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Important Announcement

Georgi Stankov, May 20, 2019

It is a great pleasure for me to announce that Carla has completed her comprehensive Program on Ascended Numerology, Clairvoyant Readings and personal Ascended Masters’ Channelling, upon which she has been working for quite some time.

As you may recall in the earlier months of this year, Carla integrated her I AM Presence following an acute medical event in December of last year.  This experience initiated the descent of her I AM Presence which has led to a huge expansion in her awareness and an enhanced connection to the Higher Realms.  In order to honour this shift her Higher Self, Amora, has suggested she starts using this name, because from now on, Carla will be delivering messages directly as Amora. From now on she acts as the Elohim Amora in human gestalt and will teach and heal humanity according to the new spiritual teachings of the Source. This is what she was told by her guides and she has embraced this mission.

The Ascended Numerology System was given to humans by the famous medium Helena Blavatsky, who was the founder of the Theosophical Society and thus the true mother of modern esotericism. Also the I AM Presence teachings of St. Germain were first developed by persons who stood firmly in the theosophical tradition. The latter has produced a variety of esoteric teachings, such as the popular anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner in Germany that is currently taught in many private schools, which enjoy state recognition. My two daughters graduated a Waldorf School in Munich, for instance.

In a certain way the new Scientific Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law is the logical continuation and culmination of Madame Blavatsky’s spiritual teachings. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that a few days ago Helena Blavatsky came to us in spirit, while Amora was fervently working on the final details of her Ascended Numerology Program and stayed the whole afternoon with us. We had a lively telepathic discussion with her and exchanged some important personal information. Since then Mme Blavatsky is a frequent guest in our home and is very excited about the coming sweeping changes in medicine, religion and daily life, to which she has significantly contributed as an incarnated personality.

Mme Blavatsky bestowed humanity with her advanced Ascended Numerology in the current End Time in order to help the incarnated individual better understand his role and mission in this last lifetime leading to ascension, which is the end and culmination of the entire and very long incarnation cycle of our souls wandering in this 3D reality. All past, present and future incarnations and parallel lifetimes have to be integrated and processed within the existing personality structure before ascension can happen. Our current personality is created by our soul in full omniscience of this complex and challenging light work in this last incarnation in a human body. The soul determines entirely the archetypal structure of the incarnated personality and how she approaches her earthly adventures. But it is the duty of every human being who has chosen as a goal in this lifetime personal ascension to understand the archetypal structure of his soul and thus the true meaning of his existence.

The Ascended Numerology was sacred knowledge in Antiquity and was highly appreciated in Egypt as an open portal to higher cognizance leading to the access of the I AM Presence and ultimately to the ascension of the incarnated personality. Therefore, it is no wonder that all written documents on this precious teaching of higher sacred ordinance that were preserved in the Alexandrian library were destroyed by the PTW in a series of fires when the early Christianity of the Orion/Reptilian Empire was imposed on the enlightened humanity of late Antiquity. I have written a lot on this topic and epoch as it holds the key to understanding all the aberrations of modern time. This divine knowledge was lost to humanity for almost two millennia until it was recently re-introduced by Helena Blavatsky as to help the individual ascension process of all light warriors, wayshowers and star seeds. The vast masses of agnostic people cannot profit from this highly advanced soul teaching as they do not even recognize the existence of the soul.

In preparation of her Ascended Numerology Program, Amora did a few readings for selected PAT members. This information was of enormous value to these individuals as they reassured us – it helped them better understand this lifetime, all the experiences they have made so far, their present role and future mission as an ascended master. All of them experienced a huge boost in their LBP and in some the descent of the IAP was significantly accelerated and facilitated. This gives us confidence how precious this new Ascended Numerology program is for the rapid spiritual evolution of an enlightened person, as only already enlightened persons can benefit from this advanced knowledge and properly apply it in order to foster their personal ascension.

I personally learned a lot from my Ascended Numerology Reading about my soul essence in this particular incarnation and the power which my archetypal soul structure carries in this last lifetime of great import. It explained to me why and how I was able to discover the Universal Law and develop the new Theory and Gnosis against all challenges and adversities. It gives you a powerful spiritual support to continue and expand on the predetermined soul pathway and triumph in the final ascension by merging with your soul and becoming the Whole You.

For this reason Amora has expanded and complemented her Ascended Numerology Program with further personal clairvoyant readings which you can find on her new website:

You can contact Amora through the Contact Form on her website after you have read through the website and in case you have further questions.

I can’t even remotely describe to you how valuable and precious this reading can be for any light warrior and spiritually awakened person in this final stage when we are about to overcome this earthly life and can only rely on the intimate knowledge of the higher purpose of our soul, from where all individual evolution and growth comes. This is what the new Ascended Numerology Program developed by Amora is offering you in this historical moment in time.


This morning we had quite a few inquires for Amora’s reading, for which we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. While we were thrilled about this positive response and discussed the modalities, St. Germain came to us and was very happy, almost exuberant. He assured Amora that he will always be with her and help her receive the best and most advantageous message for every person who asks for a reading as “these beautiful souls deserve this special attention.” This is exactly what Sr. Germain told Amora.

He wanted to start this project with my dual soul years ago as a prerequisite for our much bigger mission as healers in the healing temples of the violet flame he is now c0-creating with us the world over.

I just wanted to relay to you this latest information as this endeavour is a work in progress and since the latest full moon portal on May 19th we have firmly ascended to 5D. Currently linear time is being abolished and the quantum structure of all elementary particles, in particular of the electron, is being completely transfigured as to acquire the necessary malleability for our immediate creation. To this I may report more in the coming days when we get more clarity.

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