The Installation of the Divine Heart Chakra Portal “The Fountain of Freedom” on July 25, 2019 in Vancouver for North America

Mother Mary’s Message from July 25th, 2019

Amora, Sophia and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, August 2, 2019


The Divine Heart Chakra Portal of Freedom, a painting by Heinz Krebs, a PAT member

A long time ago I made a prophetic statement which I thought then was of a general gnostic value. Little did I know that 2 decades later I will be the creator of this rapid evolution of humanity, together with the Trinity and the PAT.

In Chapter IX of my first gnostic book “New Gnosis” on “The Role of the Chakras in the Light Body Process and the Evolutionary Leap” I explained with respect to the function of the first body chakra (bottom chakra, instinctive reaction centre) that the chakras are not fixed energetic systems but undergo constant evolution and so does humanity. While in the past, the reactions of the chakras appeared as more or less human instincts that are uncontrolled by the mind, they actually change with the soul evolution of the incarnated human population and determine the behavior of the latter in a closed feedback mechanism:

“Were such instincts essential for the survival of the primitive man in a hostile environment, they are now of little help as uncontrolled instincts in a developed, sedentary society, where the living conditions pose other demands on the individual. In an evolved community, in which the ability to cooperate and to solve conflicts is in the foreground, such response patterns, coming from the first chakra, would rather prove to be a great disadvantage.

For this reason, the reaction pattern of the incarnated personality changes during the historical development of mankind. More precisely: According to demand, the soul may emphasize different chakras and forge the emergence of new patterns of reaction in the incarnated population. An essential part of the so-called biological evolution from primitive man to social, ethical being has taken place in this way. This finding is also important for an understanding of the Light Body Process, where the seven human chakras are fundamentally restructured (see below).

The reader can expand this discussion and consider the function of the other chakras and the preordained soul matrix of the incarnated personality and he will automatically come to the conclusion that there are infinite individual psychological variations that determine the character and behavior of every person. The expression of the chakras as a specific response pattern depends not only on the particular conditions, under which the soul incarnates, but also on the individual and collective soul age of the actual incarnated population.

The discussion of this topic offers unexpected views, it explains, for instance, the rise and decline of matriarchy and the current overemphasis on male aggression in the political and economic life, which is now being dismantled in the wake of the Light Body Process and the Evolutionary Leap of mankind. Various karmic dramas will be closely related to these dramatic energetic processes.”

This quotation is the key to a proper understanding what is happening with humanity now. With the creation of the divine heart chakra portal in Italy on June 10th, we began with the active and very rapid opening of the heart chakras of the ripe and old souls on the Old Continent who are on the verge of their full awakening. It took exactly three weeks – from June 10th to July 1st – for this heart portal to expand, gain strength and reach the critical mass in order to be activated on a much higher level, similar to a propulsion multistage rocket, which I have used as an explanatory physical model for the ascension process.

Then my heart chakra was aligned with the divine heart chakra portal on July 1st, after the latter has expanded to encompass much of Italy and Central Europe, and was further activated by the Source in a very dramatic manner. With that the massive and very intensive cleansing of the 4th astral plane from all dark energies that have encased humanity in a terrible incrustation of total psychological and mental enslavement for eons of time truly began. It ran parallel to the breaking free of the closed heart chakras of almost the entire world population with the exception of the few light warriors and star seeds who already enjoy an open heart chakra.

This is the period of most rapid, mind-boggling evolution of human species in its entire history, not only on this planet, but in the entire multiverse where they are numerous other humanoid civilisations. This was only possible because of our unique creation of the “fountain of Freedom”, which we accomplished with a lot of personal sacrifice and bestowed upon humanity in unconditional love.

Read second reportExpansion and Further Activations of the Divine Heart Chakra Portal in June and July 2019

In order to appreciate the overarching ramifications of this fundamental and thorough cleansing of all the dark recesses of human hearts and memories, I should mention the recent announcement of the Arcturians that after more than 12,000 years of karma trauma for humanity caused by the destruction of Atlantis, this negative karmic heritage has been finally released. This was only possible after the divine heart chakra portal was created by us and opened new bright perspectives for our imminent ascension and the manifestation of the first healing centre of light here in DM:

Getting Past the Trauma of Atlantis ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

This human evolution beyond the speed of light is ongoing incessantly and has the potential to bring humanity very quickly to the threshold, where an ID shift can occur without any negative psychological reactions of fear and practical consequences such as devastating wars and civil unrest on the part of the masses. Only yesterday, while writing these lines, my brethren, the Arcturians, gave a message that humanity has indeed passed the point of no return and is reaching the critical mass for this shift to occur:

Passing the Point of No Return ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

While it took more than 12,000 years since the fall of Atlantis for humanity to devolve to the current debased state of existence, now it will take only a few weeks or months to transform it into a civilisation that is beginning to open to its transgalactic, higher dimensional origin. This is not only amazing, it is staggering and it is highly elevating, especially when one is a conscious creator and architect of this incredible human evolution and we have every reason to be proud of that. In this way our energies are indelibly engraved into the energetic history of this planet and the new make-up of humankind and will grow in importance as this civilisation ascends and becomes transgalactic and multidimensional.

This explains why we received so much reverence from all ascended masters, AA and other higher beings for our unbelievable achievement in the last few days. And frankly, we deserve it, given all the physical onslaught we had to endure all these years while saving humanity from eternal perdition in order to reach this point of evolution as already pointed out in my first report.

After my heart chakra and that of the Trinity were fully activated and aligned with the divine heart chakra portal in Italy and much of the 4D dark energies were removed from the human hearts, we were able to stage this unique creation one more time on the dark North American continent as to save these poor souls there, who would have never made it on their own. On July 25th, the Trinity was ready to install the “Fountain of Freedom” as St. Germain called it on the North American continent beginning with Vancouver, where we have been building the second city of light New Lemuria for many years.

We chose deliberately July the 25, the day marking the end and the beginning of the galactic year when one follows the natural cosmic cycles and measures the earthly year with the moon cycle as it was usual in all past civilisations. In this case, the year consists of 13 moon months of 28 days which makes up altogether 364 days for the year and one day is left out of time. This is July, the 25th, when linear time is no longer valid, where the past year merges with the new year in the everlasting Now and one can create virtually anything in the eternal present moment.

In order to appreciate the power of this day, just think for a moment what a hodgepodge the PTW have created with the introduction of their bogus calendar that consists of seven months with 31 days, another 4 months with 30 days and one month with 28 days that becomes 29 days every four years at leap year. What an incredible insanity and obfuscation of the natural rhythms, which also the human body obeys, e.g. the female menstruation cycle that gives birth to humanity. If the introduction of this new calendar by the dark ones was not a most heinous act to derail humanity and separate it from the natural flow of cosmic creation, what else?

Anyway, we decided on that day to go to DM one more time and reinforce our new creation of the divine heart chakra portal as we hadn’t been there since Amora left for Canada on June 25th, i.e. one month earlier. We coordinated this visit with Amora to adjust for the time difference of 9 hours, so that she is awake and can participate in our invocation when we visit the Church of Mother Mary in DM.

Below, I will refer to the entries in my diary and the notes of Sophia and Amora as to preserve the authenticity of our extraordinary experiences on that auspicious day and thereafter when the light work on the “Fountain of Freedom” continued unabated and Amora received all the messages that confirmed our huge success with this unique creation of ours. On the eve of July 25th I wrote:

“... I showed Amora the threefold rings of the world heart chakra on the horizon above the sea and she was mesmerized and took three photos with skype. I feel very connected to this heart centre, as if I am one with it. This is the foundation of reaching all humans and opening them for the Universal Law, I am now sure of that. All my other writings will contribute to that.”

“Thursday, July 25, 2019

Visit to DM to reinforce the threefold flame world heart chakra – departure at 17:00 pm, so that Amora is also awake at 9:00 am her time and can participate in the invocation which we will first do in the church of Mother Mary.

I feel good, slept pretty well and the energies were unusually pleasant and gentle – very refined and high vibrating. I do feel a constant pressure on my back where my “wings for bilocation” are growing with a lot of tingling, but also very pleasant. It was very hot in the evening, 29 degree and outside 32-34, but in the night it cooled down and now it is only 26. But I am sure today the temperatures will rise again. I also do not have the asphyxia bouts since yesterday and this is another improvement of my energetic condition.

This morning I saw the threefold flame one more time at sunrise and it was spectacular. I do believe that this world heart centre is now growing beyond imagination and I am in the heart of it with my heart. This is very exciting.

Yesterday in the evening I had for the first time positive sensations, more optimism after the very depressing days before that. I think that there is an opening now as I also finished with the book more or less and now only need to do some corrections and prepare the ebook, which is not a lot and does not need much stress and attention. I sense a feeling of relieve and this tells me that it was very important to prepare this book in a revised version and to complete it. In particular, the last essay is the foundation for the economic crisis that is now happening in a disguised manner from what I get from the media, but the news are awful, there are only lies and cover up and the alternative media are absent on this issue.

We departed to DM at 17:00 pm and ca. 25 min later we arrived at the church of Mother Mary. As soon as I entered the church, I was hit by a very powerful vortex of the highest and purest possible vibrations. I thought I would ascend in front of the people. There was a mass just beginning and I had to sit down as I was stunned. The priest was terrible, mumbling something with his back to the congregation, then came the layman and read from 2 Thess 2 about the ascension scenario as I have quoted it in my latest essay:

The confusion will be total. People will need to purify themselves mentally and psychologically in a very short period of time as to change their thinking and their values from the ground up, if they do not want to miss the connection to the new enlightened civilisation of love. Their existential fears will be the driving forces behind this dramatic change.

This divine operation was planned long time ago in the leading 7F-creationary realms for the End Time and comes in an encrypted form in the two letters of St. Paul to the Thessalonians, which must be considered as inspired (channeled) texts (These letters were actually written by Apollonius of Tyana to his best friend and spiritual partner Damis (Tomotheus)). According to Paul, the announcement of the “Apocalypse/ Collapse” of the economy and the Revelation/Apocalypse of the evil (the Orion/Reptilian Empire as past and current PTB) will be initiated with the appearance, the parousia of the first transliminal personality, which he describes as  “the Second Coming of Christ” (2 Thess 2).”

This was a sign from the universe that I am on the right track and that everything will unfold as described by myself in this first book on Gnosis almost two decades ago. I was disseminating the codes to all believers and opening their heart and throat chakras in a powerful alchemical reaction.

Back home, Amora told me on skype that at the same time Mother Mary came to her and then she was guided to build four columns of light, each one for AA Michael, Zadkiel, Raphael and Uriel and then heaven opened in her apartment and she built this powerful vortex rotating her hands and sent it to me. Thus we connected DM with Vancouver/Delta – the two cities of light and their heart centres. Amora was also stunned and wonky after that. St. Germain and other ascended masters were also present during this remarkable creation.

We left the church after 10-15 minutes and went above Cervo for a walk, where we felt the healing centre to be ready and very close. Back to Cervo for a drink at the cafe terrace with a view to the sea. Then back home we experienced a beautiful sunset with the threefold flames of the heart centre and spectacular rays in direction of DM.

Altogether an exceptional and memorable day – the galactic day – where there is no linear time and all days are one and one can create everything. I was made aware of July 25 by my HS some time ago that it would be energetically a very important date and learned about it only 2 days ago from Sophia. Amora said that it was preordained and had to happen this way. Let us see what the next days will bring.

Friday, July 26, 2019

I slept well, worked the whole day and then went to the beach in the afternoon when it got hot. Back home I talked to Amora on skype. She had just received a message from St. Germain and Mother Mary, AA Michael, Raphael, Uriel und Zadkiel were also present. The topic was the world heart centre, which we activated yesterday in Delta/ Vancouver for North America and connected to the heart centre here. St. Germain called it the “Fountain of Freedom” as the threefold flame has been misused as a term in the esoteric scene: What it means for each human being is the inner knowing beyond any doubt that we all are One and then to behave in that way. Imagine how human society will change when this inner knowing becomes “the maxim of every human being” (Kant’s categorical imperative: Act only according to that maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law.). Time to rename it to Stankov’s categorical imperative as part of Stankov’s Universal Law…

Now we are very successful with all we have done, but it has been a terrible running the gauntlet all these years for all of us.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

This morning between 11:00 am and 12:00 am, while working on my book, I got very tired all of a sudden. I drifted immediately to Vancouver and Delta BC and had very vivid impressions of being with Amora in our favorite Japanese restaurant, driving with the car, visiting West Vancouver and Capitol Hill, where the healing centre is, etc…. I am now bilocating regularly to Canada, where there is so much light work to be done for the North American continent. Since Amora and I have a common unified field and merkabah and also have expanded our protuberance field, which we as Elohim anchored from the Source in 2016, across the entire continent (otherwise Trump would not have won the elections), I very effectively change the destiny of this part of the world, while sitting here at the Italian Riviera. This fact has to be assimilated first.

In the evening, a huge storm came with thunder and later on with sheet lightnings  (Wetterleuchten) coming from DM and with a lot of rain that continued on the whole night (Sheet lightning is a lightning without thunder that illuminates the entire sky as if the light is suddenly traversing all layers of the atmosphere. This observation is very important in order to understand the message of the Elohim.)

I lost my work of today on the ebook due to a glitch in my computer and was very upset and this caused an emotional meltdown within myself, which was actually caused by a huge magnetic anomaly that this storm brought about. I felt as if my inner energetic structure was out of whack and that this was also part of a huge alchemical reaction, which occurred after we anchored and further activated the world heart centre in Vancouver and also here when we visited the Mother Mary church on July 25th and Amora created a huge vortex in my fields, so that I thought I would ascend.

There was definitely a major magnetic anomaly in the air yesterday and the whole night and my body responded in a very distressed manner and this distressed chaotic feeling accompanied my dreams the whole night, so that I can assume that something major has happened (This we learned later from the messages Amora received.). Amora complained that she was hit by this same wave in the evening, while writing down Mother Mary’s message from the previous day and got very tired. She wants me to send her a short summary of my experience with this magnetic anomaly wave as she has the inner knowing that she will get a message about it today. I will send her this entry in my diary (She then got a message from the Elohim discussing our experiences with this magnetic anomaly and what it entails; comes as a separate publication.).

Sunday, July 28, 2019

…I talked to Amora and she confirmed the experience of this magnetic anomaly that manifested as a storm here and also as a storm in Delta B.C. the previous day. She just wrote:

I forgot to mention I was guided to go to White Rock yesterday where I sat on a bench in the warm sun and distributed the codes and we reinforced the new heart flame portal. It was very powerful – 3:30 to 4:30. The train came as I was leaving. I felt your presence and Sophia’s presence as well. We reinforced and created more through the Infinity field with Helios and Vesta who came to me there while I sat there.

I feel much better today and the magnetic effect seems to have receded but the vibrations are still very high and penetrating….”

This is essentially what I experienced during these auspicious days when we anchored the “Fountain of Freedom” in North America and as documented in my diary. The next day, July 29th, I began with the preparation of these reports as my guides told me that this is very important as a historical document for current and future generations because it marks the turning point in the ascension process of humanity.

Below, I will include notes from Sophia and Amora how they experienced these days from their perspective as to present the full picture. On July 26th, Sophia made a deep meditation in the quantum field and then forwarded the following notes to me:

Now I understand that when on July 25th Amora, Georgi and I strengthened the Portals and connected the Cosmic Hearts from here, Italy, to Vancouver, we created a connection and an opening in all the hearts of human beings ready to receive these energies. 

During the invocation, I saw and heard that the three flames were amplifying and the blue, yellow and pink rings were expanding with each beat of the Cosmic Heart until they enveloped the entire globe. The rings also grew in height as energy flowed from above and below, from the Source and from Gaia, Mother Earth.

It was an ecstatic moment, we thanked all the kingdoms for being with us, including the elements of air, water, earth and fire so important in the process of Creation and sometimes so little considered by humans.


Mother Mary’s Message from July 25th, 2019

Amora: My Journal Entry for July 26th, 2019

It had been planned for three days that yesterday, July 25th, Georgi and Sophia would go to the Mother Mary Church in Diano Marina, where we had earlier (in March) sanctified the site in support of the Divine Feminine energy that is now returning to our Earth Reality.

So today I knew that it would be intense from the very beginning and I was not at all disappointed.

Mother Mary joined me in Delta, at 8:00 in the morning, 30 minutes before Georgi and Sophia were to arrive at the Church in Diano.  There was great anticipation in the air and several beings of light joined us as well.  Mother Mary speaks as I am so very moved on this remarkable day of the galactic year:

“Dear Ones – You have completed the sanctification of my sacred sanctuary in my earthly home.  The sanctification of this place was done by you three earlier [in March] in order to receive the light of the Mother at this time; You three are my precious children – how I do love each of thee!”   

There is now a silence and they are waiting. I remain sitting and am guided to drink a large glass of water. Suddenly I get the information to stand up and begin to move energy, massive energy! The intensity of the light grew to a point where it was almost blinding. A massive vortex opened a portal of light so big and so intense that it almost took my breath away. There was a huge column of white crystalline light above my head that surrounded my room and seemed to grow exponentially every few seconds.  The light built up in intensity and it felt as though it was moving in both a downward and upward direction.

What I was shown afterward was the downflow of energy into the Infinity Portal here by White Rock, along with an outflow of my energy toward Georgi and Sophia in Northern Italy. It was a reciprocal activation of massive proportions. After about 7 minutes I felt somewhat faint and could feel a slowing down of the flow of light/energy.  This was an impressive event and I couldn’t wait to hear what Mother Mary would share with me. I sat on the sofa and Mother Mary spoke again:

“There is now in place, a continual flow of Grace entering this place ….. and it is a Light Station for the entire Earth!”  I am shown first a vision of the Cosmic Heart Centre in Italy as being a beautiful light station, but I am also shown that my apartment is now also glowing with crystalline light of the clearest radiance. Mother Mary continues: “This light shall be the sacred fuel that flows without ending, fueling the sacred heart centres for all to enjoy – in its endless beauty and magnificence. I bless you three from my Heart.” 

Next follows St. Germain’s message from that day in a separate publication.

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