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Big Transformation of the Human Physical Bodies Underway – a Showcase

Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, May 24, 2020


This week a profound transformation of the physical human bodies has commenced in preparation for the final ascension as I have already announced in my latest article. It is a massive healing program that has just begun and will manifest very soon in the form of miraculous healings for many light warriors and humans who are now entering the LBP. The current lockdown was a global training and selection program for these individuals who have expressed their desire to ascend with us at the soul level and have collectively agreed to this lockdown as the optimal ascension scenario under the current very adverse circumstances on this planet.

This healing program of the physical bodies has started with me more than 2 weeks ago. It is not my habit to talk about my health problems unless they contain important information about the bigger picture of the current ascension process. Here is what I am going through as a showcase which gives you an idea of how our bodies are now being fully transformed. I am sure that many of you will also enjoy such miraculous healings which may begin as a deterioration of the physical condition and even as an acute event and may trigger initially your worries before you see the beneficial results. If you know what is happening to you, then you can follow-up your healing process in a more relaxed and enlightened manner and also enjoy and admire it. At least, this is what I am doing these days. And what is most important – you do not need to go to a doctor who has no clue about what is happening these days on this planet.

On May 8th, we walked on foot to the centre of Diano Marina. On the way there, I got a sudden pain and huge pressure on my left thigh above the knee flexion. I could barely walk, it was very painful and it hampered my walking as the thigh was also swollen as if I had a muscle cramp. Both I and Amora could see that there was an inner bleeding in the back of the thigh. The actual cause was the very uncomfortable kitchen chair on which I am sitting and writing all day long or reading the news on the Internet. It must have damaged with its sharp edge my left thigh and caused this injury. It was actually a chronic trauma that felt very much as an acute lesion as if somebody had kicked me heavily in the thigh during a soccer match.

The night after this accident happened, I had a very vivid dream that I had an accident and hurt both of my knees. The doctors or rather the healers, as I knew that they were higher dimensional beings, examined the knees and told me that they need to perform a comprehensive surgery on my right knee. Then they examined the left knee and decided that I only had a bruise and that it will heal on its own. This was a very informative dream as it repeated the whole night as not to forget it.

I remembered my dream very well in the morning and knew that this was divine intervention. The left knee is where I had my tumor surgery in the groin in 2014 when the surgeon also removed all the inguinal lymph nodes. Since then I have pronounced congestion of the lymph due to its impaired circulation in the groin where all the lymph nodes were removed. My left leg is since then thicker and less effective than before, also much thicker than the right leg that did most of the work compensating for the left impaired leg. As I have had similar dreams in the past that announced an injury, always planned by the HR for whatever reasons but ending with a full recovery, I patiently waited until the left leg was healed.

As soon as it recovered more or less, I had all of a sudden a major swelling on my right leg five days ago on May 18th, predominantly around the right knee and in the posterior flexion. This happened after I was hit by a powerful source wave and was taken away for two hours. When I woke up, I had the feeling that my joints, and especially the knees, were fragile like porcelain and also very painful to move. My right leg bending is impaired since then, there is a visible and palpable swelling around the right knee and in the bending behind and I have difficulties to walk.

Now, this leg was not injured, and actually in my dream it was the first leg to be cured but in reality, it happened the other way around. Or maybe I have interpreted the dream wrongly and they, my higher dimensional healers, only examined my right knee first but then waited until the left leg was sound again, to begin with the announced ethereal surgery. My right leg is still swollen now while writing this report but there is some small improvement. I carefully observe this medical development with curiosity but have no worries whatsoever.

At this place, I have to go back in the past and highlight another similar experience I had with this knee years ago in order to give you the full picture. It occurred about 15 -17 years ago when I was fully in the LBP. It goes like this: My right knee was injured when I was young. I was in Greece visiting my relatives in 1978 in Macedonia which once belonged to Bulgaria. It was a very hot day and I was drowsy, that is why I did not notice how I went through the closed glass door to the balcony which I broke with my bare knee as I wore shorts. I had multiple cuts on my right knee which the local doctors mended with a very modest success so that when I returned to Germany there were deep scars as my muscles were also cut. This injury must have impaired the knee function but I could use my right leg without any problems for many years and play actively soccer.

Then with the LBP in full sway, one day, around 2003-2005, I do not remember exactly when, my right knee began to swell all of a sudden and became thicker by several centimeters in the circumference when compared to my left knee. Then I noticed that the higher realms – that is to say, my healers – began to repair my deep scars and cuts on my right knee in front of my eyes. It was almost a full reconstitution of the original tissue and only some minor scars remained to be seen when the healing ended. I remember that I showed this recovery to my wife who did not believe in the LBP but knew about my injury as she was with me when it happened. She saw the improvement but this evidence had no impact on her agnosticism and total rejection of the LBP.

This tells you that when you begin to experience your healing miracles do not count on any objective witnesses in your family or in your proximity. You are the only one to register this miracle and this is the only thing that matters.

It is important to note that I had a lot of problems with the knees during the last 3-4 years. I was told that this had to do with the special ascension chakras that are being developed around the knees during the LBP, about which you will not find any reliable information in the literature. Obviously, now the time is ripe for a massive intervention and correction at the physical level. This time the transformation of my right knee and leg is very deep and involves the muscles, the tendons, and even the bones and the cartilage. The dream I had on May 9th about this upcoming comprehensive ethereal surgery, the same day when we opened the cosmic gateway to freedom, came true.

Today, I checked my left leg and it was not swollen for the first time since the surgery in 2014. When I measured the circumference of the two knees, the right one was 2 centimeters thicker for the first time, which shows that the left knee which was always much thicker all these years is finally being cured two weeks after the injury occurred on May 8th. This would say that the higher dimensional intervention in the form of bruising and inner bleeding of the thigh must have repaired something inside my left leg so that the lymph circulation can now flow freely.

This experience shows that when we undergo some physical symptoms, pain, and other discomforts, this is all part of the physical transformation we go through during the LBP. In the end, the result is always an improvement of the previous impaired biological condition. This is how higher dimensional healing has now firmly entered this planet and is repairing the physical vessels of all humans who have made a decision to ascend.

This healing program will unfold on a grand scale when the healing centre here in Diano Marina manifests in the coming days and we begin with our true mission as healers and teachers of numerous new healers who are advanced and enlightened souls. This educational aspect of our future activities has actually begun this week with two members of the PAT who are already chosen to be important healers in their country and here in the world healing centre. I will keep their names confidential for the time being but let me assure you that many more of you will follow this pathway of becoming great healers of humanity. And there is no other more rewarding and honorable activity than that.

I am now waiting for the right knee to heel completely. I guess, it will take another week, till the end of May, and then everything is possible…


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