The Safety Dance – Breaking Through the Last Support Levels in the Charts

Brad Barber, January 15, 2016

Dear Brad,

I was intending to write to you today and ask you how you have survived the Christmas holidays and the New Year and also to ask you for your moral and intellectual support in the assessment of the coming firework of financial crashes as I cannot cover the whole “theatre of war” as quickly and as comprehensively as the system is falling apart. But you have anticipated my intention with your donation – thank you very much.

I was just reading about the today’s carnage on the stock markets (Jan 13), but they are only display windows and the actual destruction happens elsewhere – in the bond markets, for instance. What I expect is an amplification of all negative factors and trends as they all go south to a massive destructive tsunami that will cause a sudden infarct, sudden death of the whole system. We may not need to wait for the equity indices to fall 50-60% as they did in 2008 /2009 before the system fully collapses but only a fraction of it – say 25 – 35% for the exitus to happen as all other factors, known or unknown, go in the same direction. But I would like to know your opinion on this issue. It’s time for you to come big with your invaluable analysis in this new year of 2016 when everything we have predicted (and created) so far is being finally manifested.

With love and light



Dear George,

“Theatre of war” is right.  Today (January 13th) was a very powerful day and I would be more than happy to add input to the current state of affairs.

I personally experience the energies of this madhouse differently than I’ve heard anyone else really talk about.  Probably a bit similar to what Jerry has mentioned at times.  I feel like a 24 hour a day electrical transformer that is getting gradually compressed tighter and tighter with the cleansing waves and surges taking it to new levels of ridiculousness each time with no respite at all.  However, my personal silent tragedy reached somewhat of a lifetime peak of pain exactly at Christmas.  The constant intensity raise stopped and has been holding in a more manageable manner.  I thought every bone was going to disintegrate finally.

I have been dealing with this increasing state of electrocution pretty much since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, but I didn’t notice its true severity until 1994 when smoking marijuana would increase the intensity to such levels that it would reduce me to tears.  This last couple of weeks is the first time I have been spared from a more intense experience, I think out of pure necessity.  I tried to stay up until midnight on New Years, it wasn’t pretty.  Thank you for asking.

I must say I reached a level of disgust today that I no longer thought was possible.  I haven’t really felt much except patient disappointment since 2013.  I rarely feel an emotion anymore, but I get a little fired up when my kids fight each other over nothing.  The level of debasement in beings around me is astounding.  The fighting….  The lack of ability to connect thoughts from multiple subjects….  The lying in basic day-to-day operating mode just to function…..  The holes of need that can never be filled but let’s do it again to see if it works this time…..  It’s only right if it pays……  Your opinion of the homo sapiens is the most sound judgment I’ve heard yet.

We had three deaths in immediate families in the last two weeks and one more is in the hospital on the edge.  My brother told me a good friend got attacked and had his leg broken a few days ago and another good friend had a gun pulled on her this morning in a road rage incident.  All of this and I still can’t get a decent conversation about what the world’s up to even after earlier positive developments.  Oh well.  I know they’re all watching.  All just waiting until they can jump on board something that pays.  As soon as it pays it will all be OK.  You’ll join me when it’s easy.  I know.  I can feel every word.

To pass some of the time, I have been teaching myself piano and I reengaged playing drums no matter how weak I felt.  I spent some time learning some incredible music by some newer bands that have been emerging.  I must say it has been a huge pleasure to be immersed in more brilliance and thought and actual mathematics in one song than I have come across in the last 5 years cumulative of watching the financial markets.

If I were to title this discussion anything I would call it “The Safety Dance” dedicated to one of the greatest cheesy songs of the 1980’s.

The chart for the S&P 500 ended up almost the exact same in 2015 as 2011 which we had a few discussions about.  The great news is that the exact opposite direction is taking place now in equity markets which is the one that should have taken place then.  The bad news is that multiple safety havens still are functioning and I’m guessing that this is the root of how this will all have to play out to get where we all want to get.  The only true safety lies in living as the infinite being one already is, so watching the safety dance take place as haven after haven of belief gets annihilated is really quite entertaining.  A survival enthralled human being tends to hoard.  I highly doubt the worldwide panic setting in is doing much to change that concept.  I can’t even begin to explain how hard it is in the US to educate people to let things go at this time of trouble.  However, with each passing storm does another item get tossed if one is on the proper path.

The last intense, intuitive wave I felt needed to be shared of major importance was the message of matrix death that arrived with the Pale Rider.

We can now go back and see with some clarity how powerful that message was.  Here is a 3 month chart of the Russell 2000 which is the best representation of the domestic United States economy.  

Almost every equity market peaked at a lower high below the Mid-summer high exactly the moment Dr. Stankov posted the Pale Rider discussion after the Thanksgiving weekend (Dec 2nd). The Russell index itself is down 20% in a little over five weeks which is a massive decline.

The major equity markets and the gold market all posted reversals at this exact time.  The numbers would have looked worse for 2015 but unfortunately the cynics in us proved correct.  They propped the last couple weeks up to pay banker bonuses.  This is what has exacerbated the magnitude of the 2016 side of the selloffs that has now equated to the worst start to a year in equity history.

There have been way too many safety plays in equity markets that have had to get taken out to really start exposing the truth to the world.  The FANG stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google fascism trade) are finally getting crushed after the Fed rate rise on December 16th.  Amazon is the biggest accounting fraud in history being used and propped up by the governments and I still read capitalist cheerleaders attributing its grand success to being innovative and the image of what the country should be chasing after. Kiss my ass.  Go vote for Trump ’cause he’ll get you all your ego chasing dreams back again, I promise.  Tesla is even worse.  The false idols having been propped up here are looking a lot like the tower card in Tarot.

Now comes one of the fun parts of understanding charts in the equity markets.  You can get an immediate read on the state of the entire world as it relates to the western world financial systems concepts by comparing everything to the chart of the S&P 500, which is the best multinational representation of the big boys.  It’s current train wreck began with the Pale Rider as well.  Here’s a six month chart that shows the initial August warning as well.

Now one can take this chart and compare any chart of any equity market desired and see the status whether it be stronger or weaker.  If the chart is breaking to new lows below the August low, then the sector is in trouble.  If it’s higher, then it’s still being viewed as a safety area.  Three of the main indicators of the health of the US economy are in much worse position confirming that Obama’s SOTU speech is one of the biggest spiels of BS ever uttered in human history.  The small caps, mid caps and the transports are all in crashing positions below August support.  Not only are the ports empty but rail traffic is stating disaster is taking place.  The biotech drug sector bubble is crashing hard as yield starved investors get flushed from the zombie creating pill epidemic.  This is where to make some huge money shorting all of the unicorn companies that have no cash flow.  The biggest surprise to me so far is that the financials joined into the mess today finally and are breaking support.  I can only imagine that they are all being abandoned by the PTW because cash flows have all been signalling that they were remaining somewhat stronger than they should as all governmental support systems have done everything to funnel health their way.  Today (Jan 13) was an epic failure for them.  The sectors above the support still include utilities, typical consumer staple safety plays, the obvious defense stocks being funneled all the warmongering business, and real estate.

I think this article displays the concept that might finally take out the real estate sector.  It’s only doing well still as it pays a yield and the US and London real estate markets are one the best places possible to launder illegal funds.  Just ask a realtor how many times they bother to ask where the money is coming from for the deal they are about to close.  Yes Mr. and Mrs. realtor, you are most likely a drug dealer.  Deal with it.  I wonder why no one who doesn’t understand ascension wants to read my work anymore.

Commercial and residential real estate need paying tenants in the long run if it isn’t laundered money just hiding and those are starting to disappear fast.

People are going to blame the visible governments and visible banks but they’ve all been abandoned with bloated toxic balance sheets and unpayable bonds.  The dark has moved on to offshored hedge and vulture funds and is hiding in the world’s technology companies pretending to assist the future development of man.  The stream of announcements between tech and government are quite comical.

One can do the same in looking at countries or regions.  The MSCI index of 23 world countries has just crashed major support.  Emerging market funds are long in crash mode as the fraudulent rise in the dollar has devastated developing economies.  Brazil is a complete disaster.  South Africa and its currency are toast.  China is barely at 2900 support and a break below will drop another 20%.  Japan’s right on the edge of crash.  All Euro countries are at same support.  This is with Japan and Europe in full print mode still. The pretend image interest rate raise job by the Fed only damages the rest of the world. There’s no longer between a rock and a hard place.  The rock and the hard place have become a quantum phenomenon of coexistence.

As I wrote in the August article on this market, if the August crash low of 1871 on the S&P held then we were going to have to wait out more fraud.   Unfortunately, it held.  The goods news is that no new bull market developed after the September prop job and the current Pale Rider correction is crashing back to test any support.  The levels on the S&P are everything right now.  The August and September lows created a trend line (not really visible on the supplied chart) that brought current support at 1910.  This held the other day and should have been a good bounce to the upside.  The main horizontal support 1870.  Below 1800ish support is nothing but air from the rigged 2013 QE prop job all the way to 1550.

I mention these numbers because the reaction after Obama’s speech today was unreal after watching the abomination since 2011.  Every time someone of significance has given a speech, markets have been propped up if there were any downside or negative reaction. Every time Bernanke or Yellen spoke…. Every time Obama spoke…  Every time news was released…..  These markets were propped every time until today.  The markets were all up over 1% and bouncing off of support as I expected and then rolled over and tanked hard finishing down 2-3% additional piercing the major 1910 support line.

This is where we get to see the magnitude of what is taking place.  Do support lines hold and trade or does the tsunami gain speed and envelope it all immediately as it should. Nearly every developed country index is right on major support right now.  Germany, China, US, Japan, Europe as a whole, etc.  The Dow Jones Industrials are sitting right on a 4-year-trend line.  If that gives way, there’s nothing technically to prop it up.  The NASDAQ tech heavy index of the US is the same on a shorter term support.  The near term will clearly define how intense the manifestations of the infarct shall be in relation to at least equities.  My favorite quote of the day is “Serious panics don’t have much respect for support levels.”  Obama got shown zero respect today by the support levels and the intensity of it surprised even me. Pay attention when even the bears get surprised.

Now why would I care about all of this technical garbage?  Because all that’s left is people who use technicals to justify decisions to shut down the pain of what would really happen if they allowed thought to truly confront how dark this is.  Don’t let emotions creep in at all and use a chart to justify what they do.  The chart made me molest the world.  The chart made me do it.  The Devil did it too.  It’s just business right?  Now everyone is left making decisions that make no fundamental sense, but they are the best path to make money. When multiple entities are printing money into infinite then why would I engage something that is only based on making money?  The only truly sound decision left of the monetary system that is truly rational is to tell people that they should buy a printer and a whole shitload of ink if they want to run a business.  Everyone should take great comfort that there is not one ounce of intelligence involved. Dark energy can’t create and only needs ways to steal creation. Then diluting that creation in infinite store of paper is its game.  Every ink mine eventually runs dry, my friends.

The true meat of the discussion is outside of the equity markets. Now that there is blood in the water there, the short sellers are back after having been eviscerated by the continual four-year prop job since 2011. People give short sellers a bad name, but people who traditionally sell short are ones that do crazy stuff like actually do math and find numbers that work to find fraud and bet against companies that are doing business that shouldn’t exist (watch the movie “The Big Short”). They find the Enron’s and Tyco’s of the world. The problem now is that nearly every government is insolvent and can’t afford people who use numbers to exist. Now that they can’t defend the fraud any longer in equities, its last stand time to defend currencies and bond markets.

I have not witnessed a visible break in any of the three main categories we need to see.  Dr. Stankov’s posting of the article by Rob Kirby was perfect as he mentioned the dichotomy in regards to the US Dollar and the Treasuries and it is one we have discussed here many a time.  The equity markets may go into complete convulsion but some sign of control over the US Dollar, US Treasury, or gold markets have to take place.  The Dollar and gold markets have their own battle, but the US Treasury is showing strength again as a safety play when it is technically the most dangerous investment in history as all debts of the US are unpayable and allies and former agreements and power conduits are imploding.

This is a great article discussing the same thing as Rob Kirby but showing the devastation that Bloomberg failed to publish the last year and a half as dollar reserves that took decades to build practically disappeared overnight.  Geez Mr. “US is on fire” Obama.  Who’s buying all the Treasuries?  We discussed this issue of liquidating reserves to cover deficits quite a bit the last few months.  No one is safe.

The 20-year US Treasury bond unfortunately currently shows it is breaking out of a downward sloping congestion that states it is about to experience a large flow of capital. The environment we are looking for has to begin to show complete coherence and a rallying US Treasury violates it all at this point. I have to believe Obama’s insane comment towards Russia and China displays the failure point I am looking for.  Something has to take place to undermine the flight to the US Treasuries just to make money.  The strategic default being discussed by Russia is what would most likely take place.  Why should entities keep paying interest on loans to hostile parties that are using NATO and other subversive techniques to destroy and take over the country.  Russia has every legal right to stop paying the bills and it would be a much better solution than “first strike.”  The Western system values debt as an asset.  In my world, debt is only an asset if it can be paid back.  Uh oh!  You can use austerity on your own populations all you want, but try it on the populations you thirst to control and can’t and it kind of goes over like a lead balloon.

This article shows perfectly the point of what is about to happen because of all the insolvent bonds that they’ve allowed all of the banks to not admit are unpayable:

I dealt with several banks that went belly up in 2008 and were allowed to be bought out by European banks.  Yes I’m talking to you Compass Bank and Bank of the West.  I’ve seen their faces as they went belly up.  I’ve seen them commit fraud just to keep up with their peers.  I’ve seen their accounting numbers in good times and when reality hits.  I’ve eaten lunch with their VP’s.  They’ve done to energy companies what they did with commercial real estate in 2007.  Their prized concepts have tanked and they have doubled down on praying prices come back.  We are at the fringe of them all being forced to show that the reserves they hold to protect on epic defaulted loan is not enough.  Ask Russia what it’s starting to think of the intentional oil collapse that is now spiraled into default hell.  Ask all oil dependent countries what they are starting to think.  Even Norway is spending its prized treasure.  Ask people why Obama was willing to throw the entire energy market of the US under the bus to get at Russia.  He failed to mention that in his speech of exceptionalism.  Ohhh Canadaaaaaa, how much we have fucked theeeee!!!!!

The most amazing aspect of the current oil collapse is how few even thought this was possible.  There are fewer people that predicted this than predicted the subprime crisis in the US in 07-08.  I told everyone I knew to get out of oil and energy in 2013 and I didn’t think it could get this far down ever again.  It’s the controlling blood of the whole system.  It’s seen as a real asset that (here’s the key word again) is safe no matter what.

Did Obama mention Russia being the first one to price oil in a new currency?

China.  Dollars…  What????

The Fat Lady is already at home tucked in watching funny cat videos and we have to deal with the US Dollar and US Treasury still acting as safe harbors.  Done.  Over.  Finished. Kaput.  Pale Rider trampled the equity markets and now Death has to take the Dollar and its corresponding debt market out.

The fraud has to lose control of its grip on the gold market which has been discussed extensively.  Gold has made a bottom at the same Pale Rider bottom on Dec. 2nd and has a feeble uptrend underway.  The prices aren’t currently real in relation to real ounces but it’s still real for the moment. The US is showing record sales finally again as the public somewhat has caught the hint something is wrong.  The first day of the year was the biggest gold and silver seller nearly in history but follow through is everything yet again. The charts of the Dollar and gold show the biggest stalemate possible as neither will budge.  The Dollar pretended to breakout as extensively discussed from the 94 level but it won’t break out above 100 yet either.  Gold won’t break down but can’t be allowed to go up as all canaries must be taken out.  There is not one valid reason to own a US Dollar for safety except belief that it’s safe.  This is the picture of the tension that can be felt:

The old helmet of the US Dollar still won’t tell the truth.  Does it break to the upside as complete worldwide depression panic sets in and become so expensive it’s worthless or does it break down and show the immediate truth that it’s worthless?  Every citizen in the world is being confronted with how to hoard in fear as their systems disintegrate. I married into a Greek family and I know the value they see in the US Dollar as a savings tool for their lives but they instinctively own tons of gold and wear it as they have been frauded out so many times by paper tricks that it’s in their genes to protect themselves whether they even know it or not.

I believe the difference between that view of safety is the one that will define what we shall shortly experience.  After some of these support lines in major market get tested and traded around or even immediately destroyed, I can better judge the severity of what is taking place.  Unfortunately for all investors of this reality, you may want to understand that your safety is never and shall never be in anyone else’s truly competent hands but your infinite own.  Dr. Stankov is your next best option.

Now where do I get a printing press?

With love and light,

Brad Barber


Dear Brad,

superb! Excellent! I will read it today one more time very carefully as you have put so much information and fodder for thinking into this article that I need some more time to digest it. Hopefully the PAT can digest it too as most of them have no economic and financial background. But they have to learn it and I am very happy that you raise the bar one more time.

Two days ago we started watching the movie “Pale Rider” on TV with Carla to honour your article and symbol of the beginning Apocalypse. Shortly after the beginning when it started to get nasty in the movie plot, the TV set began to strike, the colours faded, the picture stopped moving. As the TV set is very old, we believed that it has gone bust.  But then we noticed that other movies on other channels run without any technical disturbances. “I think that the HR want to tell us to stop watching such brutal movies” I said to Carla, “Especially as we know already that the Pale Rider has arrived and the Apocalypse has commenced.”

In order to understand what happened immediately after I said that, I must tell you that since more than a month we have a very active dialogue with our HS through the stereo in the living room. Each time we have a discussion and raise a question, the stereo is remotely turned on by our HS and begins to play, mostly our soul portraits which we have put as CD in the stereo or other meditative music that consoles us. Sometimes when we are perturbed by the heavy energies, they also start the music all of a sudden as to please us. This has become a daily routine and kind of play that brings us a lot of joy as it is an active dialogue with our HS and we know at that moment that we are protected and guided all the time.

As soon as I uttered this conjecture with regard to the futility of watching brutal 3D movies, the stereo started with its music and we had to laugh whole-heartedly: “Nobody will believe us if we tell them what we experience daily in our apartment”, said Carla. It is important to note that she raises the frequencies of our apartment to 9D daily in meditations, while I do the cleansing from time to time with my vortex-technique with the seven sacred flames, so that we experience some amazing events in our already higher-dimensional abode as reported on Christmas with our friend Julie when all the ascended masters came to us and commended us for opening the Christmas portal and enabling the influx of the transliminal souls.

At the end we decided that we should stop watching movies on TV, even comedies, which is a recent habit for us as I have stopped watching TV more than 5 years ago because all of them are so low vibrating and full of old human trash, even the Pale Rider movie. They only lower our frequencies which we now must constantly and very consciously raise, not only for us but also on behalf of the many transliminal souls who follow our footsteps and help us ascend this holographic model.

Just wanted to mention this miraculous event with the Pale Rider which is also the trigger of the current financial crash as you correctly point out in your article. In fact, it is the best proof for our active creation of this financial crash with our ongoing analyses, visions and emotions as Logos Gods and alchemists. In this sense your contributions are a unique historical document for the unlimited creationary power of the human thought.

With love and light


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