT member Hermann Mayer from Germany. This session very well fits into the QHHT session I published the other day. In  fact it is even more relevant as Andrew is an awakened light warrior and has a clear idea of ascension and the final ID shift which he defines as the “Event” because this term has gained some notorious popularity in New Age circles in the absence of a better understanding of the multidimensional nature of the Ascension process being a constant series of transformation events on multiple timelines and levels that are ongoing with unabated intensity since the PAT opened the 11.11.11 stargate.

While the information Andrews HS gives us remains deliberately vague and somewhat ambiguous as he has to consider the individual experience based on the level of awakening and progress in the LBP, he gives us some precise information as to the time schedule in this linear time which very well coalesces with what we receive as information from the Elohim these days and as being published on the website. Here is the key passage from this QHHT session:

AR (Q): Is this what you mentioned that is coming in November?

HS: Yes and beyond. It is the portal that we are in now, starting in 10/10 and there will be a level that will be complete in November. There is another impulse that is coming at the end of the year. Around the 21st of December. Which you know is already a special day. This energetic impulse is really the completion and the beginning. It is the fruit and the seed.”

On October 9th I published the Elohim message titled “The Perfect Storm”

Message from The Elohim – The Perfect Storm

where the first big tidal wave from the Source this fall was announced. It started actually much earlier and if you read my chronicle from July 15 – September 15 it has been an ongoing incessant effort to build the new energetic structures of the cities of light during the entire summer:

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Ascension Experience – QHHT Session of a Person Expanding into Higher Awareness

Georgi Stankov, November 22, 2016

Today I published the travelogue of our PAT member Akram Khan from Paris where he at the end speaks of his dreams meeting the recently deceased Dolores Cannon who developed a new method of hypnosis called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). She has educated many psychics in this method. Suzanne Spooner is one of them. Shortly after I published the article, I came across this video and transcript of a QHHT session with a subject who describes the ascension process from the higher perspective of his soul and also reflects on the US election. The session was conducted on 11.11, at 11.11 a.m local time according to the transcript (see below).

I found this information remarkable for a number of reasons I would like to discuss here in advance. These points validate the truthfulness of the information given by this person in a trance state. At one point he talks about what effects the LBP exerts in the human energetic body system that lead to ascension:

“It increases in energy and torsion spin of photons that raise the consciousness of the entity. Such a small portion is actually in the body. It’s hard to do real work as a fraction. Increasing energy increases photonic spin, which raises vibration, which allows for increased abilities. (*video pauses: to give an explanation of a Torsion spin of photons.)”

Now this is a remarkable statement which as far as I am aware has only been made so far by myself on the basis of the new Theory of Physics of the Universal Law. In my pivotal gnostic book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” I explain that each elementary particle such as electron, proton and neutron are described by their specific Compton frequencies (vibrations) which are fundamental natural constants and determine the space-time and constant energy of the particles. I would like you to go one more time to Table 1 (right column) where I integrate all natural physical constants with the Universal Equation on one single page and pay special reference to the well-known Compton-wavelengths of the elementary particles, which are fundamental natural constants of quantum mechanics as you can also check here (but forget the explanation as it is utterly wrong):

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Breaking News: How Powerfully We Influence Humanity with Our Leading Ideas

Georgi Stankov, November 22, 2016

On July 10, 2016 I wrote, deeply inspired by my Higher Self, the pivotal article:

The Mother of All Bubbles – How the Cabal Crash the Economy to Install the NWO

– A superb historical analysis how the Fed uses its power to control the amount of money in circulation and manipulates the interest rates to crash the economy in a deliberate and controlled manner each time the cabal and the banksters create a new fraudulent bubble. I consider this explanation the single most important insight of any enlightened person into the core of the cabal strategy in the End Time how they destroy the economy in order to establish the NWO. In the last weeks before and after the US elections I have pointed out numerous times the imminent arrival of this astral probability because the cabal is now squeezed by the victory of the light after the US election.

Today I came coincidentally across this video that addresses the same issue and I must say that I am flabbergasted as to how exactly our ideas now penetrate the collective and individual human minds and shape the collective Weltanschauung. This video was published on November 9th, four months after the publication of my article. With such proofs in the hand we must be very confident, almost euphoric, that any thought form we now create that carries the cosmic clarity of our higher selves and the intent of loving kindness of our big hearts is so powerful and irresistible that it is almost immediately manifested on numerous timelines on which we daily jump, and surely on the ones on which we still exist in human body as to experience the illusion of linear time to the very last moment.

While watching this video please consider that the author is agnostic and follows pecuniary interests as he believes that the world would continue to exist after the crash within the same matrix. This is the doom and gloom scenarios of survival many critical experts cherish nowadays as they have no clue how to leave this matrix through ascension as I discussed with respect to Brandon Smith. Indeed some doom and gloom prophets really display the mentality of vultures. This is the biggest illusion of all but this fact does not diminish the first part of the presentation of this professor on economics which addresses all the major aspects of the current financial and economic crisis as extensively discussed on our website since 2011 when the economy actually collapsed. Since then it is kept alive in a vicious and artificial loop by the HR as to expose the deeply slumbering masses to the necessary pedagogic and karmic experiences that will awaken them in large numbers prior to the final ID shift and planetary ascension.

Donald Trump Predicts Massive Economic Collapse in 2016 – 2017


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Jumping on Ascension Timelines with Loving Kindness – A Travelogue From Paris

A New Ascension Tidal Wave Has Commenced on November 19th as Confirmed by the Elohim

Akram Khan and Georgi Stankov, November 21, 2016

Peace love and light

Dear George & Carla,

Due to our huge success recently and the new higher source energies coming in, I am able to use the 7 sacred flames, the white Christed light with gold adamantine particles and the Violet-Gold flame to shift timelines to upper 4D and higher. This was made clear to me this Friday, when I had gone to Paris to do some work and to apply for a British visa.

I absolutely hate Paris and I always have a tough time with the glut of dark energies from the dark ages stuck there. But this Friday I was on fire! With the “loving kindness” Carla mentioned. I had no problem anywhere. I used the flames all the way in and out of Paris. I had finished my work and was heading back on the Metro to leave Paris, when I suddenly decided to get off impromptu to take some pictures of the Eiffel tower.

Just before going in the subway station La muette I had taken a photo of the Eiffel tower. And ten minutes later when I got off at AlmaMarceau  I was on a completely different timeline. There was not a cloud in the sky. The sun was shining with all its glory. I will attach the photos to show you the difference. I then was guided by my HS to climb the highest point in Paris.

All the way up I made countless invocations and showed loving kindness to all humans that I interacted with on the way. I even went in the Church sacred heart cathedral, which I had never been inside of before. Even though I had been there many times before. It was heaven! With a person playing the harp outside. People were happy and serene.

In short upper 4D or higher even.

I cannot tell you how powerful we are becoming! I am going to England soon to clean that Vampires den, as my brother lives near the city. I saw the Queen twice recently. In the first dream the whole family was giving me the tour of Buckinghum and in the other the Queen was in her Pj’s sipping some tea and having a chat with me. Although in the first dream I heard the Azan, the Islamic prayer call while they were giving me the tour of their palace. Then the dream finished. I still can’t understand what the meaning of hearing the azan in the dream could be.

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Multidimensional Existence and the Art of Jumping Timelines

Georgi Stankov, November 19, 2016

Very rarely I am urged by my HS to interact with the agnostic masses as to gauge their level of awakening and trigger an alchemical reaction aimed at expanding the collective human awareness. Yesterday I engaged in a discussion on Greg Hunter’s blog whose latest interview I published as a video. Today Charlotte Smith sent me this excellent video below with a message from the Hathors channelled by Tom Kenyon dedicated to the art of jumping timelines. This is our preferred topic these days and that is why I decided to combine my discussion with the ignorant agnostic American masses on the multidimensional nature of human existence with this excellent message on the art of jumping timelines. Synchronistically today Carla was telling me that “loving kindness” is the emotional fuel that will propel our ascension. This aspect is particularly highlighted by the Hathors in their message on how to jump on ascension timelines.


Dear Mr. Greg Hunter,
Dear Mr. Kirby,

I have just published your interview on my website with my personal interpretation why the ruling cabal – you call them globalists – will crash the markets very soon in order to prevent Trump from taking over the power in Washington D.C.

The scenario I outline goes back to my economic analysis since 1997 and you can find a lot of articles on economic affairs on my website explaining why and how the financial system in the USA and the west is totally rigged. Although there is a remarkable unanimity in our personal assessments I am discussing the current situation on the ground from a higher spiritual vantage point of view that explains the hidden agenda of the ruling cabal on this planet in the End Time. But as far as I can overlook it, I am the only thinker in the New Age movement that has a very deep and profound economic (macro- and micro) knowledge and can link the fraud and developments in the financial markets to the overarching dimension of human existence. I have done this in my position as a scientist – physicist, mathematician, medical doctor and cutting edge clinical researcher for many years – philosopher and holistic thinker.

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