War of Words

Georgi Stankov, April 19, 2017


After my latest publication where I discussed the imminent danger of an all-out war between the USA and North Korea, this negative scenario was acted out on a lower timeline on Sunday in a massive ID shift and we moved to a higher timeline with a more favourable outcome. This is how we create this reality now and if you have any expectations as to certain outcomes and dates, please bear in mind that they may not manifest on our timeline the moment we discern them as we eliminate them as undesirable experiences from the reality we dwell in with the rest of humanity. The latter we take piggyback through immediate creation (replication of parallel timelines) and bilocation with us to higher frequency levels. This is how the ascension is accomplished in every moment in the Now.

It is virtually impossible to explain this multidimensional concept of total creationary simultaneity to unenlightened and agnostic people and even most of the New Agers also do not get it. That is why there is no meaningful dialogue anymore between the few truly enlightened and ascended masters, such as the PAT, and the rest of humanity as I experience it these days and I assume that you also make the same experiences.

What we now witness is a “war of words” between the world powers and by this I mean the USA, Russia and China as the EU has said farewell to the world political stage and has descended into “quantité negligable” fully embroiled in petty internal dramas. What we now observe on the world political scene are the warning prodromi (clinical signs) of the imminent collapse of the Empire of Evil which I have also described as a “colossus on clay feet” since many years in abject opposition to the MSM narrative of American exceptionalism and superiority that is still shared by all fake news media and most mired alt-media in the west as the latest intellectual pirouettes of Axel Jones to save the positive image of his beloved warmonger Trump reveal.

Altogether we have entered the era of total intellectual crisis of humanity that has encompassed likewise the already compromised fake news MSM and the disoriented alt-media. It is a matter of fact that this website is the only voice of true human and transcendental reason and logic worldwide and this is entirely the advantage of the new Axiomatic Thinking which I propagate and apply in all my writings. In the meantime this holistic approach is shared by many members of the PAT and readers of this website and this is a huge success of the light against the growing insanity that is taking firm grip on humanity in the End Time.

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How Immediate Karma Destroys the Old Matrix and Leads to Ascension

Trump – the Catalyst of Destruction

Georgi Stankov, April 15, 2017

Karma is an aspect of the harmony in All-That-Is. Harmony is a popular description of constructive interference of all systems within the Whole. It is the only method of creation. As All-That-Is is a closed system we have conservation of energy – energy cannot be lost but only transformed from one form into another (1st law of thermodynamics). Hence in order to create something new one must destroy existing forms, release the energy stored in them and then use it for a new creation. The destruction of forms takes place according to the principle of destructive interference. Both

–  constructive interference and

–  destructive interference

is the only operative principle of creation and destruction in All-That-Is. The reason for that is that all its systems and levels are superimposed rotational systems that obey this principle. The latter is an aspect of the Universal Law and follow from the universal property of energy = space-time – the reciprocity of space and time. All-That-Is is an elastic entity and its two constituents, space and time, are canonically conjugated entities.

This is the mechanism of creation of waves and as all systems and levels of the Whole are wave systems, they follow the principle of constructive and destructive interference that is precisely described in the new wave theory of the Universal Law and is also properly acknowledged in conventional wave theory and physics. All 3D forms in the current reality can be considered standing waves created by the superposition of infinite underlying wave systems and corresponding levels that stand in constructive interference. When the parameters are slightly altered, this energetic state of balance, equilibrium and harmony, name it as you will, can suddenly turn into a state of destructive interference and the standing wave system dissipates. This is how 3D forms are created and destructed in any 3D holographic model. All-That-Is is constant creation and destruction as energy must flow in order to keep the systems alive. For instance, all cells of the human body are renewed approximately every seven years, some much more often.

While constructive and destructive interference occurs normally simultaneously and this is how all elementary particles are created and destroyed as wave systems in the physical 3D universe, this principle has been modified in the current 3D holographic model of human incarnation with respect to karma. The two aspects of being are separated for the sake of preserving the stability of this illusory reality.

This is done in the first place by the creation of the illusion of linear time which is a product of limited human senses. In fact linear time does not exist but is an aspect of space (distance), which is another illusion. Actually both space (distance) and linear (conventional) time are one and the same and are only perceived as distinct entities by limited human senses. This has been extensively elaborated in the new Gnosis.

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The Divine Imprint of the PAT Member – A Recipe For Daily Crucifixion

Lord Lanto, channelled on April 12, 2005



Georgi Stankov, April 13, 2017

Last night and today there is a massive wave of collective fear that has been released by the entire humanity and is being diffused and dissipated through our fields as planetary ascension team, PAT. It was not my intention to write this report at first but the intensity of the fear is so enormous and it feels so visceral within our expanded fields that I decided to mention it as I know that most of you will be hit by this wave and may begin to question and doubt in yourselves.

I personally have not experienced such an intensive fear wave coming from the collective since I left Germany three years ago. This country is the deepest and darkest hole in the centre of Europe with so much accumulated karma due to past atrocities that it needs a colossal effort to raise its frequencies and that of the people living there. That is why I had to leave this country as I would not have survived its massive cleansing for almost 40 years, including 15 years in the most intensive phase of the LBP, and would have ascended and left this reality much earlier.

The message below explains why this is not the optimal solution for an ascended master within the divine purpose of All-That-Is and I thank Dominique for sending me this message from 12 years ago. It is as valid nowadays as it was at that time which was very dark after 9/11 and it is even more valid today when this hazardeur Trump has dropped the mother of all bombs (MOAB) in Afghanistan this morning. He is now in unique competition with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to prove who is the craziest person on this planet at the expense of this very planet. However, we will not allow this to happen as the coming events will show.

Please understand that this craziness is inherent to the entire humanity and in particular to the USA as a young soul nation if you follow the comments in the MSM today which from fake news very quickly mutated again to war propaganda, what they have always done at best. All this negativity has to surge high now, it must explode like an MOAB out of the dark recesses of the genetic heritage of humanity where it has been stored during thousands of incarnations full of karmic debt. Only in this way can this dark layer that has shrouded this planet for eons of time be cleansed and the frequencies raised.

The powerful proton streams coming from the central sun through our sun since many weeks of constant coronal holes are now extinguishing every dark negative pattern that is a hindrance to ascension. There are like a fireblaze that melts the frozen hearts of the humans with a death kiss. A big component in this collective fear, as I sense it with telepathic candor, is the fear of impoverishment and the lack of money which heralds the impending financial crash.

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End Time Musings

Georgi Stankov and Patrick Amoroso, April 13, 2017



I just checked the website. It appears Youtube killed the video on the missile intercepts by Syria. It doesn’t surprise me. Google, owner of youtube is “Deep State.”



I just made a note on the article to watch the video on the Iranian Press site in French as I noticed this too. What better proof that this is true.




Also, www.veteranstoday.com, source of the original article is down this morning. Senior Editor, Gordon Duff mentioned yesterday while still operational that McMaster and Trump had given the green light for deep state hacks to attack his website and they had been fighting a good fight. If you link there, a 404 error is presented which in IT talk means that the web server of the client is no longer serving the site. Two considerations: Either the feds took it down with a denial of service attack or Gordon and his IT staff took it down and are moving it to a proxy server which might give them a temporary reprieve. In either case, so much for our 1st Amendment freedom of speech farcical rights.

As one born into this most insidious of nation-states, I am having increasing amounts of consummate contempt for what Americans are facing and their denial of attention to what they have allowed to be undertaken in their name. Couple that with a most heinous dream of last night where I engaged in an action of such despicable result and was one that is directly in contrast to my deep respect for all life…. that when  I awoke suddenly from its grip…. Well,  Georgi, sometimes, all we can do is grieve with tears and the hope of the PAT.



Dear Patrick,

I could just open VeteransToday website and the said article but the server is very slow indeed. I hope they will not shut down my website as it is the only other one that has reported so far on the interception of the US missiles by the Syrian Air Defense. As my server is in Poland, I hope they cannot reach it there but when the server was in Germany they tried to block it regularly and even colluded with the owner of the server company to destroy my website. It was a miracle that we got away by threatening him with criminal charges. As you may know the biggest CIA centre outside the USA is near Frankfurt from where I was harassed daily by paid trolls who were CIA operatives as we traced them down to this facility.

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What is Going on in the World? – The People Begin to Awaken

Georgi Stankov, April 11, 2017


We should be very attentive and alert about signs in daily life and on the political stage that document the rapid shift in the collective mindset towards more truth and clarity of human thinking. This process is fueled by the energies of the excarnated souls and the source that flow like cascades into the fields of the incarnated personalities and open them for what was only recently beyond their mental, emotional and perceptive horizon. It is a true spiritual revolution that prepares the final ID shift and we are well advised to read these signs properly as they herald our imminent ascension. After all we are the only ones who give testimony to the Whole about this unique experiment in a conscious and enlightened manner as we are driving force behind the ascension process from its inception.

In the last days I have published a few articles dealing with the latest political developments contrary to my decision to detach from this earthly 3D charade. The reason is always of a higher order and my only intention is to demonstrate how rapidly the process of awakening and ascension now progresses under the surface and increasingly so for every one to see. After all earth is a school, or rather a kindergarten, where the incarnated soul fragments learn to live with extreme polarities and contradictions and assess them with a very limited awareness. In this state of perceptive fragmentation the ego-mind is fully separated from the omniscience of the source and the higher realms, so that the incarnated soul fragments can learn to become conscious creators of their reality under extremely difficult energetic conditions – from the position of rigorously refuting their creationary potential as multidimensional personalities until they know it better. This is essentially the purpose of karma.

Today Patrick, who seems to be very active these days, forwarded to me an email exchange with a lady that is paradigmatic for what is happening in the mental space of each and every individual who is a potential candidate for ascension. But before I publish this email exchange, I would like to publish this latest CrossTalk at RT which I follow regularly for many years.


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Trump Humiliated: Syria Shoots Down 34 of 59 US Cruise Missiles With Russian S-300 and S-400 Missiles

Georgi Stankov, April 10, 2017


Immediately after the punitive US strike on a Syrian airport the Russian Defense Ministry held a very professional briefing and announced in a typical understatement that

“the US missile strike on a Syrian airfield wasn’t very effective, with only 23 out of 59 Tomahawk missiles reaching their target. The locations of the remaining 36 missiles’ impact is now unknown, the ministry added.”


The Saker immediately suggested in his article which I commented in my letter to him that the Russians have shot down the 36 US missiles but let 24 through as to humiliate the Americans – if they have intercepted all of them, there would have been no strike and no discussion and no further questions what happened with the rest of the missiles. This makes sense in the retrospective.

On Saturday the Syrians have published a video that shows how the Russian missiles intercepted the US cruise missiles immediately after they were launched from two US ships and destroyed them over the Mediterranean Sea.

Youtube has just deleted this video but you can still watch it here:


This is what the Iranian Press TV writes to this successful air defense of Syria against the criminal American aggression ordered by Trump in an unconstitutional manner:

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The Situation Is Heating Up and the Collapse of the Matrix Is Imminent

Sitrep of the PAT, April 9, 2017


Dear Georgi,

Your analysis of Trump’s recent actions in Syria, in your letter to The Saker, reflect exactly one of the strategies expressed in Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal”.

Although I have not read this book, I remember some of it being quoted and discussed during the presidential election last year and I have been able to find a summary of its content on the web, which contains this very idea you have raised with the notion,

“Don’t you see the pattern? Trump raises the stakes very high before he sits down with other heads of states to negotiate.”

Here is a link to the article summary of Trump’s book. The part, which confirms your assessment is towards the bottom, directly underneath the picture of Trump with the sub-heading “Fight back.”


With Love and Light to you and Carla,

Henry Bizon, England

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How Dr. Jekyll Trumps Mr. Hyde – End Time Paradoxes

Georgi Stankov, April 8, 2017


These emails can also be read as an energy report on the recent waves and events that accompany humanity and Gaia on their rapid way to ascension. Needless to say that nothing is real, except the source energies that flow through our fields and have vacated our sense of being human. The only real thing, however, is our mission as educators of humanity for what we have incarnated at this time on this most toxic planet in the multiverse as discussed today with Patrick:

“Dear Georgi,

A most surprising and startling consequence came to my attention earlier today. I have a certain following on social media boards and have frequently posted content pertaining to world affairs, specifically questioning how humanity has come to such a devolution in spiritual matters and how the hidden forces of the cabal have in the past manipulated humanity for its evil agenda. They are essays of perhaps 3 or 4 paragraphs in duration. Well, after a flurry of recent and very active presentations on these subjects which included link references to your website, I came to the conclusion that I must at this time focus all my energies and efforts toward our ascension as I can readily discern the differences in source energies vis-a-vis those of the past and my physical vessel is continuously undergoing symptoms of a significant nature as well as psycho-spiritual fluxes of an intense magnitude.

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