Humans Are Changing Rapidly to a New Energetic Species in Front of Our Eyes and Nobody Notices It

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Georgi Stankov, March 6, 2019

Since the anchoring of the new spiritual paradigm in Rome on November 12, 2018, and even more so since we brought the new 5 crystalline flames of ascended creation of the wheel of light and life on February 16th, 2019 in Diano Marina, we witness a rapid transformation of humanity to a new energetic sentient being. As all change must reveal first what has always been there but has been hidden from plain sight, what we now observe is the culmination of expression of all the dark human features which have always driven the ruling cabal, and many humans, but could be well camouflaged behind false, lofty statements that were accepted by the mired masses. Now, with the introduction of the new energetic conditions of the 5D earth, this is no longer possible, as these energies are based in Truth.

All human reality is created by perception and reflection and in this process of cognition the reflection pause (page 120) is more important than direct perception through human senses, which is also the primary cause of all human illusion. Meditation is a useful means to introduce the reflection pause in people with agnostic view, but it should be ideally a natural, spontaneous reaction of every sentient individual to what he perceives with his limited senses. This ability is now being introduced in most humans under the massive influence of the new source energies about which we talk daily and actually transmit to humanity as ascended masters. This is the mechanism of human awakening which is the recognition of the existence of the soul and our true nature as immortal multidimensional beings.

However, I have not read anything so far that discusses how these radical energetic changes of the human species appear as individual and collective behaviour and how the manifestation of these behavioristic aberrations contribute to the collapse of the old matrix. After all, it is a truism that all change comes from within before it can manifest as outer reality. Subjective creation merges into seemingly objective reality and triggers more individual subjectivity.

Let me explain. If you witness currently the behaviour of all politicians and other stooges of the ruling cabal, including the MSM journalists, there emerges a recurrent pattern that is very poorly understood even by the most clever alternative thinkers and experts because of their agnostic, and hence, blind world view. This is a major topic in all our discussions. Such critical observers remain stuck in the obvious facts which make no sense anymore and then they end up in hilarious proclamations about the stupidity of the western ruling cabal (e.g. see Peter Lavelle, Crosstalk in RT or the video discussions in the Duran). This naturally flatters their ego as hapless observers, as they believe to be, although this is another basic illusion – they change the reality with their analyses more effectively than all the dark, insidious, evil doers in political power positions.

As many of these experts reject rightfully the current political bullying of the Empire of Evil, they naturally tend to support the Russian effort to comply with international law, which itself is full of ethical and moral holes as Swiss cheese, and to establish a new more just multipolar world. After all, all current ideas of how any just international legal order should be, are based on the unquestionable inviolability of the national state and the latter is the source of most evil on this planet as I have extensively discussed on this website. Man substitutes one set of wrong ideas with another one and believes to have found a panacea for all ills. Nothing is further from the truth.

Here we observe the same situation as in science where one wrong hypothesis or theoretical model that cannot explain conclusively Nature = All-That-Is is replaced by another equally faulty model whose only virtue is that it resembles the illusion of progress, whereas both science and social, political life actually move in a vicious circle which is, in fact, a downward spiral. One has to reach the bottom before one recognizes the dead end.

Science, for instance, rejects that photons have a mass because they are energetic particles and mass per definition is an energy relationship. Due to this false dogma scientists have been unable to develop new power engines using free photon energy. In the meantime, we know that this dogma has been introduced by design by the Powers That Were (PTW) as I discuss extensively in a special article.

But the ample fact remains that humanity still uses predominantly fossil energy as it is entirely dependent on combustion engines, which were developed in the 19th century, in order to survive in the 21st and 22nd… century as most people believe nowadays. For more than one and a half century modern science has not been able to develop any new sources of cheap and easily available energy, although free photon energy is everywhere around us and there is nothing else but energy.

We, who are the human conduits of this source energy, know about it in a deep existential manner, but the rest of humanity has not even developed an idea of what energy truly is. This is not at all surprising as physicists, whose only occupation is to assess energetic interactions, frankly admit that they do not know what energy is (e.g. Richard Feynman in his famous lectures). This is a rare moment of true honesty which one can otherwise not find among scientists and most human beings. But it does not alter the current deplorable situation that we live on a planet and in a society entirely dependent on fossil energy that is considered to be scarce and not easily available compared to free photon energy. Even the false idea of climate warming and its futile control by taxing the people for their consumption of energy is another scam of the PTW based on the extensive use of fossil energy. One lie never comes alone.

This artificially created condition alone is the source of all wars and conflicts we observe on this planet and makes human life hell.

As the current financial system is based on petrodollar as the main world currency (About 70% of the world money in circulation are dollars, which are petrodollars, as they are pegged to oil trade after the gold standard was abolished; otherwise the dollar has absolute no value as it is being printed out of thin air.), the inherent deficiencies of the Orion monetary system that are the major cause for exploitation and impoverishment of the human population in order to install the NWO, are a further propagation of the vicious idea of the PTW that the energy resources on this planet are limited. And so is money for the broad population, for which the people have to work very hard to earn.

Take Venezuela, for instance. The conflict exacerbated when this country decided a few months ago to ditch the petrodollar and trade its oil in yuan. Then all of a sudden the USA began with their overt and shameless aggression against this peaceful country in order to overthrow the elected government of Maduro. We witness the same pattern in all recent major conflicts that the Empire of Evil instigated.

Iraq and Saddam wanted to introduce the dinar as exchange currency for oil instead of dollar and were mercilessly destroyed by the USA and its stooges under false accusations. Gaddafi wanted to introduce a new gold-based currency for his country, which was a major oil producer at that time, and also for its trade with Africa and was bombed and killed by NATO in the most brutal way. Now this once very prosperous country has returned even to human slavery and much of the immigration problem in Europe goes back to this despicable aggression of the Empire of Evil and her stooges that are still proud of it – “we came, we saw, he (Gaddafi) died” (Hillary Clinton).

Then finally came Syria, which is a natural crossroad for many gas pipelines from the Middle East to Europe. Because it carried out an independent policy that the Empire of Evil and its Arab clique of head choppers did not like, it was engaged in a terrorist sponsored conflict under the disguise of civil war, bombed ruthlessly and fully destroyed.  It only survived with the immense help of the Russians and the Iranians and first and foremost through the will of the Syrians to save their country from these western sponsored barbaric terrorists.

The war in Afghanistan began initially because of another gas pipeline through this country coming from the former Soviet republics in central Asia  – a project that is dead a long time ago and nobody remembers it anymore in the current chaos in this country. Even the Nazi coup d’etat in Ukraine sponsored by the Empire of Evil and its European vassals was in the first place done to derail the energy supply of gas from Russia to Europe as all pipelines at that time were running through Ukraine. Now the USA vehemently opposes Nord Stream 2 and cancelled the South Stream through Bulgaria with mafia-like coercion and the help of the corrupt EU bureaucrats that run this country and its spineless government. And so on…

The exacerbation of the Syrian crisis with millions of refuges flooding Europe caused the biggest political crisis of the EU and ultimately led to the demise of the neoliberal globalist cabal in all Westerneuropean countries and the surge of the national sovereign movements.

As you can see, all these seemingly unrelated political and economic events have one clear common source – the lack of true technological progress in developing new effective power engines based on free photon energy which is representative of the Energy of All-That-Is. Deliberately created scarcity of energy resources is used as a means of enslaving humanity and keeping it in a state of permanent war. This is how lies about the true Nature of All-That-Is create this hell of reality on the earth.

All the vicious attacks and criminal sanctions of the Empire of Evil against Russia are done precisely because it is the “gas station of the world” (John McCain). Of course, it is much more than that and has now all the hypersonic missiles to destroy the USA and the West within minutes who are defenseless against them and reject to assimilate this stark fact.

The Russiagate hysteria in the USA that has paralyzed this country and its political system also goes back to this scarcity of fossil resources. The same holds true for the warmongering of the US fleet in the South China Sea which is the main route of China trade (5 trillion USD) and oil supply from the Middle East as to harass and harm this most powerful economic rival.

Everything in life is perception and all human perception is distorted and a mere illusion. But it determines effectively the incarnation life on this planet as long as the majority of the people believes in it.

And exactly here we witness currently the biggest and most rapid change. People begin to awaken under the barrage of the powerful Source energies of Truth and see the scam that holds the pieces of the old Orion world order together that has now fully failed to install the NWO and is collapsing rapidly as a holographic matrix. The last resort of the ruling cabal is to utter empty menaces to the disobedient masses and countries as the US criminals in Washington currently do with escalating sick intensity and desperation, only to become an easy prey to Russian pranksters (listen also here). Or write pathetic letters as the hapless Macron did in all major MSM newspapers in 28 European countries to save the “endangered” undemocratic EU of the cabal and decry with crocodile tears its downfall. At the same time he is not even capable of coping with the French insurgency of the yellow vests in his own country that continues since more than 3 months (it started 3 days after we anchored the new spiritual paradigm on November 12, 2018 in Rome), and this is just beginning. The storming of the Élysée Palace is to be expected very soon as this French revolution will go nowhere and will soon eat the cabal and their Morons like fresh baguette for breakfast.

The more the ruling cabal lose control over the minds of the awakening people, the more they double-down. They know no other tactic as they are utterly derailed. They are like a demon that possesses a human being and then destroys his host of energy with madness. They behave like the demon in the famous novel of the French writer Guy de Maupassant The Horla which is the most stirring description of how a demon can destroy a human personality:


All the mad dogs in Washington, be they Mattis, Matteo or Bolton, now do only one thing – double-down on their menaces and evil doing in the hope that this empty coercion would impress the rest of the world, while they in fact achieve exactly the opposite effect and only reveal their impotence. This is the perfect recipe for the collapse of the Empire of Evil and the dark cabal are the best architects of this uncontrolled demolition.

Superficially, their desperate efforts to contain the masses and preserve their power appears as an increase of oppression, which is indeed their primary objective. Misuse of the legal system to imprison and prosecute under false pretexts foreign and homegrown opponents, establish censorship in the social media, and ban opposition thinkers from the Internet and MSM are merely the most obvious heinous deeds of the currently amok running cabal. The effect is that the people retract with repugnance from these cabal monsters and ask themselves for the first time why they have elected these primitive dark ones to be their leaders  – why have they given away their power to the worst representatives of humankind? How stupid can they be to allow this to happen? From this insight to the true revolution of light will be a very short gangway as the coming events will show. Resolution through escalation of confrontation, but first and foremost through expansion of human awareness is how this will happen very easily.

Yet again, all these actual and future events in the current End Time go back to the primary source – the subjective rejection of most humans that there is free photon energy everywhere and humanity does not need all the conflicts and wars based on the wrong notion of the scarcity of energy resources on this planet and that only the nation that controls them will survive on the long run. Social Darwinism as the only means of survival is the greatest lie of all. We are immortal, multidimensional creator beings and this should become common knowledge very soon.  Why is it so difficult that no expert and thinker from the alt-scene can see it so clearly as I do here and then make the proper conclusions?

Only on the background of this easy intellectual achievement, one can truly appreciate the role of the cities of light that will manifest very soon and will be the hub for new advanced technologies based on the easy and ubiquitous use of free photon energy and even much more – the place where the direct creationary energies of our souls as the most powerful and only creators in the multiverse will be fully employed for the benefit of the entire humanity. But this is our beloved topic which we discuss all the time.

Total human illusion on this planet was achieved when the dark ones, the PTW, managed to sever the incarnated personalities from their souls and the Source and made them believe that they are separate, weak biological organisms, engaged in a deadly fight for survival in an extremely hostile and random world. This false and most insidious idea of inherent energetic deficiency of the human species is in the core of all illusion on this planet and the source of all deplorable social phenomena we observe nowadays. It was the tool with which the PTW enslaved humanity since the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Extrapolate this at the social and economic level as the false notion of dwindling energy resources of the earth that jeopardizes the existence of the human race in the long run in order to justify all fratricidal wars, and you have the key to explaining the abysmal life on this toxic planet.

Have I forgotten something? – Ah, yes. The same false thought pattern is also applied to healthcare and medicine – to the healing of the human body. Current medicine is based on the entirely false notion that the human organism is essentially a deficient and flawed energetic system and thus susceptible to numerous diseases, which are manifestations of energetic failures in the biological regulation. They, the doctors and bio-scientists, do not say it as explicitly as I do here as they lack any ability of logical thinking, but at the end this is what they mean. They have no clue that the human organism is the most complex energetic system in the entire multiverse and is regulated in a perfect manner by the soul who is also the creator of this perfect system. It can’t be otherwise. Therefore, if the human organism suffers from diseases, these are desired experiences of the soul in a physical vessel which she has created. Therefore she can heal the body anytime if the ego-mind of the incarnated personality allows that as the ego-mind was also given the free will as the major rule in this incarnation game.

In plain speak, humanity does not need any doctors and in the long run also any healers as each individual can heal himself as he/she is immortal and perfect. It is as simple as that. In the transition time, however, all humans will need intense healing with source energy in the numerous healing centres we shall create the world over after our ascension and the shift.

And who really considers this fact in his social and political behaviour and current decisions. Apply this to a whole nation and the world and you can resolve all insoluble problems of the Obama or any other health care system – the problems of human health. Wrong ideas are the source of all evil and all problems on this planet, including all human diseases. Diseases are not intrinsic part of the human body and surely not of the new crystalline light body which humans are destined to acquire in this incarnation after our transfiguration and ascension.

All-That-Is has no problems and needs no solutions – least of all from stupid, dumbed down humans – as it is perfect.

Even the introduction of numerous artificial problems as is the case on this toxic planet in a state of seeming separation of humans from the Source and the Whole is a perfect orchestration as it creates the most convincing and overwhelming illusion for the human senses; it makes life appear so serious, dangerous and dreadful on the earth, while we are immortal beings all the time. Ponder about that for a moment…

That is why the introduction of the new Scientific Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law is indispensable for the resolution of all the aforementioned problems and conflicts as it teaches the people in the first place about the true nature of Energy = All-That-Is. Namely, that it is the Primary Term of our consciousness, which is energy perceived as space-time and thus equivalent to All-That-Is (primary axiom). As soon as all humans organize their thoughts in a logical, axiomatic manner and begin to derive all their concepts stringently from the Primary Term of their consciousness, all problems will disappear as if touched with a magic wand. So easy it is, and so easy it will be very soon.

From a higher vantage point of view, the knowledge of the UL exists in every incarnated soul fragment and only needs to come to the fore. In this sense one does not even need to teach this theory, but only to urge the people to awaken to their souls and begin to re-member who they truly are.

I felt that it was important to make this panoramic overview one more time as to demonstrate how easy and elegant the evolution of humankind can be if they honestly decide to discard all their old flawed and false ideas that make their life hell and substitute them with the new Axiomatic Thinking of the Universal Law. Then all the energies of All-That-Is will be immediately available to them – to use free photon energy if they continue living on an upper 4D earth, bilocate, overcome gravitation, if they live on a lower 5D timeline, or begin creating actively and immediately their reality from the fulcrum of their soul essence – the I AM Presence –  and visit infinite timelines and realities in the simultaneous multidimensionality of All-That-Is.

All-That-Is is the set of all U-sets and they contain each other as an element – and the element is Energy and there is nothing else. To believe that energy can be scarce is to negate the Existence of What Is. When this confusion happens it is very easy to become a mad dog on a dog’s planet and behave like an American or Westeuropean politician in the current End Time. But even this is part of the divine plot in order to effectively destroy the old matrix.


Read also the Arcturian message today which I read after I wrote this article. It is again another brilliant confirmation of our close communication at the soul level:

No shortage. No limitation – Leaving the Old Paradigm Behind

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