A Helluva Ride for the Light Warriors of the First and Last Hour

By Jerry R James, October 23, 2015



As one Light Warrior of the first and last hour to another, wasn’t the last month one hell of a ride? This last month? How about this last decade? I know you and many others have written about the symptoms that this latest ride thru the seeming never-ending ascension portals and MPR destructions had on our human bodies. One that wasn’t recently mentioned was severe gastric distress (lower gut cramping, gas, frequent and sudden bowel movements and or diarrhea and indigestion. These conditions seem to appear and reappear quickly and doesn’t matter what or whether we eat.  The last two days (since October 20th) have been much better for me symptom-wise. I have only the lingering fatigue now. My sleep however has been more restful not as many dreams of completing administrative tasks and overburden by upper dimensional workload. At least for the last two nights I was not up every hour peeing ( due to LBP). I know the warriors of the first and last hour will know of what I am speaking.

I realize all readers of your website are not warriors of the first and last hour. I use this term instead of PAT (planetary ascension team), because indeed many of them are doing planetary ascension work even if it is raising their own vibration which contributes to the whole and more importantly will allow us first wavers to finally first wave out. I have noticed on many websites recently where some are mentioning that they have been tired lately and had to rest for 12 hours and then felt refreshed. This particular writer I am referring to has a website, conducts a weekly radio show, travels to seminars, writes books etc. This is not the lifestyle of a warrior of the first and last hour. Everyone’s experience is valid for them and if it contributes to the great work ( of birthing Gaia into the new reality) then praise be, but being slightly fatigued or having temporary digestive upset does not always mean you are a first waver.

If not, what does? Of course the lifestyles of all first wavers are not the same and there are many slight variations but generally they share one common attribute. They have experienced great  losses  everything that would make a 3-D life meaningful or even bearable.  Many years ago in a dream I was told that before this process was over I would lose everything. I thought that is okay. At the time I had lost jobs, been in an auto accident, suffered from LBP, faced bankruptcy, lost contact with family etc., so I thought that had already happen. But when I lost my wife, soul mate, best friend, and ascension partner in 2013, I realized that up until that point I had lost nothing of value. So I am not saying everyone will experience this much, but everyone will lose more than they ever thought possible or necessary. If anyone is in doubt whether they are in LBP or in the first and last warrior group or PAT ask your HS and also do deductive reasoning of what else could explain the condition of my life, my dreams, my emotions, my physical condition (many warriors of the first and last hour although suffering great physical distress look younger and are traditionally healthy.

If you are not healthy I believe the LBP may make your underlying health condition worse because of the stress it can put on the body. Even though it won’t prevent LBP symptoms it is always a good idea to practice good health habits to address underlying health issues. These include eating light meals, drinking plenty of water, eliminate or minimize alcohol, tobacco, or drugs, light exercise in the form mostly of walking outside, and hot salt baths, isolation as much as possible. It may be helpful to consult with a holistic health practitioner concerning underlying health issues but not LBP since even though they are more open-minded most of them haven’t personal experience with LBP, and couldn’t do anything anyway. LBP is not a disease to be cured. It is in effect the cure. The cure for our bodies to be able to withstand the energies of the 5th dimension and beyond and also many conditions especially fatigue are the result of our work in other dimensions and that isn’t going away until it is done.

I once asked, can I be relieved of this burden at least to a degree and the answer in a dream was “ No the process is too important and you are too important to the process”. “But still doesn’t it seem possible that some of us that have been so hard hit could be relieved somewhat?” Again: “No, ascension means moving up and out of the 3D condition, and to do that we have to be in the 3D condition. We are experiencing all false illusions (maybe in extreme or overdrive) that this matrix creates. This includes death, disease, proving our self-worth or right to exist by the job, relationships etc. What kind of ascension would it be if I had experienced none or very little of this and was granted special insight or powers. We have to become and overcome these conditions as that is the path of the warrior of the first and last hour.

When will this illusion finally end and when can I go home? How often have I asked? Another answer in a dream I had recently was “It is the economy stupid”, which is a phrase used during the Clinton president campaign years ago. (Bill not Hillary or Billary) I am intuiting that our last task is to stay until the economy is bought down and in a matter designed by the HR. And until then we will hold the light where a complete collapse will not derail an orderly process.

I want to emphasize that although we may cheer the election of more seemingly enlightened leaders as Trudeau in Canada or Putin’s recent role in Syria, these are not solutions. These leaders may be used by the HR to bring down the dark agenda, but the only real solution is dissolution. And that is what is fast approaching. Because the average and not so average Joe or Jane will never be strong or brave enough to break from this illusion as long as they are fed scraps that barely keep them functional. The great work (our work) will continue and we are already and will be victorious. The end result was never in doubt, was always the same, but with all the twists and turns of this process it is no wonder we have vertigo.

If George is agreeable, I would like to reprint an article I wrote on this website in 2012, I know there are many new readers.  The article is written as humor, a quality of all true PAT and is not to be taken literally although it all applies.

How to Survive the LBP


An Effective Remedy for LBP-Related Pain and Symptoms

Dear Jerry,

I will publish it tomorrow as today I am on the road. But I will send you separately my response to Rob who sent me yesterday his magnesium products and they have already enabled me a huge relief from my pains. It is worth trying them. You can order them on this address (see article):


With love and light



Dear Rob,

yesterday (October 21) afternoon we received the box with the magnesium products. We were very happy to have your products and I immediately made a massage on my right shoulder with the magnesium oil spray. It is painful since several months and the intensity of the pain has increased in the last weeks, in particular in the night which also impedes my sleep. I also made a massage of my legs which are also very stiff and painful in the knee and hip joints in the last days. Especially my left leg where I had the tumor surgery last year feels quite bad at times as the surgeon removed seven lymph nodes in the groin and now I have a chronic lymph congestion so that the leg is always more or less swollen and numb (also due to the fact that nervus subcutaneous had to be cut during the operation and I have no sensitivity in the thigh.).

In addition, I began with a diet since three weeks as I could no longer cope with the food and lost about 6 kg (13 pounds). I have noticed that each time I begin with a diet and lose weight, my body gets stiff at the beginning as there is a lot of redistribution of the fatty acids depots in the body and it is under great stress until it accommodates to the new state of metabolism.

After half an hour I felt much better and this condition continued to improve. The pain in the shoulder receded and my legs became more flexible. Carla also suffered from pain all over her body and I made a full body massage to her with the magnesium gel and oil. After that we had a bathtub with the salt. We felt tired and went immediately to bed.

I slept for the first time in a very long time very well and had no shoulder pain in the night. I woke up and my body was not stiff which is almost a miracle. I only sense light pressure in my shoulder but no real pain. I have the impression – and rightly so – that the magnesium improves the electric conductivity of my body and fields so that the energy waves, the intensity of which is exorbitant these days, can freely flow throughout my body as the resistance in the joints has been removed. A very pleasant sensation. This makes a lot of sense as magnesium is available in the body as positively charged metal ions and participates in the building of extended solitons in the protein structures and thus improves the conductivity in the building blocks of the human body. I am the first one to have worked out this quantum mechanism for biological matter. It is essential to explain the dynamic regulation of the biological organism.

I have a lot of experience with clinical trials and the assessment of treatment outcome and I can say that this is a significant improvement of our health condition. I would like to test the magnesium products for at least a week to make sure that there is a sustainable effect and then will publish a medical follow-up report and will recommend these products one more time to all PAT members. If they help me and Carla, they must help anybody who is in the LBP and suffers from various forms of pain.

Hence our heartfelt thanks go to you and I commend you for discovering these excellent natural products that indeed help in this extraordinary condition – in the LBP – which is terra incognita for medical doctors so that no help can be expected from them.

With love and light



Thanks George.  Fortunately I do not suffer from stiffness or joint soreness and am unusually fit  for my age, but if the magnesium product would help with the severe fatigue, bowel distress and giddiness it would be of benefit to me.



Dear Jerry,

I think so as magnesium participates in the whole metabolism and also in the smooth muscles of the bowels and it improves fatigue definitely. I feel very much invigorated today and it is only one day of treatment.



I have decided to publish this correspondence in advance as it is the expressed goal of this website to guide all light warriors in the LBP and help them cope with their challenges as Jerry so ingeniously describes in his essay above. The new magnesium products which Rob provides seem to perform miracles. I will report early next month in more depth on their effects, but I feel confident enough to recommend the use of these magnesium products to relieve your LBP-related pain and symptoms as the stress will increase in the coming days.

For further information go to this article written by Rob Behr:

Breaking News: Transdermal Magnesium Therapy


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