The True Role of Russia in the End Time

Georgi Stankov, February 14, 2017

This article was first written as a comment to a publication which the Saker posted on his blog. In fact, it was an interview with a retired Russian general who expressed his vision that the future of Russia lies in an enlightened monarchy under the auspices of Jesus Christ:

General Reshetnikov: Return to the Empire (superbly controversial interview)

The religious idea of this general is neither weird nor new as The Saker writes in his foreword. It is the ruling principle of Caesaropapism that was the foundational state principle of the Byzantine empire, the longest empire in the history of the Western civilisation and the legitimate heir of the Roman empire, actually its prolongation. It lasted more than one millennium and, as the history teaches us, after Constantinople was conquered by the Turks, this idea moved to Russia as the “Third Rome”.

Russia was christianised by Byzantine, precisely by Bulgarian monks and priests in the 9th century, first through Kiev, who also introduced the old Bulgarian language as  the official Church language in the Orthodox liturgy. It was the third official language in Christianity besides Greek and Latin and it has remained so to the present day. Since then not only Russians, but also the Catholic Poles, use this language in their masses although few if any know about it. As I speak Old Bulgarian I have no problem to attend masses in Polish and Russian churches and to understand everything.

It is important to know that the Bulgarian state was the first Slavonic state on the Old Continent and a mirror image of the Byzantine Empire, while all the kings and rulers of the then emerging Westerneuropean states were coronated in Constantinople and the Byzantine emperor was their pate. The legitimation of the European aristocracy is derived entirely from the Caesaropapism of Byzantine – the unity of a mortal human emperor with the eternal authority of Jesus as the head of Christianity. Only after the schism of Rome from Byzantine in the 11th and then completed in the 13th century did the catholic Vatican transfer, rather usurped, this authority for Western Europe from the only legitimate Empire on the Old Continent at that time – Byzantine – which was in a steady decline after the fourth Crusade destroyed its capital. So much about history.

Now what this general says is a faint and rather distorted echo of this European history which is not well understood neither in Russia nor in Western Europe anymore, so that all kinds of weird interpretations are in circulations that are tainted by ill-conceived nationalistic ideas to which this website and discussions are not immune. The reason is the lack of a deeper gnostic knowledge which I have admonished in the past to the extent that the Saker censored my comments on several occasions.

This is understandable as my critics challenges the very epistemological foundation of the existence of this blog and exposes the short-sighted character of most discussions here which are consumed in dualistic nationalistic elaborations who will win the current undeclared WW3 between the Anglo-Zionist empire, as you call it, in the West and Russia in the East as the protector of Christian Orthodox ideas. Little is said or truly comprehended that to this end Russia only functions as a substitute of the Byzantine empire and that the vast majority of the Russians have no clue about their religious history and facts. And even less is known about what happens nowadays behind the energetic and cognitive veil for most agnostic humans and where humanity is heading to as here discussed with the Saker already in 2015 which prompted him to make a podcast a few days later where he partially shared my ideas in a bold intellectual act that unfortunately did not last very long:

I have had a lot of discussions with Russians on religion and my impression is that their knowledge is very limited and superficial in this respect, and the same can be said about the theoretical literature in this area coming from Russia. There are indeed very few truly gnostic people in this big country while in such small countries as Croatia, and even Bulgaria to a lesser extent, their percentage is much higher. How can then Russia evolve to a bulwark of Christianity if it does not have truly Christian people? This was the problem of Dostojevsky who championed the czar as the nucleus of a future enlightened Russia under the patronage of Jesus Christ and had to fail in his aspirations, if one happens to read his journalistic essays as a prolific editor that are not so well known even in Russia. And this general is pale copy of Dostojevsky without any originality.

I think that this discussion here is very sterile and contributes nothing to a better understanding of the transcendental role which Russia indeed plays in the current world politics and which has nothing to do with politics in itself and even less so with religion but with one simple fact that is not known to most people:

The souls that have incarnated in Russia these days are in their vast majority ripe and old souls and this archetypal structure, and the immense Christed light which they emanate as a collective, has predestined them to be a successful opponent of the Anglo-Saxon Empire of evil which is populated by unripe and young souls and need many more karmic lessons in terms of war and devastation before they can spiritually evolve. The Russians ripe and old souls, as well as all such souls in other countries, are so to say protected by Divine Providence, to speak in religious terms, and this has nothing to do with Orthodox Christianity they themselves very poorly understand as this blog illustrates. These souls went through the NWO (New World Order), through hell, in form of a communist dictatorship (and I know what I am speaking about as I was a dissident in Bulgaria in the early 70s) which the western cabal, the globalist elite, wanted to also introduce in the West but badly failed. The Russians and the Easteuropeans have learnt their karmic lessons contrary to the western peoples consisting predominantly of young and unripe souls. Now they are redeemed and have every right to look forward to a blissful future even though they are not aware of the transcendental imperative of this huge transition.

The soul age model of humanity is the single most important explanatory principle to understand what is currently happening on this planet and I would recommend all readers of the Saker blog to scrutinize it if they want to follow the red thread of the coming sweeping events this year:

And I hope that the Saker will show courage again and publish this comment.

Dr. Georgi Stankov

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