Important Announcement of my HS: Bird on the Button

How an Imminent Powerful Energetic Push from the Source will Trigger a “Shock and Awe”-Wave That Will Disrupt the Electronic Networks of All Financial Flows and Will Cause the “Frapture” of the Matrix

Shinzhi Rumi, June 13, 2016

Dear Georgi,

I confirm transformation activities from June 2 til June 13, and going on.

Emotional depletion. Physical exhaustion. The usual drain and dross.

The “Orlando shooting” coincides with my reading Tad William’s Otherland.

“The story is set on Earth near the end of the 21st century (…) in a world in which technology has advanced somewhat beyond the present. The most notable advancement is the widespread availability of full-immersion virtual reality installations, which allow people from all walks of life to access an online world, called simply the Net (…) a future society where virtual worlds are fully integrated into everyday life (…) the story winds through alternate interpretations of many classical literary works such as Through the Looking-Glass, The Odyssey and The Iliad, The War of the Worlds, and The Wizard of Oz, which are available as entertainment simulations within the series.”


On that Earth, the NWO has been installed. The UN and corporations are in charge. Global government. Cashless society. 24/7 surveillance. Virtual life substitutes real life. Wars, mass poverty, engineered epidemics, destruction of the environment for profits.

Inside the Net, some of the most powerful (richest) men and women (the Grail Brotherhood) created a separate virtual reality space for themselves (Otherland). They conduct experiments on humans by trapping and brainwashing them inside virtual reality simulations (synthetic worlds, as reported by you and Carla).

The Brotherhood is challenged by a few individuals with special abilities. They infiltrate Otherland. One of them is a boy named Orlando.

The PAT is just like that. And more – we are active dream detonators. Brad pushed the button with The Frapture.

And here goes the latest announcement:

The Message, June 13, 2016: Bird on the Button

Question to my Highest Self: Does the Source of All-That-Is have a message of relevance to the Ascension process of this Earth in this space-time continuum on this timeline on which I find myself in human shape?

Answer: Yes.

Request: Then share this message with me now.

Answer: The Earth is on a spiral frequency on which she moves rhythmically or is moved rhythmically in a particular cycle according to a predetermined space-time-curvature-pattern. In order to be able to move out of this cycle predetermined by the Source of All-That-Is, it is necessary to initiate the appropriate time-and-space-curvature-shift-frequency for adjustment of the subsystem Earth to harmonically operating subsystems of All-That-Is.

This process is currently in a crucial breaking stage in which it can happen without further ado that, by reason of an appropriate strong push, the subsystem Earth will split or will be split into at least two proverbial halfs so that both halfs will enter distinctive self-experience cycles in distinctive self-experience time-spaces and self-experience space-times.

The collective dream of a planet and all self-expression forms present on this planet which share this dream will detach from the collective dream of all those self-expression forms which do not share this dream.

Question: Do key events precede this split which have to occur on this Earth in this space-time continuum on this timeline on which I find myself in human shape?

Answer: Yes.

Request: Then share these events with me now.

Answer: The most important and most decisive event is the separation from the existing world control system in the form of global capital flow control. In order to lift this capital flow control it is necessary to cause a shock-and-awe disruption (the two words which showed up here explicitly were “rapture” and “fracture” in allusion to Brad’s “Frapture”; note, Rumi) by means of a powerful energetic push. This will overload the electronic network of this world control system and compromise cascade-like the proper operation of all of its interlocking and overlapping subsystems. In particular crashes and blackouts of single key subsystems will have lasting detrimental consequences for the operation of the complete system.

The successive blackouts of subsystems will result in energetic gaps which will be filled from inside by information, programs, energies inducted by the Source of All-That-Is. The old subsystems will be replaced by new subsystems. After a period of lasting stabilization and effective self-administration and self-development these new subsystems will expand and connect with other new subsystems. The old complete system will be replaced by a new complete system.

The key stones of the existing world control security architecture are falling out almost by themselves and are being removed one by one as they are not in accordance with the changed and changing energetic conditions of the new space-time-continuum. The secret of the new dream-time-creation lies inside the building stones’ inner condition. (For further explanation of these energetic processes see my response to Rumi below. Note, George)

The egg is the shell. The bird is the world. In order to be born, a shell must break.

This is the end of this announcement.


The Physical Background of the Imminent Disruption of All Electronic Networks at the Time of Frapture

Dear Rumi,

this is a key message of paramount importance from your HS that builds upon what we have experienced in the second half of May and what the Elohim told us regarding the full opening of all systems in this holographic model to the light codes of the Source on May 30th. Essentially what happened in May and continues this month of June is the complete phase transformation or shift of the subatomic quantum structure of this holographic model away from the old dense, predominantly electric structure through the full implementation of the conditions of superconductivity. This goes hand in hand with the elimination of all low vibrating systems and subsystems that function as blockages and resistances for the free flow of the light codes of the Source through the entire energetic structure of this holographic model that consists of infinite such systems as U-sets that superimpose and constantly interact.

As I wrote in early June, we proceeded with the establishment of the new energetic conditions of superconductivity in all further superimposed energetic systems such as the chakra system of the human body. Needless to say this process of transformation affects also all the other creationary expressions on this planet such as animals, plants and other subsystems. What has not been discussed so far, and that is why I am so thankful that you have addressed it in your message as I somehow stopped paying attention to it myself, is that the new conditions of superconductivity that were introduced end of May also change the entire electric structure of this planet as a holographic model.

It is a well know fact that the downward spiral to lower density which the Orion PTW imposed on this incarnation experiment was essentially achieved by increasing the conditions of electricity over magnetism. This is a very difficult topic to understand as it requires a deep understanding of the new physics of the Universal Law as the old conventional physics renders no explanation for what we experience now.

From a higher vantage point of view, there is no such thing as electricity but only magnetism. The concept of “electromagnetism”, which was first introduced when Maxwell formulated his famous four equations of electromagnetism, camouflages this fact. Since then there is no proper understanding of the two concepts among physicists. The messages of Astraea et Amora tried to shed some more light onto this linguistic and epistemological confusion among scientists with regard to electricity and magnetism. When I published these messages, I commented on this topic but I must reiterate it one more time here for the sake of clarity as the PAT must be fully aware what to expect in the coming days and why it will happen this way.

As I said, electricity is the subjective human perception of magnetism as phenomenon of dense matter, for instance observed as electric current in metal conductors. The fact that a magnetic field can induce electricity in a wire and vice versa, an alternating current can induce magnetic field shows that we are dealing with aspects of the same original force or energy. When this energy is observed in photon space-time we define it as magnetism, when we observe it in dense matter such as metal conductors we define it as electricity. This is the kind of awkward discrimination which the human mind always does in order to grasp certain energetic phenomena that are beyond the limited cognizance of conventional deterministic science.

And yet we must bear in mind that electricity is indeed a manifestation of the progressing densification of this holographic model to lower frequencies. The PTW knew that and that is why they were adamant to introduce all kinds of obsolete electronic gadgets that emanate low-frequency electromagnetic fields or rather smog and thus further lower the original vital frequencies of the human body and its auric fields. This is a major element of the cabal strategy to transform humans into electronic robots. The introduction of various chips in the body goes in the same direction. This should be known to all readers of this website, but it is important to highlight it one more time as to understand what will happen very soon when the “Frapture” will happen.

Currently, the entire humanity is interconnected through the Internet and similar electronic subsystems. The financial system relies entirely upon such electronic subsystems. Indeed, the existence of such electronic networks that can be manipulated infinitely by the banksters in power of these electronic systems such as stock exchange trading software programs has so far prevented the financial system from collapse. This is the main conundrum which we discuss on this website and neither Brad, nor myself or any other financial expert I have published on this website has a logical and rational explanation why the financial system has not collapsed much earlier as it should have been because it is broke long time ago.

The systemic failure we all make in this respect is to depart only from the flaws of the current Orion monetary system, from the deflation and total devaluation of all fiat currencies that have lost any value. But as of recently we have forgotten to consider the second essential level of the financial system which is the electronic networks based on the electricity of dense matter upon which the fraudulent fractional reserve banking and the creation of unlimited virtual derivatives and other obsolete financial instruments function and rely upon in the first place.

In fact it is very simple to imagine – the financial system will not collapse because banks are broke or governments cannot repay their gargantuan sovereign debt, as long as any conceivable sum of money can be electronically generated with a click on the computer as the former Fed chief Ben Bernanke boasted in front of the senate. It will collapse when parallel to the default of all fiat currencies and financial institutions their reliance and functionality entirely on electronic systems is suddenly interrupted.

This is inevitable as we have already introduced the new conditions of superconductivity that eliminate the electricity of matter which is based on the intrinsic polarity of all elementary particles of the current dense matter. For instance, all molecules in matter have a dipole moment with a positive and a negative pole. When they arrange in an assembly of particles in matter, as the grid in metals and crystals or as free ions (anions and cations) in fluids such as water they orientate their poles in such a way that they cancel each other so that matter becomes electrically neutral and it cannot carry forward magnetic waves in form of electricity unless it is rearranged, e.g. by imposing an electric gradient from outside.

This is the simplest way to explain how matter is organized in a dense world based on electricity – why its structure contains so much blockages and resistances at the atomic and molecular level that prevent the free flow of magnetic energy, which is the manifestation of source energy in all lower holographic models of space-time forms and expressions.

After we have introduced the new conditions of superconductivity in this holographic model on May 30th we have since then consequently changed the energetic structure of all superimposed expressions of creation at the subatomic quantum level. In the first two weeks of June we dealt with the chakra system of humans that harbour a lot of existential fears associated with money and impoverishment. We cleansed these fears by making the first and second human chakras permissive to the free flow of the new light codes from the Source. This process is still ongoing as you also observe. Even today there is a huge wave of pecuniary fears of impoverishment based on the anticipated crash of the financial system that is being processed by all incarnated human souls at the subconscious level. These fears flow through my fields and I can very well discern them and put them in the appropriate perspective. But it is also true that such waves are very unpleasant to experience in the personal emotional field, even if they do not pertain to you.

It is important to note that we had to transform the chakra system of the masses before we can shut down the electronic systems and subsystems of the financial flows of Orion currencies that determine the behaviour and life of all humans on this planet. The electric blackout is actually the easiest form of transformation. But it can only happen after the majority of humans are redeemed from their pecuniary fears – after their “Money Fear” chakra is fully cleansed – so that they will not respond with massive angst when the financial system collapses and thus succumb to the plans of the ruling cabal to establish the NWO of total financial enslavement based on a reset of the old failed fiat currencies to a new cashless, digital system of payments and transactions which will be controlled by one world bank.

The merit of your message is that it makes us aware that the collapse of the financial system will occur not only due to the fact that it is rigged and dysfunctional but because it entirely relies on electric systems and networks that can no longer exist in this new higher vibrating reality which we established since May 30th. The latter is based on the new energetic conditions of superconductivity and the free flow of light codes from the Source. In this new energetic environment electricity has no role to play anymore. That is why when the Internet and all the other electronic systems will collapse during the “Frapture” when the threshold of inflow of massive source energies is reached – most probably this summer as August is the most powerful month of source activity and change – then the current financial system will be obliterated overnight.

At the same time we have already created the new energetic systems of communication based on superconductivity at the soul level in the 5D and higher dimensions. These new creations exist for a very long time (figuratively speaking as linear time is an illusion) and now can be implemented instantaneously when the Frapture will happen. They are already there and I can see their structures with my third eye. When they will be installed, or rather superimposed over this reality they will create a new reality at the moment of Frapture. This is how the new Astral currency will be instantaneously implemented for the people on the new ascending planet. The descending planet will instead sink into chaos.

Obviously when this will happen, there will be some kind of interception between the two fractured timelines and the people on the ascending timeline will be able to perceive the chaos on the descending timeline while those remaining on the chaotic and catastrophic timeline will not be able to perceive the ascending timeline as its frequencies will be too high for them. This phenomenon has been extensively discussed on this website since we began to prepare for the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 and I would recommend all my readers to go back and re-read the post from that time as to be reassured how correct we have always been in our interpretation of the ascension process.

Rumi, I am very happy that you addressed in your message the collapse of the electronic networks on this planet when the Frapture will come and the financial system will collapse, as I must admit that I had neglected this aspect in my recent considerations and disquisitions of the final ID shift. This is deplorable as I have been focusing on the shutdown of the electric grid for many years and only last year we discussed extensively the blackout of the Internet in this context. Now that we know that we have introduced the conditions of superconductivity since May 30th the blackout of all oppressive systems of the cabal that are based on electricity is a conditio sine qua non for any meaningful change of this holographic model.

This conclusion is very consoling as it tells us unequivocally that the collapse of the matrix is completely independent of what is happening on the ground and is only dependent on when we shall reach the energetic threshold when a powerful injection of source energy will lead to complete disruption of the electric grid and the total blackout of all electronic subsystems that currently enable the flow of financial capital and the functioning of the economy.


With love and light



Botschaft, 13. Juni 2016: Vogel am Drücker

Frage an mein Höchstes Selbst: Hat die Quelle des Allganzen eine wichtige Nachricht hinsichtlich des Aufstiegsvorganges dieser Erde in diesem Raumzeitgefüge auf dieser Zeitlinie, auf der ich mich in menschlicher Gestalt befinde?

Antwort: Ja.

Aufforderung: Dann teile mir jetzt diese Nachricht mit.

Antwort: Die Erde befindet sich auf einer Spiralfrequenz, auf der sie sich in einem bestimmten Kreislauf gemäß eines festgelegten Raumzeitkrümmmungsmusters rhythmisch bewegt bzw. bewegt wird. Um diesen von der Quelle des Allganzen festgelegten Kreislauf verlassen zu können, ist es erforderlich, die entsprechende Zeit- und Raumkrümmungsverschiebungsfrequenz einzuleiten zur Anpassung des Subsystems Erde an ausgeglichen verfahrende Subsysteme des Allganzen.

Dieser Vorgang befindet sich derzeit in einem Zerreißstadium, in welchem es ohne weiteres vorkommen kann, dass sich das Subsystem Erde durch einen entsprechend kräftigen Ruck in zumindest zwei sprichwörtliche Hälften teilt bzw. geteilt wird, so dass beide Hälften in unterschiedliche Selbsterfahrungskreisläufe in unterschiedlichen Selbsterfahrungszeiträumen und Selbsterfahrungsraumzeiten eintreten werden.

Der gemeinsame Traum eines Planeten und aller auf diesem Planeten befindlichen Selbstausdrucksformen, die diesen Traum teilen, löst sich vom gemeinsamen Traum all jener Selbstausdrucksformen, die diesen Traum nicht teilen.

Frage: Gehen dieser Trennung Schlüsselereignisse voraus, die auf dieser Erde in diesem Raumzeitgefüge auf dieser Zeitlinie, auf der ich mich in menschlicher Gestalt befinde, stattfinden müssen?

Antwort: Ja.

Aufforderung: Teile mir jetzt diese Ereignisse mit.

Antwort: Das wichtigste und entscheidendste Ereignis ist die Trennung vom bestehenden Weltkonstrollsystem in Form von globaler Kapitalstromkontrolle. Um diese Kapitalstromkontrolle aufzuheben, bedarf es einer schockwirkungsvollen Unterbrechung (die zwei Wörter, die an dieser Stelle ausdrücklich auftauchten, waren “rapture” und “fracture” in Anspielung auf Brad’s “Frapture”; Bemerkung Rumi) hervorgerufen durch einen kräftigen energetischen Schub. Dieser wird das elektronische Netzwerk dieses Weltkontrollsystems überlasten und alle dazugehörigen ineinander- und übereinander greifenden Subsysteme in ihrer reibungslosen Funktionsweise kaskadenartig beeinträchtigen. Insbesondere Abstürze und Ausfälle einzelner Schlüsselsubsysteme werden nachhaltige und nachteilige Auswirkungen auf die Funktionsweise des Gesamtsystems zur Folge haben.

Das schrittweise Ausfallen von Subsystemen wird zur Entstehung energetischer Lücken führen, welche von innen heraus durch von der Quelle des Allganzen eingespeiste Informationen, Programme, Energien gefüllt werden. Die alten Subsysteme werden durch neue Subsysteme ausgetauscht. Nach einem Zeitraum nachhaltiger Stabilisierung und wirkungsvoller Selbstverwaltung und Selbstentfaltung werden diese neuen Subsysteme sich erweitern und sich mit anderen neuen Subsystemen verbinden. Das alte Gesamtsystem wird von einem neuen Gesamtsystem ausgetauscht werden.

Die Schlüsselsteine der bestehenden Weltkontrollsicherungsarchitektur fallen nahezu von alleine heraus und werden einer nach dem anderen herausgebrochen, da diese nicht mit den veränderten und sich verändernden energetischen Bedingungen im neuen Raumzeitgefüge übereinstimmen. Das Geheimnis der neuen Traumzeitgestaltung liegt in der inneren Beschaffenheit der Bausteine.

Das Ei ist die Schale. Der Vogel ist die Welt. Um geboren zu werden, muss eine Schale brechen.

Dies ist das Ende dieser Durchsage.

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