Superconductivity is the Foundation of Unlimited Free Energy, Antigravity and Easy Bilocation

Georgi Stankov, November 3, 2015

Superconductivity is unlimited free energy for mankind. It is the first step to immediate creation for the new human race in the new 4D worlds of the Golden Galaxy that will very soon come into being. It will also be the basis for the establishment of new antigravity technologies, easy bilocation, etc. These new technologies will be implemented by us as Ascended Masters and Logos Gods immediately after the final ID shift that is due to happen very soon.

The preparation for their introduction is in full sway as the latest message of Elohim Astraea et Amora heralds. It begins with a profound transformation of the energetic tissue of the current 3D holographic model in preparation for its final ascension and merging with the new 4D blueprint of Gaia which we are being creating since the PAT became Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy last year. It is in the making for a very long time and now this message sheds some more light as to how this energetic transformation currently happens at the three basic levels of creation which we summarize under the anthropomorphic term “source” or “God”.

The creation of the energetic conditions of superconductivity begins at the primal level of the first cause field according to Astraea et Amora. Then it continues in a beautiful harmony in the second level (cause) of creation of elementary particles, atomic, and molecular structures. And then it goes on by incorporating all these building units of matter, form and space in the creation of complex systems, such as human mind/spirit/body systems or whole galaxies within the third creationary cause field.

Superconductivity is not an exotic condition but the ubiquitous normal state of Being in All-That-Is. Especially in the 5th and higher dimensions it is conditio sine qua non for any immediate creation from the fulcrum of our higher selves. This kind of creation is rooted in the energetic fields of the third cause of creation. Many of you will work at this level as incumbent Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy. Some of us may begin, or have already begun, to create from the second or even first cause of creationary fields as future Elohim Gods. This is not science fiction but the only real thing and you are well advised to attune to these physical topics of creation as this will be our mission very soon.

Let us now discuss superconductivity in more detail as to gain a better insight into the theoretical background and implications of this novel state of energetic existence of matter. As I mentioned above, superconductivity is not some kind of esoteric stuff, but the normal ubiquitous energetic condition in All-That-Is. The lack of superconductivity in this holographic model that is still carrying the old 3D imprint of the Orion matrix as a waning overlay is the actual exception. The elimination of superconductivity in the current 3D matter we deal with is caused by the use of huge amounts of source energy through our HS that inhibit this condition.

With the progression of the ascension process on this uppermost mother planet and especially with the ejection of all dark criminal soul fragments on October 28th from this timeline, we have created all the prerequisites for the rapid implementation of the energetic conditions of superconductivity. This is the universal pre-condition upon which humanity will be able, with our help as ascended masters, to develop and introduce a plethora of new technologies that will transform the human society for ever and will prepare the ground for its further evolution to a transgalactic civilisation, while slowly ascending to 5D where we shall wait for them.

First among these new technologies will be the immediate resolution of the energy problem of humanity by using superconductors at all material levels and applications, which will be able to conduct electric currents without any thermal losses. The new conductors, such as wires, crystals etc. will have no resistivity and, once a free photon energy source is generated, this energy can flow in all material devices and drive them without loss through heat.

With superconductivity, gravitation will be easily overcome and in the not too distant future many human beings will begin to bilocate within this timeline through antigravity portals, while their ability to change timelines, as we do now, will be limited for the time being until they progress much more in the LBP. With this the transport problem of humanity will be resolved once and for all on a global scale.

These and some more novel technologies which I leave at the discretion of your imagination will eliminate quickly the necessity of such supra-structures as the national state and other predatory international corporations that have been paving the way for the implementation of the original dark plan of the cabal to install the NWO in the End Time. This has been prevented on this uppermost mother planet at the latest on October 28 when the PAT eliminated all these dark souls from this timeline.

I hope that you now begin to understand how the dynamics with which we shall introduce new technologies based on superconductivity will also transform very quickly and easily the whole human civilisation and its social make-up. The energetic conditions of superconductivity are being created by us, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, in this moment in the Now and they already exist in all higher 4D worlds and in New Lemuria. We are now transforming the energetic structure of this uppermost mother planet and its holographic model in preparation for the final shift. That is why this message from Astraea et Amora is of such great actuality.

Essentially, the two Elohim tell us that in the new holographic model of the 4D worlds the electrons will exist as electron pairs which are also known as Cooper pairs (see below). In this energetic state the electrons, which are the carriers of electricity in matter, in all wires and other conductors, are bound in stable pairs that no longer interact with the ionic grid of the metals, which is what causes resistivity, and establish the condition of superconductivity.

This condition has been experimentally observed by scientists for the last somewhat 100 years when the temperature of metal wires is reduced to almost zero Kelvin degrees. This is knows as the critical temperature. Unfortunately it is impossible to establish such low temperatures in material devices, generators and motors as the decrease in temperature to such critical values already needs a lot of energy input and it cannot be practically sustained under normal working conditions.

In the 80s some ceramic conductors were found that could also establish the energetic conditions where Cooper pairs of electrons can be built under normal temperatures, but these ceramics are so brittle that they cannot be used for practical purposes.

Since then there has been no progress in the field of superconductivity and I suspect that the dark ruling cabal has prevented the theoretical and practical research in this key area because a viable solution of superconductivity would have transformed humanity and would have liberated it from its dependence on fossil energy. The cabal wanted to enslave humanity precisely by making it entirely dependent of fossil energy (oil and gas) by establishing a total monopoly over all fossil energy resources. This explains the strategic role of the Middle East and the numerous wars which the Empire of Evil has instigated in this troubled part of the world as to implement their hideous plan for the End Time. This is also the way how the cabal is now totally failing in Syria and is about to be ousted from power any moment.

Since October 28th when we ejected all dark criminal souls, including all soul fragments of the ruling cabal, from this uppermost timeline and with the current influx of numerous old souls as walk-ins in the empty electromagnetic holographic images of the ruling elite, the rules of the game have been changed entirely in favour of ourselves – the forces of light. But this is just one aspect of the ascension process that will affect the political, financial, economic and war events on the ground very soon, most probably beginning this month. Parallel to that we as Logos Gods in human gestalt are now actively preparing the new energetic conditions to eliminate the use of fossil energy based on combustion and depletion of oxygen in the atmosphere. This kind of primitive technology cannot survive the ID shift and has no place in the new 4D worlds.

The substitution of old technologies based on combustion can only begin when the energetic conditions for universal superconductivity of matter are firmly established in the new 4D holographic model. As the new humanity will have to work with this novel physical phenomenon it is indispensable that one is also fully aware of the theoretical physics of superconductivity. Precisely, what energetic conditions in matter, in the grid structure of metals and other conductors should be established in all three causal fields of creation, so that the free electrons that are the carriers of electric current in metals can exist entirely as Cooper pairs and decrease the resistivity of the usual conductors to almost zero.

This is the topic of my essay on superconductivity below which I wrote in 1998 and can be found in volume II. I have eliminated from this version all the mathematical derivations and equations as to facilitate your understanding and also because it is technically impossible for me to reproduce all the mathematical equations in WordPress.


Essay: The Theory of Superconductivity in the Light of the Universal Law (popular version)

Georgi Stankov, Volume II, chapter 6.9 ELECTRIC CURRENT AND SUPERCONDUCTIVITY, page 261

The new axiomatics allows the development of a consistent theory of superconductivity that will substitute the present BCS-theory and will ultimately lead to the development of adequate superconductors. This new theory of tremendous practical relevance for the future of mankind cannot be discussed in this essay. We shall only present some basic derivations that pave the road to this end.

Evidently, the resistance of materials, which is a specific time (frequency f) of the electric level of matter, depends only on the time of the underlying levels, just as the temperature (time) of the thermodynamic level as shown in the new theory of thermodynamics of the Universal Law. This follows from the principle of superposition, with which constructive or destructive interference at the electric level can be explained (recall that all electric events are based on the existence of electromagnetic waves; see Maxwell’s equations).

Based on Furier analysis and harmonic synthesis, we can imagine a mathematical solution that gives us the optimal conditions, under which a “prestabilized harmony“ between the various levels of matter and photon space-time will occur. The problem of superconductivity can be solved by finding the conditions, under which the electric resistance, respectively, the resistivity of the material, approaches zero. In this case the conductivity, which is a reciprocal of the resistivity, approaches infinity.

This electric condition, called “superconductivity“, which we have derived in an axiomatic manner from the Universal Law, was first observed by Onnes in 1911 for materials below the critical temperature Tc, about at the time when the classical model of electric conduction was established by Lorentz (1909) based on the work of Drude (1900). The subsequent theory of superconductivity, the so-called BCS-theory (for Bardeen, Cooper and Schriever) developed in 1957 is based on Lorentz’ classical theory of conduction. The latter departs from Boltzmann’s statistical method of thermodynamics.

The history of the discovery of superconductivity illustrates how physics has evolved empirically from a single experience to a general idea of the Universal Law, but it also proves that the empiric approach is a deadlock. The BCS-theory is, in fact, a hypothetical model that fails to explain the conductivity in ceramic oxides at much higher temperatures, a phenomenon that was coincidentally observed by Müller and Bednorz in 1986. The euphoria triggered by this finding was subsequently cooled down to the initial critical temperatures of superconductivity (around 0 degree K) because of the brittleness of the ceramic materials that hampers the practical use of these superconductors. After that, there has been no major breakthrough in the area of superconductors with the propensity of revolutionizing energy consumption.

We shall now outline the new theoretical approach of the Universal Law that will ultimately solve this problem at the practical level. We shall begin with Lorentz’ theory of conductivity, which is basic to the present BCS-theory. Like Boltzmann’s kinetic theory of gases, Lorentz considers the charged particles as an assembly of kinetic particles (electron gas theory) that can be statistically described by the root mean square velocity which is one-dimensional space-time quantity of the electron level. This approach tacitly selects the electrons as representative systems of the microscopic electric level of matter (reductionist approach), although all other elementary particles and molecules of matter also have a charge, that is, cross-sectional area (space), and should be taken into consideration too.

The kinetic motion of the electrons is described in terms of the collision time  by employing the classical paradigm of “elastic collision“ as a closed system (N-set). This approach explains the limited character of this theory. The collision time is the reciprocal time of the kinetic electron level, where the mean free path of the electrons is the constant [1d-space]-quantity of this level. Recall that anything we can do in physics is to determine the space, time, or space-time of the systems or levels.

The resistivity of a conductor can be expressed in terms of the mean free path and the mean speed of electrons based on the knowledge that all levels in matter are open U-sets, so that their space-time can be assessed in relation to other levels. This derivation of the Universal Law confirms that the electric resistivity R depends on the mass m(p) (relationship of energy) and charge q(p) (cross-sectional area) of the basic photon h and the mean constant time f(el) of the corresponding electron level.

Superconductivity is defined by the conditions, Tc and R = 0. Both are quantities of time. Under these boundary conditions, the electric current that has been initiated can flow in ring conductors for a very long time without any external potential maintaining the current. This means that the electric energy is practically inexhaustible, as the losses of electric energy will approach zero. In the state of superconductivity, the energy exchange with the other contiguous U-levels of matter is reduced to a minimum so that the electric level can be regarded as an almost closed system.

This is the current cognitive approach of the BCS-theory to superconductivity. It disregards the fact that all levels are open so that the kinetic electron level, being selected as representative for the electric level of matter, is only approximately closed under the condition of superconductivity. This level exchanges most of its energy with the contiguous thermodynamic level of matter, which, on its turn, interacts with the thermodynamic photon level (see Stankov’s law of photon thermodynamics, chapter 5.7), that is, it emits most of the thermodynamic energy as radiation that is definitely lost for practical purposes.

The availability of energy, which has been tackled in conjunction with the second law of thermodynamics (chapter 5.6), also holds in superconductivity. The availability of energy is, indeed, the major problem of transmitting electric energy over long distances.

Currently, this problem has been solved by the use of high-voltage, alternating currents, with which the energy losses in heat and subsequently in radiation to the photon space-time (see laws of radiation, chapter 5.5) can be reduced, although the rate of energy losses is still substantial. The solution of this practical problem is to find the optimal frequency (time) and potential (LRC) for a given conductor (space-time of the mediator) that allow the energy exchange with the thermodynamic level and the photon level to become minimal. This condition is now circumscribed as “superconductivity“. The research in this field is at present reduced to the random search for new materials with this property. Hence the deadlock in this research area.

The problem of developing new superconductors that are not brittle and have a normal Tc can be tackled in a successful way when the energy exchange with the adjacent levels is considered. Only by employing the broad approach of the new axiomatics of the Universal Law can we solve the crucial problem of superconductivity, on which the future of mankind will depend. This has already been demonstrated by the novel equation of the resistivity (140). It shows that the resistivity is proportional to the product of the mass of the basic photon m(p) and the specific time of the electric level f(el) and inversely proportional to the collision time of the electrons (=linear conventional time).

Thus the solution of the problem of superconductivity is to find a method of decreasing the specific time of the kinetic electron level f(el) (increase of the collision time of the electrons) in order to reduce resistivity (see Cooper pairs below).

One possible way of achieving this target is to reduce the time of the thermodynamic level to the critical value of Tc , at which the amount of the exchanged energy between this level and the electric level becomes minimal. We should bear in mind that the frequency of the maximal energy exchange with the photon level depends on T.  A decrease in T will minimize the energy exchange between the thermodynamic level of matter and that of photon space-time. This portion of energy is lost for practical use and currently determines the low degree of availability of energy to mankind.

The thermodynamic energy emitted to the photon space-time as assessed by Stankov’s law of photon thermodynamics (5.7) is lost for practical purposes as demonstrated by Carnot cycle. The other alternative is to modulate the crystal structure of the conducting material in accordance with the horizontal and vertical energy exchange between the levels of matter and between matter and photon space-time with the objective to reduce the thermodynamic energy exchange.

The solution of this problem will be resolved in the new upper 4D worlds by establishing a completely new energetic structure from the primal fields of first cause that goes through the second field of creation of elementary particles, including novel electron pairs (Cooper pairs) that will carry the property of superconductivity in a natural manner as the message of Astraea et Amora discusses.

Here, we only point at the epistemological shortcomings of the present BCS-theory. They begin with the concept of Fermi-energy. The problem with the classical model of free electron gas lies in the assumption that the mean kinetic energy of electrons is K(av)= 3/2k(b)T. This equation is obtained within geometric formalism by making certain assumptions (see chapter 5.3) that have not been proven to be true for the electron, which has a different structural complexity from that of the particles at the thermodynamic level.

At present, the electron is regarded as a hemisphere with the surface of m(B) called Bohr magneton (see equations (100) & (102) and Table 1), or with the cross-sectional area of e  called “charge“ (see equation (104) and publication “The Greatest Blunder of Science. Charge is a Synonym for Geometric Area“). These geometric quantities are very important to the theory of superconductivity.

This is, however, speculative geometry applied to the quantum level, to which we have no direct access. It this particular case, the ideal geometric form of a sphere or circle is ad hoc attributed to the electron. These forms presuppose a closed character of the systems, e.g. no doppler effect with the photon space-time. Therefore, they cannot adequately assess the open character of the electron (see chapter 7.1) or any other particle (see chapter 4.8).

According to the BCS-theory, at the critical temperature of Tc the electrons become bound in pairs, called Cooper-pairs. This term is a circumscription of the condition, under which the collision time becomes infinitely great and superconductivity occurs. In any Cooper pair, the two electrons have an opposite spin, so that the total spin of the pair is zero.

What is the epistemological background of these descriptive statements? As already said, each system of space-time can be regarded as a rotation which is the origin of waves (chapter 3.4 and section 4.) or, alternatively, as a rotational wave (de Broglie’s interpretation of Bohr’s quantization model of the electron; see chapter 7.1). The term “spin“ is a synonym of the own angular momentum of the particle L = mvr = mr(high2) (equation 24) that is expressed in terms of the moment of inertia L = I = mr(high2) (22), when the angular velocity, also called angular frequency, is regarded as the certain event:  SP(A) = 1. This means that the term “spin“ is introduced with respect to one revolution of the internal rotation of the particle which is expressed as a structural complexity, that is, as an area: L = E(A,particle) = I = Ks = SP(A)[2d-space] = SP(A) = 1.

This is a common method of magnetism (see magnetic moment in chapters 3.9 & 6.11) and quantum mechanics (chapter 7.1). Hence the key role of wave theory in assessing the space-time of rotations (chapter 3.4). As the electron is geometrically regarded as a hemisphere in physics, we have, in fact, only half of a revolution of this particle, so that the spin of the electron is given as ½ (fermion due to Pauli exclusion principle, asymmetrical function of Schrödinger’s equation, etc.).

Formally, this relationship is expressed in equation (141), page 265.  In this equation, the electron spin (1/2) is defined geometrically as the area of a circle with respect to the square circumference and the mass m(p) of the basic photon h (see also this article). Their product is expressed as area within geometry, which is the method of definition of this quantity: electron spin =  SP(A)[2d-space].

Equation (141) embodies the geometric (mathematical) origin of some of the most important terms and quantities in physics and, in particular, in quantum mechanics. This is the epistemological background with which the basic statements of the BCS-theory can be interpreted in a novel way. When the BCS-theory postulates that the two electrons of a Cooper-pair have opposite spins, so that their total spin is zero, this simply means that the two rotational systems exchange energy exclusively between each other (horizontal energy exchange), while the vertical energy exchange with the contiguous levels is zero. In this sense, the Cooper-pair is regarded as a closed system.

Evidently, this is an idealisation born in the realm of geometry and visualized with the help of two hemispheres, which are believed to build an ideal sphere, while revolving in opposite directions, so that the energy of the resultant rotational system that should enter in further exchange with other levels of matter, e.g with the ionic grid of the metallic conductor is zero. If we consider the reality, namely, that the two electrons cannot be ideal hemispheres, but, say, build as a Cooper-pair an elliptical form that is rotating eccentrically, we immediately realize that there is always a certain energy exchange between the Cooper-pairs and the other levels of matter, for instance, with the molecular, crystal structure of the thermodynamic level.

The spatial solutions of Schrödinger’s wave equation of quantum mechanics as used in chemistry and further developed by Hückel and other chemically orientated physicists acknowledge the fact that electrons expressed by molecular orbit or covalent bonding are never spheres when they are part of the molecular structure. As any further discussion on this issue is beyond the scope of the present essay, we recommend the reader to scrutinize the problem from the point of view of physical chemistry.

Other statements of the BCS-theory can be tackled by the same epistemological approach. For instance, this theory maintains that the magnetic field in a superconductor is zero. This condition is called Meißner-Ochsenfeld effect. In the next chapter, we shall prove that the magnetic field is a quantity of time: B = f. When the magnetic field (time) approaches zero, superconductivity is observed. This condition has been deduced from equation (140) for the time of the kinetic electron level f(el). As this electric level cannot be separated from the magnetic level (U-subsets of space-time) – hence the term electromagnetism – Meißner-Ochsenfeld-effect iterates our conclusion from the novel derivation of the equation of Lorentz’ classical model of electric conduction. This is another convincing proof for the validity of the new axiomatics with respect to any experimental evidence.

This will be substantiated by further examples. The decrease of the magnetic field takes place stepwise through different phases, called Schubnikov phases. This phenomenon is a manifestation of the discrete character of space-time. It has also been found that one needs a definite quantity of energy to break the Cooper-pairs at Tc. This amount of energy is called superconductor-energy gap and is given as E(g)= 3.5k(b)Tc with respect to the thermodynamic level.

As we see, the BCS-theory tacitly considers the vertical energy exchange of the electric level with the thermodynamic level, but it is not in the position to interpret this vertical energy exchange in terms of knowledge. Instead, it introduces the Cooper-pairs as closed systems of elastic collision, by assuming that the aggregated linear momentum of all pairs in a superconductor is zero. According to the BCS-theory, when an external potential is applied to a superconductor, the Cooper-pairs acquire a linear momentum, which does not dissipate. The inadequacy of this paradigm is a recurrent motif of this book. The BCS-theory cannot ignore the discrete character of space-time. For this purpose, it introduces a new quantity, called the magnetic flux quantum, which is regarded as the smallest constant energy quantum, that is, as the basic action potential of the magnetic level (see equation 142, page 266, bottom).

The magnetic flux quantum is a quantity of photon space-time that will be discussed in detail in chapter 6.12 (see Gauss’s law of magnetism and Stokes’ integral form of Ampère’s law). Equation (142) reveals that this basic action potential of the magnetic level is a function (quotient) of the basic action potentials of the photon level (h) and the electric level (e) according to the principle of circular argument. It is an application of the axiom of conservation of action potentials. Equation (142) confirms our basic conclusion, namely, that we can only solve the problem of superconductivity, if we consider the overall energy exchange between the various levels of matters, as well as that between matter and photon space-time. This can only be done in the light of the Universal Law.

This conclusion rejects the present deterministic and reductionist approach in the field of superconductivity that has failed in theory – BCS theory -, and in practice – in the development of cheap superconductors that are not brittle and can run at normal temperatures.

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