Frapture – The Unwinding of the “Money Fear” Chakra

Brad Barber, June 10, 2016

Dear George,

I tried to ignore the inkling to write something once again, but, after your wonderful discussions from yesterday, I awoke to this perfect title from Australia honoring Boyd and this incessant demand from the PAT to stay the course.  I could add a little something so here it is.

“Silver gone mental.”  Yeah!  Tell me about it.

You are doing a wonderful job of ensuring the conversations move in the proper direction to ensure energetic expansion at all times as everything else is clearly in a dead-end causing major blockages in people’s ability to function in their “safe” zones.   We are in this dead zone as this zone of operation is being taken out unless it is designed in an infinite manner.    

There has never been a two-year period in the markets as seen by the S&P 500 that have traded in such a tight, non-productive manner in either a creative or destructive manner in history.  I called this the light and dark lego game a few years back and questioned everybody on their ability to build stuff.  Do you build with light or dark legos?  People may want to seriously visit this question because only true architects of light are beginning to experience any major success.  Since you currently can’t value any project in dollars or other fiat currency for that manner in a logical manner, everyone is getting confused and little response.  One needs to know how to keep score in the ballgame.  

I do believe that they will fold up the Comex and LBMA shortly as it has failed, but how that will happen in conjunction with all the other things at work is beyond my ability to guess.  I do think that silver is a bigger problem for the fraud than gold.  I do believe that the fraud will be finally be broken with silver for one true reason.  It’s the funniest.  The harnessing of silver is the perfect metaphor for the harnessing of the true feminine energy and a perfect representation of all that is wrong within this madhouse.  Nothing cleanses and is used to kill like silver.  No substance represents the Bridge of Peace better than Mr. (and Mrs.) 108.  Watching Mrs. Warren show her fraud self now and support Clinton just will make this even funnier.   Someone I saw called these women “Fauxcahontes”  Not bad. 

Gold delivery may limp along another month or two but the physical delivery process all changed on May 30th.  I prefer to say it that God is taking delivery now.  Some may call it China but these parameters have been in place for years and it’s finally happening as it should in a sane manner with the conditions that are present and well understood.  The energy and motions says divine intervention is truly at play.  The numbers for silver July delivery are interesting.  There are 22 million ounces left in the system and paper contracts representing 560 million ounces standing for delivery.  Better get digging, people.  This is a wonderful statement on the situation.

Most of the “silver has gone mental” investment has still been directed into paper vehicles around the globe as humans are quite lazy.  That can be seen everywhere.  Even the billionaires being touted as gold owners such as Soros, Druckenmiller, Icahn and others are holding all paper gold in their funds.  I doubt they are doing such behind the scenes in their personal vaults.  

There is a massive systemic fracture taking place and the trend didn’t really hit until the 30th.  Right on cue.  Everyone’s operating system that can be relied upon to respond when tough conditions arise is not responding.  I speak heavily of Western systems of course as my view of Asia and Russia is very limited.  Separating church and state no longer gives comfort on the weekend as the quarters get inserted into the “get spiritual” jukebox.  It can’t just be “business” anymore as we are pervading everything and everywhere.  Don’t worry, it’s just “business” as they insert their ass raping fraud so far up your sphincter that even the Catholic priests are getting jealous.  I listen to everyone around me talk about their work life and it sounds like a trip to the gas chambers is next on the plate.  If they looked to the sky they’d see they take a gas shower every three or four days anyway.  Monday was unreal how thick it was.  They usually only reserved that kind of treatment for Friday.  We must be real close.  

The Bank of Montreal was the first Imperial trooper to break ranks.  Their commentary on the other players molesting the metals market was quite welcome.  “I find your lack of faith is disturbing”

Then we hear of Commerzbank hoarding Euros to hide them from the ECB.  What?  Is the ECB up to something?  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

I watched and listened to the “money fear” chakra get beat on incessantly the last five days and it was beautiful.  I would say that is definitely related to scarcity and money we think we need to get stuff, but I saw a very heavy cleansing of the images and illusions that people create to draw energy from.  Especially when fear starts to take over.  When it truly gets rough, what protects me.  All of these false wells of creation are being confronted.  The N set energetic circuits that don’t add up.  Not only personally, but systemically.  

The walls of separation in the mind are showing themselves and the path to the only true healing.  The look on the gentleman’s face at lunch the other day was so wonderful.  He overheard me talking about silver and he had the balls to ask me questions.  He was stuck at the dead-end of fear of Bix Weir and all the others with incessant doom.  I could see the energy in his eyes as we had a small talk and I pointed him our direction.  So powerful.  I saw the same in several around me the last few days as they all mentioned the word “fear.” 

Speaking of fear, here’s a major bank in Japan jumping ship on being a primary shill:

Did the World Bank just make Janet Yellen look like a complete lying sociopath just minutes after her everything is good, bad, and indifferent neutral and anal probing is natural speech from last friday?

Now Mervyn King has some balls?  Thanks bud.  A hair late, but so be it.

We even have a politician with balls enough to admit the housing surge is a “headwind.”  Shouldn’t someone be burned at the stake for such fiat inflating sacrilege?  Maybe we should all keep believing the universe expands at a Central Banker controlled 2% expansion so that the end of conscious life and connection to source is much more pleasurable.

At least the Royal Canadian Mint shows signs of brain cells somewhere:

Fortunately my new “chip” card just showed up to protect me and my family.  It includes several new enhanced fraud protections it says.  The mob used to show up and beat you down if you didn’t make your monthly protection payment.  Times used to be so wonderful.  Back when we had a chance to question the punch in the face.  

People are waking up finally to not only “money fear”, but to the fact that they should be scared of the money.  My wife mentioned a great subject from a class she took called “pruning” or how we prune ourselves down to what seems to work the best for us so people go back to that well over and over and over again.  Everyone who doesn’t know how to grow new branches has been pruned to a stump except the final ones who have fully benefited from slobbering all over IT.   

This is the last stand of the Black Knight and it may be on its last toe.  Silver has held and bounced.  Gold has reversed in the face of the paper fraud for the first time in 16 years and the barbarians are standing at the gates demanding actual payment, finally.  The open interest is even growing as deliveries are taken.  There is a sign of life on this planet.

Even bitcoin is surging over 40% from the breakout stated in the Bridge of Peace.

Most of the uranium miners are starting new bull market chart patterns as the battle of lego building shows itself.  If you saw the buildings popping up around Denver, you’d understand how architecture is being used for the dark side.  There are unaware evil architects everywhere.  Who would have thunk?  An evil architect.  I usually use dark and light but these people are nuts.  How does red, yellow, white, green, gray, blue, stucco, metal, stone, plaster, brick, wood, and gold, and whatever the hell color you just invented to look modern and “cool” even attempt to go together.  Who the hell approved this garbage?  Unfortunately, I found answers and now the Pale Rider delivers your doom.  Does being a corrupted architect make you feel safe?  Did it produce a ton of money?  

All silver miners have gone parabolic since the Silencing of Jesus.  AG, SLW, SSRI are your current leaders in silver.  MUX and AEM are in gold with FNV right behind.  Their action is the ascension scoreboard right now and it says the Black Knight shall be put to bed sometime shortly.  There will be a battle for gold between this $1270-$1300 level.  A breakout above is the final ascension signal I have been waiting for.  It has to hold, though as the Knight made a valiant effort the last few weeks but showed its audacity by cashing in on options expiration on the morning of the 25th.  The game may even be folded up before the delivery failure is allowed to happen, but I’ll take it one day at a time.  Gold and silver miners are now becoming the momentum players stocks of choice exactly as I said it would and it all leads to the Astral currency.  

The bull market of Gaia is fully underway.  You may want to know what she’s up to people. Evil city planning and national state borderlines of injustice are done.  Finished.  I know that traffic light turns yellow when it does just to piss us off, but it’s better than the pentagram I trace on the grocery store floor as I know have to walk to all five corners of the grocery store just to gather the separated necessities to cook any decent meal.  Who would have thought to put the cream cheese 17 miles away from the bagels?  

Like my brother said so well.  We don’t need to jump all the way to consciousness.  Let’s just start at conscious.

The Fracture Rapture is underway and the Titanic is out of lifeboats.  Better figure out what image is safe ’cause the one that produces infected currencies, conditional love and comfort in karmic experience ain’t working so well, is it?  

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and may the forces of darkness get lost on the way to your house. 

With love and light,   


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