The Rainbow Gateway

Carla Thompson, July 30, 2018


Georgi Stankov, July 30, 2018

The moon eclipse portal on July 27th, called the Rainbow Gateway by Astraea et Amora, was the biggest stargate in the ascension process only comparable in its intensity for us, the light warriors of the first and the last hour and incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia, to the stargates 11.11.11 and 12.12.12 through 21.12.12, which we, the PAT opened under great sacrifice and initiated the final most successful phase of the planetary ascension. I have been experiencing for 2 weeks in a row incessant cc-waves with excruciating headaches, stabbing pain alternately in the left and the right eye socket and this pain continues unabated even now while writing this foreword. Hence if you are also reeling from these energies you now know why. The bad news is that it will continue like that or the intensity of the incoming waves will even increase throughout the Lion’s gate until August 11th. After that anything can happen, and I strongly hope it will happen, as this life in service of humanity has become a real drudgery with no palpable reward in sight.

The “airborne watersAstraea et Amora are talking about can be seen very well in the sky and the atmosphere here in Italy. The sky is opaque and multilayered and contains all the rainbow colours that now have been anchored with their new magnetic qualities of eliminating automatically all negative thoughts and lifting up the human mind and spirit. Upon sunset the sea merges with the sky in opalescent huge blue-violet-pink-gold dome that displays the infinity of the multiverse to which we are now fully connected.

The temperatures here are around 32 degree Celsius and the humidity above 90%. However, we have not had any rain for weeks and it should be a riddle to all meteorologists how this is possible. Probably they sit in their bunkers and report the weather from there online without coming out and looking at the sky. So much about oblivious human minds that are currently transformed in a profound manner.

I have always expressed my conviction that the human species is a very primitive energetic system and, in order to evolve, all its energetic subsystems as mind, psyche, chakras etc. have to be profoundly transformed by Source energies for it to become a transgalactic, multidimensionally conscious civilisation. This is now happening with a breathtaking speed and the results of this dissolution of human negativity, or call it excessive human ego as the epitome of this negativity and duality, will be soon seen at the political and economic stage. However, we do not need to bother about this accelerating decay of the old matrix as there is nothing to gain from it. We must now concentrate on what we want to create for us personally and then on behalf of humanity as this is what we shall experience in the coming days. Full detachment from this illusory reality is an indispensable prerequisite for that, but this is something you all know perfectly well and I do not need to discuss it one more time here.

The new aspect is that while in the past we were the only ones to experience the effects of these cosmic waves of profound energetic transformation – otherwise we would not have been in the position to ascend Gaia and ourselves as early as 11.11.11 – now these waves are affecting the entire humanity with full force for the first time. The people have no experience with such waves as they have rejected their existence for so long and now are staggering like somnambulists in their lives and no longer understand the world. The new rainbow waves are sucking out of their minds and hearts all their negative thoughts and emotions that have become their past human nature and they find themselves naked for the first time, unable to even utter their past lies and deceptions in form of generally accepted prejudices, beliefs and sugar-coated fears. The past is gone irreversibly and the human race has undergone the biggest energetic transformation since its inception.

This is huge, this is magnificent, this should be  source of infinite joy if it were not for the cc-waves that are still hitting us so badly. But, as anything on this planet, eventually they will also come to an end and the eternal jubilation can begin.

Foreword – Carla

On Friday July 27 there was a profound gift from the source of All-That-Is. This gift was in the energetic form of what can be best described as living wheels of consciousness.  The manifestation of these living wheels of rainbow light are here now, and they are here to stay.  On this day they were fully integrated into the new living Fifth Dimensional crystalline Matrix that appeared recently…/ascension-report-summer-solstice-and-beyond  and replaced the old third dimensional matrix.

We have made a quintessential leap into a permanent and unified reality of what may be called the Fifth Dimension. I personally feel that the reality before us has changed, forever. 

I have received two messages regarding this Gateway, one from Astraea et Amora yesterday and a second one today from a new beautiful, extremely high frequency source – the Crystalline Beings of the Rainbow Rays. I am going to share both because as with all of my messages there are embedded ascension codes within each message.

I wish each and all of you the love, the peace and the eternal joy that I have felt with the personal integration of these beautiful wheels of Light!

A Message from Astraea et Amora

“Greetings of joy to all our Beloveds during this magnificent portal, a portal holding a gift of cosmic proportions – the Rainbow Gateway.  This portal is a gateway to a new reality founded in new pathways of circular magnetic rainbow light  – a new healing light gifted to humanity for the purpose of enhancing and expanding consciousness.

The circular rainbow is primary evidence of your presence within the Unity Field. The Unity Field holds many different forms of airborne water through which you will notice these beautiful rainbows.  All expressions you consider to be of fifth dimensional nature hold a higher humidity as water becomes the living foundation of the new fifth dimensional Cities of Light (this is what we are seeing with our third eye since several days, note, George).

The magnetic activity pulls dense low frequency energy upward as the circular rainbows spin quickly.  Envision the wide circular bands of rainbow light energy all around each of your chakras spinning in perpetual motion to magnetically remove all heavier energies upward and into the magnetic field of the new Red Magnetic Sun. Envision all negative thoughts and heavy emotions that arise from your minds and hearts, often described as the “Shadow”, lifting up into the cosmos for re-integration with the source of life.

This is a gift well-earned in preparation for your arrival in the new Fifth dimensional reality. These  beautiful magnetic wheels of rainbow light – gold and violet, magenta and turquoise blue, crystalline green and gold are more powerful than you can imagine, for the true gift is this: the wheels permeate each of you as you call upon them and create a unification of your Spirit and Soul with All-That-Is. This is a unified action in honour and with integrity, a new vehicle of consciousness, made available to humankind now as you continue on your evolutionary path into the Golden Age.  We love You All.”

A Message from the Crystalline Beings of the Rainbow Rays

“The Rainbow Gateway marks the arrival of a new magnetic field of rainbow waves. These magnetic waves are circular and it is this action that is the key to drawing upward all lower vibrating energies.  The magnetic waves complement wholly the reality that you call the fifth dimensional expression. Lower vibrational energies must be transmuted before a full manifestation of the fifth dimensional reality can occur.

The magnetic waves are circular and create a vacuum, an upward vacuum, lifting negativity out of every chakra – continually, optimally, and graciously up to the light of the Magnetic Sun for transmutation and healing. 

These rings represent a new vehicle of consciousness for humanity. They are able to integrate into the human body chakra system, to allow for the cleansing of stagnant chakra systems.  They are able to connect all chakra systems with the magnetic sun and with the whole of creation. This is a gift from a very deep place of love and your vision is correct, this energy comes from a very deep place in the Cosmos.  This vehicle of consciousness has been gifted to humanity in this reality to lift and purify all negativity in every chakra in order to ultimately raise the level of consciousness within every human being upon Gaia. 

Invite these thick multi-coloured rings of deep pink and blue, violet and rose-pink, green and gold, around your head and feel this band lifting your thoughts upward and away from you, lifting for purification.

  • Invite the rings into your heart, where pure love shall be enhanced.
  • Invite the rings into your throat chakra for clarity, power and truth in speech. 
  • Place the ring in your third chakra, your power chakra, to empower all of your creations and to free all from control and manipulation.  Uncertainty and doubt has filled the third chakra and humanity has moved into a place of fear from where all duality rises. 
  • All of these heavy emotions are now released from the second and first chakras to the Red Sun to ensure you feel safe, to ensure you are complete and at One with the Whole of creation. You are on a new journey supported by an enlightened consciousness. This has been a gift of life. Your gift to return to wholeness.

You have made it!  There is no turning back! We love you!  We are the Crystalline Beings of the Rainbow Rays. And so it is.”

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