Message From the Elohim on the September 28th Portal

Carla Thompson, October 2, 2015

Foreword – The Physical Nature of Photons

by Georgi Stankov

This message was delivered after we had some very thorough discussions with Carla on the energetic quality of this latest Blood Moon Portal that actually peaked on September 28th and is still ongoing with full force. We always receive messages from the Elohim after we have clarified our concepts on major energetic events so that they can come and essentially confirm what we have experienced and consciously perceived so far.

In this particular case the information of the Elohim that the opening of the September 28th portal was actually an extremely powerful, all-pervasive and transforming photon wave coming from the Source should be interpreted on the background of my ongoing critics of all incompetent and ignorant light workers without any physical knowledge, who forward obsolete concepts on the Internet associated with the ascension process in which they personally do not participate and thus only mire the few enlightened light workers. I stress this unpleasant fact one more time as in the past some readers of my website sent me links and articles on the alleged “Wave-X” during the Blood Moon Portal which was described as a “gamma wave”. This is absolute crap. If it were a gamma-wave as observed in nuclear radiation and explosions, the whole humanity would be dead in the meantime.

The concept of “photon wave” used by the Elohim in their message contains much bigger theoretical knowledge than one would surmise at first glance. Essentially we have to deal with the imperfection of human language. In the new theory of the Universal Law, I have proved in an immaculate manner that the elementary photon (elementary action potential of photon space-time), also defined as Planck’s constant h, is the building unit of all known elementary particles such as electron, proton, neutron, and also quarks. If you go to my “Home” page and click on the table with the Integration of all fundamental physical constants you will see how the mass of all elementary particles is derived from the elementary mass of the Planck’s constant m(p). The same holds true for the charge of all elementary particles. This is the most convincing and key proof in the new theory of the Universal Law that all matter is created from photons.

Until now conventional physics erroneously believes that “photons have no mass and no charge”. Because of this basic blunder present-day physics is incapable of uniting gravitation with the other three fundamental forces, strong (nuclear), weak and electromagnetic forces in the standard model that is considered the pinnacle of physical knowledge. This has been finally accomplished by myself in 1995 when I showed that gravitation is a consequence of the properties of photons and integrated it with electromagnetism. In this way I also eliminated the futile search of physicists for the obsolete “graviton”.

As gravitation is occurring within photon space-time with the speed of light, which is the velocity with which all photons and also gravitation travel in space, it is obvious that photons play a central role in the mechanism of gravitation. However, as all conventionally thinking (whereas “thinking” is already an euphemism) physicists believe that photons have no mass, they are unable to explain the mechanism of gravitation which is based on the interaction of the gravitational masses of the objects at a distance through the mediation of photon space-time. Newton’s laws on gravitation are based on the concept of mass that is subjected to gravitational force – the force of attraction of gravitation is proportional to the mass of the objects. This is the quintessence of Newton’s law on gravitation.

I was the first scientist that proved beyond any doubt that the official definition of mass in physics is entirely flawed – precisely that mass does not exist. The way it is defined nowadays in physics, mass is energy relationship (quotient) of two arbitrarily selected systems of All-That-Is and thus a dimensionless number.

In this case, all systems of All-That-Is have a mass as they all are energetic systems and are defined by a specific constant amount of energy. Therefore, they also have a constant mass that is universal for each class of elementary particles. If you go to the table with the constants again you will see that all particles such as electron, proton and neutron have a specific constant mass, which are well-established fundamental natural constants in physics.

As “mass” per definition is energy relationship, I have proved beyond any doubt that all these known masses of particles are in fact a relationship (a quotient) to the elementary mass m(p) of the Planck’s photon, which is the universal fundamental action potential of all photons and thus also of all elementary particles of matter.

In other words, all matter is created from photons and this also holds true for our physical organic bodies. Based on the new equations which I present on this table and in my books on the new theory of the Universal Law, one can very easily calculate of how much light (photon energy) each object is built. In this case one only needs to present the mass of the object in “mol” and use the Avogadro’s number as shown in this crucial table. This is the most amazing unification of light with matter in a unified theory of physics based on the Universal Law and should be the basics of any true scientific transcendental Gnosis that should leave behind the whole current esoteric crap.

That being said, you should know that photon space-time itself is a U-subset of higher dimensional, higher frequency energies which are beyond the limited, low-frequency electromagnetic spectrum that is only available to humans through human senses or material instruments. These source energies are the primordial creational energies from which photon space-time is created in a secondary manner. In this sense, there are infinite pre-atomic, pre-electromagnetic particles, also referred to as “God’s particles“, from which all photons emerge through energetic discharges that are invisible and inaccessible to humans and physicists with their laughable material devices.

In present-day physics, the creation of all known elementary particles from such pre-atomic, higher frequency discharges is explained as a “spontaneous occurrence from the “energy-rich vacuum” (?) (obvious conundrum) that is supposed to fill in the empty cosmological space according to certain symmetry rules”.

I hope that I do not need to tell you how idiotic this physical concept is, upon which not only the entire modern physics, but also modern cosmology are founded. That is why these “exact” natural disciplines are unable to explain gravitation or even to explain where all this “dark matter” that is supposed to exist in the Universe according to all theoretical models is actually hidden. Until now theoreticians only calculate the mass of the particles of matter which accounts for about 5% of all the mass in the universe. The rest they define as “dark matter” and thus document their utter ignorance. The dark matter is in the photons that are not “massless”, as these cretins postulate, but have energy and hence also mass as energy relationship.

Likewise, photons also have a charge as all particles of matter and thus “are not free of charge” as these same idiots sustain in their idiotic models. Read any textbook on physics to find out what idiocies this Orion discipline currently proclaims as scientific dogmas. The key new knowledge is that all physicists – these incurable imbeciles – have made the greatest possible blunder in whole science. They have confounded the current definition of charge and have failed to grasp that charge does not exist. Instead what they define as charge is actually geometric area.

For more information read my pivotal article:

The Greatest Blunder of Science: „Electric Charge“ is a Synonym for „Geometric Area“. 

As all particles, including all photons, have space within the 3D space-time of this or any other holographic model that can be measured as “geometric area”, they also have a charge. Thus photons are not particles without a charge but have an area = charge as all particles of matter. If you go to the same table, you will find how I have calculated the charges of electron, proton and neutron from the elementary charge (area) of the basic photon m(p). It is a simple rule of three. So much about the total deconstruction of present-day physics.

This clarification is indispensable in order to be able to explain you why photons are the fundamental particles from which all matter is created secondarily in a conscious, intelligent manner by the higher realms. This also holds true for all quarks and their binding forces, the so-called gluons, which are hypothetical particles introduced in quantum chromodynamics (QCD). They are hypothetical because they are so strong and active in such a small space within the nucleus that they cannot be separated in any proton collider. In fact, the same holds true for all quarks which appear in pairs that are held together by the gluons. That is why I do not care what the scientists are doing in CERN as I know the principle limitation of their experiments based on profound ignorance about the true nature of energy. If they knew what I do about energy, they would not have built this proton collider in the first place.

This is the simplest presentation of these complex strong, nuclear forces that are the object of study of QCD, while the electromagnetic interactions of photons with matter are the object of study of QED (quantum electrodynamics). More detailed explanation on these topics you will find in volume II on physics on this website.

The key new knowledge for you is that even the gluons, which are the key particles in the nucleus and thus foundational in the creation of matter, can also be regarded as specific photons of extreme high energies. This expansion of the term “photon” to include the quarks and the gluons, after I have shown that all other particles such as proton, neutron and electron are created from photons, is very important for your understanding of the ascension process and how the incoming photon waves from the source actually operate at the quantum level to promote the ascension on all levels of Creation.

This important theoretical breakthrough reveals another blunder in physics of gargantuan proportions that prevents the unification of this natural science. Until now all known elementary particles are divided by scientists in two classes – fermions and bosons. All particles that build matter, e.g. electron, proton, neutron, quarks, etc. are defined as “fermions” and all other particles that interact with the latter such as photons, gluons and W and Z bosons (e.g. Higgs-Boson) are defined as “bosons”. The difference is in their spin – fermions have half-integer spin and bosons have an integer spin. The concept of the spin is another gargantuan misconception that has produced two mathematical monsters that comprise much of quantum mechanics – Bose–Einstein statistics that describes bosons and  Fermi–Dirac statistics that describes fermions.

I am giving you here this information as to show you with what huge Himalaya mountain of intellectual blunders we will have to deal after ascension to straighten and heal the warped minds of all physicists and scientists in the new 4D worlds. You can find the proper epistemological explanation of the spin of particles in volume II on physics in the section ” quantum mechanics”.

Ultimately you must keep in mind that photons are the foundational units of creation in the lower 3D, 4D and even 5D dimension, whereas photons, themselves, are U-subsets of much more complex pre-atomic, pre-electromagnetic God’s particles, also known as “adamantine particles” that are conscious units of Creation and build the initial energetic fields from which photon space-time emerges as a secondary creation within the existing holographic models.

I hope that I have not spoiled your pleasure to read the excellent Elohim message below with this comprehensive explanation of the physical basics of the ascension in advance. After all, you are all already Logos Gods and create with these particles from the fulcrum of your higher selves. Now is the time to bring this knowledge to the mind level, so that you can become conscious creators with your thought forms while still in a physical vessel.


Here is the message from The Elohim about this incredibly powerful portal, as powerful as the 21.12.12, if not even more so.


The Elohim Message

This moment [ the portal of September 28th ] represents a grand influx of pure photon waves of source energy which floods all of you, Gaia, and every Kingdom within this expression of creation.

The photon waves, moving through here assert their greatest and most focused effort on those light beings who are already opened in their chakras and therefore in their connection to the Source (e.g. the PAT, note George).  These are the individuated expressions who hold the highest light quotient and who experience this massive in-flux of energy the most.  Those with the highest light quotient always experience the most symptoms of light balancing because these individuals are doing most of the cleansing of humanity in a transpersonal manner (a leitmotif in all our energy reports and discussions on this website; note George).  
This portal has been especially dynamic with the First Wave group as cleansing hatred, greed, avarice and fear through the scarcity paradigm has been intense and all of these traits are the foundation of the massive underlying sense of frustration currently being felt globally.
Those light workers whose chakras are just opening and new to light integration, and who simply experience minor flow, may not feel anything other than physical fatigue.  The effect of photon light on those new to light integration may vary from one individual to another, but generally always promotes personal cleansing of their own chakras.
The energetic system of the human cannot be overloaded, otherwise there is a complete shutdown or a closing and ensuing blockage within that system.  Therefore, while the energies of this portal seem weak to some individuals they are extremely intense for others, and each receives as much as they can manage.  It has been intense emotionally as these emotions must rise and be healed to prepare for the ongoing inter-dimensional shift. 
For many, the sense of frustration triggers the mental body as they cannot comprehend where the frustration arises from.  This compounds these emotions and when they surface the great photon light floods them and transmutes them so they are immediately removed from the energetic makeup of the new reality that builds in every second.
Once the frustration is transmuted, you will begin to feel much better.  This arises in you as the transmutation also releases points of energetic interface to your old reality from your physical/mental/emotional/ethereal system – points which are no longer valid within the newly expanded reality (loss of reference points as discussed by some of you in your latest correspondence; note, George).
As your third dimensional vision of cosmic light is limited, you are not able to “concretely see” any change to your “current” reality, but massive changes have taken place.
There has been an expansion of the energetic structures that shall be the foundation for the new levels of expression within the fourth dimension and as prerequisites to the fifth dimension.
These new energetic overlays compel change in the fluidity of the templates already in situ.
The massive photon energy in-flow acts like a cleansing wave at the same time as it is a composition wave.  The actions of flushing and back-filling with pure photon energy move in tandem to create the new superimposed reality already in your midst.
Know that this portal shall continue for some time as there is much to balance and build.
Stay calm, be still, as all is well.  You are deeply loved in every moment.
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