To the PAT: I Need Urgently the Power of Your Light to Help the Suffering People of Venezuela and the World

Georgi Stankov, January 31, 2019

There are moments in life when I feel disempowered and helpless when confronted with the terrible plight of our brothers and sisters on this toxic planet. I know that on the long-run we are victorious and everything will turn for the best, but how can one bear this suffering in front of our eyes every day and not being able to do anything practically to help them?

I have just received a letter from our PAT brother Luis González Palacios from Venezuela. I will not comment it and leave it to speak for itself but I can tell you, it broke my heart.

Herewith I decree:

In the name of the Source, in the name of the Source, in the name of the Source,

Let the shift and ascension happen immediately to redeem all the suffering people on this planet from their terrible plight and give them back the joy of life. Or is this too much demanded? Please move us to a higher timeline where the shift and our ascension are possible Now, so that we can intervene as ascended masters in Venezuela and in all the other places of humanitarian crisis the world over and bring love, light, joy and prosperity to the people.

That is why we are here and our compassion for the sufferings of our brothers and sisters should not be challenged endlessly as it only fosters our helplessness as creator beings in this dire moment and makes us lose our hope and faith. When does human suffering reaches such an extreme form that it no longer serves any pedagogical purpose, no matter how big the karmic debt could be. Stop it! Now!

Help all the people in need on this earth by allowing us to assume our mission as ascended masters immediately and bring help and relief to the poorest and the most oppressed brothers and sisters in this world. It has never been about us, and we have proved it in many years of daily sacrifice, it is our intimate desire to end all human suffering on this planet. That is why we are here and not to sit on the sidelines. 

Let us begin with the Shift and our Ascension Now!

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.’ (Matthew 25:40)

Dear Doctor Stankov,

First of all I send you a warm greeting. After a long withdrawal from your website and having cut the communication, I have decided to send you this email to inform you of the earthly landscape to which we have been subjected by those who live here. I am an eyewitness to the horrors of banana communism implanted in this territory, a situation that has led me to put my feet on the ground, in the struggle for survival. I have seen my wife turned into a bag of bones, as if I had left a Nazi concentration camp, just for a simple periodontal infection, and without the possibility of acquiring any type of antibiotic, anyone, no matter what, until what from so much searching, it was possible to get some ampoules of intravenous penicillin, which I put him without having the proper knowledge, since I only received some instructions about it, and we were able to save his life.

While this was happening, the loss of body weight of the entire family group was very evident. I saw myself in the duty of protecting my loved ones, taking actions, and that is how using creativity and using the machines that I have in my workshop, I managed in a short time to develop some products that could also serve to help other people who struggle For surviving. One of those products, for example, are plastic molds for making handmade soaps, since the entire national soap industry has been dismantled and it was only possible to buy homemade soaps.

With many hours of work and operating underground, with sales over the Internet and without billing, I managed to stabilize a modest income that has served, in the first place to get my 4 sons and their wives together with my grandchildren managed to escape this horror ( They are currently in Chile), and second to cover basic needs, emphasizing that they are very basic, of elementary survival.

Currently, my wife and I are still in Venezuela, resisting, alone, and prevented from any attack by the thugs who sow terror in the streets and in our homes. Crime is state policy. The thugs impose a curfew. At sunset the streets remain deserted, as in ghost towns. We try to go out to the streets only for the necessary, because by day and in any place, one can become a new victim of the underworld. The only advantage we currently have compared to other unfortunate ones is that we receive some financial support from our children.

There are many who have left, my brothers, some uncles, cousins, my nephews, and every farewell bears the mark of pain, of infinite melancholy, some for those who leave and others for those who remain abducted in this gulag. Virtually every Venezuelan family has relatives who have fled the horror, and many are surviving thanks to the remittances received from abroad.

Note that I am not adding to my story any ideological or political component, I do not intend to fall into that area, I am an eyewitness to the facts and in turn a victim. Many acquaintances or relatives of these, my relatives and also neighbors, have died due to lack of medicines as simple as insulin, antihypertensive or antibiotics and due to lack of resources for medical attention. I am a witness of hunger and malnutrition … And in general of genocide, terror and the systematic destruction, with premeditation and treachery, of a country. Outside there is a general tendency to visualize the facts from the perspective of politics and the media, forgetting the human factor, of what we feel and suffer when we find ourselves trapped in countries under these tyrannical regimes or neo-totalitarianism come to power ” democratically “and legitimized voting by means of repeated electoral farces, supported by a false opposition, and with a juicy checkbook of petrodollars, shielded in a Marxist ideological facade and anti-imperialist struggle, to commit crimes, smuggle drugs, corruption , money laundering, terrorism and organized crime. We are currently prisoners or hostages within a gigantic concentration camp, there is no doubt about that, and I dare to assure without fear of being mistaken that 95% of the population wants to be rescued or liberated, delegating the citizen power capable of liberating them.

I refuse to participate in social events, such as marches, protests and revolts, designed in laboratories by elements of the system (the same system that brought us here), to give an apparent turn to our tragedy. The truth is that there are indications that it is intended to end this state of affairs, but using elements of the system, that is, in a “constitutional” manner and following the guidelines of “international legislation” (if it were not so tragic, it would make me laugh).

I can not anticipate what the final play will be, nor the outcome. Pieces move on the board, but my capacity for intuition has diminished considerably, due to the precarious level of existence, that which keeps us in survival mode. Any appreciation of your part will be welcome.

I hope you excuse the length of my email. I tried to summarize as much as I could and left out a lot to tell. I am also sure that I have received help from other planes, and a lot (maybe you have something to do with that). It has been hard and I have managed to resist so far, however I feel sometimes that I am on the edge and I really hope that this nightmare ends.


Luis González Palacios


Dear Luis,

I am so grateful to have heard from you as I was constantly thinking about you while reading the latest news from your country and remember well how you described the terrible situation years ago before it became obvious to the world. I have so much compassion for you and your countrymen and have no explanation why it had to come this way and who is ultimately responsible for that.

While watching the political farce that is unfolding now on the political stage I am disgusted as to how little all these good-to-do countries and people really care about the plight of the Venezuelan people. Therefore I am asking the HR and my HS to accelerate the ascension and the shift so that there will be a real solution not only for the plight of your country but for the entire world. This toxic planet cannot be saved within this 3D matrix.

I am now really doing my best to accelerate the ascension process and hope my prayers will be heard for people like you.

I am sending you my light and ask all angels and archangels to protect you and your family so that you can survive this horror and come unscathed on the other side of the veil where life will be much easier and full of joy. I wished I could change the situation immediately and feel in such a situation myself powerless and depressed, and can only imagine how you feel. But please do not lose hope, as this world can really change within the blink of an eye when the time is ripe and it feels very close now.

God save you!

With love and light



Thanks Doctor Stankov …

It has always been very pleasing to receive your words and comfort me.

I will continue resisting


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