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The Arrival of the New Technologies of the Universal Law

 March 2, 2020

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Expanded Summary Script of All Four Videos

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

Science is not an ivory tower. All scientific ideas influence human life in a profound manner. This is generally acknowledged with respect to the Industrial Revolution and human progress in the last one and a half centuries. However, it is not at all appreciated that false scientific ideas can hinder the progress of humanity even more rigidly than some positive scientific ideas and inventions, such as the development of the steam engine, the combustion motor, and the alternating current generator and motor have fostered it. These machines were invented at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and are still the main source of energy generation and consumption, apart from nuclear energy that has been vastly discredited in recent years. Viable alternative energy sources have not been developed so far or were deliberately suppressed by the ruling cabal as we have shown in these videos.

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On the Ascension Scenario – Q&A

Ahnahmar of the Civilization of Lemuria – Inner Earth Agartha

Channeled by Amora, December 12, 2020

Discussion by Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, February 27, 2020

I have decided to share with the PAT a short excerpt from a Q&A session we had with Ahnahmar from the Inner Earth-Lemuria on December 12, 2019, in Lofer, Austria related to the ascension scenario.

Read also here: The Violet Flame Portal of Unity Field Consciousness, December 12 – 21, 2019

The question came from me and was forwarded to Ahnahmar by Carla. As this was a personal message, I cannot publish it but this particular question concerns the entire PAT. Especially in the current phase, after the successful opening of the new moon portal, we have practically entered the energetic condition of direct creation and it is important to compare retrospectively what was said two and half months ago with where we are today and as to how quickly we have advanced in this short period of time towards our final goal.

Let me explain: It has been a leitmotif in all my articles since the inception of this website to discuss about the necessity for humanity to reach the energetic threshold of inner awakening so that they will be ready to experience the ascension of the first human personality in the current End Time and undergo a massive awakening caused by this paradigm shift, leading to mass ascension. The latter we also describe in a profane manner as the shift, e.g. global shift.

In fact, this topic encompasses the entire objective of the PAT as it was clear to us from the moment we came together that our energetic mission is to lead humanity to this threshold by opening numerous portals all these years – from the summer of 2011 until the present day. There are hundreds of articles and reports on this website that deal with this key topic.

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Countdown to Ascension

Patrick Amoroso, February 26, 2020


Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

Patrick’s essay compellingly summarizes everything an enlightened person needs to know and profess in the current end phase on the verge of ascension. It is a truism that we create our reality by constantly creating new timelines and changing timelines during the ascension process. Humans create the realities – and I am speaking here deliberately in the plural as very soon we will create and experience multiple realities at the same time –  they want to experience consciously or unconsciously. The few light warriors do this in a deliberate and conscious manner and the masses unconsciously by following the pathway of these spiritual leaders. This statement, of course, applies only to the ego-mind level. At the soul level, there is always a unanimity between all souls who participate in a particular timeline.

Currently, it is so that most souls have decided to choose timelines where a spiritual leader appears and unleashes a rapid mass awakening through a new paradigm of thinking so that humanity can swiftly reach the necessary threshold and ascend collectively to the 5th dimension. These are the highest vibrating timelines in the current conglomerate of ascending 4D worlds of Gaia and the ones that will enjoy the most favorable outcome, i.e. will experience the least of heinous crimes and atrocities of the losing cabal. Gaia, herself, has ascended as a conscious entity already at the stargates 11.11.11 and 12.12.12 – 12.21.12 with the help of the PAT.

In this sense, it is fair to say that such thinkers and leaders of global magnitude create their own timelines and take humanity with it. This is the human perspective.

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Finally, a New PAT Energy Report After a Very Long Time

February 25, 2020

It has been a long time since I last published an energy report of the PAT but it is never too late to revive the beautiful old tradition and summon the ranks prior to the final push. I will report tomorrow one more time on the current energetic situation when I will publish an article by Patrick Amoroso and discuss in the Foreword the latest developments in the ascension process.

Here I leave the space to some PAT members to express their latest impressions on the state-of-the-art of the world on the eve of the big awakenings and massive changes, the driving force of which will be the ground crew of the PAT.

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The Scam With the Coronavirus Scare-Epidemic

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, February 25, 2020

I have been asked in the last several days by a few members of the PAT to write about the current scare with the coronavirus epidemics that is now taking a full grip on the entire world. For me this is the clearest sign that the elites are now in panic and are trying to do everything to stop the impending huge awakenings of humanity that were announced yesterday by the Arcturians on which I shall report separately. We must assume that the elites know much more than the masses how far advanced the ascension process currently is and are trying desperately to do anything to postpone it and hold mankind in a state of permanent fear as this is the only way how the constantly raising frequencies of the people and their imminent awakening can be hampered. But to no avail.

This is what I wrote to Patrick yesterday when he asked me about my expertise on the coronavirus epidemics:

“My medical and expert view as a clinical researcher is that there are no truly lethal viruses. There are also no new viruses that are being created by the cabal and the secret services as this is not that easy at all. What we have here is a selection of pathogenic strains of a flu virus, which are very common and constantly mutate. The coronavirus is related to the SARS-virus, both belong to the group of common cold viruses (wiki). Then they label it a dangerous new virus with a new name and stage a pandemic to scare the people for obvious reasons. The Chinese need this scare as their government is part of the world cabal and the other cabal in Europe and North America also need it now desperately. Please observe that Italy, the future spiritual centre of the world with Rome, is now the second most affected country by this fake epidemics.

Italy put 12 towns on coronavirus lockdown after 215 cases and 5 deaths made it the most infected country outside Asia

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Energetic Qualities of the Current End Phase of Ascension

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, February 24, 2020

No one who knows at the spiritual level what is currently happening on this planet would deny the fact that the old matrix is falling apart and we are heading towards extremely turbulent times. The corona-virus epidemics is just one sign. When the whole railway transport between Italy and Austria is halted because of false suspicion that two coughing passengers might be infected by the virus, then the ultimate collapse must be very near. It is no longer only China in the epicentre of this instigated fear-mongering psyop. It has now encompassed the entire world.

The new moon portal yesterday was the most powerful and transforming event I have experienced since we introduced the new spiritual paradigm in Rome in November 2018. It brought about a total emotional catharsis, non-stop downloads of source energy for 48 hours and a visible transformation of the human race that will become more pronounced in the coming days.

Essentially, what we observe now is a massive surge of rampant uncontrolled aggression coming from the collective and in particular from the politicians. This is triggered by the total collapse of all their conspiracy narratives with which the now losing, desperate cabal was able to control and mire the masses in the past as the people are now being showered by the source energies of truth and discern immediately every lie and deception.

This is so because we opened their 4th to 7th heart chakras of truth, honesty, spirituality and mediality in the summer of 2019 by serving as conduits for these source energies and transmitting these codes in a diluted form to the broad population until our bodies almost got burned. The creation of the two fountains of freedom (world heart chakras) in Liguria, Italy and Vancouver, Canada in the summer of 2019 (read here, here and here) and a third fountain of freedom in Central Europe (Austria, Czechia, and Southern Germany) in the fall contributed vastly to this opening of the heart and upper three chakras in the broad human population, the results of which we now see.

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