Energy Report of the PAT – September 20, 2015

My dear PAT friends, I am deeply moved, I am speechless (if this is possible ?!), almost in tears, and above all very proud of you for your overwhelming positive responses to my announcement to detach from this reality in order to begin with my personal ascension and you with yours. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible support in every respect over the years. Without your personal engagement this website would have been like a withered leaf in the cold winter wind.

The ascension is now and it is entirely your collective achievement because you are the only and true Planetary Ascension Team.

Know that we are always together as we have never been separated – but now more than ever in our mighty Unity Christed Consciousness field as incumbent Logos Gods. Very soon we will be One and Whole with All-That-Is. The signal for ascension has been given by us.

Yesterday, there was another massive ID shift. This night on a near-by timeline the whole humanity was exterminated completely by the dark ruling cabal with a deadly biological weapon. We, the PAT tried to prevent it but it was impossible.

Since yesterday there is heightened activities of all light ships of the forces of light on this uppermost mother planet. The mothership with Sananda and other ascended masters is hovering over us and has established contact with us, as once in Lofer in December 2013 when we created Gaia 5. Some of the scout light ships are now deliberately de-cloaking and showing to the public as on this video over Costa Rica. The final preparations for our ascension have commenced with full force:

Finally, Paul Armitage has sent me an email that he has retuned the divine symphony of the PAT in the original A 432 and has published it under this link in CDbaby:

I love you ALL!



Dearest Captain,

– having just read your latest and hopefully last posting, I just wanted to express one last time my heart felt gratitude for all you have done for the PAT and Gaia. Having been with you from the start has been a blessing beyond words. My love to Carla and all the contributors old and new is sent.

Frankly I was discouraged when a PAT facebook group was being set up as I despise it as a CIA database, have never been and would never be a member.

We need to ascend and leave it all behind to collapse into its own darkness and I know you agree. I wish you the greatest of ascensions as you are the leader and the universal law the template for the new world. I so look forward to joining you and all the PAT and just as a final conformation for you I have had a 22 yr. old starseed find me at work and access your site for the first time last week, They are coming out and awakening as reported. AND SO IT IS.

Brewster’s in Wisconsin but not for long.


I know you may not respond but I am simply writing this email to confirm that you have confirmed for me my own inner urgings as well. Just as you have so relentlessly and magnificently contributed to this website, I have carried the burden of truth on facebook and it has taken a great deal of my energy…sometimes doing battle on there for hours a day. I have directed many people to your site on there and have quoted you several times as well. Most recently, I have been speaking for the animals and urging everyone to stop these unnecessary and barbaric practices.

Yet I too, feel that I must withdraw now from this scene in order to focus more upon what is shortly to come. It feels as if I am just going in a circle and being confronted with the same flawed logic and the same arguments again and again and it has become unproductive to an extent. At times, it even feels like a bit of an addiction. I need to break that now and prepare for the incoming energies of the blood moon. Ive been led to retreat and get comfortable…take baths and go within…ignore most of the external world now. I can feel the pull towards something greater beckoning me but I must willingly go.

I will leave my Facebook up with a simple explanation of my absence just as you have done. This will leave a trail for others…a point of reference. I feel a real sense of completion now. I’ve also decided to cut off more contact with certain family members such as my mother. I know shes about as far as she can be at this point and I need to cease dragging anyone along as it is just exhausting to me and hinders my personal progress. It truly is time for personal ascension! I would like to send you another monetary gift soon but there is no need to thank me. I know we both share tremendous gratitude for each other within our hearts that are always connected. It has been quite the journey.

The next step is very exciting but also slightly uncertain. We’ve come such a long way in such a short amount of time. The PAT has awakened many but now we are being beckoned onward…at some point we always knew we’d have to pass on the torches to these second wavers.

I had a psychologist call me today…(I had done a session with him last October), he wanted me to know that I was one of his most remarkable clients and that since me he has had an influx of people wanting to discuss their alien roots…so the second wave has indeed commenced. His phone call was a bit of a completion for me. He’s an extremely kind and intelligent man and he admitted to me that he is very attracted to me. He said he found me very beautiful and sensual and that he felt a very high vibration from me of unconditional love and acceptance. I was flattered and took this all as a sign of confirmation that I have been seen and appreciated and I’ve no more to prove here to anyone.

I will be making these changes immediately just as you now have. We are so in sync! Maybe I was waiting on my captain to give the signal;) anyhow, look for your gift this week and take the utmost care of yourself as I know you will. I send you love through my heart often…you renewed my faith in being here so many times. You were also like a beloved father to me as my own left when I was 3 years old. I always beamed when you’d publish something of mine as my own family barely recognized my gifts. I shed a few tears at this ending we have reached but oh what a dawn that is about to commence…here we go, Captain!

I love you, Georgi. I can’t wait to be reunited with you and the rest of the PAT!

Xoxoxox, Kari Marie

Dear Georgi,

I felt some changes will follow …. like your latest post ….to retrieve your energies from 3D affair. So much effort was invested in 3D artificial chemistry equation intentionally by you, Carla, all of the PAT and “assistants” to transform it from within which resulted in a most fruitful way.

I used to wait in anticipation of the implosion of 3D ship. It is imploding this way or another thanks to the bravest warriors in all of creation.

For some time I don’t feel I have to sit in a first row and watch the show. I feel very alienated from all around me. I can and just want to taste the new Gaia, fresh, free, crowded with unconditional love, beauty and freedom.
Those human beings that want to feel it too, will do that, those who still want to play Monopoly on a green grass of horror and amnesia, the red carpet is impatiently waiting for them.

I don’t want anything anymore from here. Just maybe a little peace of music that is a direct connection toward the within and new unlimited distance full of creationary ecstasy.

Thank you once again for all gigantic work that you have done and shared with us.

These are those moments when there is nothing more to say. Everything is clear. For the first time in my life I feel alive and can taste something that was strange to me, simple joy.

Great times are ahead of us!

With love and light
Marijana, Croatia

Dear Sir George,

A little belated but not far off from my thoughts is a ton of thanks for the Paul Armitage PAT music, its beautiful, soul stirring and refreshing.

Secondly, upon reading your personal report of today ie. Sep 19th, I knew very well this day would come and you will not be able to write on a daily basis and rightfully so. It was therefore, with a feeling of dread that i read till the last and even though the website is of 3D affairs, the knowledge, guidance and immeasurable amount of mentorship and warmth that we received from you is too good. Needless to say, I will miss your writings sir, they are invaluable to me and all the sincere PAT people.

Keep good health both of you,

raji chawla, India

Hi George,

I know you did not see yourself in this role of helping us to awake, but I also know from my search that you have been the voice in the wilderness we were looking for. There was no one else, not at your level. I can truly say thank you, thank for being there for us and for me!

Mike, Florida

Report about retrieving energies

That’s why I was silent last months, Doc. I live by the Law, though i cannot prove it mathematically. I mean, I feel it mathematically whatsoever. I know it is a paradox, but “c’est pas grave”. It’s just the feel, and my Polish language (which is very rich and precise) mastery. We are now en route, just observing, sometimes playing for some people.

We are in uninterrupted telepathic connection, also merging with HS. This all is great, since this EU countries are very dark and sinking in fluoride&other chemicals from Klugscheisser (smart Alexes) which don’t know what are doing. Or do they? Depopulation. Dumbing down. All this shit will be stuffed up their asses eventually.

Have a great time, Friend. I could write to you for months with the magical manifestations examples but it doesn’t make any sense for us.

Feeling like playing with a vessel-robot body from a higher realm?

Live to play live!

Love and Light
Luz, from France

My Dearest Georgi:

I support your decision fully. My heart is full of love and gratitude for you.

Con amor,
Bertha, Mexico

Dear George

I know that you will be concentrated on your own ascension and I totally agree with that. Just feel to say that you have done your mission! I don’t want you to waste time to read my email.  Let you know that every word of you brings my tears down and shakes my body!

Love and light
Wendy, Germany


Caro Georgi,

Grazie Georgi e grazie a Carla per la vostra abnegazione e amorevole guida. Ho già lasciato tutto e sono distaccata da tutto. L’attenzione, come hai detto tu, è rivolta all’Ascensione finale.
Buon viaggio. Un abbraccio

Con Amore e Luce
Daniela, Italia

Lieber Georgi,

danke, danke, danke für deine wunderbare Webseite, für deine guten Berichte, deine Recherchen, die immer genau alles auf den Punkt brachten, danke für deine Erfahrungen mit dem LKP und danke, dass ich dich kennenlernen durfte im letzten Oktober. Ich habe viel gelernt und du hast mich ein gutes Stück weitergebracht auf meinem Weg zum Ziel.

Ich wünsche dir mit all meiner Liebe, dass dein Wunsch Aufzusteigen bald in Erfüllung geht, denn wenn es einer von uns verdient hat, dann du als Erster. Wir werden folgen, wenn unsere Zeit reif ist.


Lieber Georg,

schon lange mal wollte ich Dir schreiben, um Dir und Carla und Eurer gemeinsamen (oder hauptsächlich Deiner) Arbeit meine rückhaltlose Unterstützung zu gewähren. Ich hatte verschiedenste Ansätze, um Dir zu schreiben. Sei es bei den Ärzten, die wegen ihrer Aufdeckung der NAGALASE (GcMAF-Inhibitoren) die künstlich in Impfungen ins Immunsystem der Menschen eingeschleust werden inklusive von dem ganzen Krebscam. Sei es bei dem bevorstehenden Finanziellen Kollaps, der ja widersprüchlicherweise in einer Deflation daherkommt (die CH hat beispielsweise im vergangen Halbjahr bis zu 10% weniger Handeslaustausch mit Deutschland, und zwar nicht aus der EUR-CHFranken Anpassung resultierend, weil die Nachfrage und Produktion auf dem Rückgang ist (Rohstoffpreise sinken weltweit). Dennoch wird kräftig Geld gedruckt, sei es beim Euro oder beim Dollar, um die Liquidität überhaupt noch aufrecht zu erhalten. Es ist nur noch eine Frage von Wochen, bevor sich das hoffentlich auflöst.

Letztlich hat mir oft genug die Zeit gefehlt oder dann die Energie, um mich nochmals an ein Schreiben zu klemmen, weil ich es nie bei belanglosen Dingen hätte bleiben lassen können. In diesem Jahr speziell fällt mir auf, wie schnell Zeit vergeht. Subjektiv gesehen eine unglaubliche Beschleunigung. Ebenso steht es mit meiner Energie seit Mitsommer ganz gut, aber ich habe trotz genügend Schlaf morgens ein immenses Gefühl der Zerschlagenheit, als hätte ich nächtelange Schlachten geschlagen und kaum geruht. Schulterschmerzen und Kopfschmerzen, insbesondere an den Tagen mit Hohen Energien oder auch am Tage des Nuklearen Holocaust vor knapp einer Woche, war ich wie gerädert. Auch hier fordert der LPK an manchen Tagen Alles. Manchmal wundere ich mich, woher ich die Kraft nehme, jeden Tag aufzustehen. Zum Glück hatte ich mir auch den ganzen August freigenommen, um ganz für mich, meine Familie und auch Kaia dazu sein. Aber bei allem ist auch ein Gefühl der Unstimmigkeit, dass frustriert. Einerseits habe ich auch eine olympische Gelassenheit erreicht, andererseits ist da ein tiefes Gefühl, dass das ganz Große noch bevorsteht und wie ein längst überfälliges Weihnachtspaket, das selbst an Ostern noch nicht ausgeliefert wurde.

Du weisst, dass Du und das PAT meine Rückhaltlose Unterstützung habt und wir eine Familie im Spirit sind, die energetisch über Dich tief miteinander verbunden sind. Insofern bin ich zwar ein täglicher Leser Deiner Artikel, bin aber in dem Netzwerk nicht inaktiver, weil ich Dir nicht schreibe. Ich durfte in dem letzten Jahr hoffentlich die letzten Krümmel aus meinen dunklen Schubladen auskehren und im Feuer des Spirits und der Liebe von ALL-DAS-IST transformieren. Ich arbeite täglich an mir und wünsche mir nichts sehnlicher entgegen, dass der Punkt erreicht wo die Kritische Masse ausreicht, das Ereignis auszulösen, an dem die Schwingung so weit erweitert wird, dass uns alle begrenzenden Wahrnehmungsfilter wegfliegen und wir endlich jenseits des Schleier alles sehen und empfinden können.

Ich wünsche Dir von ganzem Herzen eine tiefe und klärende Einkehr zu Dir selbst, auf dass Du all Deinen – auf für die ganze Menschheit  essentiellen – Aufgaben gewachsen sein wirst.

In tiefer Verbundenheit und Liebe wünsche ich Dir einen erfolgreichen Aufstieg ins Absolute

herzlichst Björn, Schweiz

PS: BTW – one of the most eloquent documentary films about the interconnections inside the cabal from WW1 up to 9/11 and the necessary revolution to come. Historical consideration with not only allusions but facts. Well made but last unfortunately 3hours – very recommendable. Even for me there was news…



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