The Magnetic Pole Shift is coming in this Fall as Part of Earth’s Ascension

North Pole Will Move to Siberia. South Pole Will Move to South America and Africa.
Moon Will be Removed From Earth’s Orbit

by Georgi Stankov, September 12, 2011, Copyright 2011.

The Spiritual Dimension of the Coming Catastrophic Events of Ascension

In my last article on “Comet Elenin is a Mother-Ship of the Galactic Federation” I explained the role of this artificial celestial body in conjunction with the split of the two earths – the ascending earth A and the remaining catastrophic earth B when the star portal 11.11.11 will be opened in two months from now.

Given the acceleration of linear time and its collapse after this star portal will be opened, this is the most imminent and dramatic physical event, which is awaiting humanity this year. I say deliberately “physical” as this shift will be inevitably associated with some huge natural catastrophes and the retrieval of many incarnated human entities, whose soul contracts will terminate at that time, to the 5th dimension, known as Celestria in the esoteric literature. These events are also part of the current Ascension process. From my perspective, however, the most important event will still be the First Wave of Ascended human Masters as announced in my last article, which will take place in a timely and energetically coordinated fashion with the magnetic pole shift – the topic of the present article.

Here we encounter two approaches to the upcoming events, which I would like to discuss in advance from a cognitive and psychological point of view, as they encompass the most crucial aspect of the current End Times:

How humans perceive their rapidly changing reality and how they respond to it in a meaningful and fearless manner?

It is a common place in esotericism that we are all Creators of our destiny. In fact, this simple truth has been neglected for eons of time on this toxic planet by all humans under the enslavement  of the Power To Be from the Orion Empire, which made them believe in the first place that they are frail, vulnerable, mortal biological species.

The vast majority of human beings on earth still lives in a deep slumber and in total neglect of the fact that they are immortal multidimensional beings and sovereign creators (masters) of their reality. They do not realize that they shape their destiny through their thoughts, emotions, and above all, through their infinite, deeply disguised fear based patterns and beliefs, which they never really question or challenge. This hidden “dark energy” that all  incarnated human beings carry deep in their physical vessel creates  their personality, or rather ego, and their environment. It is the clandestine driving force that feeds in an effective and rather insidious manner their perennial self-preservatory reactions, with which they waste their whole linear time on earth.

Humans believe that they must act or respond all the time to alleged dangers at the individual or collective level in order to survive. Should they truly realize that they are immortal souls in a physical vessel, they should be aware in a profound existential manner of the fact that they do not need to do anything to survive, but only to dissolve and transmute their hallucinatory fears, and cosmic abundance will be automatically available to them.

I am discussing this aspect extensively at the beginning, as this will be the borderline, along which the wheat will be separated from the chuff in the End Times prior to Ascension. Those people who glance fearfully in a dark future, will experience this kind of future. They will act in a frenetic way to the coming cataclysmic events, as they now react with respect to  Elenin, in the illusionary hope that this will guarantee their survival. However, they will reap the opposite effect, because the energies that are sweeping over earth in these days will no longer tolerate such a fearful attitude,

Those who remain relaxed and substitute fear with true knowledge – and true knowledge can only be of scientific origin, please remember this once and for all  –  will soon experience the bliss of the harmonious energies of Ascension. These two mind-sets or, let us say, existential strategies will be in the core of the coming transformation to Ascension of humanity and the catastrophic events that will inevitably be associated with these processes.

This observation may seem self-evident at first glance to most light workers, who consider themselves to be enlightened beings, but I have repeatedly made the experience that very few of them are really implementing this basic esoteric truth in their everyday life and in their perception and evaluation of spiritual or factual information. Most of the time, they are so overwhelmed by the tides of exponentially growing information from the higher realms that their minds and senses seem to be totally anaesthetised in the current End Times. In such a confused mental atmosphere  true discernment is a rare virtue.

After my last article on comet Elenin was distributed in Internet, I made an effort to read very carefully most of the comments in different websites and blogs and I came to the following conclusion: The emotional and intellectual response of all readers can be put principally into two  groups, depending on the level of their basic fears and how they dominate their personality and weltanschauung:

1) The group of the fearful, associated with such emotional and intellectual reactions as rejection, indignation, perpetuation of past beliefs, overt panic, and lack of understanding of the true message of the article – the promised Ascension of humanity to Heaven.

2) The second group of enlightened readers, as revealed in many emails to me, express their deep relief to have been confirmed by my article in their intuitive feelings and visions of the future and are thankful for the optimistic perspective, I have outlined.

This is the psychological borderline along which humanity will split in two timelines in the fall of this year – Ascension and the Mad Max movie version on the remaining catastrophic earth. The feelings and the reactions of these two groups will shape the destiny, they will very soon experience. I am making here a dispassionate observation and would like to express my deep aspiration that all humans should find themselves in the second group. This is the actual motivation to write this or any other article on the End Times. All individual experience will, however, depend from now on entirely on the individual weltanschauung.

I use deliberately this German word, which has become  part of the English language, because it contains much more information than the equivalent English word “view of the world”. It includes numerous cultural, familiar, political, emotional, and soul aspects of the incarnated entity, which go beyond this superficial English word. The current Anglo-Saxon view of the world is negatively tainted by the underpinning empirical approach and attitude of this cultural region, which has influenced the rest of the world in the last century, with the notable exception of some pockets of human enlightenment. This is a leitmotif in all my books and publications.

Exactly this superficial, unreflected empirical approach to life that is so inherent to all esoteric discussions in English in Internet –  a fact, about which all participants are fully unaware – represents this fundamentally flawed, three-dimensional, linear weltanschauung of the vast majority of human beings on earth, which runs contrary to  the multidimensional Nature of All-That- Is that is bound to be established on this planet very soon. Hence their systemic ignorance on how Nature operates – be they comets of magnetic pole shifts. This is the spiritual fulcrum, from which I will discuss the magnetic pole shift and its consequences for mankind below.

Let us begin with the basic facts: All-That-Is is Energy – high frequency energies, and these energies are already engulfing Gaia and its human population. They will significantly increase  in the coming months of this year. As these energies are the pristine source of Creation of any reality whatsoever, they will sweep away not only the current collective materialistic weltanschauung of mankind, but parallel to it all  social, political, economic, financial, and many material structures that support this hallucinatory view of the world. In other words, there will be a lot of destruction in the coming days and months. This is inevitable. You cannot create a new world, unless you have destroyed the old one.

What I want to relay in this introduction is that you cannot separate the cosmic and planetary changes from the inner changes in your four bodies – emotional, mental, physical and ethereal. In other words, you cannot have the light body process, on the one hand, heaving you to the 5th dimension of Heaven and then discuss the coming of comet Elenin or the shift of the two timelines of earth at 11.11.11 in the old fearful manner,  based on outdated external concepts and false linear causal relationships, as most  of the people are doing these days in Internet. In this way, they simply perpetuate their past reality that is doomed to disappear by the end of  this year and will inevitably become victims of their ignorance and inability of self-reflection.

Let me illustrate this sober conclusion with a recent concrete example. I am in contact with somebody, who is very active in Internet in finding out the truth about Elenin. I will call him simply “Joe”, as this is the most common name in English. Joe`s  blog is full of articles and comments on comet Elenin, since this comet became known. Thus, he is contributing with an innocent heart  to the overall confusion that reigns in Internet. Take now all six-pack Joes, who are chatting with great compassion in Internet and multiply their personal confusion and you will get the full picture of the current cacophony on this planet.

After Joe read my last article on comet Elenin, he complained that I have been too scientific in my presentation, although I deliberately stayed at lowest possible level of popular scientific journalism: ” Why can’t you write more simply?” he scolded me in a state of total exasperation, recognizing that his past efforts to find the truth about Elenin are rapidly vanishing in front of my information. “I thought that the comet Elenin is dissolving. This and that person are saying this. How could it be a Mother ship of the Galactic Federation at the same time?”

I hope that the reader begins to discern not only Joe`s dilemma, but everyone`s dilemma today, when one does not have the faintest idea of science and logical systematic thinking. I cannot cease to repeat again and again that  the current intellectual situation in the esoteric Vanity fair around Internet is so mind-boggling and appalling, that it is the most simple thing for the dark Cabal to disseminate conflicting news and to stir confusion in the New Age community, which has already come in the ages, while a new and more mindful generation is still not in sight.

Now back to our six-pack Joe. “Dear Joe”,  I responded to him in my email: “Why should Elenin dissolve in the first place, when  it is a 5th dimensional mother ship and exists beyond the visible electromagnetic spectrum? Such systems cannot be perceived by any astronomical instruments. Your whole excitement about comet Elenin vanishing from the radar is absolutely futile, as it has never been on the radar in the first place, just as your soul, which is of the same energy, is obviously also not on your inner radar. I have made so much effort to explain in popular terms, why any astronomical data rendered by the Cabal on Elenin simply misses the point, as all initial events that shape the destiny of Gaia and humanity in the End Times are in the higher frequency spectrum beyond electromagnetism and thus cannot be registered with material instruments. These high frequency energies or objects are not part of the linear 3d-reality of the current material earth and can only be perceived by the inner senses and with an expanded human consciousness”.

Now I know that most of my readers are fairly aware of these basic energetic facts, which build the foundation of the new transcendental physics of the Universal Law and do not need this kind of education. But one is always surprised to find, how many people, who intermingle in the light workers’ scene, make incessantly these fundamental cognitive and intellectual blunders in their discussions and  disseminate their fearful objections to any kind of enlightened and informative journalism. The latter is, by the way, a rarity these days. These six-pack Joes come always with the standard reproach: “You are too scientific and intellectual. Why can’t you explain it more simply!”

And here is my response: “Dear Joe. I have never heard of anybody who has been hurt by a modest intellectual effort, but I know many other activities on earth that harm human beings much more badly – for instance the two wars of your country that ravage the Near East  and Asia. While you are so indignant about being put under some intellectual stress by a popular scientific article on your favourite topic Comet Elenin, why have you not written during all these years a single moral condemnation on your blog of the two wars of your country in Iraq and Afghanistan that have caused the death,  impoverishment, and displacement of millions of people”.

Dear light workers, let me be clear on one issue: Your New Age movement is not a mother ship of the Galactic Federation that has fully decoupled from earth-bound human tragedies. While you are so overwhelmed by the few victims in natural catastrophes and send them loving energies, only to lull your inner fears, you have totally neglected the human tragedies the world over and are doing nothing to end them – first and foremost in your country – be it the USA or Great Britain, the citadels of the dark Cabal.  Where are your demonstrations, where is your collective indignation? Not even in your writings –  in the void of any feasible deeds of social courage. Read your own true or falsified channeled messages, and you will not find a single word of compassion for those, who are suffering worldwide the unjust world order imposed by your Anglo-Saxon empirialism, from which you still profit – New Age here, New Age there.

The current intellectual, moral, spiritual, and ethical confusion is indeed overwhelming in these last days prior to Ascension, and I will  better stop with my “j’accuse” at this place, as  my initial intention was to inform you about the coming magnetic pole shift that will cause the death of many heartless people.  At the same time, it will transcend the vast majority of humanity in the 5th dimension.

No Evolution and Ascension Without Destruction

There is no positive change on earth without destruction. In the famous Goethe`s “Faust”, probably the best piece of world literature, Mephisto (the Devil) presents himself to Faust as the world destructive force, which in a dialectical manner always creates something good. This is the famous duality on this planet. Hence the need for dark forces, most of which are in human disguise, but not as reptilian shape-shifters, as you may suspect, but as normal human beings.

The many catastrophes that will come in this fall will push all people to start thinking for the first time in their life in an effective and clear manner, because humans only start thinking, when their lives are in danger. The rest of the time they are living in a deep slumber. The most important question, they will have to answer in the coming months of Tribulations will be: Why any energetic changes within their bodes, chakras, and DNA leading to Ascension must be accompanied with similar cataclysmic changes on earth?

Gaia is not ascending alone in the 5th dimension, but it will take many human beings with it. The old hermetic truth “Inside as outside” “above as below” is nothing else, but a popular Interpretation of the Universal laws of Creation and Destruction, which are the laws of destructive and constructive interference (read my last book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction“).

Forget comet Elenin for a while and  think about the physical ramifications of the magnetic pole shift, which is as old a theme as the New Age movement, but has recently disappeared from the radar of most light workers. Elenin is a small catalyst that will trigger the much greater split of the two earths. However, this split can only come, when the magnetic pole shift has taken place. In fact, both the split of the two earths and the magnetic pole shift are aspects of the same energetic process. The primary objective of this essay is to to transmit this knowledge in simple, popular scientific terms, as to take your fear away, knowing that there will be a lot of events on earth that will trigger human angst at a dizzy height.

The Scientific Background of Magnetism,  Magnetic Fields, and Magnetic Poles.

One cannot talk about magnetic pole shift, before he has established a proper idea of what magnetism is all about. Magnetism was already known to the ancient Greeks, but was experimentally investigated only in the second half of the 19th century. The theory of magnetism goes back to Ampere and Maxwell and perspires  the whole confusion in modern physics.

According to the current physical view, magnetism of matter is created by electric current loops. Check your textbooks on physics for further information. At the atomic level, they are also called electron spins. Most of quantum physics is dedicated to this phenomenon. Rotating electric currents thus create a magnetic force or field, just as they create an electric force or field. Purely for this reason scientists cannot practically distinguish between electric and magnetic forces and speak instead of electromagnetism.

These forces are transmitted with the speed of light c. The carriers of light are photons. Hence electromagnetism is another word for photon space time. The space, we perceive as cosmological space, is in reality photon space time, where all galaxies and star systems are embedded. There is no such thing as vacuum. This concept is the greatest blunder of modern empirical physics.

The concept of vacuum was introduced by the Powers That Be in science as to dumb down all human scientists and divert them from the knowledge that All-That-Is is energy – creative, conscious energy. Otherwise, they would not have been able to enslave humanity for the last 10 000 years. I have discussed this topic at length in my last book the “Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction“.

Now, before I proceed with my elaboration, I must make my readers aware of one simple fact that reveals the greatest blunder in human science since the rejection of the Ptolemaic geocentric system by Copernicus Electric currents  are considered to be the product of electric charges that move at different levels in matter. In general, it is believed that all elementary particles are electrically charged and thus carriers of electric current when they move.  In this sense, electric charge is regarded nowadays in physics as an intrinsic property of matter that really exists.

One can for instance measure electric currents with ampermeter or voltmeter. In reality, electric charges do not exist. I repeat this sentence once again, so that every reader memorize it deep in his mind – there is no such thing as electric charges! These are human hallucinations or mental inventions – they are, so to say,  mental bugs that spoil human scientific thinking in a profound way, just as the bugs (viruses) in your computer can devastate its software programme and memory.

The way, electric charge is defined in physics today, is a synonym for geometric area, which is an abstract mathematical term with no real existence, just as all mathematical terms such as numbers are. This should be basic theoretical knowledge. In this case, the fundamental SI unit “one coulomb” is equivalent to “one square meter”.

What an irony! One should consider that for the last several hundred years, since electricity is known, measured, and used, billions of people have studied this physical stuff in schools, universities, and technical high schools and have not discerned the simple truth that electric charge is a tautology for area. Now, the reader may begin to understand, why I am so keen on exposing the total mental confusion of this human civilisation in the End Times. The End Times are here, my dear human beings, because of your confusion.

For those of my readers, who are interested in details, I recommend my special publication on electric charge on my website. When I made the discovery that electric charge is a synonym for area for the first time in the early 90s, I announced a prize of 100 000 German Marks (DM), which is equivalent to 200 000 $ today when one calculates the inflation, for the first scientist, who could disprove my claim in an irrevocable scientific manner, that is to say, in a publication in a scientific journal. The prize was set for a period of five years and the German Physical Society was informed about the prize. Since then, nobody has been able to disprove my claim that electric charges do not exist, but are a synonym for geometric area, and it is unlikely to happen in the short future of this planet, as my proof is beyond any doubt. So much about scientific certainty, which very few entities on this planet are able to enjoy.

Now, what are the practical implications of this new insight. If there are no charges that create electric current, then there are no electric currents, in the sense scientists understand them today, and therefore there are no electric current loops, and thus no magnetism. if there is no magnetism, then there is no magnetic pole shift, and this whole article does not make any sense.

Fortunately, the situation is a little bit more complex. What we have in reality is Energy – All-That-Is is energy. There is nothing else, but energy. It manifests itself as energetic systems and levels. These are the parts of All-That-Is. As All-That-Is is also Infinity, there are infinite systems and levels of the Whole. The parts contain themselves and the Whole as an element – the element being energy. They superimpose, so that one can only distinguish them by their vibrations.

In this sense, all parts are vibrational systems. Vibrations are rotations that create waves. Therefore, all parts are rotational wave systems. When their rotational energies are measured, we define this as electromagnetism or magnetism This is the whole shebang of present-day physics. Of course, it can become quite complicated, but this is artificial mathematical complexity, created by ill-guided human minds. In this presentation, I am deliberately staying  at the lowest theoretical level.

This is the theoretical background of magnetism. Now let me present some hard facts, which will facilitate your understanding. Earth is a rotational system. It rotates around its physical axis, which is tilted with respect to the sun’s plane. This tilt is responsible for the four seasons. Therefore, while rotating, the earth builds a magnetic force or field. You can now substitute the word “magnetic” with rotational force and nothing will change.

Now, I assume that only few of my readers know how the rotational magnetic force is measured. It is measured in the SI unit “tesla”, dedicated to the famous scientist, who discovered free photon energy as an unlimited source of energy more than one hundred years ago (see also my article on free photon energy). The magnetic force is hence measured in tesla units. When one scrutinizes the definition of this Si-unit, one easily discovers another similar blunder to that with respect to charge. Tesla is not a distinct unit, but a synonym for reciprocal second, T = 1/s,  which is the SI-unit of frequency. Now you begin to discern the vicious circle of modern physical theory.

And now comes my practical proof that will convince the greatest sceptics. The magnetic field of earth is calculated to be in the magnitude of 10(- 4 high) tesla or 1/10 000 tesla. which is equivalent to 10 000 seconds. Due to this reason, the magnetic field of the earth is considered to be very weak. What is the actual reality behind this finding? Very simple! This is the biggest scientific joke for ever.

One  rotation of the earth around its axis is equivalent to one day and it has 86 400 seconds  or 8.64.104 seconds. This number is equivalent to the magnetic field of the earth, measured in tesla:

10 -4 tesla = 8.64.104 seconds.

While the scientists believed to have measured the magnetic field of the earth in a complicated manner, they have actually measured in their ignorance the seconds of our clock.

When all scientists start to perceive this imbecility to the full extent in the course of this year, this will lead to the greatest laughter in the history of mankind, and after this emotional tremor,  human awe of this failed science will disappear for ever.

And now comes the key knowledge that is associated with our main topic  – the magnetic pole shift of earth. The rotational magnetic field of the earth is greater than its rotation around the axis by the number 8. Where does this additional rotation comes from?  It comes from the superimposed rotation of the earth around the sun. Our sun rotates on its part around the local star group, this group in return rotates around the galaxy center,  the centre of the Milky way rotates around the galaxy group, and so on.

We have numerous superimposed rotations in All-That-Is that build an aggregated product of rotations, which is measured as magnetic field. As this superimposed rotation of the earth is different from its solitary rotation around its axis. the magnetic poles are different from the North and South pole. In fact, the magnetic pole migrates all the time geographically, depending on the path of the earth through the galaxy. Now, I hope that my readers begin to understand the transcendental physics behind the magnetic pole shift.

In the last 24 years, since the first harmonic convergence in 1987, the magnetic field is continuously diminishing – the factor 8 is tending towards zero. This is the result of earth’s completion of its 26 000 years galactic cycle, when it aligns with the other 11 planets of the Galactic Federation and with the central sun of the galaxy, known as Alcyone.

This decline of the magnetic field of earth has also to do with the augmentation of the planet’s frequencies to the 5th dimensional level and its ongoing Ascension. These are complex energetic processes and interrelations that cannot be easily presented in human language. When we will ascend and acquire direct knowledge of these energetic processes, we will be able to gain a deeper insight into what has happened during Ascension of Gaia and humanity in the current End Times.

In general, one should bear the following in mind : The higher the magnetic field – the greater the density of the system. We have shown that tesla is also a  SI-unit of  frequency. Space-time as perceived by humans with their narrow senses has only two dimensions – space s and absolute time f. This is the basic knowledge of the new Theory of the Universal Law.  Absolute time is a synonym for frequency f. Conventional time t, as used by humans, is thus reciprocal to frequency f = 1/t and equivalent to space (distance): s = t.

The human decision to discriminate between space and time is the greatest illusion of all incarnated entities, from which all other human illusions and blunders on this planet stem. This primordial idea is responsible for the hallucinatory perception of 3d-space time as the only reality by most incarnated human beings and is the primary, and only, cause for the separation of most humans from the Source (All-That-Is).

Here, we close the cognitive circle, which I outlined at the beginning of my article. All planetary events are closely interlinked with the way, human perception operates. When human awareness begins to expand in the process of Ascension, the outer reality must also change dramatically. This will be the normal experience of all human beings after Ascension. But it is also valid today on this earth.

If the magnetic field of the earth and its two poles are product of infinite, superimposed cosmic rotations, which also determine the destiny of humanity, as this is also reflected in the horoscope, then the magnetic pole shift must be closely linked with the Ascension of earth in the 5th dimension and with its split from the remaining catastrophic earth. This should be cogent to all my readers.

On the other hand, it is a well known fact that the earth’s split and the Ascension process are only possible at this particular cosmic constellation in the End Times. In addition, I have explained in my last article on comet Elenin that before planet earth can ascend, its crystalline 144-grid must be completed. This will be the case at the star portal 12.12.12. After that, mass Ascension will take place on December 21, 2012.

The crystalline 144-grid is the actual 5-dimensional merkaba of our planet, which will enable it to ascend. This grid has a much lower density than the current earth. Here, I must make the reader aware of a fundamental correlation that is very often confused in the esoteric literature. The higher the frequency – the lower the density and vice verse. Earth has a very low frequency and its 3d-density is very high. The higher the density – the greater the separation from the Source. Many people confuse density with frequency. In reality, they are reciprocal magnitudes.

On the other hand, we have learned that the greater the rotational magnetic force – the greater the material density. When the scientists register that the earth magnetic force is continuously decreasing in the last several decades, this is a clear indication that the density of earth is also decreasing and vice verse – the frequencies of the planet’s vibration increase.

When the magnetic field of the earth approaches zero, there will be a pole shift. The two poles will be exchanged. This will happen around the 11.11.11 star portal, when earth will fully enter the photon belt and the final stage of its alignment with the central sun and the other 11 planets begins. At this point in time, earth will enter the plane of the central sun. At this position, all superimposed galactic rotations that can be measured as a rotational (magnetic) field on earth are cancelled.

Cataclysmic Changes of Earth After the Magnetic Pole Shift

And now comes the most difficult and scary part of the story to comprehend, which follows succinctly from my previous elaboration.

We have learned that the magnetic field is the result of all superimposed rotations of earth within the universe. This also includes the solitary rotation of the earth around its physical axis, which is responsible for the circadian cycle. When the magnetic axis reverses its poles, this must also have a deep impact on the physical poles, as they are closely interlinked as superimposed rotations. In this case, the physical poles:

 the North and South physical pole must also change their geographic position.

Below, I will explain how they will change their position and what will be the consequences for earth and humanity.

This change will happen very quickly, because incredible cosmic energies are at work at this point in time on our planet. The complexity and simultaneity of these processes escape the capacity of our linear human thinking, no matter how evolved it may be. I can only outline in this article the principal theoretical background of these processes, so that my readers understand in the first place that they are all closely linked and unavoidable.

The magnetic pole shift, the opening of the last, but one, star portal 11.11.11, which represents a powerful tsunami of high frequency photon energies from the central sun, the split of the two earths, and the approaching of the comet Elenin, which will play the role of a catalyst of these events, are all aspects of the Ascension process of earth and humanity in the End Times. It is very important to understand the unity of all these events, as well as their inevitability. Without these events, there will be no Ascension. As these events will cause massive destruction in various parts of the world, I refer to Mephisto`s statement above.

All the above mentioned energetic processes are closely correlated and will happen in the blink of an eye. I cannot tell now the exact chronology of the events, but this knowledge will be irrelevant from a practical point of view. Humanity has to go through these events and experience the power of the cosmic breakers, no matter how they come.

There Will Be no Seasons. Moderate Climate Everywhere

Finally, I will give you some specific information, which I am receiving telepathically from the causal worlds. The shift of the North and South pole will follow the current migration of the magnetic pole. It has been moving in the last years steadily in direction Siberia. The North pole will follow a similar path. Likewise, the South pole will move towards the southern parts of South America and Africa.

This whole movement could be better understood, when one considers the information that has been given by numerous channels in the last several years. The tilt of the earth’s axis, which is now responsible for the four seasons, will be put in a perpendicular position to the sun’s plane by the cosmic forces that coordinate earth’s Ascension. This will eliminate the seasons, and the climate will become much more moderate.

In practice, this would mean that the equator will  also change its position. For instance, it will move to the north in America and will go through  the south states of the USA, such as Texas. Now, imagine the tremendous change in the climate and the environment that will occur as a consequence of these global apocalyptic events. The whole flora and fauna will be turned upside down.

This shift will be associated with all possible natural catastrophes, which one can imagine. However, the adjustment will be very quick and the necessary devastation will be contained to the minimum  by the highest levels of Cosmic Providence for this planet. After an year, the vegetation will fully accommodate to the new geographic and climatic conditions. The pollution of the planet will be cleaned by the Forces of Light. This is necessary, because upon Ascension earth must have regained its pristine character in order to merge with its already existing harmonious blueprint in the 5th dimension.

Human beings will need some more time to adjust. Physically, they will adapt very quickly by the end of next year, when mass Ascension is scheduled. During this time, the active intervention of the Galactic Federation and other powerful cosmic forces will help humanity restructure its society and infrastructure. The rapid implementation of new advanced 4d-technologies, which will now easily function in the new, almost complete crystalline 144-grid of earth and in the presence of high energy particles from the surrounding photon belt, will allow for an even and just distribution of the planetary resources among all humans.

In my vision, Africa will be the continent, which will most benefit from the magnetic pole shift and the rectification of the axis tilt. At this place, I leave it to the creative imagination of my readers to project their own visions in the future, as they all are co-creators of the destiny of humanity and future true keepers of the new earth. After this cosmic shuffling of the old cards for this planet, the Golden Age of Ascension – the New Age of Humanity – can really commence.

Why the Moon Must be Removed

I have left one very important aspect of the magnetic pole shift for the end. The moon, as some may know, is an artificial satellite and has been placed by the Anunnaki in orbit as to create dark negative energies and increase the density of our planet. It has a very negative overall impact on the human ethereal fields and influence to a large extent the functioning of the three lower chakras, which are responsible for the human sexual, carnal, and other compulsive actions. Most of the human karma on this planet has been engendered by the three lower chakras of the incarnated entities. All wars, atrocities, and other crimes are driven by the energies of the lower human chakras.

In the past, the Orion Empire had huge bases on the moon, from where it controlled earth and humanity. These bases were taken over by the Forces of Light two years ago, as I have written in my essay “Why the Many Delays in the Ascension Scenario”   For this reason, the moon must be removed from the earth’s orbit, when the magnetic pole shift has taken place. This artificial satellite of the Dark Forces no longer comply with the harmonious high frequency energies from the 4th and 5th dimensions that will flood earth after the shift. This operation is also necessary, as otherwise the new vertical position of the planet’s axis with respect to the sun`s plane could not be established and maintained.

Now, brethren, all these deep surgical and cosmetic operations of the earth`s crust of truly cosmic proportions will take place in the course of this year. If you were so emotionally stirred by the small comet Elenin and its association with one of the many mother ships of the GF that are positioned around our planet, how would your react to these apocalyptic news?

Therefore I ask you to join my opinion that, notwithstanding these cataclysmic events, the First Wave of Ascended human Masters will be the actual key event for humanity that  will show the way how to overcome the physical calamities and proceed indomitably on the way to mass Ascension. And please do not commence to ponder and quarrel about which changes will come first, and what part of the globe will be more devastated, as you have done extensively with such trivialities as the comet Elenin. Think instead about your redemption, which is Ascension.

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