We are in the End Times – the most glorious times in the history of earth and mankind. The End Times are the Times of Ascension of this planet and most human beings to the 5th dimension, which is the “Paradise” promised to humans by all religions.

Humans will be able to overcome physical death and transform their biological bodies to crystalline light bodies.  The Human race will be transmuted in the blink of an eye to a transgalactic multidimensional civilisation with highly expanded consciousness. Humans will again become Gods, as they always are as pure souls in the higher realms.

This is the Divine Plan for this planet and the Human race in the current End Times.

A central piece of this plan is the mission, which the author of this website, Dr. Georgi Stankov, had to accomplish in this last incarnation on earth.

With the help of the Highest Realms of Cosmic Providence, from where he comes as a soul, he discovered the Universal Law of Nature, which is the physical presentation of the Law of Oneness, also known as Logos in Antiquity.

With the help of the Law, Stankov integrated the whole modern physics by deriving all known physical laws and natural constants from the Universal Equation (see Table below).

In addition, he developed the new General Theory of Biological  Regulation of the human organism and furnished the scientific basis for the Light Body Process that leads to human Ascension.

He thus developed a complete new General Theory of Science of the Universal Law, which integrates all physical and other natural, and social sciences currently established on earth.

At the same time, the new Theory eliminates all wrong basic concepts of present-day empirical science, which rejects the existence of the soul and the higher realms of Creation. In other words, the author eliminates the ignorance of current human science and substitutes it with the divine knowledge of the Universal Law of All-That-Is.

The new Theory also eliminates all religions on this planet, which have so far failed to furnish any irrefutable proof for the existence of God. They will not enter the new Matrix of ascended humanity, which will be installed on earth in the near future.

This new website is the scientific ” Proof of God” (“Gottesbeweis“),  which humanity has always endeavored to find, but has previously failed to render.

It represents a complete library (archive) of the lifetime of intellectual achievement of the author as a scientist,  a researcher, and a thinker. This website encompasses  the edition of 15 books in four languages (English, German, Bulgarian, and Russian)  and many publications on 5,000 pages in total.

The new Science of the Universal Law also integrates philosophy, theology, and esotericism to a new scientific Transcendental Human Gnosis. It is the basis of the new Science of Ascension of humanity.

Purely for this reason, the Divine Plan foresees that the author will transform his carbon-based organic body into light body and will officially appear in front of humanity as an Ascended Master of the current End Time.

He will herald the Ascension of earth and mankind and will demonstrate to the whole world the immortality of the human soul and the incarnated entity. Other Ascended Masters will follow his example.

This demonstration will be the material “Proof of God”, which slumbering, agnostic mankind so desperately needs as to finally awaken to the transcendental reality of All-That-Is.

The spiritual, intellectual “Proof of God” can be already found on this website. One has only to read and comprehend all the books and publications of the author.

The full comprehension of this Theory will be, however, possible only after Ascension into the 5th dimension, when all ascended entities will enjoy a hugely expanded consciousness. This kind of awareness is not possible in the low frequency three-dimensional density of this planet. Hence the necessity of mankind to ascend.

This website was created in a tour de force in the first three weeks of August 2011. All the summaries of the books and many publications on Ascension 2012 and Economic Collapse in 2011 were written or revised during this time and are of great actuality.

This achievement was only possible due to the incredible expedience, competence, and creativity of Chris, who designed and developed this website with such a sovereignty and dexterity that I still can not stop admiring him.

Dr. Georgi Stankov, MD

August 25, 2011

The Integration of Physics on a Single Page With the Help of the Universal Law (click on image for full screen)

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