Expansion and Further Activations of the Divine Heart Chakra Portal in June and July 2019

The Magnetic Nature of Human Heart Chakra and Its Role in the Evolution of Mankind to an Ascended Civilisation

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, August 1, 2019



The Divine Heart Chakra Portal of Freedom, a painting by Heinz Krebs, a PAT member

Follows fromThe Creation of the Divine Heart Chakra Portal of the Threefold Flame in June 2019 in Northern Italy

From the moment the Trinity created the Divine Heart Chakra Portal of the Threefold Flame on June 10th, it immediately began to expand, grow and determine the energetic situation on this planet – first here in Northern Italy and Central Europe and later on in North America as I will explain below. One should always keep in mind that this divine heart chakra portal consists entirely of conscious, sentient Source energy and should be regarded as a prolongation – a protuberance – of the heart chakra of the Creator which also encompasses the Divine Mind as “heartmind” (see below).

The energetic qualities of this heart centre have been discussed by the Elohim in a remarkable technical message, which Amora received a few days ago and I will publish in the course of this series of reports on our new creation. In another message that will also be published, St. Germain resorts to the poetic description of our latest creation as the “Fountain of Freedom“. He is hilarious these days to have witnessed first hand and helped us install this Divine Heart Chakra Portal of the Threefold Flame on July 25th in Vancouver, Canada that has already began to expand quickly along the Pacific coast and will soon reach San Francisco and most of California, but also extends rapidly to the East and North to encompass the pristine landscape of Canada.

This is now very easy as Amora and I have built the city of light New Lemuria in Vancouver, including on the Vancouver Island and B.C., and have connected it to the crystalline grid under the Rocky Mountains 5 years ago. Nothing can be created in a vacuum, but needs our hard light work to prepare all the energetic prerequisites for such a creation of paramount importance as the ‘Fountain of Freedom”. The latter will soon liberate the young American and Canadian souls that still carry the invisible shackles of the intended, but now fully collapsed, NWO.

As St. Germain is the spiritual Godfather of America – the continent that was supposed to be “Heaven on Earth” and the “land of the free” – you can imagine how ecstatic he is now that we have succeeded to install this heart chakra portal in North America. He is constantly around us, but there are many more ascended masters that help us these days. Only a few months ago many of these entities in the higher dimensions were not sure if we will be successful with this unique and never done before creation and now that the success has been so overwhelming and obvious, they are all in awe and congratulate us profusely.

Its impact can be summarized in one sentence: We saved the young souls in North America from their perdition and opened for them an unexpected pathway to overcome their darkness and separation from the Source and enter the Evolutionary Leap of mankind as promising candidates for future ascension already in the current incarnation. This success was not part of the initial equation for the ascension of humanity in the End Time. This shows that the process is full of surprises, now most of them of joyful nature and this makes this adventure so special. About all that, and much more, I will report in this series of reports, so that a clarity can be established as to what is happening now and what will occur in the second half of this auspicious year and, what is most important, why it will happen this way.

At this place, I must say that this scenario has been created, not predicted as I sometimes write in old speak, by myself almost 2 decades ago and all my readers should go to this category (left column bottom or click on the link) and re-read all sequels one more time:

New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind (14)

I have just revised and actualized this first basic book on Human Gnosis by adding to the original German version from 2000/2001 my latest information on the ascension process. You will profit hugely from reading these sequels as to better understand the energetic and spiritual function of this unique creation on our part and also how it will affect human life on this planet in the very near future.

You will find the full chapter on Religions that was not available until now and also the two pivotal essays in the attachment to this book which I have also just now translated. They will give you all the necessary information as to how the Ascension scenario will unfold this year and in the coming years and why it will unfold in this way, whereas this prediction is of general character and thus open to all surprises and miracles, which we already experience daily as these reports testify. I have already started publishing these revised chapters in July as you have surely seen it and will continue so in August until we go through the Lion’s portal as this is how I now create my favourable Ascension Scenario in real time. This book is the programmatic manifesto of the planetary Ascension. But these chapters are already available as sequels for you to read in connection with this energy report:

Conclusions: The World Religions as Gnostic Teachings – Part I

Conclusions: The World Religions as Gnostic Teachings – Part II

Psycho-Energetic Foundations of Human Intransigence – Essay –

Astral Dynamics of the Global Economic Crisis on the Eve of the Parousia – Essay –

Now back to the chronology of our unique creation of the Divine Heart Chakra Portal in Europe and in North America. After we created it on June 10th, it immediately began to expand and grow in strength. We could see it everyday on the horizon, especially at sunset when the colours of the threefold flames could be beautifully observed (see photo in previous report).

On June 16th, we moved back to Imperia as to extend the “Fountain of Freedom” to South France which badly needs these energies that are now fueling the ongoing revolution of the yellow vests in this rather divided and oppressed country, but also with a great revolutionary tradition. That is why I expect some very positive developments this year in France too. The divine heart chakra also began to expand across entire Northern Italy and when Sophia visited Florence in late June, she already brought all the codes to this current and future 5D world centre of arts and culture:

ReadMy Light Work in Florence

I know that we are also expanding the heart centre to the Alps and north of them and that we are visiting regularly Lofer, Austria in the dream state, where another healing centre exists as I have reported years ago.

Altogether, it took 3 weeks for the Divine Heart Chakra Portal to reach the critical mass so that a major activation could take place on July 1st. The circumstances were rather dramatic from a personal point of view but they do not count in the bigger picture. Essentially, the hearts of the Trinity, Sophia, Amora and myself, were energetically connected to the Divine Heart Chakra Portal in a profound manner that escapes the imagination of human mind. This happened through me as I am the nexus to the Source and this activation was a divine dispensation coming directly from the PanCreator, with whom we were in direct contact at that time. It was closely coordinated by all the ascended masters and AA under the protection of the mothership of the GF and the Arcturians, of which we took a photo as to document it. On that day, there was a huge storm in Italy with a torrential rain and this increased the conductivity for establishing this unique energetic connection.

In order to understand why this was necessary, here a brief summary: The human heart chakra is the Alpha and Omega of the Ascension process. It has to open first, so that the LBP can begin, as I first wrote 2 decades ago in my book on Human Gnosis in this chapter:

IX. The Role of the Chakras in the Light Body Process and the Evolutionary Leap

See alsoThe Light Body Process – Symptoms and Healing – Ebook

The opening of the heart chakra is the inner portal of all incarnated human beings to their souls and the Source. This should be engraved with golden capital letters in the memory of each and every sentient human being, as this portal also leads to true liberation and unification with the Whole, as St. Germain also stresses in his message to us.

Let me refresh your memory: I have personally opened the heart chakras of the first wave of ascension candidates, also known as the light warriors of the first and the last hour, on November 22, 2011, after the PAT opened the 11.11.11 stargate and guaranteed the planetary ascension as reported on this website. After that we opened the heart chakras of the second wave (autumn 2014) and third wave (2015-2016) of ascension candidates. This happened directly as these individuals are all old souls and thus have raised sufficiently their frequencies to embrace this divine dispensation that connects them for ever with the Source and makes them immune to any dark attacks or influences. The opening of the heart chakras of the corresponding group of ascension candidates occurred each time in a very dramatic manner for me – with huge downloads and a vortex from the Source that devastated my body and fields – and I have diligently reported on these experiences on this website (The same experience repeated one more when we created the divine heart chakra portal in Italy and then anchored it on July 25th in North America.).

Now, we stood in front of the insurmountable task to include the entire human population in the ascension process and thus to open their heart chakras. The problem was that most negative manipulations on the human population have happened through shutting down the 4th heart chakra that connects the incarnated entity with the soul and All-That-Is. The reason for that is that this chakra is entirely of magnetic nature and can transmit all the energies and codes coming directly from the Source, even when they are characterized as plasma or crystalline energies. The other human chakras and also the physical body operate more or less with electric or electro-magnetic energies, which are highly polarised and imbalanced.

The dumbing down of humanity by the dark ones on the ground and from the astral plane, as discussed in the previous energy report, has been energetically achieved by stressing the electric energies in the human body. This has been done by installing numerous electric implants in the human physical bodies by the dark archons from the astral plane. In this way, they could impede the flow of magnetic energy from the heart chakra into the other chakras of the human body and caused their energetic separation as I explain extensively in my new ebook:

The Light Body Process – Symptoms and Healing – Ebook

In this way, they intended to prevent the ascension of humanity. In the last several decades, the dark ones doubled down on that by introducing numerous electric gadgets that dictate daily life of most humans and cover them with electric smog that also impedes the opening of the magnetic 4th heart chakra. This has all been done by design.

And finally, I must mention that the possession of most humans by dark entities from the astral plane was done through the heart chakra. In this way, humanity was dumbed down and most humans lost their connection to the soul and the Source. The people forgot who they truly are. Under these unfavourable energetic conditions, it was very easy to enslave them and this again explains why the creation of the new divine heart chakra portal is the Fountain of their liberation from the shackles of the dark ones and the many demons that possess them.

And last but not least, most human fears that dictate the personality structure of most incarnated human beings are predominantly of electric nature and manifest themselves as “masculine electric dynamism” (see below).

A human being with an open heart chakra can no longer be possessed by dark entities or demons and also opens for the first time to the truth. People begin to perceive themselves and their reality from the unified magnetic field of their heart chakra which is a prolongation (protuberance) of the Source (please, remember that humans are God’s sparks) and this new “organ of truth” partially eliminates the ego-mind. The latter has been mired by the dark PTW to such an extent for eons of time, that it has produced predominantly distorted ideas about human reality and can only function in a very illogical manner.

This was also the main reason why the scientists could not grasp the new theory of the Universal Law (UL), which is first and foremost axiomatic, logical thinking. Most of my writings are dedicated to clarifying and rectifying the innumerable faulty ideas of humanity throughout its history in science, philosophy, religions, human health and even modern esotericism, e.g.:

Therefore, it is not a surprise that the Elohim told me years ago that I have to create the new scientists who understand the Universal Law if I want to achieve this long desired breakthrough. I thought at that time that they were joking, but now I have the proof that they meant this advise seriously. In order for the people to understand the new Theory and Gnosis of the UL, they have to open their hearts first and evolve to new spiritual beings from their new divine “heartmind” that operates on human magnetism. This was, by the way, confirmed by the Arcturians in a recent message, who are in a close contact and constant information exchange with me (in this case, through Daniel Scranton). They acknowledged the effectiveness of our new creation in this message:

Going Beyond the Mind ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

As you all must know in the meantime, we live in a multidimensional world and there is nothing else. Ascension happens by choosing individually new higher vibrational, more favourable timelines or rather higher frequency lines as there is only frequency, while time is an illusion. As we are the actual creators and architects of new Gaia -5, we have to create and take with us to the 5D that version of humanity, which resonates with us and accepts our advanced spiritual ideas. This is a completely novel approach for all incarnated humans as it eliminates their false world view that all change comes from outside. It teaches them now that all true change can only come from within. That is why we are now creating the new humanity that will ascend with us. And we are doing this on a grand scale by having created the divine heart chakra portal first in DM, Italy and then anchoring it one more time in the area of Vancouver on July 25th to expand throughout North America.

While I was able to open single-handedly the heart chakras of the first, second and third wave of ascension candidates, which are very limited in numbers, now we were confronted with the seemingly impossible task to open the closed, encrusted hearts of billions of young unripe souls the world over.

Before I proceed with my description in my next report as to how we anchored this “Fountain of Freedom” in North America on July 25th, let me elaborate theoretically a little bit on the magnetic nature of the heart chakra and why its opening is such a big deal for humanity.

The Source = the Creator operates according to two energetic principles – the masculine and the feminine. These principles are of pure teleological character and have nothing to do with human gender as I shall explain below. The feminine principle is entirely of magnetic nature and reflects the unity field of All-That-Is. It is the primal energy of all Creation. The masculine principle is that of electric dynamism and it has to distance itself from the feminine principle as to create forms. All the 3D and 4D realities could only be created by this emancipation of the masculine principle of electric dynamism from the primordial magnetic energies of the feminine principle of the unity field. However, in an ideal 3D and 4D creation, these two principles operate hand in hand in a very balanced and harmonious way.

On planet earth, this balance was turned upside down and the electric dynamism of the masculine principle gained the upper hand; it began to deliberately suppress the feminine principle with all possible means as described above. Actually this suppression happened on a transgalactic level eons of time ago and led to the infamous electric wars that ravaged this whole galaxy and not only the earth. The destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis was the result of these wars.

The representatives of the electric principle of polarisation and separation are thus numerous. On earth, the most insidious ones were initially the Anunnaki and then all the aliens from the Orion/Reptilian empire, as well as all the dark archons, Luciferian forces and demons from the astral plane. This explains the huge cleansing we have been doing in June and July after we created the divine heart chakra portal in Italy as already discussed in my previous report and by Amora in her latest articles:

While opening the heart chakras of all humans, we now liberate them from their demons and dark possessions. The latter then go through my heart chakra and that of all light warriors of the first and the last hour that do the same light work together with the Trinity.

Only recently Amora went into the quantum field and saw my heart chakra as a huge portal of red flame and how the dark energies from the astral plane that have condensed into solid chunks were flowing like asteroids into the periphery of my huge heart chakra portal and were dissolved by its red flame and vanished in the Tao for further recycling. This is now possible as my chakra was hugely activated and enhanced on July 1st. Accordingly, the heart chakras of Sophia and Amora were also activated and they contribute hugely to this cleansing.

I am in contact with Patrick and know that he is also doing a tremendous light work in cleansing the heart chakras of his American compatriots that just about kills him. The Americans are namely full of demons and dark entities as one can figure out by watching the ferocious and vicious debates and behaviour of these unripe young and very belligerent souls in the mass media and on the streets where murder and crime is the order of the day. The Americans are probably the most savage population on this planet and the only ones that do not realize this fact are they, themselves, which is another powerful proof for this observation.

This also explains what a huge success it is when we successfully anchored the divine heart chakra portal in Vancouver on July 25th. It was actually much easier to do this here in Italy and Central Europe as this geographic area is mainly populated by mature and old souls who have the inner energetic predisposition to open their heart chakra and only need a small push on our part.

During this cleansing of the heart chakras of humanity, I personally experienced for the first time in my long career as the chief cleanser of human dross something very unusual and highly unpleasant, even compared to previous heavy-duty cleansing tortures. After July 1st, when my chakra was fully activated and aligned with the divine heart chakra portal here in DM that has already extending over much of Northern Italy and Central Europe, I began to have regularly acute episodes of intense asphyxia (acute difficulties to breathe). At the same time, I have dry mouth and am in a state of maximal adrenaline enhancement, which normally can only happen under a high-dosage atropine that fully suppresses the parasympathicus function (parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS). I knew this atropine reaction too well, as it was part of my clinical experiment for my doctor thesis, where I also participated as a subject.

Maximal adrenaline reaction occurs normally in life-threatening situations when the flight instinct is activated and creates a lot of fear that may initially even paralyse the body. In my case, the collective chunks of fears coming from humanity that is strangulated in its 4th heart chakra by these dark condensed 4D astral energies had to flow through my expanded heart chakra. Then they go through the divine heart chakra portal which enhances the energetic effect of my heart chakra and its cleansing potential and are delivered to the Source (Tao) for further reprocessing. This is how we now open the heart chakras of all humans.

This is associated for me personally with the experience of all the collective fears of humanity that now flow through my heart chakra and trigger this maximal adrenaline release in my body under the barrage of higher dimensional vibrations of maximal intensity coming from the Source that strain and fully deplete my physical body. I thought I had seen everything in my 20 plus years as chief cleanser of Gaia and humanity, but this was a solitary peak in exquisite extremely nasty energies, which fortunately have receded now that I am writing this report.

Let us be frank – all humans have a broken heart. And the greatest paradox of all is that in order to heal their hearts, one has to break them first from within and liberate them from all the dark demonic and other energies that humans harbour in their hearts for so long time – throughout their entire incarnation cycle. This is associated with a lot of symptoms and odd psychological behaviour as one can already observe at the societal level, but this is just the beginning.

That is why we were urged by the ascended masters to publish this series of reports and messages from them as to inform all humans what they will very soon experience on a global scale as to be properly informed what is happening with them in this most vulnerable phase in the ascension process. Clarity of mind, or rather of heartmind, is the best healing procedure. And we are the only reliable source and educator in this respect, as also the entire light workers community is completely unaware of our creations and the energetic processes they entail on a global scale. Obviously, they need to develop their curiosity and begin to learn something new if they want to evolve too and eventually ascend. I mean this in a very benevolent manner as we are beyond the era of separation and accusation. We are only here to help the people and heal them and this is what we already do with our latest creation of the “Fountain of Freedom”.

Back to the two energetic principles of the Source – primal magnetic feminine energies and secondary electric energies of masculine dynamism. These two primary forms of Source energy are currently in total imbalance on earth and this has to change very soon and in a very dramatic manner in the course of this year. The process has already begun and, as we now have also established the condition of superconductivity which is the dialectical aspect of feminine magnetism, it will happen in no time.

Here I would like to stress clearly – as to avoid any misunderstanding – that these two categories are of pure energetic origin and have nothing to do with human gender. It is not so that men are carriers of masculine electric dynamism and women are carriers of balanced magnetic energies as both genders are the product of these two types of primal Source energy of creation, which are in great imbalance on this planet. There are as many women as men who nowadays display toxic masculinity, just as there are a few men and women who have balanced the feminine magnetism with the masculine electric dynamism through opening their 4th heart chakra. This will become more clear when you read the Elohim message.

Finally, let me point out one more time, although I have discussed this topic on numerous occasions, that magnetism is the foundation of superconductivity and that superconductivity is the quantum condition for immediate creation. When we ascend and transfigure our physical carbon-based bodies into crystalline light bodies, we shall enter the energetic state of full  magnetic superconductivity that will enhance our awareness immensely and we shall become multidimensional personalities. This all is achieved through the opening of the magnetic 4th heart chakra of humans and the development of a Unified Chakra in the course of the LBP as I have written many years ago.

That being said, I will inform you in my next report how we managed to anchor the divine heart chakra portal – the Fountain of Freedom and Truth – in Vancouver, North America on July 25th as this is how we now write the history of mankind.

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