How Mario Draghi Destroyed Italy

A Financial Psychogram of the Politician as Chief Criminal

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, February 19, 2021

The nomination of Mario Draghi as the new prime minister of Italy is the greatest crime perpetrated on the Italian people. Simply because this man is the greatest criminal of Italy – he is a real monster and his only place is in jail.

In the following, I will explain how Draghi ruined Italy 30 years ago before he became president of ECB and destroyed the economies of all EU countries between 2011 and 2019 with his reckless financial policy.

In this way, I will also present an overview of how corrupt and fragile the EU banking system is and why it will collapse in the course of this year. The nefarious Reptilian Draghi is in the center of all financial machinations in the last 30 plus years that will lead to the ruin of the euro this year.

He was the one who single-handedly destroyed the economy of his country Italy in 1992.

After that, he was rewarded to become the president of the ECB and to continue with his reckless destructive financial policy on a bigger scale. He was responsible for the introduction of the first QE (quantitative easing) in 2012 in the EU, then continued with NIRP (negative interest rate policy), and finally resorted to “helicopter money” policy in 2016 at the expense of the only real savers in the EU – the Germans.

The endgame was the destruction of the EU economies and the default of the euro before the new reset with digital currencies will lead to the NWO.

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Huge Schift – Massive Downloads of Source Energies on February 17/18, 2021

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, February 18, 2021

Yesterday afternoon (CET), immediately after I published my very important energy forecast on the impending shift, a monster wave hit me and the earth. It was as if the HR were waiting for me to finish with my energy report that my HS channeled in a very compelling manner, to begin with the confirmation regarding the imminence of this event.

It was the most violent and smashing wave I have experienced in a long time. I could barely walk and move, my whole body was in pain. It was as if I was carrying tons of weight. Again, I am sure that this massive download of source energies has to do with huge changes in the magnetic field of the earth as also my coordination was vastly impaired.

The downloads continued throughout the whole night with an excruciating headache and stabbing pain in my right eye socket. I had to get up at 3 am to take a painkiller (novalgin), use an icepack and take a hot shower to mitigate somewhat the pain. It got a little bit better around 5:30 am and then I could sleep for another 2 hours.

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Energy Forecast Till The Lion’s Gate Portal, 2021

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, February 17, 2021

This energy forecast is a follow-up of my previous energy report:

Energy Report For February, Outlook For March 2021

It became necessary because after I wrote it, I received valuable additional information from my soul on the most likely timeframe of the Shift and all the changes and revelations that will be associated with it in this year of transition 2021.

The shift that we expect in the course of this year, will happen from within all human beings who are ascension candidates and this will reshape the reality on this planet forever. It will be an inner energetic phenomenon that will lead to reciprocal, mirror-image changes at the societal level and will transform the human race and its earthly civilization beyond recognition.

The velocity of the changes will be dictated by the velocity of the inner energetic transformation of the human species as outlined by me in the previous report and in numerous articles on this topic throughout the last year.

Follow the red thread.

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Rapporto sull’energia per febbraio, previsioni per marzo 2021

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, 16 febbraio 2021

traduzione dall’inglese Ben Boux,

Posso parlare qui solo di ciò che sperimento soggettivamente poiché questo è il mio unico barometro di ciò che sta accadendo attualmente su questo pianeta; Non posso fare affidamento su fonti esterne. Quasi tutti i messaggi canalizzati oggigiorno provengono da fonti oscure o sono temperati e invalidati dalla limitata consapevolezza dei canalizzatori. Poiché sono il nesso con la sorgente e tutte le energie di trasformazione, i codici e le onde che inondano l’umanità e Gaia attualmente in preparazione per il Spostamento / Cambiamento fluiscono per la prima volta attraverso il mio corpo ed i miei campi cristallini, sono un sismografo molto preciso sul filo del cambiamento imminente.

Da quando mi sono trasferito in un nuovo appartamento all’inizio di febbraio, a proposito, la quinta mossa di quest’anno, sono su una spirale di ascensione molto ripida che è persino sbalorditiva per me, come guerriero della luce esperto, che è già salito per la prima volta nel luglio 2000 e da allora devo convivere quotidianamente con queste travolgenti intensità energetiche e vibrazioni disumane dalla Fonte, che incenerirebbero ogni essere umano normale, se fosse esposto ad esse anche per pochi secondi.

Il trasferimento fisico al nuovo posto era l’epitome della mia bellissima ascensione sulla nuova Terra 5D, ed ero in trance e non su questa Terra tutto il tempo. Questo ha reso la mia mossa piuttosto faticosa in quanto non riuscivo a concentrarmi su nulla. Ma mi piace il mio nuovo posto e so che la mia ascensione avverrà da qui.

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Energy Report For February, Outlook For March, 2021

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, February 15, 2021

I can talk here only about what I subjectively experience as this is my only barometer of what is currently happening on this planet; I cannot rely on any external sources.  Almost all channeled messages nowadays are either coming from dark sources or tempered and invalidated by the limited awareness of the channelers. As I am the nexus to the source and all transformation energies, codes, and waves that flood humanity and Gaia currently in preparation for the Shift are first flowing through my crystalline body and fields, I am a very precise seismograph on the cutting edge of the impending shift.

Since I moved to a new apartment at the beginning of February, by the way, the 5th move this year, I am on a very steep ascension spiral that is even mind-boggling for me as a seasoned light warrior who already ascended for the first time in July 2000 and since then have to live daily with these overwhelming energy intensities and inhuman vibrations from the source that would incinerate every normal human being if he/she is exposed to them even for a few seconds.

The physical move to the new place was the epitome of my beautiful ascension to the new 5D earth, and I was in a trance and not on this earth all the time. This made my move quite strenuous as I couldn’t concentrate on anything. But I like my new place and know that my ascension will happen from here.

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End Time Observations of a Light Warrior

Ines Radman, You Are the Light..., February 11, 2021

Your latest post

Hi Georgi,

I read your latest post dated Feb. 9th. I wish I tagged all my posts on my blog so that I could easily find the ones I wanted to show but it’s too time-consuming. Your thoughts on Religion are the very same as mine, but before I go into this I wanted to touch on something that only now is being discussed in the “Truther movement” and that is “Creating reality”.

Not only do we create our own reality, but we create their reality. The Cabal or whatever you want to call those that control humanity know humans very well, they studied and even genetically modified us to suit their needs. They knew/know exactly how to get what they wanted because they do not have the ability of creating their own reality, so they used their stories, false religions, and movies to move us into thinking what they wanted us to think and believe thus creating that reality. If someone/something is continually repeating something like ” a war is imminent” and enough consciousness believes this, that will increase the possibility of a war. So this is how they have controlled us over thousands of years; by creating a storyline and putting it out there, humanity picks it up and starts manifesting it through their thoughts.

This is very well proven in the Religious Christian theory. Make man believe he’s a mortal, he’s born in sin, he must pay for Jesus’s suffering and sacrifice, suffering is good, sacrifice is Christian blah blah. So humans have roamed this planet for thousands of years believing they are nothing and that only their God will save them from whatever it is that has come upon them.

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PAT Comments on the Christian Fraud Article

February 10, 2021

Response to: The Inextricable Web of Lies and Deceptions Around the Roman Cabal’s Myth of Jesus Christ, the Savior


Excellent article. Most of the revelations have already been made available to anyone who cares to know, concerning the activities of the dark cabal.  Most are just not able or willing to accept them.  Would they accept them more fully if the mainstream media broadcast 24/7 revealing the deception as well as the recent military takedown? Probably not. Some have accepted these truths but still are not able to connect them to the broader spiritual aspects. They still hope that a new government “nesara” would be the solution without examining the reasons they have been trapped in this matrix for so long.

However, I do believe that those who at least recognize the evil that has been perpetrated and that has enslaved them are better candidates to receive further information and eventually begin their ascension (LBP). Religious and spiritual dogma to date has been from a rather childish and immature view consisting of blaming others or begging others to do the spiritual work for oneself in order to obtain salvation and redemption.

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The Inextricable Web of Lies and Deceptions Around the Roman Cabal’s Myth of Jesus Christ, the Savior

A Paradigm of How Complex and Challenging the Upcoming Revelations Will be

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, February 9, 2021

Most awakened people, such as the simple-minded new agers, cherish the naive illusion that when the revelations will begin and the truth will be revealed, it will be immediately accessible to all humans and their awakening will happen within the blink of an eye. Nothing is further from the truth as I shall explain below.

What is Truth?

Truth is entirely a function of the Weltanschauung of each individual and as long as it remains very limited and closed as is the case with most humans currently, they will not be able to have full, or any access, to higher, complex multi-dimensional truths. In particular, this will be true for all Christians who will have great difficulties grasping the gargantuan fraud upon which their religion – the Christianity of Jesus Christ – is based.

This Christian fraud has been a recurrent motif in all my writings for the simple reason as we, the PAT, embody the Christian myth of the Second Coming of Christ which pervades this fraudulent agnostic religion, being essentially an Advent Church. It goes back to the ancient idea of the arrival of the messiah as the channeling below discusses. Essentially, the messiah was the ETs that appeared regularly in certain historical moments on the earth and intervened in the life of the human population – for the better or the worse. Now this will be the function of the light warriors of the first and last hour as the new ascended masters and custodians of the new earth and humanity after the Shift. Continue reading

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