St Germain: “Carla, You are a Chohan of the Violet-Gold Flame!”

by Carla Thompson, July 17, 2014

Dear Georgi,

I have just received a very interesting message from Saint Germain.  While it is a personal message, a message which has some exciting surprises for me, Saint Germain has also provided interesting information about you and your role with regard to the Blue Ray, which you and I held together before.  I feel that your newly evolved and expanded ability to single-handedly hold the Blue Flame is perhaps a direct result of the rising frequencies within our immediate reality.

Sending you love and Violet-Gold light,


“Today is a great day!  A day of peace and joy, a day of the final reckoning.

I am Saint Germain and today I bring to you the following truth:

You are a Chohan of the Violet-Gold Flame. As Chohan of the Violet-Gold fire, you carry it within your fields, through the activation of your “I AM” presence, whose role it is now to flood the fields of Gaia, and the auric fields of humanity, with the Violet-Gold fire, continuously, without rest.

As your “I AM” presence is now fully awakened and fully attuned to this truth, you, or rather your divine essence, is actively pouring this Violet-Gold fire into your fields, through You, within You, and into every atom and electron of your Body-Mind-Soul matrix. It then flows outward in a great expanding field.

Your immediate physical presence among others instantly transfers this Violet-Gold ray to them and awakens their I AM presences from the “ground up”, so to speak. You are a great Violet light now, even though your original and natural orientation to the Blue Ray remains.

It must be declared that your dual soul (Georgi Stankov) carries the full energy of the Blue Flame, the Flame of the Will of God, the Flame of Divine Omnipotence and unfailing Faith in a most balanced masculine-feminine expression, and this he does in a most powerful way. This new development has “freed you up”, so to speak, so that you may grow in service, now as Chohan of the Violet Flame.

To clarify at this place, your initiation to the Pink Ray, the Flame of Cosmic Love, was a stepping stone on this path to keeper of the Violet-Gold flame. You shall continue to run the pink energies within your body’s electrical matrix, and your “I AM” presence knows when these energies are needed, in an instantaneous, moment-to-moment fashion. You may continue to use this ray as you have been doing. I confirm that it is also a very powerful healing tool and your use of it is perfect in every way.

I must tell you, there is one other incarnate, who is also a keeper of this Pink Ray of Cosmic Love. She is consciously aware of her innate ability with regard to the Pink Flame and she shall connect with you very soon. Your combined mission is for the purpose of planetary healing, as well as healing the hearts of Mankind. As you are both “Openers” of the sacred heart chakra, your work is extremely powerful as it is deeply healing, and a necessary service for these final days. Remember, this service runs parallel and complimentary to your work with the Violet-Gold Flame.

I am Saint Germain, and I am now and forever within your fields, fully complementary to you and your dual soul, as we move through the final stage of the ascension of humanity in this moment in time.”


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