The Arrival of the Divine Mind at Equinox 2018

Georgi Stankov, September 6, 2018


Everything begins and ends with the Divine Mind, which we as Logos Gods integrated more than a year ago while still in Vancouver, Canada. This historic event was reported by Carla and myself on her website I will republish this report below for the sake of completion. However, at that time the Divine Mind existed only as a universal template in the fields of Gaia and could not be downloaded and manifested to the ascension portion of humanity.

I have always sustained the basic notion that ascension is a process from within when human awareness expands beyond the limitations of the slow functioning carbon-based human brain and acquires the ability of expanded multidimensional perceptions which are inherent to the crystalline mind. However, be aware of the fact that both the carbon-based mind and the crystalline mind are mere manifestations of Spirit as Logos or Divine Mind which is actually the Source in each individual manifestation as sentient awareness. This is the quintessence of the new theory of Ascension of the Universal Law, which proves that all knowledge and science begins with the Primary Term of All-That-Is and is the same for all awareness, no matter how evolved or debased it may be.

The Divine Mind is now being installed in all ascension candidates and the codes have begun to flow through our fields as Logos Gods for some time since the final phase of our ascension and transfiguration has commenced with the opening of the full moon portal on August 26th. This is only possible after the arrival of the magnetic red giant sun on April 13th and the successful completion of all the subsequent energetic processes that accompanied this pivotal event, which is the game changer in the entire ascension process.

No evolution is possible as long as the human mind continues with its retarded linear function and generates the same illusions within linear time and space. It must be transformed with one fell-swoop into a simultaneous, multidimensional system of sentient perception of All-That-Is, which is at the same time the end of Homo sapiens as a species and the beginning of a completely new way of existence in the multidimensionality of the Higher Realms. This is what ascension is all about and we have been waiting for this event to arrive since many years, and even decades in my case, and have discussed all the aspects and ramifications of this phenomenon on this website since it was opened in 2011. This point in time has now arrived.

Today Daniel Scranton has published a significant message, for which I have been waiting for a very long time and which was announced to us more than a year ago. We have always received key information ahead of all light workers as we are Elohim and conduits of these energies from the Source. In the case of the Divine Mind, which is the multidimensional mind of the Source and the Higher Realms, it was first introduced through our Protuberance Field and began to expand as a template, while we completed the creation of the three cities of light in Italy and Central Europe (New Raetia), in Vancouver, Canada and along the Pacific coast (New Lemuria) and in South America, in the Andes (Terra Nova). The role of the Protuberance Field that was first introduced 2 years ago in August 2016, was acknowledged one more time by the White Dragons in their recent message to us, where they discussed further the last phase of our circular (spiral) ascension and acclimation to the higher dimensions that is still ongoing with full force and is very debilitating.

This can go hand in hand only with the manifestation of the Divine Mind in as many light workers as possible as the ID shift has to be supported by a broad base of fully awakened humans. In Scranton’s message of today, the Arcturians announce the arrival of the Divine Mind around Equinox, which they call the “Higher Mind”:

“We have begun to extend to all of you a download that you will be receiving in the coming weeks, as you close in on the equinox. And this download is about giving you more access to the wisdom of your higher selves. It is about more access to the Higher Mind than you have ever had access to before as a human, in any lifetime. It is very exciting for you to go beyond where the physical mind has been able to take you in terms of knowledge, and even logic.

This message tells us unequivocally that we must expect a leap in human consciousness this month, which, frankly, can only be anchored in the broad population, if the new theory and Axiomatics of the Universal Law is broadly implemented and accepted, so that the people can begin to think for the first time in their numerous lives in a logical and consistent manner. The exact scenario as to how this will happen was recently discussed by myself in an article. This is how all the pieces of the puzzle now come together to a beautiful mosaic of the ascension process as the greatest drama humanity has ever experienced collectively in its very long and very convoluted history.

Stay attuned as the ascension events are now beginning to stipulate because all the big changes have to happen this year and the time is very short.


The Integration of The Divine Mind – August 6, 2017

Second Meeting with the Great Crystalline Beings From the Source

Carla Thompson, October 13, 2017


Georgi Stankov

This is the transcript of the second meeting with the great blue crystalline beings together with our friend Julia on August 6th, 2017 which was even more powerful than the previous one. These beings come from the Source and are with us since last summer when we opened the Source portal for the crystalline blue light of transmutation of Gaia together with Julia at Crescent Beach, White Rock, which is within the confines of the Infinity Portal of which we three are the architects and the gate keepers. The second Infinity Portal on this planet is over Freising/Munich, Germany and was built by myself since many years. Both places, Vancouver and Munich are harbouring the 5D cities of light, New Lemuria respectively New Raetia, which we created since long time. A third city of light is planned to be built in the Andes, most probably in Peru, after the final ID shift of Gaia.

These cities of light will be global focal points for the evolution and ascension of humanity to a transgalactic, multidimensional civilisation. It is from these cities of light that we shall exert our mission as ascended masters and Logos Gods.

We started sending the codes of healing and divine mind the next day after Carla opened her personal divine mind portal. She is receiving the codes from the Source and I am sending them to humanity through my heart chakra. We have just awoken with a headache today, so that the Lion’s gate on August 8th will be another monster wave where these codes can be transmitted to humanity. This is the most important thing now after the Big Gathering of the 144,000 Souls has taken place on August 3rd, 2017. 

What is not in the transcript below is that Babaji came again and confirmed that we have already ascended and was very happy. We are here only as holographic images to hold the light to the very end. Since then we have a portal in our refrigerator and when I cook in the kitchen I can hear from time to time Tibetan instrumental music, something like Krishna music, for about a minute or so. Carla has also heard it several times. This cosmic joke tells us that we now also attune to the Himalayan portal as Babaji  recommended in the first session. The music started when we listened to the live journey report of Sri and Kira from Tibet which they visited in July guided by their souls. One can find their website “Sri and Kira” on YouTube. And here is the transcript of our second meeting with the crystalline blue beings of light.


We decide to meet Julia for a lovely Sushi dinner in White Rock to celebrate once more the revelations offered to us on the 3rd of August at Crescent Beach for the opening of the  Oversoul Gateway.

Within a few minutes we are moved into channeling mode and begin to receive information once again.  We are once again feeling privileged that we were able to take part in the attunement to the  Oversoul Gateway.

This visit begins with the news that we are to receive another alignment to the “Ultimate Oversoul Stargate” from past Thursday. Today is an alignment with the Divine Mind.  It is actually an Integration of the Divine Mind by myself and Georgi. The Divine Mind means God-Mind, Creator of All. It is the Original Expression of Creation, the First Expression of All Life.

As part of this new gift we are shown that the entire planet is being flooded with the Emerald Ray.  It is flowing into all water systems: rivers, lakes, oceans and seas.  I also see it flooding into all Municipal Water Systems where water is provided all over the world, in every village and city.  We are seeing that this Green Ray is offering a massive cleansing of the Earth’s water as well as flowing into all life, all matter, all form.  It is a cleansing beyond compare – the Earth is awash in order to move us into the Zero Point – the point of Divine Creation founded in wholeness.

The Crystalline Beings tell us that we must know that we are not alone!  We must hold on and have faith, even in the face of fires and floods! That the morale may appear to be faltering in the minds of the Lightbearers and of the Collective but these are the moments when we must remember that we are born of Love, Divine Order and Creation! and not of chaos!

They explain that the root cause of the chaos present on the planet is actually the splitting off of the Ego-Mind from the Divine Mind, creating a true insanity in the collective.  To counter-balance the insanity is in today’s message from Source, that a constructive interference has been created in order to support the return of sanity to the human mind.

There is an imperative now activated that is transmitting to all of us, a pulse that has originated from the Source.  It is a golden electro-magnetic pulse coming directly to us, when we are vertical in the sitting or standing position. It pulses directly down into the top of the crown chakra and moves instantly through our entire electromagnetic system of the human brain and mind.  It is indeed a pulse, very much like a one-way sonar ping.  These pulses are coming to each and every human – newborns to the elderly.  Every time a monk bows in prayer this gift is received.  It works to replace primary human programming of fear and chaotic thought, and replace this activity with what they are describing as a portal of peace.  It floods into the human electromagnetic system through the crown chakra and into the pineal gland where this gland is charged with this energetic.  We shall each integrate it at our own pace and opportunities shall be provided for us to open up to it.  For instance, I was guided to come outside into the sun and type this message, and as soon as I sat down the pulse began to flow instantly.

The integration of the Divine Mind into our bodies also serves to re-set the earth grids with the same golden light. The Divine Mind / God-Source has also brought in this Peace Portal to achieve a flooding of golden light into the vortexial points of the crystalline grid, supporting cleansing and healing of our crystalline grid. The room is filled with so many crystalline beings who are explaining that Source is here to help!  As the pulse is received by our human bodies, it then automatically floods through our fields and into the Earth grids. They say we may be called to a certain area on the planet where when we go, we will be always supporting the healing of that piece of the grid.

This Divine Mind portal is now here to link up to the Oversoul Gateway.  It is imperative for each of us to link into this portal and cultivate our connection to it in order to create a strong and continual bond with it.  We make this connection through our Higher Self which is in effect our own divine portal.  It is indeed the time of the awakening of the divine portal within everyone. We each need to connect to our own experience with the Divine Mind in order to cultivate our own identity.  This activity will stabilize our Self not through a veil of others expectations but rather through the invaluable personal understanding of one’s own Self.  This process aides in detaching oneself from others interpretations of who we seem to be.  It is the hope of the Divine Mind that we formulate our own Presence through knowing ourselves intimately and not through other individuals perception of reality as they see it.

Indeed we each have our own reality – it was so clear to me after our dinner and visit with these beautiful beings that as I was leaving behind a shared reality in the restaurant that we are each inhabiting our own created reality, in every moment.  I have created Georgi and Julia in this moment. And in the next moment I may not see either of them, if I decide that they do not need to be a part of my reality.  They may not see me in their realities if they consider my presence unimportant.

We are evolving and creating as we go, so there is a very strong element of freedom and creative expansion at this time.  The reality will reflect what you wish to experience therefore dream every detail if possible.  They urge us to please let go of the “me” story as the victim consciousness is not served in the reality that is unfolding around us now.  Hold only onto the Divine Mind as this is ultimately the highest level of attainment.

A suggestion for connecting with the Divine Mind is to simply put aside time alone and go into stillness.  Follow your breath and breathe in through your opened crown chakra.  When the optimal moment arises the Divine Mind will bring in feelings of bliss and elation.  You will feel supported and loved in every way.  Feel unlimited confidence!  Carry no doubt!  You may wish to facilitate this flow by going into nature or playing music on an instrument as you are guided.  Give yourself over to this beautiful activity for creations sake and know that this is a blessing of Divine Grace, there is no doubt!


“Can you feel it?  The Universe is letting you know that your seat-back should be in an upright position and all personal belongings securely stored. (Smiling) The shivery anticipation of something big on the horizon is starting.  You have been in preparation for this part of the shift since the beginning of the year and now it is time to put those newly acquired skills to work.”

On The Horizon,  The Creator Writings, September 6, 2018
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