How I Met Dr. Georgi Stankov and Woke Up!

by Rob De Havilland, September 19, 2015

Dear George,

Always deep gratitude to you for the most fantastic articles, without any doubts they know how to hit the mark, particularly the post from Asha Hart due to the fact that it is so heart warming that people awakening find your website so quickly, it shows to me that miracles in these ‘times’ are abound, Asha really did bring on a few tears of joy. Then Tony Colton continues his story and proves the true loving power of the PAT, I was overwhelmed with so much joy the tears flowed. May the sacred flames continue the miracles.

I have a prompting from my HS to write to you as I have written to you before and not really explained who I am and how I have got to where I am today.

I am 37 years old, I live in the most dark country on this most beautiful planet, the UK. I didn’t finish school and went straight into work at the age of 15 into a fruit packing factory due the fact that my single mother needed me and my brother to bring money to the house, we grew up quite poor, food was scarce and clothing was even scarcer and the heating never went on, our father was in and out of prison and mental institutions and he picked up many addictions in the process, but that is not a sob story, it was perfectly normal for us as a family. My dear older brother did finish school and had the potential to do whatever he turned his heart and mind to, unfortunately he turned his heart and mind to drugs and lost his way. I also have had my addictions, although by the grace of my god self I have avoided the opiates but didn’t avoid nicotine and cannabis and started smoking both at the age of 13.

 In December 2008 my wonderful mother past on due to breast cancer at the age of 50, I stayed with her until her last beat of her heart, I will never forget the way she looked through me and smiled so sweetly, I knew she was greeting herself and ultimately death was what she wanted. At this point in my life I was very much asleep and thinking back the signs to wake up was very strong. Less than one year before I lost my job due to no fault but my own and had no choice but to go bankrupt and move from our family home that my wife was so happy in, fortunately my mother allowed us to move in with her. It was a situation that should have woke me up with a bang, but it didn’t, not consciously, although I now know that at this point I started the LBP, I just gave in and thought at the time ‘what will be will be’.

I then found work, it came at me out of the blue (big hint to the first ray, giving in to the will of God), with this employment I started to build my family life back up. Things started to get better for a while, then I started getting loans, at first for things like a car, needed furniture, it soon spiraled out of control (again!) and in 2012 I was back at court going bankrupt for the second time, I felt it very differently than the first time, it was soul shaking.

At this point I was reading a set of books by Lawrence Gardinar (I know reptilian shape shifter) and in a bizarre twist it lead me on to doing a little research on ufo’s, which lead me to a web site called ‘Golden age of Gaia’, there I stumbled across an article called ‘Why I have a problem with Georgi Stankov’, a link to your website was within this article, I remember reading that article and understanding that it was about Steve Beckow ripping off your posts.

I remember reading your home page and my whole body shook like an earth quake, I spent the next month reading everything on your site. Evolutionary leap of mankind was the trigger to me consciously waking up. I wrote to you for the first time in 2014 and I will never forget your telepathic presence/pressure on me as you replied to my E-Mail, I felt you George and since my telepathic ability has increased.

Through this most superb book I stopped smoking cigarettes and cannabis, so thankyou George for the words ‘smoking is suicide in stages’, I quit instantly when before I never even contemplated stopping. You also wrote that cannabis is one of Gods drugs, and at the time I thought that I would probably continue using, however, my body shouted loudly not to carry on. I surely ascended that night for the first time in my sleep, and/or a walk in happened to me, I am still trying to work that out!

With all what was going on with myself I finally could see who my son truly is, as you know from my previous correspondence with you he is a crystalline child. He is not my son he is a very old friend and we have incarnated together many times, he said to me at the time when I first woke ‘about time brother, welcome home’, needless to say I shed tears. So since then it has been a roller coaster of a ride of rapid awakening and more and more intense LBP symptoms, I have lost many friends and gained very few new ones, I have been called a weirdo in the last 3 years more than I can remember but it’s their karma they are creating. I understand the universal law more and more as each day passes and its helped me understand the Orion monetary system for what it is and how I got trapped, not once but twice!

I am here in the now and I am so grateful to you, Carla and the PAT. Thanks to you I understand and use the sacred flames every moment of the day and night, we use them to help clean up the house and our fields of dark entities, more so as we shine brighter and brighter (peaks and troughs). Light sabre, invocations, vortex, its become second nature. Understanding Orion systems and above all an ongoing understanding of the Universal Law, and it is leading me straight to my ascension with Gaia and her kingdoms. So am I a light warrior of the first and last hour? Am I a second waver? A logos God? I AM I AM I AM. I will be and do what is needed for all of us! Just following your example George.

Thank you for taking the time to read and let me introduce myself in a more personal way.

With Love and Light

Rob de Havilland,  UK

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