The Bursting of the Four Apocalyptic Financial Bubbles and Their Role in the Ascension Scenario

Georgi Stankov and Sheryl Groen, September 1, 2015

Real Estate Bubble

This article makes a lot of sense. We have several bank owned homes in our neighborhood and we were wondering why the banks did not sell the properties. Many people have inquired but they will not sell. As a result, the homes are derelict and unkempt. The bankers’ greed is egregious.

Regarding all of these bubbles, are they happening prior to our ascension? Will the PAT be here, on the ground, to witness the final calamities? Or are these going to happen in the lower timelines?

To me, it feels like I am observing these acts from a protected space. I inhabit physically with others, but I am not touched by it. Does that make sense?




Dear Sheryl,

these are important questions, but they cannot be answered unequivocally as from now on most people will experience, and are already experiencing, the dire consequences of the bursting of these bubbles in various degrees of severity on lower timelines. Only we, the incumbent Logos Gods, are exempted from this terrible destiny as we have ascended already and are only here as avatars and observers on behalf of All-That-Is. And of course as mighty creators of the Ascension from the fulcrum of our HS.

We, the PAT shall not experience the consequences from the bursting of the four apocalyptic bubbles  personally, as you say, but we shall most probably observe their unfolding leading to the sudden global financial collapse (infarct) before we finally ascend and leave this reality. Most other people will stay on these lower timelines and will experience the full force of this collapse.

All four apocalyptic financial bubbles have already burst, but the real estate bubble may be somewhat sluggish and will only indirectly contribute to the crash. Of course it will play a huge role in the lower timelines, where a mild form of NWO will be installed before these populations will revolt and oust the dark ruling cabal from power. But there must be first huge social clashes on these lower timelines as these populations will not ascend or move to 4D and will still have to cope with past and future karmic lessons for a long time before their learn their spiritual lessons and begin to truly evolve. We see how difficult it is now and how deep most of the people still slumber.

I personally reckon with a combination of quick destructive economic and financial developments on this uppermost mother planet next month and probably in October that will augment the current crisis and drain the credit and cash of the banks, so that they will have to begin to declare bankruptcy one after the other. When this starts, the money crunch or massive debt destruction, which is also money destruction, that must inevitably come as a compensation (correction) of the gargantuan debt, will spread with the speed of light. The money crunch will affect enough big banks that are highly interdependent and barely function now as distributors of cash flow and this will lead to a global shutdown of all banks and a paralysis of all economic activities in the west.

This is the most likely scenario according to my estimate. Then of course the dollar will crash, but also all other major currencies as euro and yen, and the people will have to resort to local provisional forms of currencies to survive somehow in the post-collapse period as this already happened in East Europe after the Iron Curtain fell. The people there experienced already the Greatest Depression of all times in the 90s and none of it has been reported in the West as the destiny of these people does matter to you in North America, just as the plight of the people in all other parts of the world, where the Empire of Evil brings death and destruction with its devastating intervention wars aimed at impoverishing the world population and establishing the NWO. This should be well-known.

I think that at this point, when the shutdown of all banks and a total paralysis of the economy will occur, the MPR will come and then the Ascension of this uppermost mother planet with part of humanity to the new D worlds, while we shall ascend to 5D and higher.

After that we shall appear immediately on the new 4D worlds as ascended masters (because we are already present there and very active), where the social conditions will still reflect the post-collapse state of the economy and the waning aspects of the former Orion society. But this time in the absence of the dark ruling cabal as all power structures will have disappeared in the MPR and ID shift and will only continue to exist on the lower catastrophic timelines that have been separated.

Hence, while for most people in the new 4D worlds, the post-collapse state will still seem to exit in a seamless manner after the ID shift, we shall immediately take over the stewardship over these new 4D worlds in transition. Here we shall introduce the new theory of the Universal Law, establish quickly new enlightened structures of social governance, a new concept of money, respectively the abolition of money, and soon thereafter introduce new clean technologies based on free photon energy and easy modern transport.

After that this new humanity will begin to shape their own destiny according to their needs and we as Ascended masters will probably retreat in a visible manner and will continue to guide this humanity from the higher realms through subtle energetic interventions and coordination as we also do now from our HS.

I think that this is how the last Big Change will unfold from our perspectives as Logos Gods. Most other people will make though different experiences based on the level of limitation of their personal world views. With this elaboration I hope to have answered somewhat your questions.

With love and light


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