Our Lightwork in Rome – A New Spiritual Paradigm Creates the Opening

A Message From the Elohim

Carla Thompson, November 23, 2018


Raphael, The School of Athens (The Platonic Academy), 1509-1511, Vatican*


Georgi Stankov

We are on the cusp of the greatest transformation of the human race in its long and mostly forgotten history and now even the sparrows from the roofs are heralding this change. One must be blind not to see it.

On November 12th we traveled to Rome in a “mission for God” as the Elohim told us before departure. As it has always been the case when we act as conduits of the Source, it was not a journey of bliss, as many readers may surmise, rather it began as a veritable trip to hell. One day after the major stargate 11.11.11 (11 = 2018) and seven years after the PAT opened the first and most important stargate and portal of personal and planetary ascension on 11.11.11, we installed the new spiritual paradigm of unity consciousness. 

It is a new set of trans-dimensional energetic conditions that affects in the first place the mind and the heart (psyche) of all incarnated human personalities and eradicates all past beliefs systems, prejudices and infinite other wrong ideas of separation that have led to the current toxic reality on this planet. It is a new way of life where the heart and the mind immediately recognize the truth wherever they see it and this opens further their connection to the Source and the soul.

It is a kind of an inner safeguarding that precludes automatically any thoughts, decisions and actions that are not rooted in higher ethics and morality. Instead there is a steady stream of inner values and moral constraints that pour out from the soul into the inner being of the incarnated personality and manifest as a deep knowing and a powerful guidance to always make the right choices and decisions – to be able to discern “good from evil” and “right from wrong”. It is the inner imperative about which so many philosophers have written in the past but this knowledge has been buried in present-day moral-free, pecuniary utilitarianism as paradigmatically embodied by Trump and the ruling cabal nowadays. 

Essentially, the new spiritual paradigm is the vehicle to “ascension, which in itself is an energetic alignment with the unity consciousness” as the Agarthans told us recently; its motto can be perfectly summarized by the famous verse of Dante Alighieri (Inferno, XXVI, vv 112 -120):

“Considerate la vostra semenza:
fatti non foste a viver come bruti,
ma per seguir virtute e canoscenza”.

(Think of your seeds: you are not born to live like brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge.)

This is what all old self-proclaimed and future spiritual leaders have to fully internalize before they can become the seeds of the new spiritual paradigm of unity consciousness. Only recently I admonished the lack of any ethical and moral considerations in the entire new age literature as if this topic had no relevance for humanity and its awakening. Very soon they will learn how wrong they are.

I am not including in this discussion the current religious leaders as one has to leave all virtues and ethics at the doorsteps of the seminary before one starts with an ecclesiastic career. Or to quote Dante one more time when he meets Virgil and reads the famous phrase engraved on top of the entrance to hell: “Lasciate ogni speranza, o voi che entrate” (Inferno, Canto 3) (Leave all hope, you who enter..)

The old dark matrix is Dante’s Hell which the false and illusory human consciousness of separation from the Source, and between humans as God’s sparks, has created in eons of time. It is now in its last throes and the nastiness and viciousness of human behaviour comes unvarnished to the fore for everyone to see and revolt in disgust. Let us hope that this natural human disgust towards any form of darkness which is an integral part of the heart and mindset of the new spiritual paradigm will soon grow exponentially and will catapult all awakened individuals out of the old matrix, so that they can regain their lost hope upon entrance into this hell a long time ago.

The capitals of political power in the West, first and foremost in Washington D.C. and all the fake subservient fake media of the cabal are the main proponents of this human obnoxiousness that can no longer be hidden under the barrage of the incoming source energies of Truth. Without any energetic support from the Divine Mind and Heart, this dark human expression has to raise its ugly head one last time in agony before it disappears for ever after it has fulfilled its pedagogic purpose. This is exactly what we observe in these last days of the old order.

The primary source of all human darkness and nastiness is the ubiquitous human thinking based on separation from the soul and the Source that is also the cause of all wars and atrocities that have ravaged this planet and its incarnated human population in its long and very bellicose history.

This old paradigm of separation was abolished with one fell-swoop on November 12th and 13th, first in Rome and then in the entire country of Italy, which is the Alpha and Omega of all incarnation experiments on Gaia; it is also the first country to collectively ascend with our help as Logos Gods and c0-creators of the city of light New Raetia.

This ascension scenario has been extensively discussed on this website since three years and especially in this auspicious year of profound change. And as always, the installment of the new spiritual paradigm of unity consciousness devastated our physical bodies and energetic fields as all the dark obnoxious energies that were released from the old paradigm had to flow through our fields in order to be sent to the source and recycled there. And this all could only happen in Rome.

Rome is not only the prototype of the modern society as an empire, which currently the USA tries in vain to copy, just as all self-proclaimed empires have failed in the past, it is also the alleged spiritual centre of Christianity, at least of Catholicism. Therefore, it is logical that this eternal city will assume the role of the world centre of the new spirituality, which will be founded in the new Scientific Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law.

It already used to be the centre of European Neoplatonism, together with Alexandria in the Orient in the 3rd century A.C.,  as developed by the ingenious Plotinus in his Enneads in the outskirts of ancient Rome. This is the most important and influential book of human Gnosis and philosophy in the West and the cognitive foundation upon which Christianity committed its spiritual fraud as I explain extensively in my theoretical work “Neoplatonism and Christianity“.

With this academic survey I have built the bridge between Neoplatonism, the spiritual source of Italian and Western Renaissance, initiated in the Platonic academy in Florence which was founded and sponsored by Cosimo de’ Medici in early 15th century but acquired universal importance under the support of the great poet and thinker Lorenzo Medici, and the new Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law. This is the true philosophical tradition of transcendental unity consciousness of mankind that will substitute the current compartmentalized, disparate, false materialistic, empiric and agnostic thinking that currently prevails worldwide. It dominates the Weltanschauung of most humans since the rise of modern “fake science” and the Age of Enlightenment, which the Reptilian sponsored French revolution brought about. Some define this time also as the “Era of Reason”, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Succinctly said, humanity is well advised to expect Rome to rise from the ashes of derailed Christian religion, institutionalized by blood-thirsty pedophile clergy that succeeded the no less murderous and savage ancient Rome, anesthetized by the brutal carnage of the gladiators spectacles in the Coliseum. This gives you an inkling as to the enormous, quasi Herculean work, we, the new spiritual leaders of humanity, will have to accomplish in order to transform this vicious, barbaric human species into enlightened civilized beings of unity consciousness with impeccable ethical and moral standards.

For that reason our future light work will unfold not only in the world healing centre here in Northern Italy that will attract humans from all over the globe very soon, but also in Rome, from where our new spiritual ideas will be disseminated the world over. The old neoplatonic tradition, now enhanced by the new General Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law, must prevail over almost two millennia of crude and bellicose Christian barbarism as embodied by the Dark Ages, which still continues to the present day.

In the context of this ascension scenario, it is obvious that Florence will assume the role of the third Italian centre of new 5D arts and creation as it did once under Lorenzo Medici in the old 3D reality. After all, Italy is the “Alpha and Omega” of all human experiments on this planet and I urge all our readers to imprint this truth deep into their minds.

Christian dogma postulates that this religion is an Advent Church of Redemption. The Advent is the Second Coming of Christ as vehemently preached by St. Paul in its Epistles and by St. John in his Revelations, where he vividly depicted the battle between “Gog and Magog”, between the dark archons and Luciferian forces from the astral plane and the forces of light in human gestalt as embodied by the PAT and other light warriors in the End Time, which we have personally carried out for many years with great success and have extensively reported on this website.

St. Paul and St. John are though fictitious personalities that represent split-aspects of the real historical person Apollonius of Tyana, who was a renowned spiritual teacher throughout the entire Roman empire and whose disciples and teachings built the foundation for the Christ Saga. During the time of the Synods the concept of the Anointed Christ was created by the dark Reptilian forces that had taken control over Christianity as the new world religion that replaced the numerous ancient cults. Therefore, the true existence of Apollonius of Tyana had to be fully covered up as to prevent the illumination of the masses and their ascension in the current End Times. This explains the fall of Western civilisation into barbarism and obscurity during the Dark Ages for almost a millennium after humanity had already achieved a very high level of culture and enlightenment in the Antiquity.

The Christian Roman Empire became the heir of the old pagan empire and it began its reign with the transfer of the capital from Rome to Constantinople. The principle of caesaropapism, the union between the head of the Church as patriarch and the emperor, i.e. the union between spiritual and political, secular power, became the foundational principle of the new Christian Byzantine Empire. It was the legitimate heir of pagan Rome and the longest empire in the known history of mankind. Constantinople with Hagia Sophia was also the midwife of the entire aristocracy on the old continent and the prototype of all European states. Byzantine could survive for so long because it effectively united spiritual with worldly power and this brought a great stability in the society notwithstanding numerous spiritual struggles as the prolonged iconoclastic war.

The key element of the Christian dogma is that all heads of the Church – first patriarchs and then popes after the Schism – are earthly representatives of Jesus Christ and administer Christianity as fiduciaries until the Second Coming of Christ. It has been a leitmotif in our discussions throughout the years that the light warriors of the first and the last hour, essentially the PAT, are the current human embodiment of Christ consciousness and thus will represent the Second Coming of Christ when we transfigure and appear in front of humanity as Ascended Masters and become the new Anointed Custodians of ascended Gaia and humanity. This time is now upon us.

However, one should not interpret this upcoming event as if we shall take over the Vatican and all Church institutions physically as we are here to abolish all religions and their rotten institutions. The new paradigm of unity consciousness, which we installed on November 12th and 13th in Rome, cannot include such institutions that operate on money, pecuniary interests, bribery, corruption, evil dark magic and crime, and have betrayed true spirituality from their inception. That is why simultaneously with the abolition of Christianity, and subsequently of all other organized religions, we shall introduce the Astral currency as an interim solution before money will be abolished for ever. An evolved, enlightened civilisation towards which we will guide humanity in the coming months and years does not need money to create its new future. This will be understood very soon by all enlightened people and this idea, among many other important spiritual ideas which we currently profess, will become very popular in Rome and will spread from there throughout the world. That is why Rome will be the new spiritual centre of the new paradigm of unity consciousness according to the famous saying – the chicken must come home to roost.

It has to begin from Rome for the said historical reasons. True human evolution can only be based on a sound historical tradition as this is the only way how collective karma can be eliminated. For that reason there must be another city of light that accounts for the historical tradition of Orthodox Byzantine which was actually the first Christian empire while Rome and Italy were only a province of it at that time. However, Constantinople is now Istanbul and fully embedded in the Islamic world. This part of the world will have to go through many existential struggles and hardships before the people there can truly awaken and acquire redemption from their karmic debts and qualify to enter the new network of light cities we are now building the world over.

Due to these historical circumstances the city of light that will represent Orthodox Christianity is built over Bulgaria and will have an interception with this 3D reality in my native town Plovdiv, the oldest city in the world with a continuous archeological evidence. It was the capital of the richest Roman province, Thrace, for many centuries and then part of the Byzantine empire for a very long time. The rest of the time it belonged to the first Slavonic Christian state on the Old Continent, Bulgaria, which was a mirror image of the Byzantine empire and for long periods of time between the 8th and 13th century as powerful as Byzantine itself. Bulgaria spread Orthodox Christianity to Kiev Russ, Russia and much of the rest of Eastern Europe and old Bulgarian language became an Orthodox Church language besides Greek and Latin.

Therefore, it is important that the city of light New Pulpudeva that will represent Orthodox Christianity of Second Rome – Constantinople, Byzantine – and Third Rome – Moscow, Russia – appears in Bulgaria as recently confirmed by the Arcturians. That is why I have been building this city of light for many years and this is the reason why I chose to be born in this country that is also under the full protection of the White Brotherhood as represented by my two predecessors – the spiritual leaders Peter Beron and Peter Danov (Deunov). The Bulgarian nation has the least collective karmic debt compared to all other European countries and this will enable my countrymen to ascend collectively and surpass other economically more advanced nations, while the North American societies will first go under and will have to struggle for a very long time before they acquire redemption and qualify for the new network of cities of light on surface earth. The latter will be closely linked to the network Agartha in the 5D and higher dimensions.

We have discussed all these various aspects of the ascension scenario in numerous publications and therefore I assume that they are well known to all my readers. Here I have summarized them one more time on the eve of our Reclamation of Italy and Rome as ascended new earth and later on the entire planet.

Eleven years ago I wrote my study on “Neoplatonism in Christianity” in German language, of which the first four chapters have been translated in English (Neoplatonism and Christianity(4)). In the “Conclusion” chapter of this book, I was inspired by the Source and wrote the following prophetic words (in German and the English translation by myself below):


Die Vertreter jeder Inkarnationszivilisation im solaren Universum stehen vor zwei grundsätzlichen Entscheidungsalternativen, die zugleich die zwei Entwicklungsstufen ihrer Evolution widerspiegeln:

1. Alternative

Weiterhin im Zustand des Getrenntseins zu verharren und sich gegenseitig zu bekämpfen und umzubringen, bis ihre technische Fähigkeit, die ganze Zivilisation zu vernichten, so weit fortgeschritten ist, dass sie vor der grundsätzlichen Alternative stehen: Ihre Zivilisation für immer zu vernichten oder eine radikale Wende zu vollziehen. Genau vor dieser Entscheidungsalternative steht die Menschheit im Augenblick.

2. Alternative

Sich der tiefen, unverbrüchlichen Einheit und Verbundenheit aller inkarnierten Seelen auf dem Planeten auf eine allumfassende Weise gewahr werden und alle Kämpfe und Kriege untereinander für immer einzustellen. Voraussetzung dafür ist, die Erkenntnis von der ewiggültigen Existenz der Seele und ihrer wiederholten Inkarnation auf dem Planeten zu verinnerlichen.

Erst wenn alle Individuen einer Zivilisation erkennen, dass sie unsterbliche Seelenbrüder und Geschwister sind, nicht in einem symbolischen Sinne, wie in manchen Oden der Freude gesungen wird, sondern auf eine sehr konkrete, energetische Weise, wird die Inkarnationszivilisation in ihre zweite Entwicklungsstufe eintreten.

Eine aufgeklärte, evolierte Zivilisation wird dann vor einer einzigen Alternative stehen, die jedoch unendlich viele Entfaltungsmöglichkeiten in sich birgt: Welchen schöpferischen Weg soll sie nehmen, um das Leben ihrer Mitglieder noch schöpferischer, noch glückseliger zu gestalten. Erst wenn alle Individuen einer Zivilisation erkennen, dass wahre Schöpfung wahre Glückseligkeit bedeutet und dass jede wahre Schöpfung eine umfassende konstruktive Interferenz aller beteiligten Energien ist, was soviel heißen will, dass nur eine Gesellschaft, die jedem einzelnen Individuum die optimalen Bedingungen einer schöpferischen Gestaltung gewährleistet, eine evoluierte ist, erst dann wird auch der Weg zur totalen Zerstörung für immer gebannt.

Die heutige Menschheit besteht aus „zündelnden Kindern“ – ob sie nun Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Idi Amin, Phol-Pot, Bush oder Osama Bin Laden heißen. Aber auch alle Kinder wachsen irgendwann einmal über ihre Kinderkrankheiten hinaus und entwickeln sich zu verantwortlichen Mitgliedern einer evoluierten Gesellschaft. Die psychischen, geistigen und weltanschaulichen Voraussetzungen, die sie dazu benötigen, müssen sie sich während des langen Inkarnationszyklus selbst erarbeiten. Die neue wissenschaftliche Theorie und Gnosis des Universalgesetzes ist eine wertvolle Einleitung für alle Menschen, die sich auf den Weg der Vervollkommnung und der Vereinigung mit dem Göttlichen gemacht haben, aber diese schriftliche Erkenntnis ist nur die eine Seite der Medaille.

Die zweite, wesentlich ergiebigere ist, auf die leise Stimme der eigenen Seele zu lauschen, die sich mal als flüchtige Gefühle, mal als blitzartige Intuitionen, selten einmal als Visionen zeigt, jedoch stets als innere Impulse wirkt, denen jeder Mensch, solange diese von der Liebe getragen werden, nachgehen sollte.

Das Göttliche ist nur als individuelle Spiritualität erfahrbar, weil jedes Individuum, wie auch Plotin lehrt, über seine Seele unzertrennlich mit dem Allganzen verbunden ist. In diesem Sinne ist Liebe der Zustand einer umfassenden konstruktiven Interferenz aller Existenz und aller Bewusstseinsformen im Allganzen, den jeder Mensch auf eine subjektive, sinnlich-emotionale, aber deswegen nicht minder gültige Weise vernehmen kann; erst wenn er in der Lage ist, diesen Zustand der Liebe umfassend zu erfahren, wird er auch bestrebt sein, dieses Gefühl bedingungslos weiterzugeben.

Erst wenn die Liebe zur Richtschnur jeder zwischenmenschlichen Beziehung wird, kann man auch von einer evoluierten Gesellschaft sprechen. Und die Liebe braucht weder Gesetze, noch Strafe oder Zwang, um sich auszudrücken. Sie strömt aus jeder Lebensform spontan heraus, aus dem energetischen Überfluss ihres schöpferischen Dranges und verwandelt alles, was sie berührt, auch die dunkelsten Seiten der menschlichen Psyche, zur konstruktiven Interferenz – zum göttlichen Licht.

Dies war die Grunderkenntnis des Neoplatonismus, die das Christentum so gründlich missverstanden hat, und ich wünsche es mir sehr, dass mit dem unvermeidlichen Untergang der Religionen, die Menschheit bald eine neue Renaissance des allumfassenden, wissenschaftlich fundierten Neoplatonismus des Universalgesetzes, des Logos, erleben wird. Sie hat viel zu lange in geistiger Umnachtung gelebt, es tut weh zu sehen, in welchem beschränkten psychischen und geistigen Zustand die meisten Menschen immer noch auf dieser Erde leben.

English translation


The representatives of every incarnation civilization in the Solar Universe are faced with two basic choices that reflect the two stages of development in their evolution:

1. Alternative

To continue lingering in a state of separation, fighting and killing each other until their technical ability to destroy the entire civilization has advanced enough as to face the fundamental alternative decision: to annihilate their civilization forever or to radically change the course of evolution. Humanity stands at this moment right in front of this alternative decision.

2. Alternative

To become fully aware of the deep, unbreakable unity and interconnectedness of all incarnated souls on the planet and to cease all struggles and wars among themselves forever. The prerequisite for this is to internalize the knowledge of the eternal existence of the soul and her repeated incarnation on the planet.

Only when all individuals of a civilization realize that they are immortal soul siblings, not in a symbolic sense, as sung in some odes to joy, but in a very concrete, energetic way, will the incarnation civilization enter its second stage of development.

Such an enlightened, evolved civilization will then face a single alternative, but with infinite possibilities for development: what creative path should it take to make the lives of its members even more creative and blissful? Only when all individuals of a civilization realize that true creation is true bliss, and that every true creation is a comprehensive constructive interference of all the energies involved, which means that only a society that guarantees each individual the optimal conditions of creative expansion is an evolved one, only then will the path to total destruction be banished forever.

Today’s humanity is made up of “children-arsonists” – whether they are called Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Idi Amin, Phol-Pot, Bush or Osama Bin Laden. But all children eventually grow beyond their childhood illnesses and become responsible members of an evolved society. During the long incarnation cycle, they have to work out the mental, spiritual, and philosophical prerequisites they need. The new scientific Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law is a valuable introduction to all those who have embarked on the path of perfection and union with the Divine, however, this written knowledge is but one side of the coin.

The second, much more yielding one is to listen to the quiet voice of one’s own soul, which sometimes appears as fleeting emotions, sometimes as lightning intuitions, rarely as visions, but always acts as an inner impulse to which every human being, as long as it is carried by the wings of Love, should follow.

The Divine can be experienced only as individual spirituality, because every individual, as Plotinus teaches, is inseparably connected with All-That-Is through his soul. In this sense, love is a state of comprehensive constructive interference of all Existence and of all forms of Consciousness in general, which every human being can perceive in a subjective, sensual-emotional, but therefore no less valid way; only when one is able to comprehend this state of love comprehensively, will he endeavor to pass on that feeling unconditionally.

Only when love becomes the guideline of every interpersonal relationship can one also speak of an evolved society. And love does not need laws, punishment or coercion to express itself. It flows spontaneously out of every form of life, out of the energetic abundance of its creative urge, and transforms everything that it touches, even the darkest sides of the human psyche, into constructive interference – into divine light.

This was the basic understanding of Neoplatonism, which Christianity has so thoroughly misunderstood, and I very much hope that with the inevitable demise of all religions, humanity will soon experience a new Renaissance of the all-embracing, scientifically-founded Neoplatonism of the Universal Law, the Logos. It has lived for far too long in the spiritual dark night of its collective soul, it hurts to see in what limited mental and spiritual state most people still live on this earth.


The Elohim Message: A New Spiritual Paradigm is Born!

“A new spiritual paradigm is born! This new spiritual paradigm descended over the past two days (12th and 13th of November);  This visit to Rome was to energetically align the reality of the new paradigm while at the same time cleanse vestiges of the old paradigm.

The new paradigm is anchoring here in the heart of the Christian world, Rome. It will focus on the energetics of a spiritual nature.  It shall expand out into the world via all who are considered to be spiritual leaders. The spiritual leaders of this age hold the power to change the values within the system as they are open to the energies of All-That-Is and also value the transcendental connection.  These are the leaders who shall bring humanity forward into the Light.  This will not be done from a religious focal point but from a moral and ethical standpoint.  

It is now natural to hold to moralistic principles of “right” and “wrong” where in the past it was easy to turn away from “right” and accept “wrong”.  With the power of the energies of change, coupled with the cleansing of the old paradigm, spiritual leaders are no longer comfortable with turning away from the Light, and turning away from the truth that is now so clearly understood within their sacred hearts.

The new spiritual paradigm has created an Opening for how feelings (heart) and thoughts (mind) are processed.  This creation affords new activity within the heart chakra. The hearts are now beating a new tone and to a new rhythm.  This paradigm activates the opening of the heart chakra, which is infallibly magnetically aligned with the truth in all things.  Truth can be evaluated and discovered by the heart chakra since truth itself fuels the heart chakra to spin and open its inner vortices.  When the heart chakra encounters truth in any and all forms, it is opened and an instant recognition presides that reveals a confirmation and attraction of more truth. This is why it is often referred to as the Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart with its Three-fold flame: Blue Flame of God’s Divine Will, Yellow Flame of Illumination; and Pink Flame of Unconditional Love, fuels the foundation of this new paradigm of which moral values and ethical action are a necessary part, and will become fully activated as the spiritual paradigm anchors and prepares the world for the quantum leap into the field of Unity Consciousness.

At the level of the mind you may hear a statement and then attempt to qualify it, categorize it, and this means the statement is subject to prejudice.  This is an inaccurate system because this activity can not tell you whether the statement is true or not. These questions may arise:  How is it possible to have had thoughts founded in prejudice?  How is it possible to have taken actions that ultimately harm another?  How is it possible to have conceded to the State, to government, and agreed with decisions made that imposed suffering upon fellow human beings who are in a weakened and vulnerable state?  These are good questions and are the beginning step to assessing truth.

The new spiritual paradigm is an opening that brings a fresh imperative of truth-seeking that arises in a natural way. All individuals will experience an opening of the hearts and the minds to the recognition that previous beliefs and behaviours are simply no longer acceptable; that failure to apply moral and ethical principles including right action based on correct thinking, and a detachment from God’s Divine Will, is no longer acceptable as this was founded in separation consciousness.

Truth is the foundation of Unity Consciousness. It is easy to test for truth as it is clear that:  There is no intent to harm, to manipulate, to control, to invite self-pity, to invite attention – for to do so is to engage separation consciousness.  Truth is moral victory as it is founded in holistic thinking and holistic thinking is simply the expression of Unity Consciousness.  

We are the Elohim and we are filled with Joy on this day!”


*Names of the philosophers painted by Raphael in his fresco “The School of Athen”:

1: Zeno of Citium[15]  2: Epicurus[15]  3: unknown[16]  4: Boethius[15]    or Anaximander[15]  5: Averroes[15] 6: Pythagoras[15][11]7: Alcibiades[15] or Alexander the Great[15]  or Pericles[17]  8: Antisthenes[15] or Xenophon[15] 9: unknown[16] (sometimes identified as Hypatia in recent popular sources)[18] or Fornarina as a personification of Love[19] (Francesco Maria della Rovere?)[14] 10: Aeschines[15]  11: Parmenides[14]  or Nicomachus[14]  12: Socrates[15]  or Anaxagoras[17] 13: Heraclitus[14](Michelangelo?)[14] 14: Plato[14] (Leonardo da Vinci?)[14] 15: Aristotle[14] (Giuliano da Sangallo?)[20] 16: Diogenes of Sinope[14]  or Socrates[17]  17: Plotinus?[14] 18: Euclid[14] or Archimedes[14] (Bramante?)[14] 19: Strabo[14] or Zoroaster?[14](Baldassare Castiglione?)[14] 20: Ptolemy[14] R: Apelles[14] (Raphael)[14] 21: Protogenes[14]  (Il Sodoma[14] or Timoteo Viti[21])

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