The Elohim and the Blue Crystalline Beings of Light on the Ascension in April: New 5D Earth Created in Northern Italy, Fully Anchored in the Infinity Field of the New Golden Galaxy, the Arrival of the New Sun as Red Giant on April 13th is a Game Changer, Massive Cleansing of All Human Chakras and Integration of Soul Fragments

Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, April 24, 2018


Georgi Stankov

We are already three weeks in Italy and so much has happened on the energetic front according to the motto of the higher realms: ” plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” (the more it changes, the more it stays the same; Pardon my agnostic French!). There is only one tiny question that is left – for how long?

Let me put it straight forward – we are only reporting energetic events that we personally experience and then get a confirmation from our higher sources. In the last months we have been receiving information from both the Elohim and the Blue Crystalline Beings of the Light. Both groups of entities are higher versions of ourselves as incarnated Elohim souls and Logos Gods since 2013 when we fully ascended and created the new 5D earth. Everything we report here is based on previous reports and messages published on this website and proves the seamless light work we as the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT) and light warriors of the first and the last hour have being doing for so many years. If humanity has reached the actual threshold of final ascension, this is entirely due to the dedicated energetic contribution of the PAT, the captain of which I am proud to be.

Everything that we report below must be seen in the light of our past achievements as the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT) based on a clear scientific explanation of the actual ascension steps in the light of the true nature of Energy = All-That-Is according to the new science of the Universal Law.

In the last five years we have reported on numerous occasions that we are building the new city of light New Raetia over the Alps in Central Europe. I got first this information in 2006 – 2007 when I saw with my third eye the city of light extending above the gentle hills in the countryside north of Munich where I used to drive on a horse gig in the empty landscape. This was possible notwithstanding the astounding proximity to the frenzy of the city of Munich, as if I had transcended into earlier centuries where no cars and other combustion driven vehicles existed and transport was entirely based on horses and other domestic animals.

I mention that at this place in order to stress the simultaneity of all incarnation timelines as this is a central topic of all warriors of the first and the last hour who are now integrating all their incarnated fragments from past and even future timelines on the cusp of our final ascension to 5D and higher dimensions, where these aspects of our souls and oversouls must be fully incorporated in the new multidimensional “Me”.

The new city of light New Raetia will not only be the key spiritual, healing and technological centre on the new 5D earth because I have been building it around the Infinity Portal in Freising as an Elohim soul and nexus to the Source since 2001, but because this geographic part of the planet harbours the biggest conglomeration of old and ripe souls who have had thousands of lives on this planet and are now waiting impatiently for the final ID shift in order to finish with their incarnation ordeal and return home for ever.

Only the other day when we sat in a cafe at the port and watched the Italians who visited the market place on Sunday, we were struck by how tired and worn out they all looked. We felt so much compassion for them. At that very moment AA Michael came to us and spoke for the first time although he has been around us for many years:

“All these incarnated souls are so tired of their numerous lives on this planet that they can barely await their ascension. That is why you are here as this is the land from where ascension will take place as it has taken place many times in the past.”

We had already this information from the Elohim and the Blue Crystalline Beings of the Light as you can read below, and at that moment we knew that AA Michael meant previous incarnation experiments that ended with ascension, for which there are no records in the annals of human history.

The creation of New Raetia has been for a very long time my personal achievement, at a time when nobody in the New Age knew or spoke of the cities of light. In 2013 when Carla visited me in Germany, we walked in the fields in the countryside where I lived and she was transferred all of a sudden in a lively city of light in the middle of the lonely rural landscape and could witness first hand the busy streets and citizens of this crystalline 5D city. At that time she had a strong connection to Adama from Agartha (of which Telos is one small city) and we were accompanied by the Council of Twelve during our walks in the fields. We also received some more information about the city of light New Raetia and that, with the arrival of Carla, this creation was heaved to a completely new energetic level.

New Raetia is closely connected to the Infinity Portal in Freising which I established since 2001 when I moved to this area. There are three infinity portals on this planet – the second one is located in White Rock, Vancouver, Canada, on the border to the USA and extends in the meantime to Mt. Baker and even further south. It is also connected to the crystalline grid under the Rocky Mountains and the mountain ranges along the West coast, east and north of Vancouver, some of which are known as the Cascades.

This second Infinity portal was created initially by Carla and our friend Julia who is also an incarnated Elohim soul. However, as it needed my masculine energies from the Source I had to come to Vancouver in early 2014 and since then we not only expanded this Infinity portal many times in territory and raised significantly its vibrational levels but also began to create the new city of light in North America, known as New Lemuria. It will be the spiritual, cultural and technological centre for North America when the matrix fully collapses in the coming days.

Please observe that both cities of light could only be created within the two Infinity Portals that exist on this planet. Last Christmas and New Year, Carla was urged to travel to South America, to Ecuador, and establish the light foundation for the third city of light Nova Terra over the Andes. A third Infinity portal is in the making around this city of light after Carla’s visitation and there are some powerful light workers who live in this area and keep its vibrations high and steady.

All these creations have been reported in real time on this website and are a precious chronicle of the light work we are doing for many years. I will refrain from giving you links to these reports as I expect from now on from my readers a maximal personal engagement in expanding their knowledge and understanding of the ongoing ascension process as an individual endeavour.

Now everybody who wants to ascend must embrace a new level of curiosity and strive for more knowledge and wisdom or will experience first hand the collapse of the old matrix in the course of this year. One cannot dwell any longer in the ecological-esoteric niches in which some light workers have comfortably arranged themselves in the past. I refer at this place to my pivotal analysis as to why the New Age fully failed as a movement of spiritual reform and innovation that I wrote 4 years ago.

Everything that has happened on the energetic ascension front and about which I will report below follows logically and stringently from what has happened and has been reported on this website since its inception. This alone is unique in the entire esoteric literature worldwide and I hope that all ascension candidates will begin to study it and develop their minds as we have no time to wait any longer.

The only criterium for a true ascended master is the absolute congruence between prophesied ideas and deeds. In 2011 when I opened this website I stated for the first time in the New Age history that there will be a planetary and individual ascension that is being prepared as a LBP and that there is a selected group of incarnated souls that are the avantgarde of humanity; their mission is the success of the planetary ascension process in the current End Time, which has been known to humanity as biblical and other prophecies since thousands of years. And that I am the captain of this Planetary Ascension Team and it is my duty to keep the spirits of its members high as long as they need my support to accomplish this heroic job.

Since several years all the PAT members have reached such a high level of evolution and have already ascended to the 5th, 7th and 9th dimension that my active engagement in supporting the daily light work of the PAT is no longer needed. As I have always followed the universal law of energy optimisation which is an aspect of the Universal Law, I have retreated in the last several years and stopped commenting on the energetic process of ascension on a daily basis. I have restricted myself to announcing only major events that propagate the planetary ascension. And even this activity was a deviation from my original understanding of my role as a scientist, thinker and propagator of the new axiomatic, holistic clarity of human thinking that will lead humanity to the new earth.

We are much more than the human role we have assumed in this life. While the discovery of the Universal Law and the development of the new General Theory of Science was in the centre of my current life as a human being, although this knowledge came directly from the Source, my energetic role as an Elohim soul and a multidimensional creator being, including my daily function as the main cleanser of human dross at the global and transgalactic level, is obviously of much greater importance and impact as the ascension events in the last seven years, since I accepted my role as the captain of the PAT, have shown.

In a way this report should be read as my legacy as the captain of the PAT, but also as the scientist who will teach humanity in the new holistic paradigm of the Universal Law when the Matrix will irreversibly collapse.

Let us be unequivocal on this issue – only those humans will ascend who have a crystal clear mind and an extended knowledge of all the deficits of human awareness. I stress this one more time with such an empathy as we are now fully in the process of ascension and I can easily predict that many light workers who believe that they have made it, will soon hang in the ropes while others, in their eyes, less spiritual individuals will ascend as they have done their inner work.

Now back to the energetic events in April this year and how they are related to the planetary ascension process and our light work as the PAT.

There are three cities of light from where the ascension process of the earth will begin and the most important one is here in Northern Italy that extends to all Alpine countries. Italy is the land where ascension has happened many times in the past and where this whole human experiment began eons of time ago. That is why we are here. Ascension means first and foremost full integration into the infinity and unity field of All-That-Is. That is why I had to create the Infinity Portal in Freising /Munich since 2001 and then co-create the second Infinity Portal in Vancouver, Canada with Carla and Julia for Northern America. With our extended protuberance field that encompasses the entire globe we also performed a massive cleansing of the young soul population in this continent and the results can be already seen at the political and economic stage. Much more will happen in the coming days as the seeds of awakening are planted and the harvest will be ripe this summer.

Lately we created the third city of light in the Andes. In addition, I have extended my Infinity Portal from Central Europe to Bulgaria, Istanbul, Turkey and the Middle East during my regular visits of my native country between 1997 – 2005. Carla further reinforced this Infinity Portal in 2013 when she visited Istanbul and cleansed this old capital of Europe from where all clergy and royal families of the Old Continent, the heinous human stooges of the dark forces of the Orion/Reptilian empire, began with their infamous exploitation and suppression of the incarnated European souls. These were the darkest periods in the history of humankind, also known as the Dark Ages that very much extend to the present day if one observes the obnoxious behaviour of the ruling cabal in the UK and Western Europe in these final days.

Everything we have done so far has a precise structure and purpose as our arrival in Italy shows. We have already ascended Northern Italy to the 5D ten days after our arrival and have firmly anchored the new earth in the new Golden Galaxy which we created and reported about four years ago. We work here together with two other members of the PAT and our joint efforts are the continuation of the creation and expansion of New Raetia which I first established and anchored more that 10 years ago from Munich and Freising.

This new expansion of our joint Infinity portal and Unity field encompasses the entire Europe as the Elohim confirmed to us recently – a fact about which I was made aware by them already in 2013 when I was in the midst of the most terrible cleansing of dark human dross that almost killed me at that time. The huge harvest we are about to reap this year is thus the result of our long and total sacrifice as the PAT for many years and in particular since we opened the stargates 11.11.11 and 12.21.12 and guaranteed the planetary ascension of this uppermost mother planet.

Thus the PAT single-handedly prevented its highly probable total destruction as this happened with numerous lower timelines and also with the physical earth in the autumn of 2017. At that time the Elohim had forbidden me to inform you about this crucial event as it was the most critical period in the whole ascension process and they did not want me to trigger unnecessary fears in your hearts by informing you on this fateful event.

I mention it only now as you must know that everything you experience currently has nothing to do with the old earth and matrix in the old Milky Way, as it no longer exists in this reality. What you now witness is a holographic replica of the old earth and 3D matrix, however fully embedded in the new Golden Galaxy which we first created in 2014. Since then the earth is ascending step by step into this new galaxy and only last year we discussed the changes in the star constellations which Patrick as an astronomer observed, elucidated and published in association with the earth’s transition to the new Golden Galaxy.

Now we have made another major and probably final leap on April 13th when we firmly ascended to 5D and created a huge 5D Unity and Infinity Field over the entire Northern Italy with us in the centre of this huge Infinity portal. Simultaneously, we also introduced the new sun of the new Golden Galaxy, which is defined as a red giant according to the Elohim and the Blue Crystalline Beings of Light. This term is completely compromised in present-day astronomy and cosmology as all these disciplines are fake sciences as I have proved in the Propaedeutics recently. Red giant does not mean that a sun is losing its energy in its core, its surface temperature sinks, and its volume expands until it suffers a thermal death and transforms into a black hole, neutron star or something similar as present-day failed astronomy and cosmology sustain. The new sun which we enjoy since April the 13th, and which many light workers have indirectly observed as powerful solar winds, is actually a new source of energy based on a completely new electromagnetic spectrum. Actually it generates only magnetic waves as electricity is abolished in the 5D and superconductivity based on subtle long-range magnetic fields is the new ubiquitous principle of energy exchange and creation. The energies of the new sun have begun to activate the properties of our crystalline light bodies which we have already completed in December last year (read also here).

I discussed this issue with Carla when we received the first message from the Elohim announcing the arrival of the red giant in the new Golden Galaxy at the place of the old sun and made this suggestion based on the new theory of the Universal Law before it was confirmed by the Blue Crystalline Beings of Light yesterday. I have discarded the conventional interpretation of the finite lifetime of stars and suns as preached in modern cosmology and have substituted it with a more sophisticated understanding of the sun as a portal for the Central Sun and not as a celestial body, a kind of a central hot sphere as it is currently described by most scientists. We have discussed this topic on numerous occasions on my website, so that it should not be new knowledge to you.

What is new is that we have finally a new sun and this new red giant is the game changer in the ascension process. The new magnetic spectrum within which this energy source operates creates the new 5D energetic structure of the new ascended earth and also transforms profoundly the mental, emotional and physical bodies and the body chakras of the entire human population that has participated in this latest ID shift. Before that many lower timelines and soul fragments were severed from this ascending Gaia as they were destroyed in the stipulating Syrian crisis that led to nuclear wars and destruction of these timelines before April 13th.

On this timeline the scenario was mitigated and it ended up in a symbolic strike of the western cabal on Syria on April 14th that achieved absolutely nothing as you must have read in the news. This crime only bestowed Russia and its allies with a great moral, strategic and military victory. The reason for that is that this ascending timeline is not supposed to experience any major calamities apart from the financial and economic crash, which is now imminent as our HS told us a few days ago.

After all, all the events we currently experience should be interpreted as being created from a strict pedagogical and dialectical point of view – what serves humanity best to awaken.  For all ascending incarnated souls, war and destruction of the planet is no longer part of their evolution repertoire of human experiences. Destruction and wars happen therefore on lower timelines and we severed again numerous such timelines in the last two weeks that were accompanied by heaviest cleansing on our part. This is the only way how ascension is accomplished according to the propulsion multistage rocket model as presented by myself five years ago in order to explain the energetic principle of ascension of Gaia as a multidimensional entity.

The two messages which Carla received in the last few days give you additional information on this massive ID shift and an inkling as to what you can expect next. Please keep in mind that this reality is a mere holographic replica of the old 3D earth, but without any energetic support from the Source, as Gaia and major parts of this earth, such as Northern Italy, have now fully ascended to 5D, so that the old matrix can crumble very soon and dissipate very easily. As humanity should be given the dialectical choice between ascension and continuation of the old incarnation hell on lower, dense and catastrophic 3D timelines, this collapse will be accompanied by the manifestation of the city of Light New Raetia in Northern Italy.

This manifestation may begin first locally with the appearance of the spiritual and healing world centre based on the theoretical principles of the new theory of the Universal Law that will be most probably located northeast of where we now live on the Ligurian coast. But this is just our assumption as actually in 5D time and space no longer exist. As there will be interceptions with the old crumbling 3D matrix, such topological locations of the 5D city of light will still exist in the interim period of rapid transformation before the final ID shift can happen and the old 3D matrix will be fully severed from the new 5D earth.

I still firmly believe that this manifestation will be triggered by the individual ascension and appearance of the first ascended human masters and I have made no secret as to who they will be. As we are the sovereign creators of our reality, the chances are very high that my prophecies will be fulfilled beyond linear time, which as we know is an illusion. Everything we have experienced so far, including our miraculous passage to Italy from Canada with the faithful and generous financial support of the PAT, points with impeccable inner logic to this outcome.

And now enjoy the two messages which Carla received from the Elohim and Blue Crystalline Beings of Light.



Message from The Elohim, April, the 13th, 2018,

by Carla Thompson

“We are the Elohim and we are with you now to share understanding of the events that now shape your reality…. Bring in the rays of the newborn Sun [ they are calling this Sun The Red Giant” during the typing of this message ] into your fields to cleanse and clear all lower energies from de-stabilized realities that once surrounded you.  [ We continue to transmute the 3D timelines by removing the old Matrix, including retrieving soul fragments from previous lifetimes; We are also anchoring the new 5D Matrix. ]

The healing rays of this Sun flush away heavy, stagnant and old energy of the lower timeline of your yesterday from which you four have sprung. You will benefit greatly from enjoying time sitting in the light of this Sun. We confirm also that you have been energetically supported by the old souls who carry Light within their Soul Purpose Lifeline [ the PAT and other first wavers ].

Notice, the refinement of your reality is done with a graciousness of divine order.  You each feel this refinement and also notice the great energetic distance from the events of lower timelines as they intersect upon yours [ e.g. the Sonic Boom of French fighter planes heading towards East (Syria ?) we experienced today, April 13th].

You may notice other encroachments [including the air raid sirens we are hearing and the occasional cloud that appears to be a chemtrail] from lower timelines into your reality but know that you are all divinely protected in every way.  Know that the scale of service continues to grow and that each of you is beautifully embracing each new level of service. You may be unaware of the nature of your service, or that it continues at all, however rest assured all is perfect as your blessed contribution continues with a multi-dimensional focus and this is so honoured by all beings of the Light in this moment – Know that you are never alone.  

Together you work well to create/ draw the highest level of expression possible within the boundaries of absolute integrity, honouring each Self to ones own Self, as well as to the others. We are so happy to see this level of creation, one that is very close to what is perhaps best imagined by you to be close in frequency to the Fifth Dimension.

You are in a strategic position in this country now called “Italy”, and you have all been here before, although its name in previous expressions differs.

It is at this point that I am shown a grain of sand…that morphs into what appears to be a galaxy… that then morphs into what appears to be a giant red star… that then morphs again into the pale blue dot, planet Earth…. the visions continue to come forth and unfold in a most spectacular way.  After a period of two minutes the message continues:  

It is from this location that the World “began”, and it is from here that the World shall “end” [ I am shown these two words began and end in quotation marks.]. And within this statement lies a multitude of realities, dimensional expansions and contractions, all and each taking place within the sacred parameters of the Creation.  

I ask what they mean by the word “World” and they say they mean the “Whole of Creation”… “Everything”… “ALL THAT IS”… or “The Universe”.  

My understanding is that this is the NOW moment, the Moment of Creation of ALL, and I also hear this is the Zero Point of The Infinite Creation“. This expression of where the world “began” and where it will “end” means the completion and full transmuting of the old third dimensional matrix, and includes the anchoring of the new fifth dimensional matrix that is the next phase in the ascension process, within this “reality” we are seeing before us.

Everyone plays their role, perfectly, as they once begin to awaken, and those who are not considered ‘awake’ are playing their roles well too.  

Now is a time of a New Beginning as this moment NOW represents a new level of creation, for those who hold great Light power are awakening rapidly in a fashion that leads to instant creation within the parameters of the reality into which they themselves are placed by their Souls.

The Soul is in imminent and infinite control – the mind has no ability to control underlying events, those that arise from the unawakened ones around you.  Underlying events grow from the group consciousness as the group perspective pervades all and can permeate the reality at quantum speed.

Stand firm in your dedication to the Light – all is unfolding and being revealed now in its own level of deception, or truth.  

This is a New Beginning.

We are the Elohim, and we love you All.”


A Message from the Blue Crystalline Beings of Light: Cleansing and Re-Integration for the Final Transition Is Upon You

Carla Thompson, April, 23rd, 2018 

“Within this new creation of fifth dimensional light, you are all experiencing the new and very powerful Sun.  You have noticed differences in the effects of this new Sun when compared to your previous solar body, but we see you have been cautious about reading into the idea too deeply.

The Red Giant, as we call it….is of a frequency beyond your known spectrum and indeed is of a very different creation from your known Sun, in the previous galaxy. The Red Giant emanates minute magnetic waves only… there are no electrical impulses from this body.  The magnetic frequencies have a deep healing role to play on the physical body of form in this moment… The new frequencies impact at the quantum level… the level that interfaces with the crystalline light body.  

These new frequencies activate the crystalline light body at a quantum level based on magnetic resonance; a magnetic interface creates the final cleansing of remnants of the third dimensional matrix that is being replaced through all realities before you; By “all realities” we are speaking of every reality created by each one of you as creator beings;  Each of the millions of realities are being purged through the initiation of these magnetic frequencies.  This cleansing is not only occurring at the level of the individual but also at the level of the entire collective… and it is occurring across all incarnations that have taken place here in this place of form… This is an extensive shift… one of Herculean proportions…

The effect of this deep cleansing creates a beautiful harmonization that leads to a frequency shift into a higher level, a level that is most compatible with this expansion into new fifth dimensional realities that are arising around you.  While some of you may question the existence of new realities around you, know that your cleansing efforts will ultimately open you to the recognition/ understanding of these higher frequential realities… and this is why it is so important that lower energies be cleansed from your cellular memory in the first place.

This is a time of great opportunity.  With the opportunity to cleanse, you are then given the opportunity to integrate soul fragments that have been separated from your core expression of Self. These soul fragments carry lower energies into the experience of all your incarnations within this world of form… Soul fragment re-integration leads to a substantial lift in overall frequency as old energies held as beliefs and emotions are “smoothed out” and “swallowed up” by the current lifestream as “You”, that is present here and now – the one lifestream that has done the most dedicated and fruitful of spiritual work of all lifetimes.  After all, this reality as it is reflecting back to you, for the most part, is the one that has left you more or less in a place of complete peace. As it is in this lifetime that a great many of you are ready to make the Shift, and therefore it is in this lifetime where you are most ready to complete the inner exploration that shall lead you into a place of deep understanding of your own spiritual Self.  Indeed, it is within the current energetic environment that you are each able to embrace your divine nature… fully… and with as much effort as you are willing to muster.

The new magnetic frequencies emanating from this Red Sun are ultimately here to affect the final shift in this lifetime – this is the lifetime you have all been waiting for!

We suggest the re-integration of soul fragments can be best done by meditating on any ideas or impressions that have come into your awareness on a frequent basis…. They may be memories of past eras, or memories of certain historical figures that you feel drawn to now, with almost a feeling as though they are a part of your current consciousness.  As you contemplate upon these individuals or issues that are presenting before you, breathe in deeply and draw the beautiful lumens of magnetic frequency into your body… and invite it to fill up every cell, asking it to cleanse all lower energies not serving your expansion into wholeness. 

At the outset of each reflection ask for guidance and clarity… invite the energy into your heart and note how it makes you feel. Following the reflection into this space, write down your feelings and impressions… these will flow with ease and it is then that you will be shown what is in need of the Lift. Send it love and more light and gratitude for having informed you.  

The lift that you shall receive is the lift that shall ultimately move you into the final phase of the transition process, the transition into a new phase of reality that presents itself before all who embrace this life.

With all our love, we are the Blue Crystalline Beings of Light!”


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