Allowing the Release From the Old Matrix ~ Embracing the New Biome

Dreams and Messages From the Arcturians and Elohim on the Crumbling of the Old Matrix

Amora, June 27, 2020


Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

Yesterday and today (June 25th and 26th) we experience massive electromagnetic transformations of our bodies and reality. The intensity of the waves is off the scale, especially in the night. We are being repeatedly taken away during the day by sudden waves that sweep over our bodies like tornados. The coordination is impaired, we are suffering from nausea and the bodies are virtually dissolving under these cascades of source energies pouring from the Source into our bodies. Intermittent headaches and heat bouts are accompanying these waves. Obviously, the Schumann resonance, which nobody knows exactly what it measures except for some magnetic fluctuations in the earth’s field, has gone crazy these days. Yesterday evening we admired another gorgeous display of rainbow rays from the Source at sunset and everything seemed surreal.

This morning (June 26th), Amora told me about her dream where she witnessed how the entire material structure of this 3D holographic reality was crumbling in front of her eyes, rather dissipating without causing huge damage or catastrophes, while Nature around her was intact. Before that, she had a dream of flying at home holding her body in a vertical position a few feet above the floor.

While she was telling me about her dreams, the Arcturians and the Elohim came to us and she began to write down their messages.

I haven’t read the messages yet, deliberately so, as not to be influenced by them while writing this foreword. From my perspective, we are surfing on the crest of a massive tsunami wave that began a few days before the summer solstice, actually since the beginning of June, and is constantly ramping up in intensity. Energetically, the nights are a veritable rollercoaster and upon awakening, it feels as if we are falling into a bottomless abyss. The inner soul disappointment, being still in this reality, defies any verbal description.

There is another new significant aspect of our LBP: I personally, and also Amora and Sophia, experience a huge activation of the knee chakras. I had an ethereal surgery of the right knee more than a month ago with swelling and impaired function, accompanied by constant pain. The pain and the inflammation have gone now but the knees feel very fragile as if made of porcelain and are very unstable, especially after awakening.

What is most remarkable is that huge vortices have been built around the knees, which are particularly pronounced in the night when the vibrations are extremely high. The energies are now swirling around my knees as if I had propellers there and can lift up any moment.

I searched in the esoteric literature about knee chakra and found nothing of relevance but I did not expect anything else. There is no true knowledge not only about this chakra but also about all the other body chakras until I explained them from a physical, energetic point of view in my books and articles in the context of the LBP.

I then asked my HS for further information on this sudden acute activation of my knee chakras and was told that it is associated with our imminent ascension and the acquisition of our ability to bilocate through space-time, in particular, through the planetary portals that already connect the cities of light, but also through inter-dimensional portals.

The only reliable information I found in the literature was about the ancient Greek god Hermes, who is depicted as flying with the help of wings on his heels. The vortices of my knee chakras extend, indeed, to the heels and there is a powerful stream of energies that is flowing out of my soles like a jet.

I am describing these new developments in the LBP in more detail here as I assume that some of the PAT members may have the same experiences these days and should be informed about them as not to worry and have an idea of what is happening to them.

This all occurs on the backdrop of this crumbling 3D reality that has never been so repelling as now. There is really no incentive whatsoever to do anything in this world as the knowledge of the futility of such extrovert actions is permeating in a pitiless manner the entire consciousness and almost paralyzes us in our daily life. The peaking insanity at the societal level augments this feeling to unbearable poignancy. This is a very pale description of what I experience these days and I can assume that many of the PAT share my sentiment.

This means that there must be big changes very soon, all the more as the dark ones are already preparing loudly their second lockdown with fraudulent statistics and fantastic numbers which they throw maliciously at the gullible masses to foment their fears. But what they do not reckon with  – as they are not touched by the incoming energies – is that the people are now opening in droves to the inner truth of the soul, their 5th throat chakra is now fully activated and they can no longer be mired.

When one is being cheated in an obvious and unhinged manner, as is currently the case, then the normal emotional reaction of all humans is divine wrath. Whatever the cabal is planning and will try to implement in the coming days as to double down on the already existing incarceration of humanity under the current lockdown, will backlash severely and will trigger an avalanche of rapid events. These will be the visible manifestation of the crumbling of the 3D holographic matrix, which is no longer supported by the thoughts and emotions of a sufficient number of awakened people.

We have already reached this energetic threshold of no return.

This holographic reality has never been so malleable as now and it will morph more and more into a higher dimensional version until it merges with the cities of light of the 5th and higher dimensions, which we have been creating for years as the ground crew.

This will be an organic process that will proceed smoothly and without resistance. The only resistance that we shall observe, will come from that portion of humanity which is not ready for the ascension and will prefer to move to lower timelines and continue with the repetition of their past karmic experience.

But this resistance, which currently the dark cabal are still able to project at the societal level and thus engage the masses in meaningless discussions and civil strife, will no longer reach the ascending portion of humanity that will flock to the cities of light, where we shall teach them how to be healed and ascend.

The ascension candidates will simply lose any interest in dealing with these “irredeemables” and will do what all credible channeling sources are advising us these days: Leave the dark irredeemable ones to continue wallowing in their darkness as they will acknowledge that everybody is the creator of his reality and destiny so that there is no need to save anybody. The people will recognize that all humans are immortal and it does not matter how one spends his life on earth or ends it as everybody is on his individual pathway of evolution.

This re-orientation of a major portion of humanity towards us will be hugely supported by the enhancement of our inner abilities as bilocation, teleportation, immediate creation, magic healing abilities, multidimensional awareness, etc.

We will embody in human gestalt what very soon all humans will strive also to achieve as this will be their entry to the Heaven on Earth – the new cities of light we have consciously created for them, and in the creation of which they have participated at the soul level while not being conscious thereof at the ego-mind level. This new motivation will also facilitate the breakthrough of the new science and gnosis of the Universal Law as it is essentially the science of ascension and the foundation of all these higher dimensional abilities.

This all will very soon become part of the upcoming revelations that will accompany the crumbling of the old 3D matrix on this planet which has begun to gain momentum in the last 48 hours and is still peaking up.


I wrote the above text yesterday and continue with it today, on June 27th.

This night, I woke up all of a sudden and had to think about Amora’s dream flying in a vertical position a few feet above the floor of her house. I was wondering whether she would mention this dream in her publication with the messages from the Arcturians and the Elohim, which she received yesterday.

Then I slept again and had the most beautiful flying dream ever. It was a very elated feeling as I realized that I have learned flying and could steer my flight perfectly which was not the case in the past when I had flying dreams. I flew very high and then above the trees, streets, trails, and houses on steep slopes so that nobody saw me. Then I flew lower so that the people could see me and began to wave my hands like a bird or an angel. Some people on the ground saw me and began to shout: “See, there is an angel in the sky”. After that, I entered a space closed with a high fence and the owner complained and began to chase me. I dropped my flying height all of a sudden and flew very low and had great difficulties to fly over the fence as to free myself.

Thus the flying dream ended not so positively at the end but this space closed with a big fence symbolized the lower timelines or areas on the earth where the unawakened will live among themselves separated by huge fences from the rest of the world that rejoiced to see me flying. These people will not be aware of the activation of our higher dimensional abilities that will transform Gaia into a paradise. They will continue perpetuating with their dark ideas and behaviour patterns the hell they consider to be their only reality and which they try in vain to impose on the entire humanity in the current End Time.

I am now excited and curious to read the messages of the Arcturians and the Elohim and to see how far they coalesce with my perception of this new phase of the rapid crumbling of the old reality.

Dreams and Messages From the Arcturians and Elohim

channeled by Amora

The Arcturians brought images to me this morning (June 26th) as I was awakening in bed and in that theta-wave state. I was aware the visions were directed by them as this is how they connect with me, through the visual fields. My “lucid dream” held impressions about two important issues that I feel must be brought forward.

In the first scene, I found myself on the main floor of my home where I was able to fly while holding my body in a vertical position in the air, three feet above the floor. I was alone and there was very little furniture so it was easy in that there were no obstacles present. This dream seemed to last a long time and as time went by I had the feeling that I got more and more proficient at “flying”.

A second scene unfolded immediately where I am in a car with a lot of other people. A man appears at the side of the car and asks for medical supplies for an intravenous. I have the medical supplies needed for an Intravenous, including an IV solution, and I pull it from my jacket pocket that is hanging on the garment hook by my shoulder, and I pass it out of the window. The man turns to a woman in a wheelchair and begins to prepare the intravenous for her.

Then I step outside of the car and my vision is drawn upwards to the top of the road that is somewhat steep and I see the road consists of rubble, medium-sized man-made bricks that are on the road as well as piled alongside the road all the way to the top of the hill. The road we have come down is about 100 metres long, covered in these broken brick pieces.  What strikes me is that only the road is crumbling, the car is intact, and the trees and shrubs are all so green and alive with life. Light is shining from every leaf! I gaze in wonder and amazement and the seeming “rejoicing” of Nature amongst the failing man-made structure of the road. 

I am made aware that I am being shown the next phase in the unfolding events here on Earth.

When the dream is over I get up and am drawn to take a message from the Arcturians who are present. Here is their message:

“Your vision of an Earth with crumbling man-made structures around you holds many clues to the reality of events. What is currently happening is humanity is releasing attachments to what has been. While the attachments are lifting, the world and the reality that it represents is in a state you consider as “crumbling” so that all man-made structures, infrastructures, constructs, and conscience – are being shown to you as ALL crumbling.  As you move through this phase of de-construction and disconnection, you will see the social structures that have been a part of your world also crumble and no longer function to serve you.

As you are releasing your attachments, your own inherent abilities as ascended beings shall come forth. This means what you understand to be “bilocation” or movement without concern for gravity or the pull of earthly physical forces is one of these abilities.

There are also magnetic changes to the Earth’s physical plane and these changes also support the expansion of these innate skills in every one of you. We support your decision to fully release any adherence to the world societal structures and your decision to accept yourselves as sacred beings of Creation.

We are always by your side. “

While receiving this message from the Arcturians, the Elohim moved very close and have this to add in support of the above message:

“We are the Elohim and we share here: An illumination is occurring now and with an illumination there is new understanding of what you once thought served you / humanity, and you see it as no longer seeming to be right. You are beginning to realize the attachments to the world and its current social structures are in many respects no longer supportive of the sanctity of life. As the attachments are released, the reality shall crumble, and new ways, new expressions that are founded in the truth of what has been intended for humanity and your world by the Source~Creator, shall also now return to your world.

There exists now, in your world, all-natural health and wellness systems for your absolute well-being, as was intended by the Creator. Indeed, you have all you need from Nature and it abounds. You have dedicated specialists the world over who are very skilled in applying natural science – scientific truths – in full support of the human physical and emotional body. There is no need for any man-made solutions to ill-health but there is a clear need for holistic medicine with the role of prevention of imbalance / ill-health.

All life was created equally as each is a sacred expression of the Creation. All Kingdoms as plant, animal, and all others do exist in harmony with your Earth and humanity. You are all equal and you are a unified whole WITH the planet as Mother Earth and all her Kingdoms. You, together, through your fields of inter-connected energetic standing waves – as expressed by and shared with every single living being on the Earth to create with the Whole.

You are ONE Being – One Biome.

Remember! You are at a time, now, where you must honour the Whole. And remember, the world is a safe place! Everything was created in perfection and was intended to be a beautiful self-sustaining world where nothing needs to be added, nothing of Nature needs to be taken away, nothing needs to be manipulated for the benefit of humanity because everything in its natural state supports the Life of the Whole.

Remember, beyond these words, you are Creators, and You now have the sacred opportunity to create the world you desire. Allow the structures to fall away.  Embrace that gift!  Imagine and BE in a space of loving kindness, sharing with all others from a place of sincerity, living your life in authenticity without shame or fear, following the truth of your Soul. It is time now to express your divinity and create the world of your dreams! 

We are the Elohim ~ we so love you all!”

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