Personal Energy Report – September 19, 2015

Georgi Stankov

Yesterday the Elohim came to us and gave a powerful message for me. It is a message about fundamental change. I knew for some time that this change is coming and the proof came yesterday.

Essentially, the Elohim told me that it is time for me to retrieve my energies from this website which is still very much a 3D affair. They told me that I must now prepare for my imminent ascension and concentrate my energies on this event. As long as I write and publish articles everyday and respond to myriad emails this is not possible. My daily workload exceeds 10 hours a day in the average and there are no weekends. It is cogent that this cannot go on like this for ever and that I must abruptly change the course. After all, we are not keen on perpetuating this reality relentlessly, but to change it fundamentally. And in order to achieve this, we must change the course of our personal life in the first place.

At the end, it is all about observing the law of optimization of energy and where it should flow in a most efficient way. I was made aware of that by a peak of essentially negative experiences from a human point of view, but highly significant events from a higher vantage point of view, in the last few days that told me in an unequivocal manner that I must now fully retrieve my energies from this reality and raise one final time my frequencies in order to ascend. This may happen at the end of this month or next month, who knows, linear time is an illusion, but it feels very close to me now.

All I know is that I have to begin immediately with my final ascension and that I can’t postpone it a single day by engaging in essentially 3D activities such as publishing on the Internet, which has mutated to a cesspool of dark collective human dross, notwithstanding some remarkable exceptions and breathtaking individual revelations.

This would say in practical terms that I will not be able to respond to your emails anymore, but I will continue reading them very carefully. However, I would like to ask you to write to me only in significant cases and when there is important information to be shared. I will continue informing you sporadically with articles when important energetic events or new developments related to our ascension happen, but I will stop writing on a daily basis on financial, economic and political events as they have no relevance anymore.

The ascension scenario as created by the PAT in these last four years is now in full sway for everybody to see and we do not need any additional and redundant confirmation to prove it everyday again and again. It is done, it is accomplished, and we have won.

In this context, I would like to urge you to also refrain from further intensive engagement in 3D matters and to start meditating and fully concentrating on your ascension. You have all the necessary tools to do this final transition on your own.

This website has essentially fulfilled its function and mission and now we must raise our activities to a much higher level. Each one for himself and in this way helping Gaia and humanity more than clinging to past activities and responsibilities, no matter how important they were in the context of the old matrix.

Flexibility has always been the greatest virtue of a true light warrior and we all exceed in this respect.

As Tony Colton wrote yesterday, our miraculous journey has just commenced!

Never Underestimate the Power of the PAT

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