June 3rd, 2020 – The Lifting of the Veil

The Big Purge of All Dark Entities From the Human Fields

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, June 4th, 2020


Let us see if I will be able to present the dramatics of what happened yesterday evening our time. We went out around 5:00 pm to get some groceries. Amora was, however, reluctant to go outside as she felt that there was some potential danger for us. Here, in our apartment, we are fully protected by a dome of Christed light which also dims our huge light fields and makes us invisible to the dark ones and also to any detection by human instruments.

Amora’s reluctance was well-founded. The previous day, while we had coffee on the balcony, we noticed first a big military ship, coming from the east who had stopped 7-10 miles away from the coast and observed the golf of Diano Marina where the city of light is. Then a second military ship, a frigate with a big radar at the stern came from the east at great speed. It was obviously called to support the bigger ship. It reached the bigger military ship that had stopped, and then stopped also very near to it, side by side.

The whole behavior of the ships was very unusual and suspicious as when we see ships in the sea, they just travel with a steady velocity in one direction and never stop or change their speed and direction in front of our eyes. We regretted that we did not have a binocular.

The two ships exchanged obviously some kind of information and then the big ship sailed back eastwards with great speed from where it came. The somewhat smaller frigate began to move very slowly westwards and stopped several times while surveilling the bay and the area.

Obviously they were looking for the city of light after three of their military jets were intercepted a few days ago by UFOs of the GF and had to flee back to their base in France. All three jets made a daredevil maneuver in front of our eyes, as the shiny UFO disc, most probably a holographic image of the real spaceship, that was many times bigger than the jets appeared all of a sudden in front of the jets and scared the pilots to death. This all happened within seconds. We could see perfectly well their contrails and how the pilots turned around their jets frantically, first to the left and then to the right and then backward and fled northwest in the direction of Grenoble from where they came.

We were lucky to be able to observe directly from the balcony this incredible encounter of the 3rd kind and were stunned and jubilant at the same time. We were told by the spaceships of the GF that are constantly above our heads protecting the city of light that the jets were carrying some kind of low-grade nuclear weapons that they intended to drop in Lybia where currently big battles are underway and the faction supported by the West is losing the war. We assumed that these jets were French, but they might as well have been NATO jets.

Having this in mind, we were watching the frigate carefully, how it moved slowly westwards while continuing to observe the bay and the valley where the healing centre is located. We were sure that these military ships were sent in our area after the three military jets were intercepted by UFOs of the GF and wanted to surveil what is the matter with Diano Marina. We got telepathically the information that the military and the navy of the cabal did not believe in the existence of the city of light as it is beyond their world view but they knew that something unusual is happening in our area and were very much upset as they also know very well of the existence of the forces of light.

When the frigate disappeared behind the corner of our building, we went on the roof terrace to watch it better. However, we were told by our guides to go down in the apartment as our light is very strong and bright and cannot be dimmed so effectively as in the apartment, where we are invisible and that the ship should not register us.

Amora also got the information from her guides that there have been some fierce battles in the last several days but that we were safe now. The previous day, we felt the strong presence of a powerful cosmic intelligence all around us that reassured us in our safety.

I must mention that I also received an email from our PAT member Pepe from Czechia, who also confirmed dreaming of fierce battles with the dark ones in the last several days and that it has been very heavy for him. It was also very heavy for us and we got similar information from other PAT members in the USA.

These events explain somewhat what happened yesterday on June 3rd. As soon as we entered the first store, we immediately dropped in frequencies and when we came out the entire reality was very dark, grey, hostile, and menacing. We couldn’t recognize the place and knew that we have dropped to the lowest ascending timeline for whatever reason as this has happened many times to us in the past when we accomplished major cleansing operations and heaved all ascending timelines to higher vibrations, beginning with the lowest one as I have explained recently in another article.

Then we went to another store and when I came out, I had all of a sudden a coughing fit, which always happens when dark entities attach to my fields. I asked Amora if she could see any attachments in my fields and she was shocked to see how many dark cords there were.

We walked quickly back home and felt very tired all of a sudden. Our bodies began to ache all over and we knew beyond any doubt that we have attracted some very dark entities from the stores or on the street that sucked our energies. We have made this experience many times in the past as our light fields are so huge that they regularly attract such dark spongers from afar and that is why we have to cleanse our fields daily. I would recommend the same procedure for all the PAT members.

As soon as we came into the apartment, we made a cleansing invocation and purged all dark entities very quickly and effectively. And then we heard loud noises coming from all sides – from the roof, from the apartment near-by and from the apartment below, as if wild children were slamming doors and also shouting loudly. Initially, we thought that some new tenants had just arrived but when we checked, there were none in the condominium. It was as empty as ever.

As the noises came from all directions, we knew that these are dark entities that we purged and now wanted to come back to us, but couldn’t, as we had surrounded ourselves with Christed light. This whole noisy cacophony lasted for more than an hour – from 6:00 pm to about 7:30 pm.

During this time we talked to Sophia on the phone and told her what we had experienced. She confirmed the same experience and told us that she was urged by her IAP to stay at home and make a cleansing procedure around the same time as we did it – around 6:00 pm. While talking to her, we witnessed the storm that was in the making outside and saw a big cloud as a vortex in front of our window. We made a photo of it and when we looked carefully at it, we saw a demon, an archon at its base that was being sucked in this vortex.

Sophia told us that she had also made some photos and on one of them, there was God’s hand, which she then sent to us:

These images were given to us to inform us what was happening in this very moment as the energies were very chaotic and dramatic and we three were in an altered state and felt very vulnerable.

When I attuned to the energetic situation, I got some very clear visions showing me that all the dark entities that have harbored for eons of time in the fields of all humans on our ascending timelines have now been purged in the course of the tsunami of the June energies that have begun end of May and will peak at the Solstice. This happened on June the 3rd, yesterday in a very dramatic way when the weather also changed all of a sudden and the stormy weather came. The whole night and this morning, it has been raining and the earth is being cleansed now.

Today it feels much calmer but we were told that the purging is still ongoing.

What will be the result of this big purging of dark entities sponging on the energetic fields of all the incarnated human personalities on the earth?

I have been told years ago that especially the light warriors, who carry big fields of light, harbor dozens of such dark entities that have severed their connection to the source and need our light and energy to survive. When I was first made aware of this fact some 20 years ago, I immediately purged them from my fields and felt such a relief as I had never experienced before. Since then I am cleansing regularly my fields.

These dark parasites not only live on our energy but also modulate in a clandestine manner very effectively all human thoughts and emotions and become thus an integer part of the personality structure. Such affected lightworkers do not even notice how dark contaminated their fields and personality structures are, especially when they believe to be of the light and feel entitled to give advice to other people. Because the dark entities in their fields love to manipulate all other human beings around them. They do not simply put up with sponging the energies from the human being they possess. They must also infest the whole environment around them.

This is the source of all darkness that we observe on this planet and in particular in the new age community. But it exists, of course, in all people who are not awakened so that it is difficult to discern how much of their darkness is of their own or the result of the usual possession by dark entities.

When I further meditated on this Big Purge of dark entities from all humans who will ascend with us on our ascending timelines, I felt in a very strong emotional manner that many humans have undergone a deep catharsis yesterday. Some of them have had an epiphany, others were shocked to realize all of a sudden how blind and prejudiced they have been their whole life and how wrongly they have assessed other people, such as family members and their reality, now that the dark entities were released from their fields and they could see the world and themselves with open eyes and unprejudiced hearts.

I have always expected this reaction to happen when the true revelations will begin and I  wrote yesterday that we have already entered the era of revelations before the Big Purge of dark entities actually happened. I must have had this precognition as this happens regularly with me when I am urged to write on a certain topic – I know that I am anticipating future events.

Indeed, I was somehow prepared for this event as I have been pondering now for several days what the Arcturians meant when they said that in June there would be stabilization of the energies for us, the light warriors. They repeated this statement twice in the last few days and I knew immediately that it is a significant message but did not know exactly how it will  occur:

“We are amplifying the energies that we had always intended to share with you in this month of June, and we are not alone. You can expect the stabilizing energies to come in at full force, to assist you now and to assist you for the rest of the ride that you have there in the fourth dimension.” 

The Powerful June Energies Will Be Amplified ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“We are very satisfied with the progress we feel you all making there on Earth, and we are very interested to see what you will do and how you will progress in the month of June. We know that the energies coming in for the month of June will be stabilizing energies. They are designed to get everyone feeling like you’ve got a firm footing, a solid foundation underneath you from which to grow and thrive.”

The June 2020 Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

This stabilization of energies can only happen after all dark parasites were removed from the fields of all ascending humans so that they can now begin to see their reality unfiltered and unprejudiced, free from the hidden manipulations of the dark spongers in their fields. This is a huge leap to new higher frequency realities and a major prerequisite for any true revelations – first and foremost for the breakthrough of the Universal Law.

I wanted to share this major energetic event with you so that you can better assess your environment in the aftermath of the Big Purge of all dark entities from the ascending timelines and what it entails for our further ascension process. Observe carefully the behavior of the people around you and you will be able to see the difference.

It is a milestone…

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