The Greatest Conspiracy of the Dark Ones of All Times

Why Human “Fake Science” Is a Deliberate Total Deception

Georgi Stankov, February 10, 2019

That modern human science is utterly fake, especially physics which is considered to be the pinnacle of natural sciences as it describes the physical world with mathematical equations known as “natural laws” and evokes the false impression of being “exact”, has been proven by the author beyond any doubt in the most comprehensive way possible. This will be the topic of the present disquisition – precisely, I will not deal with the fact that science is fake as this is undeniable as I have shown in my books and articles listed below, but why it is fake, which I have not discussed so far.


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Science, and all the scientists, have not only got the Nature of All-That-Is totally wrong, they have done that by design of which they are not aware of. Basically, science is a thoroughly agnostic, blind categorical system that completely disregards Human Gnosis – the only true fundamental idea that all knowledge is available to our souls and we only need to find a full access to it by identifying with our soul and the I AM Presence, i.e. by way of re-membrance. This is what will happen after our ascension and even before that in preparation for this event.

Ultimately, current science, and by default philosophy and all religions, do not understand the nature of the Primary Term of human consciousness, from which all human ideas and concepts are derived axiomatically in a secondary manner, as I explain extensively in all my scientific and philosophical books on Modern Human Gnosis:

In addition, this website contains more than 3000 publications which all contribute to various aspects of this most extensive and profound intellectual Proof of Truth = Proof of God ever accomplished in the history of mankind. This is very important to observe at this place as to eliminate any misunderstanding or disparagement of the author from the very beginning, or blunt idolatry of himself by the masses in the aftermath of his ascension. This will be counter-productive to the ascension aspirations of all my future readers, who will soon be in the billions.

As I can foresee it, very soon all humans will want to ascend when they see what we can achieve as ascended masters. However, as humans are currently highly conditioned to immediate gratification, which will no longer work on the new earth, this will be another blunder they may not avoid that will be as illusory as their current fake science (read also here).

As first comes an idea, a mental concept carried on the creative wings of our powerful emotions, because all incarnated human beings have a direct light cord to the Source (humans are God’s sparks) and are thus powerful creator beings, the holographic reality we create on the earth and perceive as Nature, physical and organic, and as Cosmos is entirely the creation of our collective thoughts. Nature and the external world do not exist as separate, distinct entities outside our inner mental and emotional fields. In other words, everything we perceive with our senses and define as 3D reality is our own inner creation. For ever!

As we, human beings, are also Creation of God’s idea, as his image, which we can also define as “Spirit” as was usual in Antiquity (Platonism and Neoplatonism), everything we perceive with our senses and process with our minds and emotions is the Manifestation of Spirit in its Pluripotence. Modern science has not grasped this fact from the very beginning as it has evolved entirely as an empirical discipline of agnostic, positivistic thinking and considers Nature and All-That-Is to be “dead matter”, as I explain in depth in my philosophical books on Human Gnosis (see above). The greatest failure of science is to reject the existence of Spirit in all manifestations of All-That-Is – physical matter, humans, animals, plants, Gaia as a conscious being, the multiverse (perceived as cosmos) are Creation of God’s Divine Mind and are thus living conscious energy.

In other words, present-day science is fake precisely because it has rejected the basic transcendental truth of all Life:

This holographic 3D reality, in which we as humans live, is the Creation of our thoughts and Ideas as Souls.

Essentially, current fake science rejects humans as powerful Creator beings, and in the following I will explain why this has happened by design – by the most insidious design in the entire multiverse. Thus I will verify why all scientists are totally blind, blocked, and incapable of grasping the novel holistic, transcendental approach of the new theory of the Universal Law, i.e., why they have zero natural intelligence. As this is the new Science of Ascension, “it will be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a scientist to enter the kingdom of God“, if I may quote at this place my predecessor Apollonius of Tyana, alias Jesus.

In other words, all scientists must totally reject their current science which is only a means of survival in a hostile, insecure and unpredictable world that allows them to live as a kind of privileged caste in countless research institutes, financed by the taxpayers and yielding nothing of value, as once the priests of religions did and many still do. Scientists and priests are classical human drones (a drone is a male bee in a colony of social bees, which does no work but can fertilize a queen or engage in pedophilia as is the case with the Catholic clergy).  That is why not only fake science, but also all religions will be very soon fully abolished by the new theory of the UL and will disappear from the new earth once and for all. But as the topic of my discussion here is Science, I will deal with religions one more time at a later date.

The  fact that Science and all scientists have not grasped the essence of Nature as conscious intelligent energy and us, humans, being part of it as powerful creators of same, simultaneously and multidimensionally on numerous levels in the Now (linear time is another human illusion), is the most wondrous and troublesome phenomenon one can observe on this planet, and even in the entire infinite multiverse. The scope of human intellectual deception in science is very difficult, almost impossible to comprehend when one has grasped the new Theory of the Universal Law (UL) to the full extent and is aware how simple and beautiful the true Nature of the Universal Law is.

When I first discovered the UL in 1994 and then developed the new physical and mathematical theory in the following two years, I was stunned by the depth and extension of scientific fraud in physics and later on in bio-science and medicine. It seemed incomprehensible to me how it was possible that so many millions of scientists throughout numerous generations, since modern science emerged about 4 centuries ago with Galilei and Descartes, could not see all the obvious and stark blunders in physics, mathematics and bio-sciences and continued to worship this false deity with an indoctrinated rigid fervour.

For the sake of objectivity, I must add at this place that mathematics was found to be in a foundation crisis since 1937, actually much earlier, after Goedel proved with his famous theorem that mathematics cannot prove its validity with its own means. As mathematics is a hermeneutic discipline without any external object of study, it can prove its validity only by means of mathematical logic. And Goedel proved precisely that – that mathematics cannot prove its own validity with its own means. Each time the principles of mathematical formalism, as advocated by Hilbert since 1900, were applied to the axiomatization of this discipline, it led to two contrary and mutually exclusive conclusions, both of which seemed to be true. This is called a profound paradox or antinomy and is the strongest proof that mathematics as a science must be fake.

Since the foundation crisis of mathematics could not be resolved by anybody after Goedel’s proof, this problem was deliberately swept with a huge broom under the carpet of forgetfulness by all helpless mathematicians and scientists who are incompetent and insincere seekers of the truth. Nowadays, nobody in scientific circles is even remotely aware that there is such a thing as foundation crisis of mathematics and I, myself, have done a lot of surveys on this topic among academic circles.

By the way, I abolished the foundation crisis of mathematics as an artifact in 1995, after I discovered the Universal Law and developed the New Integrated Physical and Mathematical Axiomatics.

Therefore, when we are talking about scientists here, we must be aware that we are dealing with the most recalcitrant representatives of humanity, which is also at a very low level of spiritual and intellectual evolution. Human ignorance and stupidity are very widely distributed among the entire world population and they have, for the most part, been the product of deliberate mind-control and manipulation by evil forces from the astral plane. Nowhere has, however, the mind-control been so all-pervading and destructive as among the human sub-population of present-day scientists.

As original human nature is that of natural curiosity, the current mental state of total blockage for the Truth, which all scientists currently display, must have been the result of a very prolonged and massive mind-control of the dark ones from the astral plane. By that I mean the Powers That Were (PTW), the ETs from the Orion / Reptilian Empire, such as reptilians as shape shifters, the Greys, zeta reticuli and some minor groups of negative dark entities and the combined evil forces from the astral plane, such as archons, Luciferian and Ahriman forces; the latter provided the masterminds that developed the far-reaching plan of total enslavement of humanity in the current End Time as to prevent the ascension of Gaia and part of humanity. I have discussed this topic numerous times in my articles and I will delve into it one more time below when I discuss the total manipulation of the scientists’ minds since time immemorial and why this was done on purpose.

The present-day form of fierce dogmatic indoctrination manifested as blind, agnostic, narrow materialistic, rejective mind, which all scientists without exception currently display, as I have proved beyond any doubt on numerous occasions, surpasses even the greatest religious extremism as professed by the worst individuals and institutions on this planet, beginning with the Vatican’s Inquisition and crusades against true Christians that commenced with the extermination of the Cathars in Europe, Southern France and then expanded to the Middle East, of which the current derailed islamic terrorists are the natural karmic relapse. Many thinkers and scientists who questioned the Church doctrine, e.g. the false Ptolemaic (geocentric) system, were burnt at the stake and are still condemned by the Inquisition to the present day. Savonarolas and Ratzingers wherever one looks around.

There is only one true way to study the history of mankind and that is the study of the ideas that have shaped this civilisation. And as proven by the author again and again on this website, all the foundational ideas of humanity that determine this reality and the way of life in the 3D matrix are utterly false and have only deepened the level of human illusion, ignorance and separation from the Source. Nowhere is this more true than in present-day science that is considered to be the only categorical system of Truth about physical (physics, chemistry, geology, cosmology, etc.) and human nature (bio-science, medicine, pharmacology, etc.) which men have developed so far, although the masses do not understand it and, honestly, do not care about Truth and real Science at all.

In this sense, any study of the history of mankind is a painstaking analysis of all the mental blunders the collective and individual human mind has introduced in science, religion, politics, and economics, that is, in the realms of human spirit. It is a never-ending Odyssey and a very depressing and unrewarding one. I know what I am talking about as this is what I have done all the time throughout this very intense and difficult incarnation.

Let us be frank, how many individuals are there on this planet who have dedicated themselves to the noble intellectual goal of seeking the ultimate Truth – the first (and last) things in human life – and have embraced human eschatology? I know only a few and I am happy and proud of being in contact with them or having them as friends. None of them is a scientist-theoretician, as this is understood today, although they cherish the deep and powerful quest of their souls to become experts of True Science since their birth, which is their greatest spiritual advantage over conventional scientists.

Just as one cannot have an ecclesiastical career unless one drops his faith in the eternal existence of the soul and its reincarnation at the entrance of the seminary, as I have written with respect to the young soul of papa Ratzinger in my lucid essay, one cannot understand the new holistic, transcendental world view of the new theory of the UL, unless one fully discards present-day science and all the indoctrination students are exposed to during their scientific education.

This is an act of highest courage and, as we know in the meantime, all scientists are the worst cowards. By this I mean the only form of true courage a human being can display – the indomitable pursuit of true knowledge, no matter what – and not the petty derailed acts of killing oneself in the name of fake ideals and ideas as is the case with all soldiers of the national state or religious fanatics and suicides as we observe in the numerous wars and conflicts on this planet.

Science is Life and cannot be separated from daily life. This will become obvious after the shift and our ascension will take place. Currently, the overwhelming majority of the people live their daily lives without science, many hate science as they were very poor in science at school and at the university. In the rare cases when some individuals deal with science outside a scientific career, their knowledge of science is so appallingly distorted and inept, and their false scientific ideas are so outright scandalous, that they should be put in an educational asylum to study the UL and will be allowed to leave it, only after they have proved that they will no longer misuse the Truth in the name of fake science as this is such a popular practice among all New Agers nowadays. They do that only to appease their egos and pretend to be wise, being somebody who has something to tell the world. I am very serious about this issue, just as I am disgusted about this pseudo-spiritual behaviour.

These people believe that they can say and write any stupidity in the name of science as the energies that they are talking about cannot be measured or assessed by scientists and their material instruments. That much they know, so that the invalidity of their imbecile scientific ideas can never be properly exposed. All human impostors have a unique devious character and know how to project their false personality onto the collective stage without being immediately exposed for their fraudulent nature. Nowhere is this negative trend so pronounced as among the small community of light proles (workers), and to my surprise and utter disgust, the women are the leading scammers.  So much about feminine energies.

This disingenuous approach of the tiny faction of enlightened people on this planet towards science is the dialectical mirror image to the total disinterest of scientists to discover the ultimate Truth of All-That-Is, but otherwise both groups are very much alike in their insincerity and inherent spiritual amorality often peaking to distasteful intellectual promiscuity that is fed by lavish plagiarism. In this sense, the New Age light proles, who are considered to be the spiritual spearhead of awakening humanity share the same intellectual and moral vices as the scientists and will have to transform first into camels if they want to ascend to heaven, that much is sure.

The bitter and unvarnished Truth is that all humanity has been under massive mind-control with respect to science, some more, some less, since eons of time. The more an individual deals with science, the more he was subjected to mind-control by the PTW from the former Orion / Reptilian Empire who are responsible for this scientific fraud. These dark negative ETs were eliminated once and for all from this ascending Gaia by the PAT with great sacrifice and personal courage as the history of the Planetary Ascension Team reveals in a seamless chronicle:

The Journey of the Planetary Ascension Team

Let me now elaborate on this issue based on the latest information we are getting from the HR these days. This is only a preliminary information that will help us in the imminent introduction of the UL and we expect much more to come in the near future. Our minds are now expanding exponentially in our ongoing ascension and assuming our mission as Logos Gods of new Earth. This includes an intimate knowledge as to how the minds of all scientific oriented people were dumbed down in the most intense and insidious mind-control ever witnessed in this multiverse and in total breach with the Universal Law and the spiritual principles of the Source and All-That-Is. We need to have this knowledge as to design our strategy how to introduce the new theory of the UL in the most efficient way according to the Law of Energy Optimisation.

Before continuing with my discussion, let me make a profound statement that is indispensable at this point in time: no human being will qualify for ascension unless he/she has reached the highest level of sincerity, inner transparency, integrity, and the utmost form of self-critic. Judged by these spiritual standards, I do not see any of the light workers that are currently lavishly living out their egomaniac spiritual-high-esteem on the Internet New Age stage to ascend anytime soon. This is a basic and most common human angst, which they have to overcome first before they can qualify for ascension. As this same basic angst, disguised as scientific, intellectual high-esteem, is also very common among scientists that prevents them from grasping the revolutionary character of the UL, this conclusion also applies to them.

And here is what we are getting from the Source concerning mind-control that has been exerted on all humans with respect to science and why this has been done in this extreme form as to render such a fake science with respect to ultimate Truth.

Eons of time ago, surely more than 200, 000 years ago earthly time, a group of very dark and insidious ETs from this universe have begun to mind-control humanity. These entities had severed their light cord to the Source long time ago and knew that they are doomed to die as incarnated 4D civilisations. The reptilians, the Greys and zeta reticuli from the PTW belong to this group, but there are more dark, evil ET species in this universe, of which we humans know nothing, although they have had a huge impact on the evolution of the human race.

These dark entities decided to totally dumb down all humanoid civilisations who are in a 3D/4D incarnation cycle throughout this universe, and not only humanity, and to totally sever them from the Source. The reason for that is that humans are God’s sparks and have an intact light cord to God and the Divine Mind. Thus they have the propensity to ascend when they, rather their souls, decide so.

Ascension was planned for the earth since its inception as an incarnation experiment in the highest possible density, as this small planet was created as a melting pot for all souls from numerous incarnation experiments throughout the multiverse who did not manage to ascend on their original planets in a more normal and gradual way and incarnated on the earth. This planet is considered to be the most toxic and difficult place to incarnate as it contains the most derailed and negatively tainted soul fragments in the entire multiverse who have created for themselves the greatest possible density and separation from the Source, deliberately of course, as to test the limits of their souls as powerful creator beings from the higher realms.

In order to compensate for this collective darkness, the most evolved, bright and courageous souls of this multiverse decided to also incarnate on the earth to keep the light quotient and counter-balance the darkness of all the failed incarnated human soul fragments. As these star seeds are all very powerful creator beings and have huge energy fields, only a tiny fraction of them was needed to keep the balance of light on this planet. At the same time this high level of existential severity allowed for a rapid evolution of all the incarnated human personalities as it activates their light cords and thus triggers the LBP and the ascension process from within. Before a planet can ascend, some very daring individuals have to ascend first and pave the way for the planetary and collective human ascension. This is essentially the role of the PAT.

For this reason, it was decided that Gaia and humanity will ascend within one lifetime, within one human incarnation – and this has never happened before in this multiverse. This is the greatest experiment of all times and that is why the level of mind-control and dumbing down of the human population had to be also unique and the extremest in the entire multiverse. The speed of current ascension is proportional to the level of challenges and debasement humans encounter on the earth and are ready to overcome within one lifetime. That is why this incarnation is so turbulent and exhausting for all humans, regardless if they know it consciously as the few light warriors do or have no clue as is the case with the agnostic masses.

Therefore, the shift that is about to happen very soon, will be the most dramatic and shocking event a sentient species has ever experienced in an incarnated state. From the most dumbed down, totally severed from the Source incarnated humanoid civilisation, humanity will skyrocket to a highly evolved multidimensional, transgalactic civilisation within the blink of an eye. This will be the most profound revolution any humanoid civilisation has ever experienced in this multiverse and it will reverberate throughout the entire multiverse and affect numerous other humanoid and other civilisations, from where many of the earth soul fragments come.

As any true revolution is a revolution of consciousness, the human collective mind and its Weltanschauung will experience the most radical expansion of awareness – from the deepest level of total agnosticism and separation from the Source, to the total openness and acceptance of this divine connection. It is very easy to perceive that this radical transformation will be accomplished by the introduction and rapid acceptance of the new theory of the UL which is, in its function, the Theory of Ascension for the human species.

Needless to say that this transformation will affect in the first place the scientists and also all the representatives of established religions whose failure as gnostic teachings I have discussed in depth in my gnostic books (see above). These human beings will lose all of a sudden their life content temporarily and will feel like stranded Robinson Crusoes on the shores of an uninhabited, remote island, before they can gather their wits and understand the bigger picture.

Now back to the evil ETs who decided to dumb down humanity long time ago, much longer than the history of Lemuria and Atlantis and their subsequent destruction 12,000 – 15,000 years ago. Their main target was the scientific mind of humans who are very curious entities in their pristine form as God’s sparks and carry the strong inner impulse to find out who they truly are. In order to hijack this inner human tendency to search for the ultimate Truth, these evil ones decided to manipulate in the first place the two major categorical systems of human knowledge that are in search of the ultimate eschatological truth – Science and religion.

In fact, at the very beginning these two systems of knowledge were not separated on earth, but were mere dialectical aspects of one universal system of human knowledge as is the new theory of the UL with its General Theory of Science and Modern Human Gnosis. This was the case in Lemuria and Atlantis, where the Fall from Grace of these civilisations happened at the pure personal and ethical level and where science still had an access to true knowledge, namely that humans are incarnated soul fragments and much more than their physical bodies. Likewise, the technologies which these two civilisations developed were much more advanced than those nowadays. This however did not prevent their downfall and ultimate catastrophic destruction as they infringed upon the Law of Oneness as they called the UL at that time.

But as the overarching plan of the dark archontic masterminds from the astral plane (Luciferian, Ahriman forces) was, after the destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis, the total enslavement and eventual annihilation of the human population that survived these catastrophes in order to prevent their ascension in the current End Time, they decided to accomplish that by introducing fake religions and fake science of the Divine Mind and Source – of All-That-Is. The reason for that was that all the numerous colonies which Lemuria and Atlantis established on the other continents prior to destruction, such as in Asia (mainly India and the Middle East), the two Americas (Central and South America), Africa (Egypt) and Europe (ancient Greece and the Mediterranean space) carried forward the spiritual knowledge of these two advanced civilisations and the people at that time were much too intelligent to allow to be dumbed down in such a simple but profound manner as we experience nowadays on the verge of the planetary ascension.

We have in the meantime enough information that individual ascensions have happened, for instance, in Ancient Egypt after the destruction of Atlantis and surely in ancient India where the idea of Buddha is firmly established in the cultural heritage of this country. I know from Bulgarian channeling sources in the 90s that received this information specially to share it with me, that there were some local highly evolved sensorial civilisations on the territory of Bulgaria and southern Romania who became the prototype of the Olympic Gods in Greek mythology as they had established a surveillance base on Mount Olymp to control the Mediterranean space as they were at war at that time with another advanced Atlantean colony in Egypt. Today, there are numerous excavations of giant human skeletons of ETs (2.5 meters and even taller up to 10 m) who have lived in Bulgaria and Romania long time ago, about which archeologists prefer not to talk as this would question and destroy their entire false discipline.

Even if we look at Ancient Greek knowledge that is the oldest scientific knowledge modern western humanity has inherited and knows of, such as the teachings of Aristoteles and Plato, less so of Pythagoras, about whom we know only from later generations of ancient scientists,  it is an integrated system of Human Gnosis where theological and teleological concepts harmoniously unite with exact science as embodied in Geometry, of which Euclid geometry is a late compilation. In fact, Platonism, including Pythagoreanism, and its further development Neoplatonism, together with the categorical systems of human knowledge and science developed by Aristoteles, not only dominated western human history for almost one millennium (from the 6th century B.C, Pythagoras until the 6th century A.C., late Gnostics, when the Christian Byzantine Emperor Justinian closed down Athens’ philosophical schools of Neoplatonism in 529, and ushered the Dark Ages of Church dogma), but have actually much influenced science until the present day, even if most agnostic scientists are not aware of this spiritual connection.

These ancient teachings were essentially Human Gnosis – the acknowledgement that all true knowledge comes from within, from the soul, and that the external world of the senses is an utter illusion. That is why ancient thinkers did not divide artificially mathematical and geometric knowledge from religious and gnostic knowledge of the Divine as they knew that all Creation is Pure Mathematics.

Unfortunately, when these dark ones hijacked Christianity during the time of the seven ecumenical councils (from 325, the First Council of Nicaea to the Second Council of Nicaea in 787) when Christian dogma was firmly established and the original teachings of Apollonius of Tyana, including Ancient Gnosis and Philosophy, were fully distorted and suppressed (including arson of major ancient libraries such as the famous Alexandrian library), western civilisation entered the Dark Ages. During this time the unified scientific knowledge and the valid categorical systems of Ancient Greece were almost fully forgotten, or rather deliberately suppressed by the dark evil entities from the astral plane, who had only one goal – how to dumb down humanity and destroy it – which they almost achieved for another millennium – until the onset of Renaissance.

Modern Times in the Western world began with Renaissance which was essentially the re-discovery of the basic truth that All-That-Is is intelligent organised energy that shapes the material forms of the sensual external 3D world according to mathematical rules as advocated by Platonism and Neoplatonism. Therefore it is not a coincidence that the first modern Neoplatonic academy in Florence became the centre of this cultural revival that changed the history of western civilisation for the better. This is a basic knowledge of humanity since Pythagoras and was well known in Atlantis and Lemuria as well as in all their colonies for thousands of years.

All renowned Renaissance architects and artists were excellent geometricians (mathematicians), otherwise they would not have performed such incredible architectonic masterpieces and solved numerous challenges of statics, which even present-day architects are incapable of and are in utter awe. This is also the reason why Florence will very soon become the cultural centre of the new world, while Rome will become the world spiritual centre as announced by the Elohim after we established the new spiritual paradigm in Rome on November 12th, 2018 

In my gnostic-philosophical book

Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Kant – Philosophic Sources as Background to the New Pantheory and Gnosis of the Universal Law

I write about the founder of modern science in late Renaissance Descartes as follows (p. 18):

“With the clarity of his thoughts and the rigor of his arguments, Descartes becomes the model of all later philosophers. His mathematical ideal of knowledge is upheld by Spinoza, Pascal and Leibniz and influences the whole European philosophy of Baroque and Enlightenment. It is just a natural continuation of the enthusiasm of the Neoplatonic Cusanus for the “magic of numbers” in exploring the visible world of bodily things and the invisible world of disembodied ideas, Nous. Cusanus shares this enthusiasm with G. Bruno, J. Kepler and G. Galilei, the founders of modern physics.

Only the English empiricists, Locke, Berkeley, and Hume, seem to be untouched by the mathematical rigor of continental philosophy, though they look back on some notable role models. So Bacon discards the first scholastic method of medieval theology, which is to answer all questions by appealing to authorities such as the Bible, Aristotle, and the Fathers of the Church, replacing them with logical deduction. In his main work with the subtitle “On the Benefits of the Sciences” he deals with the foundations of logic, language knowledge and mathematics, with the help of which he wants to advance physics in order to answer his questions about Nature itself.”

As you can see, even at the beginning of modern science in late Renaissance and early Baroque, the first modern scientists firmly believed in the unity of all human knowledge under clear mathematical logic. All philosophers at that time, who were the true scientists, adored geometry and used it as a universal method of presentation – for instance, Spinoza wrote his famous Ethics according to the geometric method.

This scientific mathematical ideal was fully distorted by the evil dark ones who began to extensively mind-control all scientists with the begin of the Industrial revolution in the 19th century, in particularly in England, which is the citadel of these dark ones where the Queen is a reptilian shape-shifter and so are all the major banksters families that control the banks in the city of London and through it the world finances.

With the beginning of modern science, we can observe an exponential increase of the mind-control of the scientists’ minds which reached a detestable culmination in the last several decades and in particular after I discovered the UL a quarter of a century ago.

However, this sinister plot was planned by the dark evil ones much earlier and they had an easy game in the 20th century when all modern scientific disciplines were practically developed from the position of rabid agnostic materialism and blind empiricism in a complete separation from each other: For instance, bio-sciences have nothing in common with physics, chemistry is also more or less separated from physics. Physics, itself, being the crown discipline of exact scientific knowledge has completely severed its natural connection to philosophy and even from the theory and philosophy of mathematics, from which it originally emerged as I have shown in a lucid manner in my essay on Galilei, the founder of modern physics. Modern science has completely severed its connection to Human Gnosis which is now decried as false esotericism and completely disparaged with an astounding arrogance and pseudo-scientific high esteem.

The compartmentalisation of the scientific mind has achieved mind-boggling proportions in the current End Time and has surpassed even the official medical definition of oligophrenia. This annihilating observation should be stressed at this place without any make-up as to illustrate what gargantuan educational work lies ahead of us when the shift will come and we appear officially as ascended masters in front of humanity.

Essentially the dumbing-down of humanity by the evil PTW has progressed historically with the begin of Modern Time in a two-pronged way –  by falsifying Science and Human Gnosis, beginning with their separation as two distinct and seamingly incompatible categorical systems of human knowledge and then continuing with the compartmentalisation of each scientific discipline until they reach a state of total meaninglessness. The current narrow specialisation in science that produces professional idiots is the natural consequence of this atomisation of true Science into fake science. Thus scientists were hopelessly caught in this inextricable scientific maze and became an easy prey to further individual mind-control.

Take physics, for instance. This discipline is now divided in numerous disciplines, such as classical mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, theory of relativity, quantum physics, QED, QCD, string theory, and then finally we have the standard model as the pinnacle of scientific obfuscation as I have written in my open letter to scientists, which I sent, with the help of Patrick, to 10,000 physicists in June 2017:

Open Letter to All Scientists on This Planet – Accept the Universal Law or Vanish

Present-day physics is in big troubles as the standard model cannot explain most of the phenomena observed. It is unable to integrate gravitation with the other three fundamental forces and there is no theory of gravitation at all. This deficiency is well-known.

I made a survey on the main focus of research activities of ca. 1000 representative physicists worldwide as they presented themselves on their personal websites and found out that more than 60% of all physicists have dedicated their theoretical activities on improving or substituting the standard model which is still considered, out of inertia and lack of viable alternative solutions, to be the pinnacle of modern physics, incorporating classical quantum mechanics, QED and QCD with the theory of relativity, but not classical mechanics.

This is the most convincing proof that the standard model is “fake science” and that it must be substituted as it does not explain anything. It is very encouraging that the majority of physicists and scientists (theoreticians and mathematicians) understand and accept this stark and shocking fact.

Is it justified to conclude from this historical survey on human ideas that have shaped the form, scope and content of modern science, all of which have gone rogue in the last 100 years, that the minds of the scientists have reached an unprecedented level of mental and spiritual devolution by extensive mind-control from the astral plane? Indeed, this was the case until the summer of 2016 when we, Carla and I, with the invisible help of the PAT, single-handedly eliminated all archons and other 4D evil forces in a heroic and epic battle and wrapped up the astral plane around the earth in preparation for its shift to 5D this year. With that the mind-control of the scientists ceased and, if they still behave like zombies, this is the result of the sluggishness of the low vibrations of their mental and emotional bodies that are still thoroughly contaminated by dark patterns of fake thought ideas that were instilled in their agnostic ego-minds by the archons from the astral plane for a very long time.

I know how effective and compelling this thought manipulation can be as I have been attacked (and beamed) numerous times brutally by very dark archons and Luciferian forces from the astral plane or directly by human demons in my surroundings before I could eliminate them with my light saber and special light invocations, so that I am fully aware how easily such attacks can change the mind and the psyche of the victim. Very few light warriors are consciously aware or ready to admit this kind of negative experience, while most light workers deliberately and fearfully reject this dark aspect of human existence and seek a flight in the “love and light” illusion of the New Age.

At the same time the ignorant, agnostic masses have no clue what has been happening on the earth from the astral plane since eons of time until 2016 when we abolished this plane and how massively humanity has been manipulated and dumbed down by various heinous dark forces. Although one only needs to observe how rabidly and insidiously all politicians, mainstream journalists, and celebrities behave nowadays as they are also a main target of such massive mind-control or carry demons in their fields. The latter can only be eliminated by the free will of the victim and most victims are unaware thereof. That is why there are still many possessed humans on this ascending Gaia, although the astral plane of the archons no longer exists, so that one should be very careful and attentive in these last days prior to the shift when these demons can no longer cope with the high frequency waves from the Source and their human carriers begin to run amok. I expect similar behaviour in scientific circles when the UL will be introduced on a global scale.

Finally, it is very important to stress at this place that I consider all scientists victims of the most evil mind-control and have a lot of compassion for them as human beings as I know how much they have suffered at the soul level and will have to suffer before they can overcome this state of total mental confusion and acquire the clarity of the Divine mind. However, I am not sure how many of them will be able to comprehend the UL and its theory in this lifetime and therefore do not consider them important for its popularisation.

I will explain below why, but essentially the impending introduction of new advanced technologies from the 5D cities of light that will radically improve life on earth will happen outside the current established system of scientific research institutes and state entanglement as also the national state will be abolished very soon. In other words, we will not need the scientists to introduce new technologies based on the UL but will be happy to welcome them in the cities of light if they show desire to awaken and evolve spiritually.

Now, let me finally disclose to you why these evil dark ones dumbed down all the scientists on this planet in such a profound and horrific manner that they can now no longer think in a straight logical manner as to understand the epistemological basis of the simplest equation which the human mind can build – the rule of three – which happens to be the UL when presented in a mathematical way:

E = Ef = nhf =  SP(A)[1d-space-time][1d-space] f

These dark evil entities manipulated human science into fake science, just as they created synthetic worlds in August 2013 in order to prevent our ascension after Carla, and a week later, I, myself, were the first humans to transfigure our carbon-based bodies into crystalline light bodies and visit Shamballa in the Inner Earth Agartha (read also here; actually Shamballa exists in the 7th dimension and has nothing to do with Inner earth topologically. Initially we believed we had visited Telos, but we were corrected much later by our higher sources that it was Shamballa.):

Message From AA Michael: Carla’s Journey on August 28th to the False Synthetic 4D Worlds Created by the Dark Lords to Trap Ascension Candidates has Paved the Way for the Detonation of the PAT and Our Full Ascension.

They have severed their light cord to the Source to such an extent that they have no chance to ascend at all and are therefore doomed to die as biological species. This explains their desperation in 2013 when they tried in vain to create false synthetic worlds to trap the first ascension candidates which were able to ascend to the 5D after the PAT opened the stargate 12.12.12 – 12.21.12. At the same time these evil entities exist in the 4D and thus have a superficial energetic advantage over human soul fragments as long as they are incarnated in physical vessels, which are very limiting to the creation potential of human souls. This has given rise to the wrong expectation, or rather hope of these dark evil ones that they might somehow outsmart Heaven and enter it through the backdoor.

They believed that if they figure out how human body operates and manipulate its genetic make-up and its chakras, that they would be able to use such human bodies and also ascend with us by short-circuiting (avoiding) the law of karma. As they have accumulated such huge karma, while cruelly and pitilessly destroying human lives since eons of time, they need an infinitely long period of incarnations under the law of karma, until they can redeem themselves and qualify for ascension. However, this is exactly what these dark evil ones want to avoid at any price as they are completely possessed by hubris and suffer from the false god-like syndrome.

Since they have manipulated humans for eons of time, they began to believe that they are special and have even forced humans to worship them as gods in some past cultures and civilisations on earth as was the case with the dark ETs, Anunnaki in Sumeria, Assyria and Babylon.

The Anunnaki also meddled with the genetic code of humans as to create a docile version of humankind that can function as the ideal slave and work in their gold mines under terrible conditions, but eventually failed. However, there have been numerous genetic experiments on humans in the past by such dark ETs and this negative heritage has additionally dumbed down the minds of humans and that of scientists in particular. Most humans who become scientists come from such genetically deficient lineages and repeat the same negative karmic lessons, which only deepens the level of their mental insufficiencies and prevents them from grasping the UL.

However, the closer humanity moved to the current End Time and the final shift to 5D, the more profoundly these dark ones realized how immature and unrealistic their hope had been to ascend by desecrating human bodies through numerous abductions and insidious genetic experiments. Since we, the PAT, opened the stargate 11.11.11 and especially after the ascension of Gaia and the PAT to 5D at the portal 12.12.12 – 12.21.12 was a full success, the dark ones from the PTW knew definitely that they have no chance to ascend and became utterly desperate.

They never considered the basic gnostic Truth that Ascension is a divine dispensation of the Source and that only souls who have completed with their karma – that is to say, only old souls at the end of their long incarnation cycle in a human body – can qualify for ascension and begin with the individual LBP, which is closely coordinated by our soul monads and the Source. These evil dark ones have no chance with their deficient 4D technologies to do anything to save their perishing species, even though they can clone humans, however, with the tacit allowance of the human souls that decide to incarnate in such clones with a minimal soul essence as to humanize them.

No living being can exist in All-That-Is if it is not supported in one way or another by the life-spending force of the soul and the Source. This should be another basic gnostic knowledge and it is amazing that the dark evil ones decided to fully reject this obvious fact in their systemic madness, which is the utmost form of mental and emotional aberration from the Divine mind of All-That-Is.

And if you have carefully studied the human character on this planet, you must have encountered some very dark human entities who carry the exact same mental and emotional make-up as these dark evil ones from the former astral plane. I have met quite a few of them and as I have also fought numerous battles with these dark evil ones from the astral planes in numerous timelines in a conscious manner, before we could fully eliminate them and close the astral plane in 2016, I know exactly their dark, sticky, disgusting, low vibrating energetic imprint and how unpleasant and abominable their energies feel upon contact. In case you have no experience with such energies, go to a scientific conference or a symposium and you will know it.

In 2017, I wrote my last book on the UL

An Easy Propaedeutics Into the New Physical and Mathematical Science of the Universal Law – ebook

in order to reactivate the codes of the new theory of the UL that was first written in the 90s, as the Elohim advised me. They also reassured me at that time that I would soon begin to create the new type of scientists who will easily understand and accept the new theory of the UL.

This is what we have been doing diligently since then. Everything that has happened since then, and there have been some major energetic events that we have triggered or introduced by ourselves and about which one can read on this website and on Carla’s website, have contributed to the creation of the new scientist of the UL.

Essentially, these will be the new crystalline children who are now reaching the biological age to substitute the old caste of scientific drones and to eliminate them as a social phenomenon. These bright kids will quickly open to the full knowledge of their HS and I AM Presence and will very easily and with great grace begin to create the new reality on the 4D earth in the full knowledge and acceptance of the UL. We as ascended masters will support them from the HR and will guide them in the early phase when there will be a huge influx of new 5D technologies that will transform this planet into a Garden of Eden.

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