Ascension Report: Summer Solstice and Beyond

Carla Thompson, July 29, 2018

The Beauty of a New Truth

Events Unfolding Through the Summer Solstice and Beyond

June 29: Message from Astraea et Amora:

“Beloved Ones, we hold you in high esteem in this moment!  Your continued success has moved this world forward further into a  creation of pristine beauty that holds only the truth of our shared divine desires!  The beauty of this unfolding moment is of magnificent proportion!  Such love and caring you hold and share!

Through the silence and stillness  [Summer Solstice – June 21 to 22 (nighttime: 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.CET, when all reality seemed to stand still, note Carla] it was the moment of  the Separation.  This was the separation of the prevalent matrix which no longer served humanity, nor Gaia, nor any other Being upon her.  This shift was of a divine ordinance set out long ago to occur when all would be in perfect alignment through the corridors of both space, time and value.  New quantum alignments facilitated such a shift and the new magnetic foundation provided the certainty of success.”

June 23  – again, at the same time as the day before 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.CET- A profound stillness;

“This energy of stillness holds a penetrating silence.  And with this silence you perhaps feel empty. And it is with this feeling of emptiness that opens a channel to receive everything that the creation chooses to send to you based on Gods Will.  And based upon Gods Will, following this Separation, open to the stillness and reception of the next gift, you may have noticed a wave of pure love [June 25th, evening CET –  shown to Julia and I in meditation, where we were shown this energy flowing forth to Earth from what we understood to be the planet Venus].  This wave of perfect, precious, divine love is the necessary foundation now for humanity who can no longer create through the consensual reality of a dissolved matrix, and who will now create in the new fourth and fifth dimensional realities.  These new expressions must be based upon the frequency of consciousness that supports Unity, Unconditional Love and Loving Kindness.  

Therefore, this is also the moment of creation of a high vibrating fourth dimensional reality.  It was not possible for a high frequency reality to be gifted before this very moment, without the power of love to sustain it!” 

June 26th Personal Meditation with Georgi and Daniela

The Crystal Beings of the Diamond Core of Gaia offer a message:

 “Behold!  A wave of pure love has arrived – Flood it now into the sacred hearts of each of you!  Flood it into the heart of Gaia!” 

As we flood this loving light into the core of Gaia’s own heart which appears to us as a Diamond of indescribable beauty, Crystal Beings appear before us, to honour everyone’s love and commitment to Gaia. We continue flooding this powerful wave of pure love into the heart of Gaia and she awakens from her slumber and begins to rise up; rising up and changing into a beautiful divine feminine form, carrying a crown of bright blue and pink flowers upon her head.

“This is Gaia!  She is awakened now. Gaia is the first creation of God.  By divine decree she awakens from her protective diamond!  She is healed and re-birthed! Eons of darkness are complete!

You are the forerunners! You have birthed the new pristine Earth and Gaia herself, and this truth came following the arrival of the Sacred Wave of Cosmic Love that came and firmly embraced you in the most profound peace and abiding love that this Universe can hold!  This was Cosmic Love and it is the foundation of all new creation! The magnetic sensations you felt within your body came from a place deep within Gaia herself!  Cosmic Love is within Gaia! It is rose-pink in frequency and blends beautifully with the magenta ray which is the foundation of creation around you now.  You see it in the air! in the beautiful clouds! and in the Living Sea before You!  It is all around you…and now this new wave of love brings a deeper frequency, a more expanded wave, that links easily to all creation founded in the magenta light!

All is Light!  All Light is Truth!  As you attune to the new spectacular beauty of the world you also know the power of Gods Divine Will – this is the deep blue frequency of Gods Will for the entire separation of the old, tired and collapsed third dimensional matrix – this has been a divine ordination!

While you see what you consider to be a third dimensional reality before you, this is not the case. You are on a fifth dimensional platform and it is intersecting with a new fourth dimensional matrix that has been created the world over;  This new fourth dimensional matrix is one step away from a fifth dimensional frequency and it also holds many intersection points for multiple world protuberances.

Go forth now into this next phase with courage – it is time!  And along the way, you will have faith that what you wish to create in your lives, for you and your families, will be created according to your love, your integrity and your deepest joy!

Old experiences may now be reclaimed into the perfection you desire – begin again if there is doubt in any creation!  This is a time of re-writing old contracts, creating new outcomes, bringing forth joyous experiences that support your absolute Beingness!

All frequencies now, here and around you shall need to be spread the world over. This magnificent healing portal here where you live shall move to the other side of the Earth where much healing can begin.  The codes necessary for the of activation of the new fourth dimensional matrix that has overlaid the old separated third dimensional matrix. 

Have Faith!  Have Power!  Know this as truth!  Share Joy! 

You Are Loved!”

UPDATE: Throughout the month of July there have been many challenging energetic shifts that have left a lot of the Light Bearers tired and feeling strained.  This is the result of the successful anchoring the world over of the core Fifth Dimensional Matrix.  These are trying times and keeping apace with the events has been a challenge but know that even if you are not directly aware of your contribution, rest assured that you are playing a very important role.  With infinite gratitude, Carla

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