Message From St. Germain on the “Fountain of Freedom” on July 25, 2019

Channeled by Amora, August 3, 2019

This is a powerful message from our beloved Master Saint Germain who was with us on July 25th, the day of our intense lightwork for the Heart Centre expansion from Italy to North America.

From the Heart of the North American Infinity Portal in Vancouver, Canada, here is Master Saint Germain:

“This Energy today that you three (Amora, Sophia and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov) have supported unconditionally through your steadfast commitment to the creation of the Fountain of Freedom (divine heart chakra portal) was magnificently anchored into both areas (Northern Italy and West Coast North America), where the Sacred Heart Fountains of Freedom now lie. Your lives and all the lives of humanity shall gain from the energies flowing forth from these sacred Portals. 

All three Flames, the Blue, the Yellow, the Rose, and the unified activities created as The One Unified Heart Centre, have now been refueled, reinforced and expanded to fill the world with the sacred divine fire of Power – Wisdom  – Love: The Basis of Freedom for All 

The Blue Flame of the Power of God’s Perfect Will for All, with the Yellow Flame of Divine Wisdom connecting to Cosmic Truth and complemented with the Rose Flame of the Love that fuels All of Creation in existence, has been sustained once again, and now it grows in magnitude so fantastic as never before!  

It is true that to see this Fountain of Freedom, as I call it, from your perspective is somewhat limiting – so just imagine seeing it from my perspective! It is anchored now – its power and expandability is assured and in fact, it has also now been anchored in North America, where it is destined to grow to support the awakening Ones on this continent. The inherent power of the three-fold freedom flame, as it is now present as an Earthly Centre, shall fuel all North American hearts with the invisible, yet tangible powers of God’s Will, Certain Wisdom and All-sustaining Love, as every man, woman and child has already within him their very own Fountain of Freedom.  

Why do I call it the Fountain of Freedom? Because it is just that! Since its presence, once acknowledged and accepted, defines mankind as an extension of God the Creator. Mankind is not alone as God is surely within each and every one of you. The Three Fold Flame, as it has been called and which I care to call the Fountain of Freedom now, connects One and All to the perfection of Heaven and, through the enlightened understanding of this divinely ordained element destined to attend the physical birth and lives in a world of physicality, this Unified Flame of Freedom connects one and all to Creation forever.  

There is no separation from Creation! Your personal freedom flames within your hearts are the present reminders of this fact. The Allness/Oneness is the Law of Creation, if there ever was one. The Law of One supersedes all human manufactured scientific explanations, descriptions, presentations ever claimed. What is referred to as “Modern Science” is simply man’s misguided urge to justify his very existence. No justification is needed in the face of what “is”. It is true that all of Creation arises from the same source. It is true, then, that there is only one Creation. It is true, as the Law of One states, that all components of the creation each have their “connecting energetics” to the Creation, and that “connecting energetic” is the Freedom Flame.

Mankind, through the personal Freedom Flame, can Know, Feel and Act correctly as God the Creator wants you to do. Sense the mercy, joy, harmony and kindness. As representatives of the Creation carrying these traits in your ethereal field, you are able to share these gifts easily and naturally with one another. This success creates the Heaven on Earth that I uphold for a long time now!

Beloved Ones – I am sharing this enthusiasm with you today because you have succeeded in supplanting the aspects of God’s will for You upon the Earth plane in a tangible way. This success is the beginning of the end of a world as you know it with all manner of unhealthy entanglements managing to gain foothold in past ages, now collapsing and falling away.

It is the energetic infusion of the Fountain of Freedom into the reality that will now uphold rapid healing and lead mankind forward toward its true destiny ~

At One with Creation! 

Your success and safety are assured!”


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