The End Time Scenario as a Logical Inevitability. A Response to a Crystalline Teenager

by Georgi Stankov, June 6, 2012, Copyright 2012

Hi George!

Good to be once again writing and communicating with you. The Venus Transit on the 5/6 of June will begin the  internal (self) and external (land movement, geographical plate movements, Madrid fault line potential earthquakes) changes to the whole of humanity. The PAT members will receive huge downloads and will be able to communicate directly with their Higher Self.

Now I know that many times my optimism and enthusiasm has made me jump to conclusions without fully rationalizing my thoughts in a continuous, logical system. My optimism and enthusiasm has sometimes misguided me on occasion, but has also made me constant in my beliefs until proven otherwise. After the 20th of May I started panicking, not because of fear, but because of too much expectation about possible events potentially happening. It continued for 5 days, until I received information from my Higher Self that everything will happen when the optimal energy levels are at a peak and then the cosmic events will unfold.

Your brilliant article on “The Language Of Silence” made me fully realise that everything will happen when it needs to happen. After this realization I have never been so calm before in my life. I thought about your article on “The Law of Energy Optimization” and how it will decide our ascension and I remembered that we, as the PAT, will only ascend when the optimal energy levels have reached their zenith.

I have not at all lost an ounce of my positivity, but what has happened is that I have learnt the value and virtue of patience and I must admit that I have never been very patient in my life, but that seems to have suddenly changed. Patience brings Composure and I finally figured that out. The Venus Transit will no doubt be a major cosmic event and our ascension imminent. I would love for all the PAT members to ascend on the 5/6th of June and I won’t rule out such an option, until it has passed.

Arthur from South Africa


Dear Arthur,

I am happy that you have an absolute clear view of the coming events and display a deep understanding for the underlying cosmic dynamics. This is more than most “Gurus” in the LW vanity circus are able to achieve intellectually. Given your young age (16 years), you are light years more advanced than the old New Agers will ever be and you should be proud of yourself. This also holds true for all crystalline teenagers and readers of this website as shown on many occasions in our gnostic discussions in the ascension report.

I must admit that I am also rather impatient, but when one is young, time seems to run so slowly and the periods of waiting may appear to be interminable. This time however, as your soul has informed you, there can be no more delays and the optimal point in time must be reached this month.

One can found his prediction on his intuition or one may simply calculate the remaining time and then enter in this period all the events and processes that must unfold and be completed, so that the people can be prepared for the final mass ascension at the end of this year.

The logical chain of argumentation should be as follows:

1) Mankind cannot liberate itself from the shackles of the current Orion enslavement and needs a cosmic intervention when the ultimate divine deadlines for ascension are reached. This has already happened. This intervention presupposes an active education and enlightenment of the masses about human history and the current situation on the earth. This can only be done, if the off-world PTB are completely eliminated, so that they can no longer intervene and have any influence on the collective mind-set of humanity. This can only be achieved by an inter-dimensional-split (ID split).

CA has explicitly confirmed on several occasions, after it announced the new timeline of the balanced earth A/B, that this new planet will continue to evolve without the influence of the Orion/Reptilian empire. This timeline will be sealed by heaven from the intervention of the old PTB of this earth.

Given the short period of time that remains at disposal for the awakening and education of the masses, the scope and intensity of the revelations must be enormous and sweeping. No considerations can be taken whether the people will be overwhelmed by the torrential flow of new information or not. In fact, they must be overwhelmed by the new dreadful facts to such an extent as to be put for a short period of time in a kind of collective cataleptic shock, where they will not be able to accomplish any meaningful mental or emotional actions whatsoever.

This passivity of the masses will enable the swift introduction of many new technologies and fundamental societal changes without any resistance on the part of the remaining humans (see below).

The minds of the people will be fully occupied with the digestion of the new information that will also eliminate most of their past prejudices and beliefs that have led to their current enslavement by the PTB. If this process of revelations and information begins by the end of June, there are less than 6 month for the profound re-education of the remaining humanity. This is an extremely short period of time, given the inertia of human thinking and the limited capacity of most entities to process emotionally new facts and situations.

2) For that reason humanity will be, by and large, unable to care for itself in the current  manner of Orion occupation and employment, as many of the people will be simply withdrawn from their present working places and social traffic and will be immobilized as long as they will have to process the new sweeping changes and information on the mental, emotional and deeper soul level.

This is nothing new: All members of the PAT have gone through the same situation in the course of their LBP. Given the current total blindness of more than 95% of all humans as to what will come next, one can imagine how huge and profound their shock will be very soon.

For this reason, there must be a rapid and global transfer of new, highly effective 4d-technologies that will make life on earth for the first time self-sustainable and easy going, also with respect to the needs of Gaia. These new technologies will establish a completely new way of life, where most people will not need to work and will be still fully supplied and protected. In fact, the new technologies must guarantee a broad and equal abundance for everybody.

This new, full cosmic protection of humanity will eliminate most of the existential fears nowadays that always occur when the self-preservation instincts are activated by external dangers and dire living conditions.

This line of argumentation leads us inevitably to the conclusion that there will be no great catastrophes on the balanced earth A/B that will ascend to the higher 4th dimension after the ID split, most probably this month. This also means  that the ID split must be prepared very carefully and thoroughly because when it occurs, all elements must be ready for the sweeping transformation of humanity and Gaia, as to be immediately introduced on the new planet.

The major new innovations that will be implemented in the course of this summer will be:

a) Free photon energy sources for electricity and heating of houses and other human dwellings. The new free energy devices will not be bigger than a normal battery and can be immediately installed in any household. They will use the existing electric grid in a decentralized manner.

b) The current transport, which is based essentially on air combustion of organic fuels leading to the depletion of oxygen in the atmosphere that we breath in order to exist, will be eliminated within the blink of an eye. It will be substituted with mini- and maxi-portals and with new anti-gravity vehicles and devices for local transportation.

The maxi-portals will be inter-dimensional and will also enable the teleportation of all humans from one part of the globe to another, no matter how distant they are, within a couple of minutes. The mini-portals will be used for smaller distances, but also for the transportation of goods and other services.

c) The establishment of a completely new communication system, based on holographic access to the Akashic chronics for this planet. This system will be most probably connected to the crystalline 144-grid of the new earth and will be also powered by free photon energy.

The gadgets that each individual will use to participate in this new communication network will be given for free to all human beings, as they will build the technological foundation for all the revelations and new cosmic news that will sweep humanity in the second half of this year and will transform the collective mind-set for ever.

d) The immediate implementation of a simple numerical system of payments (NSP) that will substitute the current Orion monetary system of enslavement. including all banks and national taxation institutions. The NSP will be  based on the same new holographic system of communication. The latter will be much more powerful and versatile than the current Internet that will be abolished for ever. However the current information on Internet will be automatically incorporated into the new holographic system of communication, as the existing Internet data already belong to the Akashic chronics.

Every human being will receive his sum of numerical units that will enable him to live in abundance. The new form of abundance will be defined as the state of human existence, where all physiological and spiritual needs of the individual are fulfilled without him being constraint to work for his living. Every human being will be, however, given the possibility to do the job he likes at his full discretion for the benefit of the whole community and thus to contribute to the easiness of human life.

e) Agriculture must be completely reformed and will be based on new organic principles and laws of biological growth. These technologies will be also introduced very quickly on a global scale by the ascended masters, such as the members of the PAT and the Agarthans from the Inner earth.

This leads us logically to the only possible conclusion that we must definitely ascend this month as to be able to actively engage in the implementation of the aforementioned new technologies, but also to take over the leadership of humanity on the balanced earth A/B that will emerge after the ID split.

As the whole Cabal and most politicians as their human minions will stay on the catastrophic earth B, the whole weird substrate of current “men on power” will be physically, energetically eliminated. This vacuum in leadership cannot be filled in with normal, mortal human beings, as they will be fully engaged in their most intensive last phase of the LBP in preparation for mass ascension and will be physically disabled.

Hence the imperative necessity for the PAT members to ascend this month and appear on the balanced earth A/B as to help and lead humanity. The late decision on February 26 to create a third timeline of the balanced earth A/B presupposes our active engagement on this planet in the coming crucial last six months prior to mass ascension on Dec 21, 2012.

This was also the main precondition why we postponed our planned ascension at 11.11.11 and stayed on the earth much longer than initially written in our soul contracts. If we have sacrificed ourselves for the sake of humanity, it is more than legitimate that we also make the greatest contribution to its evolution in the few remaining months. We have “bare-handed” heaved this planet and humanity to the higher dimensions after we opened our individual portals the world over and thus enabled the opening of the stargate 11.11.11, from where the really significant changes could commence on the earth, as they could be now seen beyond any doubt.

This all builds one single, strict, logical line of argumentation that leads us to some inevitable predictions as to how the End Time scenario will unfold during this auspicious year.

As most of the PAT members stayed much longer on the earth than planned, they were able to raise their frequencies much higher than initially anticipated. In this way they could incorporate many more dimensions and parallel realities in their personal energy fields. For this reason many more individuals, who will participate in the first ascension wave, have already qualified to become transliminal souls – a term which I have first introduced and explained on this website – and will ascend to the Source (12th dimension).

Form there, they will be able to move freely through the dimensions and also appear, as often as they wish, on the 4d-earth A/B and even on the catastrophic earth B and exert their mission in a physical form, but from the fulcrum of their infinite knowledge and awareness as transliminal, boundless souls.

This goes beyond the current, narrow esoteric concept of “ascended masters“, as most of the so called soul entities (soul families) cannot appear in the 3d- and 4d-reality in a physical vessel because they have not built the necessary personal vortexes within their own soul family energies.

We, the members of the PAT have achieved this ability already and this is the actual novelty of the current ascension process of this small planet. We will operate as Elohim (see Carla’s message) – as powerful creator gods – due to the fact that we have stayed much longer on the ground and our contribution to the cleansing of this toxic planet to the very last moment has been disproportionally high.

I hope that you now see how all the pieces of the cosmic mosaic fit together and lead us to the only possible scenario in the coming days and months.

3. Now let us put all these elements in perspective, before we discuss the last most important aspect of the current ascension process.

– The ID split, most probably in conjunction with the magnetic pole reversal, must take place by the end of this month.

– The new balanced earth A/B, which will also carry the ascension timeline of the 5d-earth A, will move irreversibly to the 4th dimension.

– The first ascension wave will take place simultaneously with the ID split. Many of the ascended PAT members will return on the balanced earth A/B, will begin to implement the new 4d-technologies and will organize the new enlightened society. They will also organize the education of the masses and prepare them for mass ascension at the end of this year.

The introduction of new technologies and a new simple numerical system of payments, as well as the building of the new structures of the ascending human civilisation must begin in July and proceed to the very end in Dec 2012. This will create real abundance for all humans and will eliminate their survival instincts that must be deleted during the LBP in preparation for the final ascension. None of these fear based human patterns will be allowed to enter the 5th dimension. This is the primary objective of the individual LBP that has now encompassed roughly two thirds of humanity.

4) From September 2012 at the latest, the ascended masters and the forces of light must begin with the cleansing of the massive pollution of Gaia in preparation for its ascension. Just as no human being will be able to ascend before he has cleansed all his basic fears, so will Gaia be only able to ascend to the 5th dimension and merge with its existing 5d-blueprint after she has been thoroughly cleaned from all current contamination. This includes all radioactive materials, contamination of oceans and land by the massive production and combustion of fossil fuels, cleansing of the soil from all poisons and artificial fertilizers  and a significant increase of the oxygen content in the atmosphere. The latter has been now depleted to the verge of physical annihilation of the human race, also through the extensive use of chemtrails. Total regeneration of flora and fauna must also take place. This all must be accomplished in less than 3-4 months.

Please observe that this incredible cleansing work can only commence after the current transport, based on air combustion of organic fuels, is fully eliminated and replaced with new forms of transportation using free photon energy and inter-dimensional portals.

Let us assume that the new means of transportation will be introduced in the course of  this summer and will be fully implemented throughout September. This would say that all this transformation must have actually started long time ago, but no later than at the end of this month. We, as ascended masters, will have only two months at our disposal to introduce all these new technologies and changes on the new balanced earth A/B, before the cleansing of Gaia can really commence.

While writing this inspired response, I receive, as usual, compelling confirmation from my higher self that this is the only probability timeline that has been left for humanity and that precisely this scenario will be accomplished by heaven. From now on, it is irrelevant what happens on the ground, in the economy, finance and at the political level. The destiny of mankind is after May 20 entirely in the hands of Cosmic Providence, and the current human and off-world dark protagonists have already been disempowered for ever, no matter how bleak the current situation on the ground may still seem to be, before the visible facade of the old Orion matrix also crumbles. Its ethereal blueprint has been already destroyed during the ongoing Full Moon Portal, June 4-6.



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