Energy Report of the PAT – October 25, 2105

A Personal Request for PAT’s Energetic Support


I have been reading your report in this website for about a year now or so, and I am truly grateful to come across this – for it truly connects to me as I know more and more I AM part of the PAT – going through Ascension Symptoms for more than 10 years now, and even during my sleep, I know that I do ‘in spirit’ would transmute the dark forces for indeed I AM a Light Warrior. In fact, what you posted a few days ago regarding the last 48 hours (Manifestation of the Latest End Time Scenario on Numerous Lower Timelines dated October 19, 2015 – did actually happened to me), and I am grateful I came across this report – for it truly explained to me what happened during my dream – and I did felt that I was being attacked by the Dark entities – but then again, I slept through the night with peace – knowing I am protected.

The reason why I am sending this message, truly asking for help – since I really don’t know how to do this – but it is my way to reach out to my fellow PAT – to pray for me – for a miracle for financial help during my Worker’s Comp disability – due to my right knee arthroscopic surgery of last year November 2014.  After the surgery (due to a slip and fell – resulting to total cartilage damage/meniscus tear – I have been on constant pain, and not being able to work.  Financially, the money I get form Worker’s Comp is barely enough to pay for my rent and utilities/expenses.

Temporary, my parents can help me, but now, I cannot count on them.  I am single and alone, and really don’t have anybody else to help me.  I am waiting to have my Worker’s Comp finalized (after so many injections, still the pain relief injections did not work – and I know I will need a knee replacement (which I know this is 3D reality — but I know in my heart with my HS – that I can and will heal this as intuitively I feel and am connected to the ID shift and all.

I came across a prayer/petition where the PAT with the help of the seven sacred flames for financial help.  I know I am Being Divinely Guided by my HS to also ask for help – for my dire financial situations – since the thought of me not being able to pay my rent and utilities, is of great concern for me.  So, I guess, “I would also like to ask the PAT to make an invocation with the seven sacred flames on my behalf” to help me resolve this – since I do love living by myself – this Sacred Solitude – as I know I AM getting ready for the final ID shift early next year (I feel it in my heart and soul, and I know my HS also am preparing me with this).

My family does not understand me at all, and that is ok – which I know my knee accident/injury was Divinely Planned together with my HS – in preparation to help Mother Earth Ascend (for this is truly what I came back here for – while I AM indeed shifting my vibrations higher and higher in preparation for Mother Earth’s final ID Shift – and MPR.  It is hard for me to express what I am going through ‘spiritually’, and with your post – I truly connect with it. This invocation truly inspired me to reach out to you, truly touching my Divine Spirit within me – truly a sweet reminder of who I really AM — which I am enclosing herewith:(I would like to ask the PAT to make an invocation with the seven sacred flames on behalf of Tony Colton as to help our PAT brother to resolve his dire financial situation.

Let this be another collective miracle of the PAT as a proof of what great Creator Gods we all are. Tony will inform us about the result as soon as possible. Below is the energetic and personal background leading to this miracle, which we both initiated today. Now we need the combined force of the PAT, the most evolved group of human Creator Gods on this uppermost mother planet, to demonstrate convincingly what we are capable of.) I truly need a prayerful miracle to happen in this now present moment of the now, because the thought of me losing my home is not the answer. I am truly hoping also that my Worker’s Comp case will soon be finalized and between the Doctors and my Lawyers to agree that this is permanent disability and will require a knee replacement, so I can finally settle this and move forward with my Spiritual journey especially in preparation for the final ID Shift/MPR next year 2016.

Thank you so much for listening and hearing my heartfelt intentions.

Love and Light to you
Elaine Alcedo, Newhall, CA – USA

Dear Elaine,

thank you very much for contacting me and the PAT for the first time and I am terribly sorry to hear that you have so much problems with your health that also extends as financial pressure on to your personal life.

I will publish your email in the next report so that the PAT can make the invocation with the seven sacred flames on your behalf. It is best if they hear your story with your own words.

I am sure that there will be a beautiful resolution for you very soon and you must firmly believe in this outcome.

With love and light

Dear George,

Thank you so much for your loving Blessings in helping me during this stage of my life.

I know in my heart and soul – together with my loving HS, that a positive Divine resolution is being orchestrated – in this now present moment of the now.  It is just a matter for me to ‘surrendering’ and ‘letting go’ and allowing – so to receive the abundant help and Divine Loving Blessings – that I am truly asking for – as Divine Plan.

I am truly grateful that you will be publishing my request so that PAT will ‘invoke the Seven Sacred Flames’ and somehow now, I realized now that I do will also need to connect and invoke the Seven Sacred Flames (thank you for this sweet reminder) – which I feel is for my personal Spiritual growth and healing.

With the powerful loving Divine support of the PAT and yourself, George – you already have helped me a lot by connecting more to my Divine Self – as a Co-Creator God….. and YES I truly Believed that a beautiful positive/abundant outcome will happen —- to ‘expect the unexpected’ in miraculous ways.

Thank you again for your Loving Divine Guidance and Blessings, George.

with Love & Light,
Elaine Alcedo

On the messages of Astraea et Amora

Dear George,

Remarkable information. I think that with below citation of message 3 we can easily conclude that we are momentarily subject to this densification and more so compaction of incoming (evolutionary) constituent particles and that we will experience very soon because of the build up in contraction the balancing out as an expansion which then can be compared to a great rise up in consciousness. No wonder our physical makeup is having such a hard time. For me it indeed feels this way on the body.

Great info.

Live and Light,

“Contraction means the compaction of constituent particles; a densification if you will, a drop in area, or space, occurring in the same moment as expansion. It is to be noted that this densification means more constituents move into a declining space which leads to an increase in photon light energy, and therefore charge, along with a resulting concomitant increase in mass.

An example of Contraction, whereby particles condense from the outside perimeter to the core, increasing light and mass

As the photons collide excitedly into other constituent particles, energy is released and absorbed by these particles, densifying the energetic imprint. As this densification then builds to its most dense attribute, there will be at some point a sudden maximum load in charge; and because All-That-Is is all about balance, there is an immediate balancing effect through the creation of a new complimentary expansion, based on the Law of Balance and Reciprocal Charge.”

What is Density?

Dear Rob,

this is a very complicated message as it builds upon the proper comprehension of the term “density“. The physical term “density” actually means energy in terms of “mass within a unit of space” (official definition in physics). In this case the higher the density of a system or an object, the higher its energy (mass = energy relationship) and the more light in contains.

Currently, in the esoteric popular literature, and we make no exception in our discussions on this website, we often speak of “denser 3D worlds” which is the opposite of physical density. By using this term we simply describe darker worlds of lower frequency. Such worlds or systems have less energy per unit space and are thus less dense in physical terms. Hence the physical term “density” is the opposite to the esoteric term “dense worlds” in terms of dark worlds containing less energy per unit space. This is a fundamental blunder that all other channellers make and that is why this message is so important as to correct this semantic confusion.

I have elaborated on this topic a few years ago in an article but I cannot find it now. This is one reason why this source is so clear and correct in terms of axiomatic transcendental knowledge. This is a virtue few people really appreciate as they have not grasped the importance of it. There can be no truthful knowledge unless it is built upon an impeccable axiomatics, i.e. it is consistent and without any paradoxes and contradictions.

The second key piece of knowledge is that energy only moves in form of expansion and contraction. This is how all waves are created and waves are frequencies. We can call it the elasticity of energy, especially when it manifests as space-time. In physics, the theory of relativity describes this property of elasticity. I often speak of the dialectical character of space-time whereas dialectics as a philosophical concept is the pre-mathematical, pre-scientific interpretation of the elasticity of space-time, predominantly as it manifests at the social level. I have elaborated on this issue in my five gnostic books with respect to modern dialectics as presented in Kant’s works and other German philosophers.

This axiomatic principle also holds true for the physical terms “expansion” and “contraction” in terms of “densification“. Ascension is actually contraction and densification in physical terms. The LBP is condensation of energy units per body as unit space. This leads to expansion of human awareness which is the ascended state. This is what this source actually refers to. It is like increasing the gigabytes of the hardware. The higher they are, the more expanded the function of the computer. The crystalline brain will contain much more energy units than our current bio-brain, it will be much more condensed in terms of energy, but at the same time it will be much more expanded in terms of awareness and function.

With love and light

Vision of the Ascension of Gaia – October 21, 2015

Dear George,…….I am slender (165/55), eat very little as not to die of hunger. I have never gained weight, and now I feel like being inflated, one evening my pants were small, it’s amazing. HS says that I need to be well-grounded, but I always ground myself in the morning and evening, for me it is like brushing my teeth.

BA wanted to tell me something about the change in rotational speed of the Earth, but we could not reach a common understanding of the matter. According to my HS, the interior of the earth began to spin in a spiral that can be seen as 8, regardless of the earth’s surface. These eights “give birth” to the separating earths, and as a final result there will be the last and final separation in 4D and 5D. The earth’s surface remains “stable (immovable)” in the sense of energy and therefore when its final degradation will happen, it will render the material principle for the separate worlds that exist until the final division as fragments that are not independently viable.

A question was raised with regard to the mental fragments, which must also reach a certain saturation. Indeed, something very strange is happening because the moment I sit down, the energy starts to flow intensively through my legs, and the crown chakra closes. After a while, it opens and feels like a two-way valve. Of course the energy flows freely, I check it every day, I do not feel or see any obstacles. My HS showed me why in space it does not matter whether the energy will flow through the head or through the legs, sounds very reasonable, but somehow I’m not sure how the legs can exert the same function as the head! I was confident that the invocation of the Sacred Flames should be directed to the Earth, and not distracted by other tasks.

As a complement to these changes of energy the contours of the objects begin to disappear around me, I see the flickering of the elementary particles?, and once my mom almost materialized in front of me – she was really there, only translucent, I called her on the phone to ask her, what she was wearing, it turned out she was wearing a gray suit this morning, as I saw her.

I confirm the MPR on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (October, 17-19) – it began on Friday night around 2.00 am, when I woke up from a pain in the hip, which is my indicator of MPR, I think it continues until now (October 21) as the pain intensifies and disappears while the unexpected and painful “drills” precisely determine the point in time (of the MPR). Physical pain is accompanied by emotional distress and feelings of infinite sadness and hopelessness …

Adelina Ruczka, Bulgaria

Turning A Corner – October 23

Dear George & Carla,

Good to hear from Jerry again so thanks for posting.

I am prompted to email you because while it sounds ridiculously repetitive, something BIG is up.  I feel it and also feel a deep sadness attached to it.  Maybe a wisp of “It didn’t have to be this way.”  Does not feel personal but very, very planetary. Perhaps that is a message more of us are about to wake up to.  It is a very heart-centered emotion and quite strong. Two days worth at this point.

Hope you are both well.


Americans are dazed and catatonic from avalanche of revelations


Some Americans are so dazed by the avalanche of revelations coming out that they cannot even comment.  There has been little to no discussion about the following items related to the Royal family of England.

This has been on sale for more than 1 week here in America:

This has just come out in the last 3 hours.

On the other hand, the current generation appears to have awakened to the need for sweeping change. Google Hillary Bow Out and you’d be surprised and the number of articles on the subject.

The disconnect is stunning. You’d think a front page story about the princes going after their father would be all over the media, but not a peep!  Unbelievable!



About Keshe


I found it strange that our PAT group members still need your confirmation about this and that. If not intuition then common-sense tells me that this (Mt. Keshe) is another never-ending story, not worth following. Something is not working well if you need to keep telling people what is right and what is not.

BTW I do not feel like I am a human being anymore after last days. Though my essence is still entrapped in this physical vessel.

Take care,
Mariusz, Poland

I fully agree with your comment. It is a pity indeed that I need to comment on such issues.


Pillage and Carnage of Countries and Nations by the Dark Elite in Cahoots With the US and Western Banksters

Dear Dr. Stankov,

Understanding that this issue is out of focus, and only informative, sending you an extract from a report by the Financial Crimes Enforcement (FinCEN), issued in March 2015 in relation to money laundering by the Private Banking d’Andorra (BPA), which can be seen in full here:

These operations are just a tiny part of petrodollars pillaged by the network of organized crime, given that sums far higher have gone into accounts of Goldman Sachs and HSBC in Switzerland, and whose scandal, the prosecutor (in Geneva ) concluded the investigation without charge; the bank will pay U $ S 43 million to the Canton of Geneva for “organizational deficiencies in the fight against laundering”

What is relevant in these last days, you have determined the association between prominent figures of the political parties of the “opposition” and this criminal network.

Strangely enough, all this for a regime which is presented as revolutionary, anti-capitalist, and struggling to get rid of dependence on petrodollars and the evil empire.

Luis González, Venezuela

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