The Violet Flame Portal of Unity Field Consciousness, December 12 – 21, 2019

With Messages From the Universal Council of Twelve, the Arcturians and the Agarthans

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov and Amora, December 24, 2019

Violet rays coming from the Central Sun through our sun, which is a magnetic sun (red giant), Lofer, Austria, December 13, 2019

I have been hesitant to publish an energy report this month due to the extreme dynamics of the ascension process that not only fully wiped us, but also put us in a constant flux of changing realities so that we had barely time to properly assess and evaluate what was happening. In addition, we have been on the road practically since December 5th and were busy all day long. On that day we traveled from Austria to Germany, Bavaria to conduct a spiritual course on the current ascension events with German participants near the town of Traunstein, not far away from Lofer (30 km direct line), where the interdimensional portal with the healing centre already exists. We have been building this portal for many years and I have regularly reported on it in the past.

This meeting with enlightened Germans in Bavaria paved the way for the anchoring of the violet flame from the Source. The process began on December 8th. We had brought all the codes and vibrations from Waldviertel, Lower Austria, where I currently dwell and which is the central interdimensional portal for the entire continent of Europe. It is founded upon a huge granite plate which is a unique geological formation as the few boulders on the surface indicate. They are part of the biggest monolith granite plate in  Europe underneath and have only emerged on the surface after the soil has been washed away.

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A Scientific and Gnostic Assessment of the Multiverse by a Light Warrior

Patrick Amoroso, December 22, 2019


Astronomers oftentimes when viewing the cosmos during a clear and ink-black night reflect on the intuitive sense of wonder as one’s conscious effort to understand the ‘sublime’ aspect of this very unique and encompassing science. This perspective of the starry grandeur in all its magnificence is contrasted to that which can be understood in the scientific reductionist paradigm so characteristic of modern day knowledge. The ‘Ah ah‘ moments of human insight are rare and have been diminishing due to an accelerated and deliberate undertaking to move away from that which is eternal in the metaphysical sense and to concentrate on the empirical or scientifically-proven epistemology. Now, a reasonable and honest discussion of such a topic should invite a blending of both science and metaphysics as the ancient philosophers certainly understood and who handed us a legacy of rational dissertations to draw upon when engaged in such thought provoking concentration.

The study of astronomy is unique by its shear undertaking of attempting to make sense of such awe-inspiring observations in addition to providing an answer to the fundamental question of just how did all this come about. This divergence is the impasse which conjures up the dilemma of the sublime or what one might refer to as the concept:  ‘Just Me and the Universe’.  Humans intuitively know that they are quite insignificant when compared to the structure and size of the universe but at the same time look to the ultimate source of its creation and or beginning. It is here where we are faced with the sublime or whatever that means to one’s understanding of their place in the grand scheme of things.

Alas, we have come to the crux of the issue!  The current trends in science are increasingly and without reservation relying on the empirical or what can be proven in the laboratory as scientific truth. The Newtonian – Descartes  linear world of cause and effect (also known as Cartesianism) has kept a tight grasp on scientific knowledge for the last 350 years.

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Realitas infinita, tertia pars – Boundless Reality, part III

Otfried Weise, December 21, 2019

German version

In my previous publications Realitas infinita Part I and Part II, I have described the concept of multiple, simultaneous, multidimensional worlds of experience (frequency bandwidths/frequency ranges, alias ‘timelines’) that are hidden ‘behind’ the linear time that most people experience as reality. In this third and last part we shall go deeper into the subject and will show that this concept is the basis of our illusory experiences and that a proper understanding of it explains many of the perceptions we have in daily life, especially in our dealings with other people.

What implications result from the observation that each soul incarnates simultaneously in many different frequency ranges?

Read alsoNew Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – Serial 6

1. We recall that the term frequency encompasses/describes space as well as time and that this (photon) space-time is the way we humans perceive  All-THAT-Is = energy in 3D and 4D. To put it simply: If someone lives in a certain moment of linear time, then he is on a different frequency with respect to past moments, just as someone who lives in different locations, i.e. area, city, country, etc., which obviously displace different frequencies at exactly the same moment in linear time. This comes from the fact that space s and linear time t are one and the same the way they are defined and measured in physics and daily life s = t. Furthermore, it has to be considered that the many ‘incarnations’, including those lives without a physical 3D-body in 5D and higher dimensions, take place in different frequency ranges (realities), where the incarnated soul fragments have different kinds of experiences in the individual worlds of perception and therefore their consciousness is also developed differently in each one of these realities (frequency bandwidths).

This leads us to the first realization that

every human being exists in all his many simultaneous lives and expressions in different frequency ranges (bandwidths, realities) at every point in linear time in the respective geographical location of a specific 3D incarnation, such as on this earth.

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Illusion: We Don’t Perceive the World as It Is

Otfried Weise, November 30, 2019

Original German article

Our individual “perception” is severely limited in various respects and is only booked for limited utility, which is usually sufficient for survival. For example, humans can only see a very small portion of the total spectrum of electromagnetic waves as visible light (divided into so-called colors). Also he can only hear a small frequency range from the wide spectrum of sound waves with his ears. The tactile sense, the sense of smell and the sense of taste (olfactorial senses) are also very limited and only provide subjective information. The natural sciences, especially physics, should help us to discover the truth. They should expand our five senses through their devices and experimental arrangements. Do they really do that? What does physics see as its primary task?

Physics does not have the task of fathoming the essence of nature, but of supporting the measurable with mathematical models,”

says Niels Bohr (see also Chaper 7.1: Bohr model of energy quantization anticipates the inhomogeneity of space-time (ND), Volume II, p. 293).

In a lecture, the retired Prof. Dr. Franz F. Schöberl, theoretical physicist at the University of Vienna, said:

“We cannot imagine all the small things in the atomic range, in quantum mechanics. I don’t understand a word of what’s going on in there; I’ve learned the language and can calculate and then I interpret it. Whether this has something to do with reality or is truth, what we measure and calculate, that’s a philosophical question, we physicists have no idea. We describe what we see in the broadest sense of the word, for example, with the electron microscope, and then we develop our formulas.”

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Die Erleuchtung von Dr. Carl Sagan – Eine gnostische Wiedererinnerung

Patrick Amoroso, 22. November 2019

Übersetzt ins Deutsche von Otfried Weise

“Die Wissenschaft ist nicht nur mit der Spiritualität vereinbar, sie ist sogar eine tiefe Quelle der Spiritualität… Die Vorstellung, dass Wissenschaft und Spiritualität sich gegenseitig ausschließen, tut beiden einen schlechten Dienst.”  Carl Sagan

Auf Wunsch und auf Vorschlag von Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov präsentiere ich hier eine Abhandlung, die als Scientific Fiction zu lesen ist. Ein solcher Aufsatz ist als eine Geschichte zu verstehen, die in der wörtlichen Interpretation fiktiv ist, aber dennoch gleichzeitig Wahrheiten präsentiert, die sowohl einer wissenschaftlichen als auch einer gesellschaftlich interpretierten Realität entsprechen (siehe unten).

Das Hauptthema dieser Geschichte ist folgendes: wenn die Persönlichkeit Dr. Carl Sagan, der hoch geachtete und weltweit berühmte Kosmologe, heute unter uns lebte und wirkte, würde er die in diesem Narrativ wiedergegebenen Aussagen gerne annehmen. Aus seiner aktuellen feinstofflichen erweiterten Perspektive in den höheren Reichen, entsprechend seiner Suche nach der Entdeckung einer Neuen Theorie des Universalgesetzes (UG) und verbunden mit einer uneingeschränkten Suche nach der Existenz außerirdischen Lebens, wurden diese beiden unerfüllten Forschungsziele Dr. Sagan durch die Bemühungen eines Kollegen, Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, geoffenbart, der das Universalgesetz zwei Jahre vor dem Tod von Dr. Sagan an Komplikationen einer Lungenentzündung im Jahr 1996 im Alter von 62 Jahren entdeckte. Stankov veröffentlichte Band I über die neue physikalische und mathematische Theorie des UG in deutscher Sprache ein Jahr nach Sagans Tod im Juli 1997 und gab diese Entdeckung Anfang 1998 auf der Jahrestagung der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft in Regensburg offiziell bekannt.

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The Epiphany of Dr. Carl Sagan – A Gnostic Remembrance

Patrick Amoroso, November 20, 2019

“Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality…. The notion that science and spirituality are somehow mutually exclusive does a disservice to both.”  Carl Sagan

At the request and pursuant to the suggestion of Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, I am presenting a disquisition which is to be read as a Scientific Fiction. Such an essay is to be construed as a tale that is fictitious in the literal interpretation but nevertheless will coincidentally present truths consistent of both a scientific and socially-interpreted reality (see below).

The basic theme posited in this story is that if the personage of Dr. Carl Sagan, the renowned and world-wide famous cosmologist were alive and residing among us today, he would readily accept the propositions suggested in this narrative. From his current and ethereal vantage perspective in the higher realms, commensurate with his quest for a discovery of a New Theory of the Universal Law (UL) and coupled with an indomitable inquiry for the existence of extraterrestrial life,  these two insatiable probes have been revealed to Dr. Sagan by the efforts of a fellow scientist, Dr. Georgi  Alexandrov Stankov, who discovered the Universal Law two years before Dr. Sagan died from complications of pneumonia in 1996 at the age of 62. Stankov then published volume I on the new physical and mathematical theory of the UL in German one year after Sagan’s death in 1997 and made an official announcement on this discovery in early 1998 at the annual conference of the German Physical Society in Regensburg.

Sagan’s premature passing and the reasons for his early demise have been revealed to Carl Sagan in the Akashic records, while he coincidentally and to his great joy rediscovered the over one million scrolls of the Great and Classic City of Alexandria Library that he sadly reported were destroyed by 4th century Christian religious zealots as revealed in the original Cosmos presentation. In the very early portions of the Cosmos Series, Dr. Carl Sagan reported that if there was one designated place that he could revisit back in time, it would be the Great Library of Alexandria at its zenith. These esoteric records contained the authentic history, lineage and TRUTH of the human condition dating back to antiquity. This rediscovery for Dr. Sagan has humbled him to a fault as these testaments nullified Darwinian Evolution, an embellished theme that he enthusiastically presented throughout the entire rendition of the original Cosmos Series. Humans, as sparks of the divine and whose entire cellular and physiological quantum processes are administered by the soul in concert with the Higher Realms prove to be so enthusiastically received by Dr. Sagan after his physical death and transition to the Higher realms, known to us also as Celestria, that he literally was astounded and overcome with joy at this soul-inspired revelation.

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What is truth?

Otfried Weise, November 18, 2019

Original German article

This famous question, which Pontius Pilate is said to have addressed to Jesus in the New Testament, has deeply moved philosophers, theologians, lawyers, carpenters, butchers and shepherds at all times. One of the reasons for this is that truth always has a strong connection to justice, which people intimately desire. An online search on the internet bears eloquent witness to this. In their search, the questioners always start from their personal point of view and accordingly give many different answers that stand side by side, overlap or partially exclude each other. We leave it to the reader to form his own opinion. He could start with the corresponding Wikipedia articles.

The concept of truth is used in different contexts and is formulated differently. In most cases the agreement of statements or judgments with (supposed) facts, (alleged) virtualities or (so-called) reality is called truth in the sense of (hopefully) correct reproduction. ”Truth” is also understood to mean the agreement of an utterance with an intention or a certain meaning or a view described as ‘correct’ or with one’s own knowledge, experience and convictions; one also speaks of ‘truthfulness’ here. Deeper considerations see truth as the result of a supposedly revealing, uncovering or discovering process of recognizing original connections or essential traits. (strongly modified according to German Wikipedia).

The underlying adjective ”true” can also describe the genuineness, correctness, purity or authenticity of a thing, action or person, measured by a certain term (e.g. a ”true” friend). In everyday language, the so-called truth is distinguished from the lie as an intentional or unintentional, unconscious utterance of untruth.

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Programm der Neuen Erde

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, 17. November 2019

Übersetzt ins Deutsche von Otfried Weise

Es besteht kein Zweifel, dass wir an der Schwelle zu unserem individuellen und planetarischen Aufstieg stehen. Jeder erleuchtete, spirituell entwickelte Mensch kann dies im unmittelbaren Kontakt mit seiner Seele und durch direkte Erfahrung der exponentiell wachsenden Intensität der eintreffenden Quellwellen wahrnehmen, die diese Realität crescendoartig transformieren. Die Lichtarbeitergemeinde, die sich in den letzten 20 Jahren mit dem Aufstiegsprozess vertraut gemacht und diese Idee in ihr Weltbild integriert hat, erwartet mit Spannung diesen bevorstehenden Wandel.

Vor dem Jahr 2000 als ich mein erstes gnostisches Buch über den “Evolutionssprung der Menschheit” schrieb, hat die Idee des planetarischen Aufstiegs von Gaia und des individuellen Aufstiegs als Lichtkörperprozess, LKP, welche die Menschheit letztendlich in eine transgalaktische Zivilisation verwandeln werden, entweder nicht existiert oder, wenn sie von einigen fortgeschrittenen Lichtkriegern geschätzt wurde, nicht als gemeinsame Anstrengung einer kleinen ausgewählten Gruppe von Sternsaaten – dem Planetarischen Aufstiegsteam, dem PAT – verstanden; der Aufstieg wurde eher als eine Art “kostenloses Mittagessen” vom Himmel erwartet, und das ist auch heute noch die vorherrschende Meinung.

Da die meisten Lichtarbeiter, die schließlich die theoretische Idee des Aufstiegs übernommen hatten, nicht aktiv als Reiniger der menschlichen Dunkelheit an diesem planetarischen und individuellen Aufstiegsprozess teilnehmen, ist ihre Einstellung zum Aufstieg psychologisch durchdrungen von passiven und eher ungeduldigen Erwartungen an die neue gesegnete Erde, die von selbst kommen sollte. Wenn sie vorgeben, spirituelle Gurus und gefeierte Channeler zu sein, nehmen sie sich die Freiheit, unverantwortliche und höchst subjektive Vermutungen und seltsame Interpretationen darüber anzustellen, was tatsächlich auf diesem Planeten in der aktuellen Endzeit geschieht. So haben sie nachhaltig den Ruf der kleinen Gemeinschaft von Sternsaaten zerstört, die der einzige Retter der Menschheit ist – die Wegweiser, die all diese verlorenen Seelen aus ihrem aktuellen 3D-Labyrinth herausführen können.

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