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The Elohim Tell Us to Go to Rome to Disseminate the Crystalline Light From the Source

Georgi Stankov, February 25, 2018

Things are moving ahead with breathtaking dynamics. It is impossible to grasp all the energetic plots that run on infinite dimensions and parallel timelines. In a recent message (Feb 22, see below) the Elohim urged us one more time to leave Canada and go to Italy, first to Rome to disseminate the 12 crystalline rays from the Source which we received during our temporary ascension to the 12th dimension in early February, and since then integrating all of them into our fields while eliminating resilient pockets of stagnant low vibrating energies. This is what the Elohim told us in their message from February 6th about our current light work:

We are the Elohim and we bring you this message:

As an Elohim of the Primary Cause your primary role is to distribute the light of Creation, of Creation Itself, as Light is Creator; and in so doing you have an expanded role, in the sense that not only are you intermingling with Light in Form, You are also bringing in the New Crystalline Rays to this world of form.   
The Crystalline rays are new to this expression, and your role is to ground them upon the Earth Form AND to sweep them over the third dimensional frequency in its entirety.

 Your deep seated fatigue comes from bringing these crystalline frequencies into the depths of physical form following which you then jump or expand up into the ninth dimension. Well, these dimensional labels really do little accuracy to your positioning within the Creation, as you are a “frequency glider”.  You are able to hold both the lowest of the third dimension simultaneously with the very highest frequencies of crystalline light.
As you introduce/ expose the third dimensional reality to this crystalline light reality, great chunks of space-time is replaced with pure energy.  It is as if there are pockets of “dead-space” in the third dimension where no light may enter – we have spoken to you of this in the past, where the bonds are “loose” or “less dense”.  The space in between the atoms holds very low vibrational/ energetical elements – this is the reality that crystalline light reclaims.
There has been great work done by you in this regard – particularly in the last several days (since January 31st) when it began. There has been a deepening of this healing during the past three days.
This influx of crystalline light is a gradual one and an action of great love from the Creation itself.”

This energetic peak was preceded by a constant build-up of massive energetic waves and transformation phases that were potentiated by the stargate 11.11. 10 (2017= 10, ten symbolizes completion) which the PAT first opened seven years ago. Throughout  December we completed the structure of our crystalline light bodies which we first built in 2013, and since December 21, 2017 the entire PAT (first wavers) have firmly ascended into the 5th dimension. This earth has practically ascended too, and the old 3D matrix is in a state of rapid collapse as every enlightened person can witness for himself.

At the end of last year Carla was urged by the Elohim to travel to Ecuador over Christmas and New Years to anchor the pillars of light for the third city of light Terra Nueva in the Andes. I did the back-up from Canada. Without this light work Gaia would not have ascended to its current wholeness, as the axis of light was tilted towards the other two cities, one here in Vancouver and the other one over the Alps, which are ready for their manifestation. Carla did a formidable job with the help of a group of enlightened light warriors from all over the world as well as the natives, including their elders from the higher realms, in sacred light ceremonies up on the mountains. This fact gives you an inkling as to how intense our preparation for the ascension was in the last several months.

In January and February, we personally ascended first from the 7th to the 9th dimension and then, after receiving at the end of January the 12 crystalline flames from the Source, we moved briefly to the 12th dimension (see above). Both events were rather dramatic as were the last two months and very heavy for the entire PAT from what I have heard. Each phase was explained and commented on by the Elohim and the Blue Crystalline Beings in personal messages to us. I refrained from publishing them as first, they were personal and secondly, they implied that we were not ready yet for the final ascension and transfiguration, so that I did not want to burden you with further confirmation as to how heavy your energy work has been in these last several months in order to reach this ultimate point in space-time.

Now I am announcing to you the good news. Below is the latest message which Carla received from the Elohim on February 22nd. It is insofar remarkable as for the first time the Elohim announce future events regarding our ascension. Until now they have only commented on energetic events which we had first experienced and then discussed with each other before they were confirmed by the Elohim. This can be read on this website. This time, however, we have definitely reached the most critical phase and there is no reason for the Elohim to be cryptic about our future as it is already a reality. Even other sources now openly confirm that ascension is a done deal.

We have already ascended and the time has arrived to show this to the rest of the world. Nonetheless, ascension is a process and, while we move firmly into our role as sovereign creator beings, it may still take some more time before we fully transfigure our carbon-based bodies with slow functioning brain into crystalline light bodies and a new brain based on superconductivity that enjoys an expanded multidimensional awareness. I repeat the importance of this phase transition over and over again, as very few light workers seem to grasp this physical concept. If you closely read the Elohim message below, they for the first time confirm the coming of this crucial event, even though they do not use this term explicitly.

It has to begin from Italy which is the heir of the Roman Empire, and the latter is the foundation of the Western civilisation, including organized Christianity. It makes a lot of sense from a historical point of view to begin with ascension from Italy and Rome, all the more as the city of light Raetia is also in Northern Italy and in Central Europe, which was part of Rome. Europe north of the Alps was influenced entirely by Italy in the Renaissance and even much earlier and is an offshoot of Italian-Roman culture, such as architecture, arts, politics, etc. As the message below reveals I have had numerous incarnations in this cultural area and this explains why I know Italian almost without any learning.


The Most Beautiful Message from The Elohim on Our Impending Ascension

February 22, 2018

“Your world experience is now about to open up in its full Glory…  The time has come to move on into a new phase of expression [The Elohim always use the term “expression” for distinct sentient entities and ways of life. In this case a new phase of expression for us as human beings would mean our transfiguration into higher dimensional crystalline light beings. Note, George), where new patterns shall reveal themselves and you shall enjoy them more fully as you become accustomed to them…  [Here I see numerous visions of Italy and some of South/Central Europe and South America. Note, Carla]

As your third dimensional duties come to an end [closing up the household in Canada…], there will be a great release felt, as though the tight, taut rubber band is let go… where you are then able to move freely into a new way of being, and a new way of doing, if you so choose… 

Your awareness spans multiple dimensions although you are not fully cognizant of that aspect. Not only do you have your human mind engaged, you also have an aspect of the Universal Mind held and operating within your fields – an activity of which you may not be aware, nor have a clear understanding of its implications.

The Universal mind is the aspect of creation that you must embrace if you are to fully comprehend your creationary abilities to the very end of their application…

….For with it (the Universal Mind), all aspects of creation can be freely and openly seen and understood…. and understood at a level never before imparted upon you as human beings. 

You may notice different kinds of awareness expanding, and you will learn to play with this new expansion; it shall become a natural part of your new life.

Yes, you are seeing visions of the country called Italy…. this country holds ancient roots of a bygone era … within which you have each spent some time [Georgi, they are showing me that you have been in that area in many, many lifetimes; I am shown ‘3’ for me; I am shown 5/6 for our friend Julia. Note, Carla]

The purpose of returning at this moment in time is to retrieve and more fully integrate the newly healed aspects of many previously detached Soul fragments. [I am shown that the unhealed soul fragments are being released as the lower collapsing timelines are eliminated from the ascending Gaia, and as they are released we integrate them into our oversoul structure, feeling all the emotions and healing these traumas as we ascend. Note, Carla] 

This is the final opportunity to integrate these ancient soul fragments caught in the area known as “Southern and Central Europe” and this activity is not exclusive to the country of Italy either. [I am seeing France, Germany and Switzerland as well. Note, Carla]

Once integration is completed, there shall be a pause for further reflection and healing.

A beautiful and precious journey from now on!

Dear friends and PAT members, 

This transition to Italy is a jump in the cold water and it puts a great strain on our finances. Hence, we appeal to your proven generosity and ask you to support us one last time with your donations, so that we can accomplish our mission and herald in the new ascended Gaia.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts !

Carla and George

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