Faith Is the Key to Ascended Mastery

by Georgi Stankov, January 23, 2017

Although I am tired of reiterating the same thing over and over again, such is the human mind that one needs to repeat a basic truth 99 times until the 100th monkey gets it. Trump’s inauguration day was pivotal in the history of this ascending humanity as it marked the visible defeat of the ruling cabal, no matter how long their last throes will now continue. It is also obvious within the first 24 hours of the new presidency that Trump will not be able to achieve anything meaningful with the old corrupt institutions of the deep world government that led humanity to this deplorable state in the first place. The only thing Trump can do is to undo some of the worst crimes his predecessor Bombama started before the system collapses as Ron Paul clearly states today, and it will not take that long:

“What matters most in the upcoming years is not what Trump can actually do in the face of this hatred. What matters is what he can undo.

You don’t need to look further than Trump’s immediate visit to FBI and the secret services where he clearly warned them not be the fifth column in the state:


Let me be crystal clear on this issue: faith in our ascended mastery does not come from reading other people’s forecasts which can only relate to the probable energetic potential for certain future events to occur, in the full knowledge that we are the powerful creators of this reality and constantly ascend to higher timelines with a more favourable outcome where the envisioned scenario does not occur as we only experience what we truly want. This basic truth is well understood by all true PAT members as my correspondence with Patrick as of today illustrates:

“Dear Georgi,

After reading your superbly presented summation about “Time Points of Ascension“, I seem to cross over between time lines in the dream state. In one dream, I envisioned that I was at my computer and posting a particular social critique of which I am known for with my followers and friends, and then suddenly in an instant, I am split or bi-located (?) at another posting session and unable to distinguish between the two. Another dream found me at a beach resort of unimaginable splendor and mystical dimension that it could only be discerned as a preview of the 5th dimensional worlds and above that we are about to enter.”

“Dear Patrick,

bilocation is indeed what we do now every moment and I am most of the time in Europe, building on the new city of light Raetia. Also our dreams reflect impressions from the 5D. Carla also dreamt of a beautiful beach with crystal clear water this night and I visited with her in my dream the 5D city of Plovdiv, my native place in Bulgaria. Although there was no resemblance to the actual city, I was familiar with it and explained to Carla where we were at. It looked more like an Italian city with opulent architecture and piazza fountains. The streets were full of people most of them gypsies, which are numerous in today’s Plovdiv but also very dark people from the Middle East. They were though very happy and playful with each other. Many streets were still in construction – for new sewage and electric grid – which indicated that the city was still in the making.”

On the background of our common understanding that we are multidimensional beings and that our dreams are more real than this illusory reality which we experience in a dreamy way during daylight, we must acknowledge that we still have to deal with the innate inability of most half-awakened human beings to believe in ascension to higher realms for the simple reason that they do not actively participate in this process as co-creators. In fact they are currently carried piggy-back on our shoulders as ascended masters and believe that they have the right to complain we do not do our job quickly enough for them to reach paradise.

I will save you my sarcastic comments to this kind of audacity that is so inherent to this human species. However, we must acknowledge that we are at where most of humanity still is – at a very low level of awakening due to a complete misunderstanding of their individual responsibility for the ascension process – and it may indeed take some more time for the people to awaken so that they can be heaved by us to a higher dimensional reality. For that reason I will publish another email exchange as of today with a reader of my website and a new message from Thoth about the difficulty to achieve ascended mastery in a physical vessel, with a weak human mind and underdeveloped intuition, which fits very well into this discussion:

Dear Georgi,

so am I here, writing you message again. I don’t know why I’m I doing this, but I feel we need to contact one more time. This is the time when our paths are going to part. There is no way for me to verify whether all of this what you are writing here is true or not, I have only one helper-Reality. Reality is God, and your claims prove to be wrong. Last time you said, “inauguration day is end of January, a lot will happen until then”, and what.. nothing special happened. Now America has new president, and who knows what future will bring.. I would like that claims of 2017, liberation for humanity etc come to realization, but..all of this makes no sense anymore. Always looking for future…

Hopefully, you will not call me a member of the “ignorant mass”, or “this is true from your linear perspective”.  I would just like to see what you are going to write now, when the last time you wrote, after elections, that “inauguration day is end of January”..

Best regards,



“Dear Goran,

if you have carefully read my articles and books it should be cogent to you that nobody else is responsible for your faith but you yourself. I am only a reporter of what I see and experience being fully engaged in the LBP and as a captain of the PAT. All true members of the PAT who make the same energetic experiences trust me precisely for this reason. You are obviously not member of the PAT and you are not in the LBP and you do not participate in these heavy energetic experiences, hence you have no basis to verify what I am writing about while sticking to linear time which is an illusion as I have explained numerous times and also in my latest article very clearly:

By the way Trump was the last president in most lower timelines that we separated from this ascending earth where he was assassinated during his inauguration. We managed to avoid this on our timeline with our immense energetic help but it was very precarious as this article and event illustrate:

And here is what I wrote to another PAT member on the inauguration day who also felt the violent energies that accompanied this event and led to the killing of Trump on most lower timelines that we separated. Start understanding multidimensionality as I demand in the above article:

“The day of Trump’s inauguration brought incredible inner intensity and massive cleansing waves of extreme human dross through our fields during the last 3-4 days. I had stabbing pain in my right eye on Jan 20th which happens very seldom and I was afraid that something may happen with it as it is the eye where I have a transplantation of the cornea and was blind for a year due to rejection of the transplant. Indeed the next days something happened, I interpret it as an energetic intervention of my HS as she has done it several times in the past. All of a sudden I could not see anything on the screen of my laptop and instead saw with my right eye a rainbow coloured flickering zigzag field in the middle of my vision that moved slowly to the bottom. I was afraid that this may be a dissociation of the cornea but fortunately after 10 minutes this sensation stopped. Carla saw some changes in the cornea which may indicate that there has been a surgical energetic intervention as it happened twice when my HS improved the curvature of the transplanted cornea which had a traction on one end.

The energy quality during the inauguration day was violent and the body elemental was crashed – water boarding of the worst kind. It was associated with Trump’s inauguration which is a milestone in the history of humanity as it marks the disempowerment of the dark ruling cabal in the west. At the same time we severed many lower timelines where Trump and his administration were assassinated at the inauguration day and a civil war started that ended in nuclear catastrophe. This scenario was played out on lower timelines so that it could not happen here as Gaia has now firmly moved into the lower 5D and we are actually most of the time in 5D to 7D. So to say, we saved Trump on this timeline and he should be thankful to us for this sacrifice.

Altogether we are completely depleted and could barely survive throughout the Trump’s inauguration. Carla could not sleep at that time and she had a vision that she meets with Trump who was very agitated as he could not figure out the implications of esotericism and could not open to the transcendental dimension although he wanted that. He told her, how is it possible that he could figure out everything else but not this one. She flooded him and his family with golden white Christed light as they were very anxious prior to the inauguration. In the past she had a vision that we shall meet with him as ascended masters.”

Thoth: The Pathway Towards Ascended Mastery

channelled by Christine Meleriessee Hayden, January 23, 2017

The pathway of being an Initiate towards Ascended Mastery can cause an individual to question who they are in any given moment. It is a doorway that many choose not to walk into while inhabited in the physical realm, but yet it is the most rewarding challenge that any person on the planet can reward themselves to attain.

The reason being is that the beauty of descending the Higher Self into the physical dimension requires great diligence and continued support of a group of individuals that have walked the pathway beforehand. This is easier said than done as it requires the ability to have faith that there are other worlds beyond the physical that are just as important. It is a doorway of opportunity to connect with the souls that have walked the pathway before you, but yet it requires all senses to be in one’s reality – the sense of knowingness, the sense of sight, and the sense of feeling that goes way beyond the capacity of the mental mind.

All that a soul learns within the physical body cannot relate to the metaphysical elements that occur within the higher consciousness. When an individual awakens to these aspects that can occur within themselves then a period of questioning results between the physical mind of logic and the feeling level of sensitivity.

In many cases an individual is gifted and is able to know both worlds of knowingness through the psychic mind and the physical mind. In those cases it can often be a juggling act between the two worlds ~ what is real, the unseen or the seen. It can be quite a contradiction.

It is the same when a person decides to work through their internal issues of the sub-conscious mind to realize that the attributes that they have attained can be directed through the Masculine Self (of the Mind) or the Feminine Self (of the Intuition). Again, the same kind of juggling act occurs as the planet has been focused upon the mental attributes of the Masculine energies. It has been ruled by aggression, control tactics, being strict in all actions and even feelings.

It has taken many years for souls to realize that this way of living and being is not the True Self. It does not represent the free will of each individual.

Presently, the earth is at a new juncture of time in which souls are awakening to the concepts of the Universal Laws and taking into account on a personal level how they work within their lives. Eventually, the earth will gain the appropriate knowledge that the way to correct living is within balance of the self, and not one-sided or the other.

Let’s take into account how women were suppressed for quite some time in many societies and even today some areas of the world live by these standards. That is not the free will of each soul, but the will of the masculine energy being in control.

As we look upon the Laws of the Universe, everything has its purpose in creation. If you look at each of the laws and how they affect humanity, you will see a process of order that occurs. Each of the laws represent a step into the next law:  Divine Oneness, Vibration, Action, Correspondence, Cause and Effect, Compensation, Attraction, Perpetual Transmutation of Energies, Relativity, Polarity, Rhythm, and then Gender.

This process of the laws come to the last step of the evolution of spirit unto matter and that is Gender.

“This Universal Law states that everything has its masculine (Yang) and feminine (Yin) principles, and that these are the basis for all creation. The spiritual initiate must balance the masculine and feminine energies within themselves to become a Master and true co-creator with God.”

As we look at the components of the Yang and the Yin, we see that it represents right action in the flow of life. When a person is too Yang, then there is a loss of Yin within their consciousness and way of life. Additionally, when the Yin is the controlling energy, then there is a loss of Yang energy.

As a species, you must come into balance and this must happen within each soul’s essence.

We have to remember that the Masculine Self creates all the ideas; but what happens if the Feminine is not part of the Initiative of that idea?

It will come across as too harsh, too controlling, and not within the standards of the ebb and flow which is what the Feminine Aspect teaches us.

The opposite is true when the Feminine is too much in control. It can cause emotions to be overloaded and out of balance, indecisiveness can result, and sometimes depression or fear will be the controlling elements within that person.

The Universal Law of Gender teaches you to put all that has been lost into balance by allowing those aspects of each gender to work with each other. It is the only way that an initiate can fully understand what they are experiencing either from the perspective of their mental mind or heart essence.

It is the stepping stone for each individual to find balance within their spiritual essence no matter what gender they are physically. As each person understands what they are feeling, and why they are putting the Feminine and Masculine selves into alignment each part is working within one another.

This is the basis of right relationships to occur within the physical world. The reason why so many people have issues with others is that the aspects within themselves are very weak or too strong. All elements must go through a process of creating an equilibrium within the physical self. And the way to achieve this balance is to understand the core issues that they are experiencing.

Specifically, it helps to realize the potential that you have as an initiate to make changes within yourself. Learning the qualities of self-worthiness and self-love are high on the list. Allowing for Compassion, Forgiveness (for yourself and others) is an essential component. Exhibiting qualities of assertiveness instead of being aggressive. This takes great Perseverance but allows for Humility to rule your mind and heart.

All these elements represent standing in the middle of both spectrums – allowing the masculine and the feminine to work together. We have to remember that the masculine self brings forth the ideas but the feminine self is truly the initiator. She is also the intuitive mind and allows for the ideas to flow without getting too involved in the emotional feelings. The masculine self will work within the feminine but you must allow him to understand the process so that he does not take over the process as has occurred for centuries upon this earth.

Masculinity has been the ruling energy of this planet for eons of time. That is now changing. In order for it to assist each of you, every person has a responsibility of stepping into the unknown by allowing both the Yang and the Yin to work cohesively together.

This will create right action for every soul upon the planet. Elements will change, lives will get better, and the quality of life upon this earth will greatly improve.

Step into the Law of Gender and see for yourself the changes you need to make in order to have powerful and loving relationships within your life.

I Am Master Thoth at your Service

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