Never Underestimate the Power of the PAT

The Continuation of My Miraculous Journey

by Tony Colton, September 18, 2015

Hi George,

I’m gonna make yet another attempt to tell my tale, I’ve abandoned so many.

I was shot from a cannon.

You may recall, as we left off, a few months back, the scenario for me was that the bank were in foreclosure mode, I had no prospective buyers for my home and was facing eviction and a need for homes for my Animals.

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You put out the call for help from the P.A.T. and it began. That Friday not twenty-four hours later, a buyer turned up unannounced, he was from California and he had his Father with him, my real estate agent, a very efficient lady had no knowledge of the appointment and at the last minute I agreed to show the property.

They stayed for two hours over their appointment time and returned on the following Sunday and spent another long afternoon and evening.

The following morning they made a cash offer for the full amount of the farm, and before the end of that day they had transferred the whole amount into escrow pending the sale.

The buyer had to leave for California by the end of that week and was looking to close before he left.

At that time I had the property in a Common Law Trust, a very powerful instrument of protection and had had my problems with it one time before with the same bank I was with now, when I sold a previous property out of the Trust.

At that time, when  he discovered the property was in a common law trust, which basically puts it outside the jurisdiction of federal law the bank manager  got  very, very nervous,and made me promise not to put the new property I was buying into the Trust.

I promised him and went straight out and put the new property into the trust as soon as the ink was dry on the papers.

So here we are again many years later with four days before the closing and I have to remove the trust or run the risk of the banker torpedoeing the whole deal.

I feverishly prepared a Quit claim deed and rose early the next day to get to town to register it so that the sale could be conducted in my name,

Before I could get out of the door my estate agent lady called and said that the buyers lawyers had already come across the Trust while they were doing their search.

They asked me to bring the Trust to the closing on the Friday.

The huge wave of fear that I would lose the deal was immediately washed away in a blanket of security from my beautiful loving HS.

During the closing itself, everything was fine until the lawyer asked to see the trust, and I watched as he sunk his head into his hands as he read the text.

He made a full copy of the Trust and asked to be excused from the meeting while he studied it.

There was a beautiful baby grand in the office under a pile of legal briefs and I moved them and sat at the piano to play away my distress and by osmosis calm the rest of the room, the buyer, his father and the two estate agent ladies.

The banker, thank God wasn’t present, [another miracle] and the lawyer finally reappeared and very dramatically announced that the closing could proceed.

Miracle.  ALL the paperwork therefore reflected the trust as owner of the property and the cheque was made out to the trust and paid directly into escrow.

Only someone like me who had suffered the dangerous ignorance of my fellow human beings in positions in local government acting as if I were the “enemy” could see the incredible synchronicity in the way the deal had gone through with the new home winding up back in the Common Law Trust facilitated by the lawyers who had registered it themselves, my name had not appeared anywhere in the transaction.

I found a home for my horses not two miles down the road from where I lived and only five minutes from where I am now, I visit them most days.

A small house in the local town, a bank repossession, was up for sale for exactly the amount that would be left over from the deal and as I had mentioned in my earlier correspondence with you, the place had been owned by a war vet and he had very kindly insisted they wait for me even though the deal at times looked shaky before the California buyer appeared.

I had to vacate in three weeks, I moved the entire contents of the house and two barns, mostly to the dump, all alone. Time to let go of it all. After I removed the bedroom stuff to clean I slept in the truck at night with the dogs.

Throughout all of this I was handling Vertigo attacks, and the myriad of other devastating symptoms of the LBP which were on the upswing.

Ed, the war vet, wasn’t moving out for three weeks but he kindly let me stay at the house with him, the two dogs slept in the truck and we hobbled along in that fashion until Ed finally left.

During that time the IRS came back at me with another demand, and on the same afternoon my girlfriend of six years who I loved and relied on dearly, informed me she had “met someone.”

It was a double belly punch!

I rewrote my previous letter which had been constructed for me years before by the “We The People’ organization who were experts at all laws pertaining to the IRS.

I wont go into the ins and outs of the legal content of my responses because the fraudulent nature of their whole existence is out there for anyone interested.

As always this produced a nagging fear that I knew I could ill afford as a condition of my ascension process and I did my best to still my nerves, and as always when it became too much my HS flooded me with calm, Miracles, Miracles.

At that time I had two very important dreams, one which I’m sure was in response to George’s urging for me to exorcise the Demons that were still present around me from my Rock and Roll days and my run ins with Led Zeppelin.

I was flying in the astral planes and my guides took me to the head of a long, long column of “vampire refugees” who were exiting the Astral Planes, They were being led by an old worn out Vampire who was mumbling stuff about an “honorable retreat’ but he didn’t sound as if he had the courage of his convictions. They were a spent force and were vacating the Astral planes altogether. They couldn’t handle the rising vibration,.

At one point one of my Astral guides called a warning and I looked down behind me. We were flying, and a demonic figure with huge talons was trying to catch me from behind, I immediately went into high-speed flight and left him standing, he was out of energy and strength,

The dark are gone from the Astral planes.

As I’m writing this I remember another dream George, about the Led Zeppelin issue.

I was riding a fast horse over cobblestones in the heart of London and although I was running flat out the horse never faltered nor skidded on the stone surface, I passed a mews house that was very dark and had a nameplate on the desk in the window that simply said “Led Zeppelin”

It had a worn out feeling about it.

Interpretation, the Horse being my strength. I was master of it, riding it expertly through the dark years in London.

In another dream I arrived at a demarcation point, a PAT gathering where we were all being readied to leave, I remember my thoughts were that there were very few of us.

The two or three attempts I made to continue my career were disastrous.

Greg Allman invited me to his home in Georgia to write songs for his new album and it was like trying to stuff a round ball in square hole. My deafness made it hard for both of us but it was more that my timing was off, I wasn’t really present, I just couldn’t feel my feet on the floor, it was as if my process had disconnected me from all of the things I knew, the tricks of the trade failed me, no flashes of divine inspiration and we struggled for four days without much to show for it  except for the one song, “Leaving Train“, which I had played him before on a previous visit, and I look forward  to seeing tha on his new album.

All in all though I returned home dispirited to say the least.

Whether it was a combination of the heavy lifting I had done moving, the stress and worry and probably another LBP attack I got a pain in my right shoulder right at the same time as George again, except that it went on, and on , and on, it was totally debilitating.

I struggled to feed myself and the dogs, here I was now a homeowner with no mortgage but still cash broke.

My previous neighbors had added me to their Friday shopping list and it became routine for me to pick up the basics of my food needs that they would leave hanging on their mailbox. God Bless their wonderful hearts.

My young sister Lynette God bless her too has kept me going with regular Western Union subsidies and I shunted along in my little house  which I have to say I love very much, until fortunes changed again and I was able to extend a royalty loan for a few bob  and am enjoying a little cash amid the pressure.

The IRS came back again, this time it was different, they just basically told me they were ignoring my very accurate facts as “frivolous’ and demanded payment, and as it stands now I am preparing yet another response.

I know it  is all part of my journey, I had dreams confirming this way back in the beginning. I knew it when I first came across the information back in the eighties.

I did not challenge them for the sake of money, I challenged them as Angel of Truth. I challenged them in the name of my sovereignty.

My Mother never had me circumcised which is apparently the mark of a free man, not born to slavery, and I read in one of the channellings from an American Indian source that the 144,000 “Core of Destiny, basically the PAT, are made up from “Sundancers” Braves who had undergone the ceremony where to gain higher consciousness they hung themselves by the breastplate to spin in the shaft of sunlight beneath the  opening of the Tepee and there gain the visions of ascension. [ The American government banned this ceremony in the late 1800s, I wonder why.]

I came across this article just after I had been urged by my HS to listen to an old song of mine on my computer. It was the “Ballad of a Man Called Horse” by Richard Harris,

Ray Smith and I had been commissioned to write it in support of the movie which at the time, was taking off on the cinema circuit.

The song underscores the scene in the movie where Richard Harris is undergoing the Sundance ceremony hanging from ropes tied to his ribcage.

“The red golden sunset is dying
And soon I shall need your love
The Warlord is silently crying
And soon you will meet me

‘Spirit of the Sun
My body circles here beneath you
The tears my body bears, I use to greet you
Silver White Buffalo, in your white and shining plains
When the Golden water rains
I will run with you.’

Bring me the sound of the choirs
Lighting your love with fires
The Shield and the Warlance are flying
And soon you will meet me

Ballad of A Man Called Horse, Richard Harris

I believe this is a time to stand up and be counted, we can no longer fly beneath the radar hoping to God they don’t see us until God shows up to save us.

It wont work, we must be bold, we must be brave, reckless even in the pursuit of love.

George is the shining example, he’s out there, a big target, head and shoulders above the rim of the fox hole, it’s where we all need to be.

I’m back in the barrel of the cannon awaiting the hand of the PAT, bearing the flame of another ignition.

One more time Kids!

I love you all very much.

Thank you from the wellspring of my heart.



Dear Tony,

I am so happy to hear from you again as I was thinking quite often what has happened to you in the meantime and whether you have managed to sell your property. Especially in the last few days when our topic was music, with the publication of the PAT divine symphony, I once again telepathically connected to you and asked for a feedback. And here you are.

Hence thank you for your comprehensive report on the peripeteia in your last days on this planet. I am terribly sorry to hear that the relationship with your girlfriend has ended so abruptly. But as I see it, you had to cut off this last connection with this reality as to move forward and ascend. She was not ready yet to follow you. Insofar this was divinely orchestrated, no matter how painful it must have been for you.

Your battle with the IRS has definitely a greater importance than just resolving your personal issue. We are always entangled in archetypal situations and resolve them for the sake of humanity in an alchemical manner. We had a similar battle to wage here with a Canadian (inquisition) authority and we won it against all legal advises of well-paid lawyers who were entirely driven by fear of state authorities. We defied this institution, I will not go into details now, and finally they dropped the case against us, although they are known for their insidiousness.

I knew that we can only win if we made a decision based on courage and ethical principles and do not succumb to petty considerations within the 3D matrix. Hence you are absolutely right to act in the most courageous manner towards the IRS and leave the resolution to the HR, by making your invocations and flood the situation with love and the seven sacred flames.

By the way, did you listen to the PAT symphony? I would love to know your opinion as a professional musician.

I will publish your story tomorrow as it very well fits into our narrative of the arrival of the new era of miracles which already commenced with your previous contributions, but has gained momentum since then.

Today (Sept 17) a have a severe headache due to a cc-wave and have to go to the senior residence of Carla’s mother to prepare her move to another house next Tuesday. When this story is finished, we are ready to ascend. There is always some chores that keep us still in this 3D reality and we must follow now the example of Alexander the Great who preferred to cut the Gordian knot with his sword instead of solving it in a cumbersome manner.

With love and light


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