The Light Body Process – Symptoms and Healing – Ebook

The “Georgi Alexandrov Stankov Protocol of Ascension”

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, June 26, 2019


I have decided to publish a collection of my pivotal medical and gnostic-scientific articles on the Light Body Process (LBP) of Ascension, its symptoms and how to deal with them and heal them from the energetic, higher vantage point of view of the new Theory of Science of the Universal Law as an ebook (pdf) at this auspicious point in time.

These articles, which were written many years ago, are unique and still unparalleled in the world literature, although much has been written in the New Age scene in the meantime from a position of utter ignorance and lack of personal experience with the Source waves of transmutation and ascension, also aggravated by the inability of most esotericists to grasp this energetic process in adequate scientific terms as they themselves lack any true scientific education. This is a most serious gnostic problem of humanity of truly cosmic proportions as it soon will perspire. We will have to deal urgently with it as ascended masters when the mass wave of awakening humans begins to open for the LBP and experience the imminent destruction of their current 3D lives based on false belief systems and unsustainable material foundation of existence as we experienced it personally when we entered the LBP years or even decades ago. The Elohim confirmed the imminent arrival of this confusion of humanity to us on June 21st in a message to Amora, after we were hit by a massive wave of transformation from the Source and were still reeling from it:

“Your healing with the [Ascended Numerology] programme you have chosen to share shall open many to the new ways of living;

This route is a tool – a tool to open an individual’s awareness to a new way of thinking, a new way of believing, and a new way of being and of doing; The timing of this program is impeccable as there has been a stupendous influx of energy this day (summer solstice portal on June 21st, 2019) and now You are upon the New Fifth Dimensional Earth where many are being activated, and the activation will cause confusion as new thinking replaces the old ways of blind believing;  

The divine mind now opens to new ways of thinking ~ and many will become the “modern-day ancient Greeks” where soul knowledge is revealed and revered once again;  (This statement refers to my book “Neoplatonism and Christianity” where I discuss this topic in-depth and which I have just translated and published.)

As man turns his eyes and heart to the cosmos, a great celebration is inevitable (the final ID shift). 

Sooner or later soul evolution with soul expansion is the result of all intense energetic re-alignment, refreshment and joyful reconnection to the Emissaries of Light whose role it has been to guide and protect You, the Sovereign Beings (the PAT), who have courageously stepped through to the other side of the veil in order to bring everyone home again.

We are the Elohim and we honour you and love you deeply.”

This process of total and utter disillusionment of humanity began when we firmly moved to the new 5D earth during the solstice portal on June 21st and is still ongoing with full force. Before that we, Sophia, Amora and myself, anchored in the course of this month the world heart chakra power centre of the threefold flame (blue, yellow and pink) in Diano Marina that is directly connected to the new healing centre here; the latter is now fully constructed and ready to manifest when the tipping point of humanity’s awakening will be reached in the coming days. This is another game changer on this planet after we introduced the five flames of ascended creation of the wheel of light and life in February this year. The world heart chakra power centre is now many miles wide in diameter with respect to the three concentric flames and is rapidly expanding to encompass entire Italy and Central Europe, where the city of light New Raetia already exists, and later on the whole earth.

Please observe that the LBP begins with the opening of the heart chakra as described in all my articles on the LBP and that we have already opened the heart chakra of the first (by myself on November 22, 2011, after the PAT opened the stargate of ascension 11.11.11), second (autumn 2014) and third wave (from 2015 on) of ascension candidates as I have reported in real-time on this website. Now comes the big wave of the until now sleeping humans. When these individuals open their “hardened hearts” (see here)  with the help of the latest Source codes which we now distribute from the world heart chakra power centre on a global scale, then also the final ID shift to 5D can manifest for everyone to see and enjoy.

In the meantime, we create our personal ascension timelines and take them with us, actually, we create the version of ascended humanity we want to deal with and experience in the new 5D world, where we have already arrived. It is needless to say that these are the best individuals which this humanity can offer. Before the summer solstice portal, all our ascension timelines were still entangled with the old 3D matrix. Now they are loose and we can begin with our immediate creation, expansion and ascension. It is a process of astounding power that starts small, as is the case with Amora’s Ascension Numerology and Clairvoyant readings, or with my publications like this one, and then it will blossom all of a sudden and will encompass the entire humanity that has ascended with us on our timelines as the people are ready for this change that can only come from within before they flock to us as the new blessed leaders of humanity.

And now enjoy my latest ebook on the LBP:

The Light Body Process-Symptoms and Healing

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