Ascension Through Dissociation From the Matrix and the Service-To-Self People

Georgi Stankov, February 11, 2017

Below I will publish the latest message from Sue which very well explains the current energetic inner-soul dynamics that drives our ascension process through dissociation from the matrix and all the dark service-to-self entities that cling to this reality and perpetuate its toxicity to new unprecedented heights. Today I tried to check the news at RT website and nine out of ten news were about murder, assassination and terror attacks. It is impossible to even scroll down the news these days and not being repelled by the cruel and rapacious human nature.

Only a few days ago I discussed with Patrick exactly this topic and that is why I decided to publish Sue’s message as its synchronicity was a compelling sign for its importance. Here is an excerpt from my correspondence with Patrick that also addresses the dichotomic character of the current End Time energies that wreak such chaos and aggression in the minds and deeds of all those who now descend to lower timelines and cannot cope with the higher vibrating waves from the source, while the ascending ones could not care less about this insane behaviour:

“Dear Patrick,

they say it is darkest before dawn and there must be a grain of truth in that. It is now hilarious to observe how all the American zombies are stipulating their deceitful beliefs and stick to any news that might discredit their enemy as to make them feel better. I just opened CNN to see what they have to report today and heard about an alleged political opponent of Putin who became ill, and without giving any further information what disease he got and how they knew it, the CNN reporter immediately concluded that he has been poisoned by Putin by referring to other cases which were all fake news of the western presstitutes and never proven. As if Putin had time to kill his opponents and as if it makes any sense to do that after he has approval rates of more than 85% and is so victorious in his policies. It is just so toxic to listen to these people and I immediately switched off the TV set. 

But this kind of terminal insanity that is taking grip on that part of humanity that is detached from the crystalline grid and is not meant to ascend is an expression of their deep-seated fears that now loom high as they have no support in the new template and these people have no mechanism how to cope with such fears. Before that they have followed them in an unconscious manner as the unconditional Pavlov’s reflexes make the dogs salivate when they hear the bell tolls without seeing the food. And it tolls the 12th hour. They know this dreadful truth deep in their hearts and this triggers their fears even higher. There is so much desperation in their efforts to keep the ball of angst rolling among the people as in the past but, as the latter no longer respond to this fear mongering, their futile efforts have a reverse effect on them. This is instant karma and the only thing they can do in order to relieve these inhuman fears, they are not capable of dealing with, is to increase the level of toxicity in which they drown themselves. 

This is what you perceive now, but my interpretation is positive as it reflects only the portion of humanity that will not ascend but is doomed to go under. Unfortunately they still control the MSM which are no longer such but minority media and only optically simulate an increase in collective aggression and insanity which used once to bear fruits but now simply dissipate in the void with the help of our heavy duty cleansing activities. This is what exhausts us these days.

Most of the awakening people are silent as they have to deal with their personal issues in order to resolve them in due time before ascension, so that they have no time to follow the political drama or participate in it. The bawlers (the screamers) you perceive are the descending, the doomed ones, while the ascending portion of humanity is silent these days as is the case with me. When you know what will happen with certainty, there is no need to shout loudly. This is what the Russians also do and this proves their sovereignty, they just laugh at the American hysteria and make jokes about it. 

I strongly feel that we shall reach very soon the threshold of evolutionary leap. What I am reading now are increased efforts of the dark banksters cabal to crash the financial system from abroad, from Europe, as to put the blame on them and not on the Fed. Watch carefully the latest attacks on DB, which I have always considered the ideal candidate for first bankruptcy, the new Lehman Brothers case, that will trigger an avalanche of collapses. They have just imprisoned the DB CEO in Israel, with the help of the zionist mafia, and the DOJ has also started a new criminal investigation against DB in the USA. And this all on top of the recent official excuse of DB for all its criminal machinations on a whole page ad in FAZ two days ago which is unheard of in the history of the Orion financial Ponzi scheme. When DB collapses and Unicredit with the Munich Hypovereinsbank will follow (11 billion Euro losses in 2016), with which I have a skeleton in the closet, then the entire banking system will crash within 24 hours. 

The banksters want Trump to fail and, after they have lost the political power, they must now attack him on the financial front. But they must start this from abroad as the chief component of their dark fraudulent game is who to blame for the crash as to divert from themselves. This has worked very well in the past but no longer as the new energies immediately reveal the truth.

The problem is not so much that there are not enough revelations, but that the propensity of the awakening people is very limited to deal with so much painful revelations and they shut down their minds. Hence it must start in homeopathic dosage before the domino effect sweeps them.

When this happens we must ascend as to give them a new perspective and they do not go under in the tsunami of revelations that will initially smash their personalities. It is a very complex energetic game – a kind of a dance on the volcano edge – and can be done only very carefully as to achieve the maximal positive effect without sliding into another catastrophe. That is why it seems as if the world is on the verge of annihilation and this was indeed true for most lower timelines that we have separated since May 2013, but not for this ascending timeline. That is why pessimism and optimism are dialectical aspects – “like twins that never meet” (Rudyard Kipling) – of the ascension process in these End Time. “

There is a second reason for this article and here is the good news. On Feb 8th I reached the bottom of my perennial ordeal as the chief on duty cleanser of human dross when I received the following email from Kari that surely stands for the collective experience of the PAT:

“Georgi, I am feeling so overwhelmed. Are the energies very intense for you? They started streaming in about 2 hours ago for me. I feel utterly alone. The despair is so bad. I know it will pass. I’m breathing these short quick breaths like a woman in labor. The emotional pain is shocking. I know tmrw is full moon/eclipse. Feb 2nd and 3rd was very hard for me as well. But this one is so intense. I was in the bath and I literally felt the energies cascading through me and it just stirred up a lot but I know it’s not mine. Xoxoxo -Kari

Dear Kari,

the energies are exactly as you describe them and we are also overwhelmed and are barely alive. My soul has left my body and I am like a walking dead. It must have to do with the full moon eclipse tomorrow but we also got the information that yesterday we have completed all our duties here – Feb 8th = 2 + 8 = 10, ten stands numerologically for completion, as is this year 2017 = 10. Something must happen very soon as the tension is unbearable.

I also had difficulties to breath this afternoon and must visit the washroom every 15 minutes. The body metabolism is enhanced maximally. The high-pitched tone is deafening and the vibrational waves are pouring relentlessly and almost anesthetize the body. They are however pure ascension energies and there is no cleansing.

With love and light


And as all good things come in three, this is what Deepa from India wrote to me today. It is another powerful conformation that we have indeed finished with our light mission in this reality and are now ascending rapidly in full dissociation from this toxic matrix and the service-to-self population of incarnated souls that is falling into very low 3D vibrational levels and is running amok these days:

“Dear Georgi, I hope this day finds you in good spirits! It was suddenly that a thought came to me today which is causing too much grief, for once. That it’s time up for me. That I have done all I came to accomplish and am going back home successful. I don’t know when but something tells me it will be soon.

Dear Deepa,

we had the same feeling three days ago, on Feb 8th, which is the day of completion numerologically – 2 + 8 = 10, as is this year 2017. I also felt a lot of grief and a deep sense of farewell. Then we got confirmation from our HS that we have accomplished our mission in this reality and will leave it. It is interesting that Feb 8 was the day I came to Canada three years ago and we had a small celebration of this anniversary with Carla.

I have no idea how long it will take in linear time till we fully transfigure, but we are ascending every moment since then. The energies are very refined and there is no cleansing component anymore, though still very intense and consuming. I also have no desire to do anything which is difficult as we have Carla’s elderly mother at home of whom we take care.

Let us see what will happen in the coming days….”

My gut feeling tells me that this month will be altogether calm in terms of ascension dramatics, while enormous work is done energetically in the higher dimensional levels, but that the drama will begin to unfold next month around spring equinox. However, I will be very happy if I am wrong and the long-expected events begin earlier. And here is Sue’s message:

Finding the Calm in the Midst of Chaos

Galactic Family Through Suzanne Lie, February 11, 2017

Please remember that chaos always precedes change, as you must dis-articulate the third-dimensional matrix that allows the chaos to attach to the consciousness of those still trapped in the 3D matrix.

The United States, which was meant to be the flash point of planetary ascension, is now in great chaos. Within that chaos, those who seek power over others move forward to have their last stand against the oncoming Light that only those who have found their own Power Within will discover.

The Power Over Others is battling those who live by their own power within. Power Over Others has no spiritual support, as it goes against Gaia’s innate fifth-dimensional consciousness. Those who live by Power Within are free of the 3D matrix, and in the ongoing process of their consciousness merging with their fifth-dimensional and multi-dimensional SELF.

On the other hand, the Power Over Others can only merge with the 3D matrix and the Lower Astral Plane. The 3D Matrix and the lower, fourth-dimensional Astral Plane are only connected to Gaia via the 3D Matrix. This 3D Matrix was constructed to stabilize Gaia after the destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis nearly caused Her to fall off Her planetary axis.

This 3D Matrix served to assist Gaia’s healing in the same manner that a cast on a human’s broken arm assists with the healing of that arm. However, if a human breaks their arm and wears their cast long after their arm is healed, it would greatly endanger the future health of that arm.

In the same manner, Gaia’s body has been healed enough that She no longer needs that 3D matrix to “catch her” before she falls off of her assigned position of orbit around the Sol, the Sun.

Due to the wonderful assistance that Gaia has received from her sister planet Venus, as well as her Galactic Family of the Council of the Pleiadians, Sirians and the Arcturians, Gaia is healed enough now to release her 3D matrix and to return to the frequency of her fifth dimensional Planetary Self.

However the Power Over Others Illuminati, who were largely responsible for Gaia’s initial injury, are fighting to retain the 3D matrix. They know that Gaia’s innate fifth-dimensional frequency is too high for them to maintain their attachment to and power over Gaia’s third-dimensional version of reality.

Because those who live by Power Over Others can only adhere to Gaia’s Third and Lower Astral Plane, they are spewing fear and power over others into the third-dimensional matrix, which is the only area of Gaia that they can control.

Meanwhile, despite the efforts of the dark ones, or you could call them the lost ones, it is the now for the expansion for Gaia’s frequency rate to increase into the resonance of the fifth-dimension. We will now take a moment to share with you what we mean by “the resonance of the fifth-dimension.”

Each dimension of Gaia has an innate oscillation of photons around electrons – male outflow energy around female inflow energy. The third dimensional matrix created an energy field around Gaia so that the photons could slow down to dampen Gaia’s fall from her innate multi-dimensional matrix into her third-dimensional matrix.

In this manner the third-dimensional matrix served as a “frequency net” so that Gaia would not fall into any frequency lower than the third-dimension. However, Gaia’s “fall” disconnected Her planetary connection to Her innate multidimensional planetary self.

As Gaia’s frequency became lower and lower, many of Her fifth-dimensional portals closed, as they could not function in such a low resonance. These portals were very important, because it was through these portals that the full force of multidimensional light could enter Her planet to rejuvenate Gaia.

Fortunately, many members of Gaia’s Galactic family began taking incarnations as humans on her planet with the intention of opening Gaia’s innate fifth-dimensional portals. These fifth-dimensional portals were vital because they allowed a constant flow of Multidimensional Light to flow directly into Gaia’s core crystals.

It was important for the multidimensional flow of Light to move directly into Gaia’s core crystals, for if the higher Light had gone directly into Gaia’ 3D matrix, which served as a cast for her wounded planetary body, she would not be able to digest and assimilate the higher frequencies of light.

If a human had a cast on their arm for a long time, that arm would not be able to carry the weight of holding and carrying heavy objects. Also, the neuropathic ways that went through the wounded arm and into the hand would need to be rehabilitated before that hand could assume its former tasks.

In order for Gaia to return to Her innate, fifth dimensional and beyond Planetary SELF, She needed all of the time since Her near fall off of Her axis during the destruction of Atlantis, to fully heal Her Planetary Self.

The forces of darkness are aware of this fact. They are also aware that they cannot resonate to the fifth-dimension. Therefore, they are doing all they can to spread fear. What they do not realize is that, in certain areas of Her planet, Gaia has already moved into Her fourth dimensional and beyond Planetary Self.

Therefore, the forces of darkness must remain on the 3D matrix, as they cannot tolerate the fifth-dimensional Light. The resonance of the fifth dimension makes the dark one’s minds work too fast and their hearts beat too fast.

When this occurs, their thinking becomes erratic and their emotions become so fearful that they begin to fall out of alignment with even the third-dimensional matrix to which their resonance has trapped them.

Hence, they are stuck in the third-dimension because their minds cannot understand of the fifth-dimension, and their emotions cannot tolerate the frequency of Unconditional Love.

We realize that, to many of you on Earth, it appears as though the darkness is in control. However, since, what one cannot perceive, one cannot experience, these dark ones have come to the very end of their perceptual abilities.

Because their choice to live via “Power Over Others,” they are unable to perceive the fifth dimensional reality that many of our Awakening Ones are enjoying. Furthermore, since one cannot consciously experience what they cannot perceive, the Dark Ones are not aware that a higher dimensional reality exists just beyond their perceptions.

On the other hand, the Ascending ones are now regaining their innate inner power that had become muffled by the fear of what has been spewed out into their reality.

In California, Gaia has suffered a long drought. But now, California has recovered and what has died or turned yellow has now been reborn and returned to that which is a verdant, green.

What Gaia is saying to humanity by this deep healing of Her land is that no matter how difficult it gets, just enough water, “emotional support” and clear sky, “loving thinking,” can turn a negative situation to a positive situation which is filled with new life.

You, the Ascending members of Gaia, are beings of Unconditional Love for your dear planet as well as within your own Unity Consciousness. You are also aware of your intimate relationship with the Violet Fire to unconditionally love and transmute the darkness to New Dawn.

Often, it is much easier to be angry of and afraid at the darkness. However, you have the multidimensional ability to heal the darkness with your own Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.

On the other hand, the darkness has already lost its battle to take Earth because she, Gaia, is shedding her former need for her third dimensional matrix to return to Her innate, multidimensional planetary self.

We know you will join her as we can see your ever-expanding Light. When you share your expanding Light with beloved Gaia – the planet on whom you have chosen to take this embodiment, your innate Unconditional Love and Violet Fire will greatly assist Gaia with her planetary Ascension.

We, your Galactic Family thank you for all that you are doing for your planetary Mother. We, the collective of ALL your higher dimensional selves, are assisting ALL of our grounded ones, who have expanded our essence from our Starships, our Home World, and our myriad higher-dimensional realities to assist YOU, the members of Gaia.

We send our blessings and our assistance. All we ask is that you call us, and we will be there, as we already are with you. After all, how could not leave you because:

WE are YOU in a higher frequency of reality. Blessings from your Galactic Family and We thank you for all that you are doing for your Planetary Mother.

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