All the Ingredients for a Total Collapse of the Orion Economic Order in 2016 – Part II

Georgi Stankov, January 18, 2016

We saw that the bursting of the subprime mortgage bubble in 2006-7 which affected at first only a small segment of the US economy triggered in 2008 the worst financial and economic crisis in modern history of mankind. It is a deplorable fact that even the best critical experts were unable to properly evaluate it. I was for a very long time the only one to clearly show that since the 2008 crisis the US economy is in the Greatest Depression of all time. This also holds true for Canada, GB, all PIGS countries in the EU, with the sole exception of Germany which entered the Greatest Depression last year, mostly due to their vassal mentality to follow the orders from Washington and declare sanctions on Russia for crimes the USA and EU committed in Ukraine.

At present the Greatest Depression has fully unfolded as I will show below and more and more experts begin to see it, although some of them still use imprecise terms such as recession, decline, etc. It is very important to keep in mind that the world economy is in the Greatest Depression of all time as to understand why the current crisis which began last year and is currently unfolding with full force since the beginning of 2016 is irreversible and all-encompassing and will lead to the total collapse and eradication of the old Orion economic order.

As we saw in part I, all crises in the last quarter of a century since the Fall of the Iron curtain were triggered by financial and economic bubbles that did not disappear after they burst and caused an economic crisis and recession but continued to swell under the surfaces and were only camouflaged by a new bigger bubble. This superposition of bubbles increased exponentially the destructive force of each subsequent bubble that burst.

The subprime mortgage crisis almost decimated the entire western banking system in 2008 and it could only be mended temporarily by an infinite QE of all major central banks and by delegating the debt to the tax payers, which led to massive impoverishment of the western populations. All these trends have been extensively discussed on this website in special articles.

Since 2008 the world economy was kept alive by the simultaneous creation of all possible bubbles that increased the overall debt worldwide several times compared to its already very high baseline levels at the onset of the 2008 crisis. Let us now summarize the major bubbles that are active now and have triggered the current final and irreversible collapse of the Orion system for the sake of clarity.

End of August 2015 I discussed in a series of articles the bursting of the four apocalyptic bubbles and in a response to a question from our PAT member Sheryl Groen I explained on September 1st their close causal relationship to the final stage of the ascension scenario. These bubbles have enhanced their destructive power since the publication of these articles and especially after the equity markets crashed twice end of August and end of September last year. The major indices could only be mended for a short period of time by the plunge team of the dark cabal so that the banksters could get their Christmas bonuses one last time. Cynicism has always been an essential part of this fraudulent End Time game.

The biggest and most obvious bubble is the

1. equity bubble.

Although the US and most western economies are in the Greatest Depression of all time since 2008, the stock markets experienced the longest and biggest bull market in their history and reached an all-time high early last summer. Then they began to crash suddenly as expected  in August and one more time in September last year but recovered barely in the late fall. The time was not ripe for the final and irreversible crash because we had to do a lot of light work throughout this whole fall until Christmas when we opened the last major portal for more than one and a half billion transliminal souls to enter this uppermost mother planet. Therefore when you read this article on the ultimate collapse of the Orion matrix in 2016  you must be fully aware of all the pre-history leading to this culmination:

Ascension Highlights in 2015 – Annual Overview

The equity bubble was only made possible due to the introduction of the infinite QE policy of the Fed and all other central banks. This created two further major bubbles:

2) The bond bubble

3) The Fed and central banks portfolio bubble

The existence of these two bubbles was recently admitted and confirmed with an astounding sincerity by a Fed central bankster and caused huge waves of surprise and even disgust in the US MSM:

The PAT Triggered an Avalanche of Confessions: Another Transliminal Soul and Walk-In in a Fed Central Bankster Commits to the Truth

The driving force behind all these revelations are the new transliminal souls whom the PAT helped arrive on this planet and this is the game changer in the current End Time scenario of ascension. In order to understand why the current collapse of the markets is irreversible you must consider in the first place the presence of 25% of transliminal souls in this reality, which think and act like us and support us beyond measure to complete the planetary ascension process. This massive energetic army of the source amplifies manifold the destructive power of all the financial and economic bubbles which the dark ruling cabal and their banksters created in the last 25 years as to crash the economy and establish the NWO. While their NWO plan now has fully failed, the financial WMD which they invented and introduced to this goal will obliterate this year the dark cabal and will contribute to the awakening of the masses.

Then we have recently another major bubble which I have defined as

4) The Dollar bubble

The increase in the dollar value is not a sign of its strength, quite the opposite. It is a temporary effect due to the unwinding of the world debt crisis which first hit the emerging markets. As most of the state and other loans are denominated in dollars, their unwinding necessitates the purchase of dollars in the financial markets. As the world economy suffers at the same time from credit and cash crunch, there is not enough dollar liquidity to pay back these loans. This has caused the transient rise of the dollar value.

The dollar is about to be eliminated as a world currency and before it dies, it experiences one final surge just as a dying man often has an erection shortly before exitus. With the slump of the oil price below $30, the petro-dollar has already lost its function.  Russia is opening its own oil and gas stock exchange and is already selling its oil and gas to China and other countries in local currencies. Even the Arab countries are selling their oil in other currencies as to cope with the oil glut and sinking prices.

All these new developments happen simultaneously and have one major function  – to destroy the Orion economic order and its monetary system which is now essentially embodied by the dollar as a world currency.

The actual situation is many times more dire and explosive than in 2008 when the stock markets crashed by 70%. Now all the central banks have spent their munitions and have amassed a huge debt which they can never repay back. After they created the equity bubble by keeping zero interest rates for almost 8 years and printing money out of thin air, now they have nothing left to help the stock markets and the investors when the crash fully unfolds. This is particularly evident now that the stock markets have already entered bear market and are in full crash mode. Before that the helplessness of the central banks was obvious only to the experts who noted their failure to stimulate the real economy with their infinite QE, which crashed the last faith of all experts in the validity of Keynesianism and all neoliberal theories of monetarism.

In only two weeks this year, the world major indices reached the lows from August 2015 and broke through major support levels. All three major economies in the world, China, Europe and now the USA and Canada have entered bear markets:

The Bears Are Coming

All the Ingredients for a Total Collapse of the Orion Economic Order in 2016 – Part I

The Japanese markets are also on the verge of entering a bear market, although this is a cosmetic distinction as this country is in a chronic recession since the late 80s and is the most indebted economy in the world. In the last years Japan is even more hit than the USA by the Greatest Depression of all time. The “Japanese malaise” of failed central bank policy to stimulate the economy through debt inflation after the issuance of infinite QE has become paradigmatic for the more recent American and EU debt malaise.

The most important fact at this point in time is that all the major indices reached the August lows on Friday without massive sales from the bulls. Which means that we have not yet witnessed the massive panic that crashes the stock indices when it grips the traders. I expect this to happen this week and the today’s Martin Luther King holiday only prolongs and amplifies the crash in the best Hitchcock’s suspense tradition. I am very eager to see what will happen this week before the dark cabal and their banksters will meet in Davos to lick their wounds.

Here is a chart that shows that the indices dropped to August lows without any massive sales, which implicates that this time there are no major resistances in the markets. When the bulls start selling – and they would be insane if they would not sell this week given the carnage of the last two weeks – then we must expect further massive crashes throughout this whole week when the capitulation of the bulls will take place. Just in time for the Davos meeting:

Bubbles are nothing else but debt that cannot be paid back. Unpaid debt leads always to default of

– individuals

– banks

– corporations

– states (everybody)

We have begun to see all these kinds of default since last year, actually since 2008. Here is a chart that illustrates how the overall US debt has skyrocketed, especially since the Fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, in comparison to GDP which reflects the strength of the real economy, though very inaccurately as more than one-third of the calculated US GDP is actually debt defined as assets and wealth due to false statistics and fraudulent accounting.

For the sake of simplicity we can put all financial and economic bubbles that now destroy the Orion matrix into one big debt bubble. This has now burst and the crash of the stock markets is just one symptom of this debt unwinding. However you must be very careful what you read in the MSM news. The bursting of the debt bubble is described there in a typical Orwellian New Speak as “debt deflation”. This is utter nonsense. There is no such thing as debt deflation. There is only deflation when all the prices go down and the purchasing power of the money increases. This has never really happened in the history of this Orion economy. There is only inflation of prices. The debt bubble has not deflated – it has burst. Period. And has left all the participants and entities in the market in a state of default.

Here are some clear symptoms of the impending default of the global Orion economic order:

Oil in the $20’s (!!)

Copper under $2

Baltic Dry Shipping Index at the lowest ever at 383 and down ~50% in the past year.

Wal-Mart closing 269 stores, 154 in the US.

Business inventories to sales at new cycle highs

U.S. freight volume falls for first time in almost three years

US retail sales fall 0.1% in December

Empire State index weakens to recession lows.

South African rand hits new all-time lows in 2016

Brazil’s Real Falls Sharply Against Dollar

Brazil Unemployment Rate Rises to 9%

Canadian Dollar Hits 13 Year Low Against US Dollar

U.S. Energy Junk Bond Spreads At Record Width

Nigeria’s Currency Plummets On Open Market

Mexico’s Peso Hits New All-Time Low

The bottom line is that the world economy has entered the final stage of its Greatest Depression of all time when all bubbles have burst simultaneously and there is not a single safe haven for the cabal fraudsters to hide.

This is best illustrated by the Baltic Dry Index which has reached its all-time-low below 400 points this last week. This index correlates very well with the level of world trade and reflects the strength and activity of the major economies, such as Europe, North America and Asia (China):

Here  is what one report on this index has to say:

“Commerce between Europe and North America has literally come to a halt. For the first time in known history, not one cargo ship is in-transit in the North Atlantic between Europe and North America. All of them (hundreds) are either anchored offshore or in-port. NOTHING is moving.

This has never happened before. It is a horrific economic sign; proof that commerce is literally stopped.”

As you can see on this map, all freight ships are in the ports and there is no traffic in the oceans. What better proof does one need that the world is the last throes of its Greatest Depression of all time and that the collapse of the Orion matrix is imminent?

The next big step in the destruction of the Orion matrix will be the collapse of the real estate market. To this Brad and I will have more to say in the coming posts.

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