The Elohim: The Last Supermoon Portal on October 26th/27th Marks the Transition of This Uppermost Mother Planet into the New Golden Galaxy

Carla Thompson, October 27, 2015

The last month since the end of September has been rather gruelling, to say the least.  The ecstasy I felt around the September 28th portal, for me, represented a complete shift out of my old reality where I suddenly felt completely released from every heavy connection that I ever had to my “old” world/reality, and the sense of freedom was overwhelming, similar to that felt on November 22/23, 2011 when Georgi opened the heart chakras of the PAT, which for me was an extremely intense experience.

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Over the past few days, and yesterday and today in particular, I am receiving information for us with regard to what is happening now on the energetic front. Here is a message from the Elohim with reference to a dream I had last night (October 25th) where we were “moving” to a new “home”.  First I will share my dream:

There were about 33 of us, and together we were looking at a new place that we were “moving” to.  It was a 4 storey apartment building, with large windows and balconies, that appeared to be made out of grey concrete at first glance, but after closer inspection I realized that it was made from an opaque silver material, that felt very smooth and warm to the touch, and that was “alive” with energy.  There was room for all 33 of us in this place.  The parking lot was not an underground one though, it was on the roof.  A woman greeted us very happily and said we could park our cars anywhere we liked… we all came in our own cars.  I said to her that I was a little concerned that the elements including the hot sun, rain, wind and snow would really make it difficult for us to use our cars and adjust to this new place.  She turned to me and said in a dreamy voice “The elements here are in perfect harmony and there is no ill effect here.  Please park your cars and join us for welcome refreshments [Yes!] at the gazebo” (a very elaborate gazebo covered in a beautiful sweetly scented flowering vine).

It was so welcoming!  The elements were in apparent balance because the temperature was a perfect 75 degrees, the air was still, and as if she heard my thoughts she gazed upwards to the white sky and I was shown that this “new Earth” had a corona around it.  The corona, she said, harmonizes the forces of nature.  (The corona was destroyed around our earth during the wars from the time of Atlantis).  This reality/hologram had enough familiar elements to it that we didn’t really feel out-of-place.  But we knew it was somehow different.  We were gathering together under the gazebo, with a sense of utter relief for having safely “arrived”… when the dream ended.

The Elohim message confirms Jerry’s sentiments that the last month has been exceptionally demanding to the ascension.  It also confirms Rob’s idea that this increasing densification of light energy will ultimately result in a whiplash expansion effect upon our reality and our consciousness.


The Message

We are the Elohim and we greet you today with news that there is an ongoing transition from one holographic reality to another.  This event is driven by the light warriors of the first and last hour through the process of densification, or compaction, of  photonic light into the elementary particles of your physical and ethereal bodies, to the extent that all of you are increasing your light quotients to the utmost parameters during this transition.

This is a massive shift which began one moon cycle ago [with the September Full Moon portal of September 28th] and it shall continue to flood photon light coming from the primary fields of creation.  Indeed, as your light quotients grow in leaps and bounds know that you are drawing with you into the new golden galaxy, the uppermost hologram to which you adhere. The hologram which is being lifted is beginning to anchor into a New Earth hologram and it is this expansion that was shown to you in your dream state for easier understanding and so that you would be able to share this truth with the others.

You are not the only beings taking part in this expansion through intense densification of photon light within the physical vessel as all other expressions within your holographic reality are also taking part in the process. This includes all Kingdoms including the plant, animal, devic and mineral-crystal kingdoms, all working together in harmony, as one, moving this holographic reality with Gaia to a higher resonating “new earth” representation in the new golden galaxy.

This densification process can cause extreme physical fatigue and you have perhaps noticed that you feel better when you limit as much as possible all physical demands and interaction with your reality.  There is also a reciprocal effect upon the physical body where an increase in photonic light does not cause a sense of lightness but rather a sense of heaviness. There may be some fluctuation in body weight, in particular weight gain, as the physical body moves into a new space straddling both holograms. There may also be gastric effects as a result of engagement of the third chakra used in bilocation during this process.

We honour you and love you dearly as you continue to serve for the higher good of All.

We are the Elohim.

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