New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – Serial 1


Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 12, 2012



Today I start publishing my first German book on Human Gnosis:

New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind

written in 1999/2000 and finalized in 2001 as a serial in English language. This was made possible by the initiative of Joelle Torneros, a young lady (a crystalline child) and a member of the PAT from Hawaii.

She has meticulously translated my book with “Google translate” by achieving a remarkable authenticity to the original text. She has done this in the last two months as to further educate herself on spiritual matters. I am personally very thankful to her for this great altruistic achievement, as I can now edit the text much more easily and bring Joelle’s translation to completion with respect to the original German text.

I decided to publish this book on this website in English as it contains a lot of valuable information with great actuality to the current End Time for everyone of you, although it was written 11-12 years ago. I will publish the book chapter by chapter as soon as I have edited the next one. Please observe that this is only a preliminary draft which I am preparing very quickly, so that there will be some mistakes.

I urge you to appreciate the great intellectual effort of Joelle. With such creative young people mankind has a great future, and our strenuous years on this toxic planet as the old guard of indigo children makes a real sense for the first time in our life. At least this is how I see it, and I have never been so happy and excited as in these days about the future daunting perspectives of humankind.

In this sense, I want to express once again my utmost admiration to all members of the PAT, who actively participated in the new initiative to expand our activities and begin with the awakening of the sleeping masses and the old establishment as a first step to our mission to become the new Keepers of Earth. We will very soon take over the destiny of humanity from the PTW and lead it safely to Ascension by the end of this year. We have already made the first crucial step in this direction by stating the Decree of Change. Congratulations!

This publication from 2012 was revised in 2019 as to take into account all the events of ascension that took place since then and have been reported and discussed real time on this website.




1. Serial: Prefaces and Introduction

2. Serial: Chapter 1: I. Popular Scientific Introduction in the New Gnosis of the Universal Law

3. Serial: Chapter 2: II. The Species “Man” as Energetic System

4. Serial: Chapter 3: III. Psyche, Mind (Intellect) and Soul, and Their Energetic Interactions

5. Serial: Chapter 4: IV.  Subjectivity and Objectivity of Human Perception

6. Serial: Chapter 5: V.   Incarnation cycle of the soul

7. Serial: Chapter 6: VI. Light Body Process and Evolutionary Leap

8. Serial: Chapter 7: VII.  Mental, Psychic and Somatic Aspects of the Light Body Process

9. Serial: Chapter 8: VIII.  Decision Alternatives and Probability Worlds

10. Serial: Chapter 9: IX. The Role of the Chakras in the Light Body Process and the Evolutionary Leap

11. Serial: Conclusion – Part I: Conclusion – Part I: The World Religions as Gnostic Teachings

12. Serial: Conclusion – Part I: Conclusion – Part II: The World Religions as Gnostic Teachings

13. Essay: Psycho-Energetic Foundations of Human Intransigence

14. Essay: Astral Dynamics of the Global Economic Crisis on the Eve of the Parousia


New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – Serial 1

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 12, 2012

Translation from German language:
by Joelle Torneros and Georgi Stankov

1. Serial: Prefaces and Introduction



I have finished writing this book to the new scientific Gnosis of the Universal Law in June 2001. At that time, the organized young soul prophets predicted in the gestalt of prestigious institutes for economic research a strong growth of GDP of more than 3% in the U.S. and in Europe and the German Chancellor had not yet begun his heroic struggle against the “two” in front of the comma. At the same time the world economy was already three months into recession, as the backward oriented economic forecasters in the national statistical offices announced more or less loudly only in the late autumn of that year.

Our perception of the world is, as I show in this Gnosis, of historical character. At the end of the year, the overall economic growth deviated by 400% – 600% from the prediction of the “economic sages” without questioning the raison d’être of such economic prophets. In earlier, less “enlightened” times, those who were blatantly wrong in their forecasts were rewarded with death, after which they could attain their astral knowledge of the future to the full extent. In contrast, the current, professional young soul prophets must carry on with their futile forecasts in a state of total amnesia for a while, which is their only adequate karma because young souls need a lot of frustrating experiences in order to evolve.

I foresaw the current recession anti-cyclically already in 1998. The following year I wrote a brief analysis of the reasons for the pending world crisis and published it on the Internet. This happened at a time when the world economy of the “New Economy bubble”, also known as bubble, respectively crash, took off and lifted to euphoric new heights.

The story is well known thereafter. The bubble burst. The NEMAX index (The German equivalent to NASDAQ) began its decline shortly after the publication of my forecast and lost within 18 months up to ten times its peak value.

NEMAX 50: Kursziel 10.000 Punkte | Aktienforum | Aktien Forum ...


National economic assets, ten times bigger than the much-vaunted tax cuts as a result of the widely proclaimed German “century-tax reform” were destroyed in the blink of an eye. Since then, the “New Future Market” barely survives with no new IPOs (initial public offerings) at a very low level and it is only a matter of financial piety when this melting pot of “one-euro shares” will be abolished as an independent stock exchange forever (This happened two years later.). The Dow Jones Index lost during this period 60% of its maximum value and a hitherto unprecedented wave of bankruptcies swept over the Western world.

Even a year after the start of the recession, the scenario eerily repeats. The chorus of politicians and experts tirelessly conjures up the end of the recession, and this shortly before the actual, irreversible collapse of the global economy is about to take place, the extent and consequences of which yet no mortal can really imagine.

But what does this economic discussion have to do with an esoteric text, asks the astonished reader. A lot! Gnostic teachings have always been proven by the truthfulness of their prophetic statements. This is a central topic of this essay. Accurate economic predictions in such gnostic writings are not uncommon, one should only think about the exact details, which Johannes gives us on the scope, size and design of the new Jerusalem in his Revelations, or the precise prognostic economic interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream by Joseph in the Old Testament. People have always worried about their survival, thereby having in mind first of all their economic survival, despite the recommendation of some of their prophets to follow the example of the carelessness of the lilies on the field.

In recent years I have been concerned mainly with the reading of the visible signs of time – essentially macroeconomic in nature – and setting them in relation to the internal soul changes in the astral realms which I experience somatically as a Light Body Process (LBP) and mentally as intellectual stimulation from the causal worlds (higher astral dimensions, 9D to 12D). From this, I developed a prognostic synthesis of social evolution, the astral-scientific basics of which I will outline briefly in this book.

This new forecast gives no precise information on specific events, rather it shows the general trend of development. This can explain the occurrence of certain key events in space and time, and justify their necessity. For this reason, I wrote shortly after September 11, 2001, a treatise on the attack on the World Trade Centre and added it as a prospective case study to this book:

The Prophetic Character of the New Gnosis of the Universal Law

This catalyzing event served both as a verification of my prognosis and on the other hand, it was a dress rehearsal for the actual event – the Ascension of the first multi-dimensional personality, which will mark the culmination of the Evolutionary Leap of mankind. The shock that this attack triggered the world over, gives us a vague idea of the shock effect, which the message about the “Second Coming of Christ” (Greek: parousia), being darkly rumored in the Bible, will trigger among all humans.

The subsequent collective processing of this event will lead to total confusion and disillusionment among the majority of the world population and will initiate the transition of these young souls into the cycle of adult souls. Further details about the background of these unique energetic cosmic processes that will change our planet forever and will transform the human species into a transliminal, exempt from the restrictions of space-time entity can be learned from this book. Therefore, the Scientific Gnosis presented here inevitably takes on the character of a comprehensive, accurate prophecy, which goes beyond the narrow worldview of current mankind and will heave it to a new level of spiritual evolution. Hence the title of this book: “Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“.

The here-described astral-energetic processes are already in effect and can be perceived by every medially gifted individual and pursued in their progressive unfolding on Earth. The findings that the reader of the present Gnosis of the Universal Law will gain, will allow him an inspired observation of this unique astral and cosmic processes, for which there is no terminology in today’s society; this insight will reveal to him the meaningfulness of human existence within All-That-Is. Hence the New Gnosis is also a Scripture of Revelation – the first Scripture of Revelation in the history of mankind, which is scientifically proven beyond any doubt.

Berghaselbach, July 2002


Second Preface

Meanwhile, seven years have passed since I wrote the new Gnosis of the Universal Law. During this time the energy transformation of my body – the Light Body Process – has progressed relentlessly and inexorably. The unbearable physical and psychological hardships that I had to endure during this time were so inhuman that they could hardly be suitable material for a verbal presentation.

As mankind has no experience with this astral-energetic process that will significantly shape its future development, it will make too little sense at this moment to talk of the psycho-mental and somatic hurdles, which every incarnated personality has to overcome first, before he can be exempt from the limitations of physical space and time and can reside as a transliminal soul both in a physical vessel on earth and as a disembodied entity, as Ascended Master in the astral realms.

This process will begin with me, as I point out in my books again and again. By transforming my body into an astral crystalline light body, I will demonstrate the immortality of the soul and the incarnated personality and will eliminate forever from this world the idea of the finality of biological death. The reason for this is that I am the first person to have discovered the Universal Law and to have developed all present-day conventional, heterogeneous, extremely faulty sciences, which deny the above finding, into a consistent, logical-axiomatic, gnostic science of the entire human knowledge. As a consequence of this tremendous intellectual endeavour I had to refute all the basic ideas of science, philosophy, religion and everyday thinking or significantly modify them.

The new Pan-Theory of the Universal Law is primarily a theory of human thinking. By starting with the Primary Term of human consciousness, I show how one can structure his own thinking in a logical, axiomatic manner. In this way, man will be able to encompass all the knowledge and experience he has collected as an incarnated personality into consistent, truthful categorical systems and make them accessible to his fellow men in an impeccably structured written form.

To date, humans are not capable of presenting their fragmented knowledge, which they have gained in their history, in a linguistic form that is free of contradictions, paradoxes, antinomies and errors. As this human knowledge must be realized in one form or another in 3D space-time, its material and intellectual products are rather imperfect and carry within themselves the seeds of destruction.

This imperfection “of the lower world of physical forms, and “of becoming” (Neoplatonism) is a leitmotif of all Western philosophy and finds its climax in the  Leibnizian theodicee. From an energetic point of view, this is the physical condition of destructive interference. These phenomena are the basic theme of this book.

The New Gnosis is a further development of classical Greek philosophy of Plato and Aristotle, and particularly of Neoplatonism of Plotin. For this reason, I wrote in the past few years, in the short recovery periods, during which the pains of the light body process were eased a little bit, further books on Gnosis and New Philosophy, which complement and complete the present elaboration on the foundations of human Gnosis. All my gnostic works build thus a complete collection of all philosophical and existential applications of the new Pan-Theory of the Universal Law with regard to our earthly existence (Being) and can be comprehended and appreciated only in their entirety.

When I wrote this book, I knew that, just like all my other gnostic philosophical works, it would have to stay unpublished for many years in my drawer, because the time was not yet ripe for its publication. I leave it to the reader’s imagination to envision what sacrifice it meant for me to know that I have accomplished the greatest discovery in the history of mankind and to have at the same time voluntarily withdrawn myself from the scene, keeping under wraps all my knowledge about the future consequences of this achievement for many years, in order not to endanger the plan of the astral realms – the introduction of the Evolutionary Leap of Mankind, whose messenger I am chosen to be on earth. I subordinated my free will to the imperative of the causal worlds and became the famous “Lamb of God”. I freed myself from all earthly fears and reservations that characterize life on this planet and significantly deform it (Three years later I was summoned by the Source to become officially the captain of the Planetary Ascension Team, the PAT, in 2011, a function which I had been exerting relentlessly, though not consciously, already since 1999 as it eventually perspired in the following years.).

Meanwhile, the global economic crisis I predicted and explained ten years ago has commenced since July 2007 in a final and irrevocable manner. Since early 2008, it has progressed visibly and inexorably for all the people to see it. Therefore, there will be no more breathing respites, as they have been observed as a temporary, illusory economic recovery in the years 2003-2006 when the subprime mortgage crisis was created in the USA with an astounding criminal energy.

At the same time, I find myself in the last, most intense phase of the Light Body Process. This is a sure sign that my parousia – the phase transition of my biological body to an astral light body – is imminent. This event, which I discuss in detail in this and my other gnostic books, will trigger the real world crisis and the actual evolutionary ascension of mankind.

(It is important to stress at this place that after I summoned the PAT in the summer of 2011 to open the stargate 11.11.11, the planetary ascension of Gaia was assured and then firmly accomplished during the stargate 12.12.12 – 12.21.12 when also all true PAT members ascended to the new 5D earth and returned to 3D as avatars to save humanity. This has been extensively documented on this website, which is a seamless chronicle of the ascension process of Gaia and humanity.)

This apocalypse, being already mentioned in the Bible, will be primarily a Revelation of the New Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law. I prove with them the leading role of the astral worlds – the 7F-creationary realms – in the creation of all earthly existence. Through my transformation into a multi-dimensional personality, I will demonstrate this fact in a concrete manner. This also marks the End Time of the clandestine existence of my apocryphal works, so that they can be now released for publication.



Gnosis in the Historical Perspective

Since ancient times up to the present day, humankind has been always engaged with the origin of its existence. The idea of God, upon which most religions are founded, is the mental externalization of a pantheistic force, which man has always perceived with an unerring intuition as the source of all life. To the extent, to which humankind became independent from Nature, he increasingly tended to regard himself as an independent entity and began to consider this life-spending force as an external phenomenon.

As long as the primitive man still felt his unity with Nature, he required no special idea of the force, to which he owed his existence – he felt to be an integral part of it and thus identical with the surrounding environment. With the formation of the “I Am-concept” in humans, the cognitive ability to distinguish has been steadily developed, whereas the human mind created initially two broad categories: the Self and human community on the one side and Nature on the other side.

Every thought begins with the ability to discriminate, to separate the Whole into parts and to aggregate the individual things into abstract groups and categories. Within the first two categories – “I Am” as a human being versus Nature – there is a wide range for conceptual creativity.

Yet, as man felt to be no longer one with Nature, he had to separate Creation as a Whole. Finding himself increasingly as a sovereign creator – first as a producer of crude tools, and later on as a modeller of nature, such as a farmer who clears the forest, builds houses and cultivates the landscape – it was since then impossible for him to conceive this life-spending force as identical with Nature, which he now transformed, which was hence increasingly subjugated to him.

As our primitive man still felt very weak compared to Nature, he could not though fully identify with this omnipotent force. So, what was more natural than to think of a Creator who was neither one with Nature nor with humankind? Herein lies the birth of God as an external creator or God’s power.

This external creator had to be equipped with attributes as the human spirit urged with cognitive tumult, all it perceived – be it a visible object or an inner impulse – to be differentiated and provided with additional characteristics. As man felt increasingly superior towards Nature, it was logical that he now equipped the life-spending force, whose existence he still felt as acutely as before, not with the properties of Nature, but with those of a human being.

Of course, this process proceeded very slowly, so that the first Creators man devised displayed both anthropocentric and naturalistic features. The Greek Mythologywith its constant change of the races of gods, gives us a striking example of how the conception of God has changed creatively in the course of human history. The more the social environment replaced Nature as the immediate environment of man, the more the naturalistic qualities of the Creator receded and the purely human traits became more dominant.

The late generation of the twelve Olympian gods around Zeus are indistinguishable in their psychological character traits from those of the mortals with their passions, weaknesses and virtues. Their raison d’être is thoroughly anthropocentric: We have gods of war, commerce, science, love, and so on: the Olympian gods were there only to support human activities.

These external gods, being originally a symbol of the life-spending force, are now increasingly exploited by the people – they must serve particular human purposes and needs. This tendency is found in both polytheistic and monotheistic religions.

In the monotheistic religion of the Jews, God, who behaves very much as an angry, vengeful and uncontrolled child, is frequently abused for tribal purposes. He helps the Jews in their struggle against enemies and Nature by using supernatural forces as to mercilessly destroy their foes, which sometimes appear in the gestalt of religious dissenters, such as idolaters.

The creativity of unprocessed religious thinking is ominously expanding. In order to harness God as an ally for selfish purposes, humans even put up with the idea that God transgresses his own natural laws and makes miracles happen. Like man, even God does not need to stick all the time to the rules he himself has established.

This utilitarian view of God has been nurtured and forged by the Christian Church with great devotion to the present day. At this point, at the latest, it becomes obvious that the gods, whose spiritual origin lies in the attempt to interpret in a cognitive way the nature of the life-spending force, must have had significant effects on man and his behavior. Depending on how advanced his intellectual development was, man created his gods according to his own mirror image, which he recognized and was willing to follow. In the name of this abstraction of his Self, he established laws, statutes and rules of conduct and set them mercilessly without any regard for life. This is the key to the bellicose human history of the last two to three thousand years.

But the more the external gods assimilated the humans, the more they lost their power. Since late Antiquity, through the Hellenistic period, until the late Roman period, the number of the gods grew steadily; they were firmly involved in local rivalries and their power (energeion) was mutually contested.

The overwhelming power of the Divine, which is demonstrated by the neediness of the people and the fact that one never knows whether something which man plans in life would ever come to fruition, expresses itself in the existential perception, of being helplessly exposed to the random chance (tyche, fortuna) or the inevitable fate (heirmarméne, fatum). And this overwhelming divine power that lurks from the Invisible has less and less in common with the too-human gods of ancient mythology, who degenerated more and more into superstition.

The solution could only lie in the replacement of the humanistic multiplicity of the Greek gods with a more or less abstract, unified concept of God: Polytheism was destined to succumb to monotheism.

This change was primarily politically opportune. The undisputed ruler as Emperor combined his power with a single God, as first executed by Constantine, the Great, and the idea of Caesaropapism was baptized into being as an applied political concept of God (late Roman and Byzantine period). This idea goes back to Alexander the Great, who enjoyed already in his lifetime a god-like status. From this divine origin onward, the Macedonian dynasty of the Seleucid founded their empire and prepared the intellectual ground for the emergence of the Christian religion.

In this organic fusion of classical mythology with Christian teaching, God’s concept of the philosophical theology of the Greeks, the Logos, acquired the role of the bridge builder. Being the ultimate (eschatological) principle of explanation, it was used by the early Christian Gnostics (first John) to explain all that, which could be only implicitly found in the New Testament (Synoptic Gospels). This gave rise to all doctrines and dogmas during the time of the synods.

In a relentless struggle with the great Gnostic teachings of the late Roman and Alexandrian period,  the Neoplatonism of Plotin and Origenism, which split the minds of the early Christian epoch for several centuries, the new Christian dogmas were firmly established by incorporating and neutralizing all relevant epistemological aspects of this last surge of the ancient philosophical spirit or by condemning them as heresy. This is especially true for the doctrines of the Trinity, eternity, bliss, omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience, and the benevolent administration of the Cosmos. In the same vein, the teleological freedom of ancient philosophical thought was replaced by the exclusiveness of the Christian doctrine. The religious idea of God began to adapt itself more and more to the historical and political conditions, it became profane and lost its universality. Its attractiveness is steadily declining since the Renaissance.

Since the effect of the life-spending force was undeniable and was still felt intensively by many people, it required unabated interpretation. The Eschatology of Being human lived on not only in the contradictory interpretations of the official religions but it was also secularised in philosophy since antiquity. Since this time, philosophy and theosophy intertwined in a constant interaction, which, depending on the period, presented itself as fertilization (usually coming from philosophy in the direction of theology) or repression (exclusively from theology towards philosophy).

Even Socrates (understand Plato) paid lip service to the Olympian gods, but only listened to his own personal demon (daimon), which put him on a regular basis in cataleptic trance states in order to come into conversation with him. Socrates’ idea of God embodies for the first time in the recorded history of Western civilisation pronounced human individual traits – the idea of the exquisiteness of the human soul was boldly introduced by him and conquered a firm place in Western philosophical and everyday thinking.

It is not so that the idea of the soul had not already been there before him – as individualization of the life-spending force, projected onto the individual, it enjoyed in fact a very old tradition. Only we encounter this time the concentrated power of persuasion of one of the greatest philosophers in the history of mankind. In his dialogue “Phaedo“, Plato proves through Socrates the immortality of the soul with all means available to him. There are not many. Socrates demonstrates by several examples that the world consists of opposites, that it is a duality; he postulates the immortality of the soul as a necessary opposite to the transience of the physical body.

Since then, it has been considered the primary task of all philosophers to furnish the Proof of God, be they Descartes, Pascal, Spinoza, Leibniz or KantThis battlefield of philosophy knows innumerable defeats – it is the debris field of Western philosophy – but not a single victory, otherwise the history of mankind would have been much different. This circumstance requires a short disquisition as it gives us insight into the current rejection of the existence of the soul by modern science.


Almost all significant attempts to prove the existence of a hidden creative force, whether as a soul, invisible substance, or spiritual principle, outside of religion were performed before the actual onset of modern science in the 19th century. For this reason, all philosophical proofs of God since the rebirth of the ancient tradition in the Renaissance were of a pre-scientific nature.

In contrast to actual science at that time, which essentially encompassed Newtonian physics of gravitation and Kepler’s celestial mechanics, such proofs were metaphysical in nature, that is to say, they were beyond the physical world that is accessible to human perceptions. Nothing has changed in this respect since then up to this present elaboration.

With the rise of modern science in modern times, such kind of evidence is no longer attempted both in philosophy and science for a single prosaic reason: Humans do not want to embarrass themselves as “scientists”. For every proof of an invisible, creative force must now fulfill the demand of sufficient experimental verification.

While the theoretical possibility still existed in the first half of the 19th century that this “vis vitalis” could be electromagnetic in nature (e.g. in Mesmerism), this dream was abruptly terminated with the formulation of the four equations of electromagnetism by Maxwell in 1860. By this time, scientists had given up all hope of furnishing stringent and experimentally verifiable evidence for the existence of a divine force or creative energy within the scope of the known, and for experimental purposes accessible, physical world.

Were mathematics, logic, physics and biology – the epitome of pure science – used by Descartes, the Cartesians, Spinoza and Leibniz as means in the provision of the Proof of God, the Existence of  God, now this venture became an object of ridicule since Maxwell?

The subsequent development of the theory of relativity by Einstein in 1905 and the beginning of quantum physics with Planck in 1900, which followed stringently from the theory of electromagnetism (Lawrence) and thermodynamics (Boltzmann), and the continuation of their triumphant and unabated march throughout the just outgoing 20th century as quantum electrodynamics, QED, (Feynman, Schwinger, Tomonoga), quantum chromodynamics, QCD (Gell-Mann), Grand Unified Theory, GUT left no room for hope, to furnish the Proof of God with scientific means.

The damning verdict on the driving intellectual force behind all philosophical efforts since the beginnings of Western civilization till modern times seems to have fallen for good. Who talks nowadays earnestly about the immortality of the soul of Plato, the entelechy of Aristotle, the “Nous” by Plotin and Origen, the Proof of God of Descartes, Pascal, Spinoza, Leibniz, except a few dusty “philologists”, to use Ortega y Gasset‘s composite term for all backward-oriented humanitarians?

Kant’s ingenious idea of the existence of a priori synthetic judgments is the last great attempt to prove the transcendence of all existence, which, after being sacrificed by Kant himself for fear of censorship in status nascendi, was ultimately carried to the grave in the subsequent period by the mediocre Neo-Kantian philosophers (read here).

Who is still wondering, why since that time the “Proof of God” was left as an inferior product to the esotericists, who behaved in this respect more like desecrators than conscientious seekers of the truth? The secretiveness and the guru-worshiping reached a peak, and the human ego was flowering everywhere: They were a welcome substitute for the intellectual inability of the esotericists to solve this problem with proper scientific means. An inherent hypocrisy, a continual seduction of logical thinking has been rapidly spreading since then and was propelled into the New Age movement, against which even the best minds of modern esotericism, such as Rudolf Steiner, were not immune.

How can one make in such a situation any serious attempts to penetrate the mystery behind the driving force of all existence and try to clarify it, perhaps even to gain certainty about it?


This is still the status quo today. Not quite! In the last 20-30 years there are a few cleanly channeled books that give more or less logical and coherent insights and information about the nature of the soul and the spiritual worlds and try to illuminate with the help of actual examples their complex interactions with the earthly reality.

Such books are a co-production of the higher realms of the soul with the incarnated medium, where the medium usually functions as a passive conduit so that the structure of the channeled astral information should not be distorted or falsified by unprocessed beliefs of the incarnated entity. Preferred techniques are channeling in the trance state. In many cases, the day consciousness is largely maintained. In such cases, the medium still rarely recalls spontaneously what he has spoken. Another technique is the automatic writing. Some mediums can use both techniques.

Such people, who act as a medium, are either mature or old souls and enjoy a more open exchange with their souls than most people, but at the same time they are ready to assume a passive role in this exchange of information. Such a role requires the absence of intellectual and scientific aspirations that are inherently carried forward by an active attitude towards acquiring new knowledge. In some cases, this one-sidedness is compensated by adding to the medium a critical questioner. Such partnerships are always prearranged agreements in the astral realms.

The most difficult and most challenging form of information exchange with the astral worlds is the conscious and unconscious inspiration, which explicitly refrains from any verbally or visually formulated ideas and thoughts and instead evokes them spontaneously as independent thought patterns of the individual.

Many inspired writers, but also artists, who are apparently driven by an inner force and accomplish remarkable works of art and achievements in a short period of time, belong to this group. These inspired people transpire a different personality structure than that of the usual mediums. They generally have a strong personality, which dominates them and are firmly rooted in life, while this cannot be said at all about most passive channelers. While the latter still behave very esoteric, the former may exhibit no spiritual inclinations whatsoever, whereas the usual notion of spirituality currently employed is a very limited and distorted human interpretation.

Such people are most of the time unaware of their source of inspiration in a conscious manner and experience this as an inner impulse of expansion, mainly in the field of science, literature or art, and only rarely as an extroverted activity in politics and business. The information that these inspired people subliminally receive from the Higher Self must be internalized first and then translated into their own language.

This creative process can take a very long time and be very trying. It requires tremendous intellectual and volitional forces. Therefore, they are always selected persons who are mostly very old souls, and in many cases, the failure of the incarnated entities is taken into account by their Higher Selves. Such persons must also have the mental strength to endure a human defeat.

The advantage of such inspired performances is that the person recognizes them as his own, for he alone is responsible for their full implementation and gestalt. He can now deal creatively with this information and apply it to different areas, without being necessarily inspired each time by his soul. The output is thus active and of a higher intensity.

Such achievements exert a more profound effect on the reader or viewer as the passive channeled texts. Moreover, it is the inspired man’s free will, which is, by and large, considered by his soul – he creates out of free choice – whereas the free will and his own endeavour in the preparation of the text are largely missing in all passive channelers.

This aspect can be very clearly seen for example in Jane Roberts’s Seth Speaks. In this famous book channeled in the 60’s, the source “Seth” determines even the title of each chapter. The only scope that the participants actually have, is the description of the circumstances around the channeling, which gives the impression of being silly and trivial and thus devalues the book considerably. The best thing one can do as a reader is to skip the comments of Jane Roberts and her husband in this book.

The same is true for the other books of this medium, although they are in gnostic and intellectual terms of very high quality. There are several embarrassing posts in these books, in which the medium Jane Roberts and her husband, who writes down the information as a stenographer, are clearly overwhelmed and do not even have basic historical and religious knowledge. As a knowledgeable reader one can not help but have pity for the authors.

Similarly passive is the role of Neale Donald Walsch, the medium (automatic writing) of the three-volume bestseller “Conversations with God” (who now writes for “spirit library” on the Internet). In this case, too the source, who in a rather presumptuous way designates himself as “God”, informs the medium at the end of the first volume that there will be two more volumes, and this news makes the passive author downright euphoric in view of the anticipated reimbursement.

The three volumes are designed to handle both current earthly themes as well as esoteric Gnosis. These books are full of naive questions and embarrassing ego-preoccupation of the medium and are characterized by a complete abandonment to look behind the veil and learn more about the motives of the incarnation process, that is to say, about the eschatology of human existence. The author seems to be so overwhelmed by the fact that God speaks to him (he does not consider another alternative, e.g. his Higher Self, although the source suggests this to him several times), that he willingly gives up his critical discernment as long as he enjoys the occasion to channel.

Quite a different quality display the books of Varda Hasselmann (medium) and Frank Schmolke (questioner), which I quote occasionally in this book. They are the best introduction to the structure of the soul worlds and their interaction with the three-dimensional material world which I know. The authors are intellectually at the height of the channeled esoteric information and can deal with it in a sovereign manner, however only within the given idiom. Since they are not scientists, they are unable to discern the underlying energetic, physical principles, according to which the astral worlds are organized and act upon earth, and to develop far-reaching systematics beyond the anecdotal and purely descriptive information.

Nonetheless, their channeled books (mostly available in German) are of inestimable value and have helped me personally a lot to figure out the basic energy structure of the astral worlds with the help of the new theory of the Universal Law and to come to important conclusions about the upcoming Evolutionary Leap, as well as about the current, intensively propagated light body process by my soul that allows me to make important predictions on the pending transformation of society, which hold true consistently and continuously. Some aspects of these predictions are presented in this book, but I warn the reader explicitly in advance not to cherish exaggerated expectations with respect to detailed prophecies. Inasmuch as I am dealing with future developments, arising inevitably from the present energy events, I will always concentrate on global trends rather than on precise prediction of events with respect to time and location as linear time is an illusion; this is a leitmotif in all my writings.

I would also like to mention two complementary books that were channeled “straight forward” and are written in a remarkably technical manner, For this reason, they seem to overwhelm most readers according to my experience. They are: “An Ascension Handbook” by Tony Stubbs and “What is Lightbody” by Tashira Tachi-ren. The first author has a technical background, so one trusts him to have written the book himself, provided he has had the necessary information and inspiration to do so. This has not been the case – and yet, it is an important book that complements the Hasselmann / Schmolke works.

The second book follows logically from the first one and is a technical manual for the Light Body Process. The chief disadvantage of the two books is the subsequent uncritical esoteric recommendations on how to prepare for the Light Body Process and the lack of any discussion on the physiological and psycho-mental aspects of this process, which are at the forefront of the incarnated personality.

Both books were verified by me on internal stringency with the help of the theory of the Universal Law and also confirmed empirically to some extent. They also agree with the other books mentioned above, so that they fully comply and can withstand a critical plausibility test. This can not be said about many other channeled books, even if they contain important detailed information. That is why I mention them not at this place. I have sorted out these books from thousands of esoteric books, which I have painstakingly checked and read in recent years (in the 90’s).

This selection represents a tiny fraction of the esoteric literature that has grown enormously in recent years and makes for about 20% of all books currently sold worldwide. Therefore, it is not surprising that such books go under in the mass publication of esoteric crap and are not perceived by the critical, let alone, scientific community: abundance as a barrier to knowledge.

Finally, it should be mentioned that no author of channeled books has ever made the effort to analyze other similar books and to use the knowledge, which he has obtained from this research to expand his own theme. In this respect, there is an appalling ignorance in modern esoteric literature and this fact explains its failure as a reliable source of Gnosis.

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I have taken this discussion of the esoteric literature that is currently the only successor to the philosophical literature on “the Proof of God” into this introduction, only to point out how devastating the intellectual situation in this specific area is. Only in view of the status quo can one understand and appreciate the present book, before the events begin to unfold.

After that this reading will be made an object of idolatrous worship, and precisely this fact makes me very thoughtful. After the official acknowledgment of the leading role of the astral worlds, i.e, after the occurrence of already in the Bible announced Apocalypse (Revelation), which is imminent, the reader must establish a very high degree of critical discernment and follow his own path to inner truth in close dialogue with his soul, instead of bowing to an external authority. In the knowledge of human nature, I fear only too much that just this last case will occur. And that has never been my intention.

Contrary to all expectations of the reader, the present Gnosis does not provide the Proof of God  – the proof for the existence of a universal creative force. This evidence was already furnished with the discovery of the Universal Law and the development of the General Theory of Science in five volumes (four volumes on physics, mathematics, life sciences, medicine and philosophy, and a collection of lectures on economic theory). A broader scientific evidence than this cannot be currently provided:


This book focuses instead on the requirements of the New Gnosis and develops a rigorous, popular scientific taxonomy (teaching of scientific terms) of the relevant esoteric knowledge. This includes possible axiomatic categorical systems with regard to the energetic structure and operation of the astral worlds, which are consistent with the Universal Law. They are neither complete nor exhaustive, but only conceived as probable categorical systems and open to any further development.

The reader is invited to develop his own esoteric categorical system according to the axiomatic principles of the Universal Law or to expand the here proposed ones until his individual spiritual needs find a satisfactory solution. For the time being, he can profit from the systems presented in this book.

Finally, it should be noted that true esoteric knowledge can not be expressed and taught verbally, for language is sequential and bound by the restrictions of space and time. The leading realms of Creation, the astral worlds, are, however, exempt from the restrictions of space and time. They exist in the simultaneous time which we can not imagine with our limited senses. This limitation will be eliminated in this century.

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Our Weltanschauung will open peu à peu to the still invisible astral worlds and the vertical dimension of human existence will connect with the horizontal dimension of earthly incarnations. The junction of this spiritual cross will be the starting point of a new spiritual ethics that will heave the current, still very primitive humanity to a new stage of evolution. This new book on Human Gnosis is the first modest contribution to this goal.


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