The Sharp Focus of the Mind

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, June 5th, 2020

The more I observe human behaviour and contemplate upon it, the more I come to the irrevocable conclusion that the human species must change profoundly from a mental energetic point of view before anything else can happen on the earth that will lead to its evolution and eventual ascension.

The way human minds operate on earth today, and in the past, they always create more confusion than clarity, especially when they argue in the name of this very mental condition. Please, observe that most of the publications, written and oral opinions in blogs and TV programs actually exist precisely to bring this alleged mental clarity to humans. Otherwise, we do not need all the mass media, including all the scientific journals and even most books, and when I finish with my elaboration it will become clear why humanity will not need them very soon.

If there are scattered logical, consistent and correct opinions of some selected intellectuals, known and appreciated as “intelligentsia” once in Eastern Europe, they not only go under in the current overall cacophony but, what is even worse, the holders of such ideas regularly betray their original correct opinions and voluntarily or involuntarily contribute to the global obfuscation of human minds as can be seen in the current discussion about the coronavirus scam. Unfortunately, this has always been the chief goal of the cabal – enslavement through confusion – and the USA is currently the Petri dish for this heinous experiment. What struck me a long time ago is the palpable devolution of human thinking in the current End Time and the coronavirus scam has only exposed this painful trend beyond any doubt.

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Ultimately, I can always put forward my invariant thesis that all these alternative and somewhat more evolved or half-awakened representatives of humanity totally lack the capacity for logical, axiomatic thinking, and on top of that, are irredeemable Agnostics. They have not developed any intellectual method as to how to prevent contradicting themselves and not devaluing their initial positive intellectual contribution to a topic of general interest. In the end, they do not differ at all from all the other dumbed-down people and corrupt and unethical politicians whom they vehemently criticize. I can easily quote dozens of articles and authors’ names only from this week that support this conclusion, but why perpetuate human confusion by making specific citations thereof.

Based on this long-term observation, I came to the irrefutable conclusion that there must be an energetic event on the earth that will bring about a new, hitherto unknown clarity of the mind to at least those human representatives, such as all the ascension candidates, first and foremost the PAT and the light warriors of the first and last hour, but also to the second and third wave of ascenders who have cleared their energetic fields and have adopted more or less sufficiently the overarching perspective of their I AM Presence in assessing the current 3D holographic reality we live in. This is the only definition of human progress and evolution I know of.

This leap in intellectual sharpness will align the human mind with the Divine Mind or Spirit and will bring an immediate and unassailable knowledge what is right and what is wrong, what is truth and what is a lie so that there will be no more superfluous and confusing discussions at the societal level that functions as a very dubious “court of public opinion”.

Please, observe that currently, all belief systems which humanity uses as categorical systems of knowledge are ultimately inaugurated by this faulty court of public opinion. This holds true, for instance, for all scientific hypotheses and subjective statements that make human science a fake science.

This has become particularly obvious nowadays when some “woke” medical experts convincingly challenge the official narrative of the fake coronavirus pandemic only to end up in further statements and suggestions that only contribute to the already pre-existing human condition of total mental confusion and play into the hands of the cabal. I even considered picking up some recent popular videos of Dr. Rachid Buttar and analysing both his correct critical statements about why medicine is fake science as well as all those false statements he made about clinical research and human health based on his profound ignorance with respect to the true regulation of biological matter. But then why the effort, it is only a waste of time and “cerebral grease”.

When someone like myself, who has impeccably adopted the overarching cosmic perspective for the last quarter of a century – the new axiomatic thinking of the Universal Law and has rigorously applied it to all the natural and social sciences, as well as to daily life, including economics and politics – is confronted constantly with this ubiquitous confused human thinking, a sense of profound desperation creeps into my otherwise natural soul optimism. No matter how I force myself to see the upcoming evolution of humanity as a natural organic process of learning through the focused seeking of truth, I cannot see it happen under the current energetic conditions. The human mind is simply a very poor energetic system of intelligent sentience and must first be replaced or significantly updated before any meaningful evolution of the human species can take place.

For many years, I have forced myself to believe that this is somehow possible as I had my own pathway as an example. Before I discovered the Universal Law, I was also subjected to this human condition of profound confusion that fully encompassed and distorted my world view before I could eliminate this distortion in tedious, systematic intellectual work. Therefore, I know how bad and depressing it is to be constantly confused throughout your whole life. One can only know the difference after one has escaped this condition which is the veritable prison of the human mind and makes the earth a “prison-planet”. Look at all the masked people that still run around even when the quarantine has been eased in most countries because they do not want to think and fearfully follow the overtly confused opinions of ignorant politicians and corrupt medical experts that contradict each other all the time.

Humans interpret and gestalt their reality according to their mindset and never according to their inner intuition which most new agers confuse with their rotten hearts. The heart chakra can only properly function when also the upper three chakras of truth (5th), spirituality (6th) and ecstasy (7th) are fully opened so that also the higher chakras (8th to 15th) can eventually be accessed and the incarnated personality acquires an open channel to her Higher Self and the I AM Presence (IAP). Then, and only then, can the human heart begin to experience all the human feelings in an unprejudiced and enlightened manner guided by the cosmic perspective of the IAP in order to process all the pain and trauma of this and past incarnations and qualify for ascension in the 5th dimension, as the Arcturians explain in today’s message:

The Energies Coming from the Earth

We are now in the month of June and today is a powerful full moon portal. The energies that flow from the Central Sun and also from Gaia, and other evolved civilisations in this universe are transforming this holographic reality beyond recognition. This process is accompanied by personal crises that I announced two days ago when the Big Purge of all dark entities sponging on human energies took place.

This energetic event of paramount importance paved the way for the upcoming leap in the mental clarity of humanity. How it will unfold and how we shall feel when this happens is anyone’s guess, given the fact that this condition has never existed before on this planet.

I can only say for myself that when I finally fully adopted the new Axiomatics of the UL in all areas of human life and thought, I stopped being a human being as this is still defined by most new agers who pretend to be further advanced than the rest of humanity and as this way of sentient life is currently interpreted by the agnostic masses. However, I achieved this new state of mental and energetic existence through hard work and infinite challenges over a decade so that there was nothing spectacular to report, only more rejection and ridicule from the surroundings.

Now the situation is completely different. There are good reasons to expect that around June Solstice a massive blast from the Central Sun may create a completely new energetic environment on the earth so that the human mind will be lifted to a completely new, much more efficient level of logical thinking. This is necessary, actually inevitable when one considers all the heinous plans the cabal is now forging to deepen the enslavement of mankind that has already commenced with full force during the current quarantine.

This leap of humanity into a new “sharp focus of the mind” will not be the actual ascension but a major precursor and a necessary prerequisite for it. It will lay the foundation for all the future revelations that humanity needs to know before it can begin with its collective ascension. This cannot happen if the current total and global confusion of humanity continues unabated. It is not so much about what will be revealed but how these new revelations and knowledge will be processed in a clear-cut, logical, axiomatic manner because axiomatics is the mirror image of how the higher realms operate according to the Universal Law of constructive interference.

That is why the Arcturians announced the June Solstice Surprise in advance as they knew how this leap in human mental clarity will change mankind and the earth forever. Please, understand I am not making random predictions but announce the logical next steps that humanity will have to make before it qualifies for ascension.

For instance, only after mankind reaches this new level of mental clarity, can the new theory of the UL be introduced worldwide as now for the first time there will be enough humans who will be able to accept and understand it. Essentially, we are talking about the descent of the Divine Mind into the human body and the substitution of the ego-mind with the new cosmic perspective, which automatically arrives when the IAP presence descends into the incarnated human personality. About these processes both Amora and I, and also Sophia, have written a lot so that this topic should not be new to you. What is new here is the connection of these intrinsic processes of human evolution with the June energies that have already been amplified and will peak at the Solstice.

In this context, I want to make you aware of today’s message from the Creator where this next crucial step is announced, though in a cryptic way which you will not understand unless you have read this article and have internalized the energetic reasons for this pivotal event:

There will be a time, very soon, when things on your Earth plane will come into very sharp focus. You will be able to see everything about yourself and those around you.  The ‘court of public opinion’ will no longer have any bearing on your day to day life because you will finally understand things from The Universe’s perspective.  Those who have been asleep may suddenly and abruptly come awake, shaking your society and your world to its very core.  This may be challenging or uncomfortable for you, dear one, but do not give up hope!

This great change and these moments of clarity are necessary for you and those around you to move toward an all-encompassing peace so many have been asking for.  Ground yourself, stay focused and take that first step forward… it is what you came here to do.” ~ Creator

Today, the full moon portal represents a massive release of existential fears from the 1st root chakra. Amora and I did a powerful healing of humanity from the Source and it just about killed me. I am actually writing this article to distract myself from the constant pain and to stabilize my fields. The existential fears can be now effectively released from the ascending humans after all the dark entities in their fields were removed on June 3rd.

All these energetic steps prepare humanity for the new mental clarity that it will acquire around June Solstice as there can be no focused clear mind when it is still fully controlled and distorted by fears, and the existential fears are the most powerful and difficult to eradicate.

Ultimately, I want to make you aware that this article and prediction was made based on clear axiomatic considerations and when it comes true, and it will come true, the only thing I am not 100% sure of is the point in linear time as time is an illusion, it will be the result of the new clarity of the human mind, which I try to represent in advance on this planet and on this website – the cumbersome pathway of a true wayshower.

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