In the Eye of the Ascension Hurricane

Georgi Stankov, Carla Thompson and Daniela Lupo, July 10, 2018

Dear Dominique,

you asked me “about the importance and relevance of our mission in Italy with respect to the planetary Ascension in progress…

Italy is the “Alpha and Omega” of the entire human incarnation experiment of  Gaia as the Elohim told us. It is the unknown past and it is the infinite future. And we – Carla, Daniela and myself, and in a broader sense the entire PAT – are in the crosshairs of this gargantuan creationary undertaking of transgalactic proportions.

Italy is the place from where all human civilisations began and where all past human history will end in order to make place for the birth of the new transgalactic multidimensional human race. It is the “zero point” , the birthing channel, the point of no return, and the theatre of explosion of new unmatched creativity for the entire humanity. And it will begin this year and expand in eons of time.

We have known for a long time that Central Europe is the geographical region of the new city of light New Raetia, which I have been building consciously since 2005 – 2007 (and subconsciously much earlier), when I saw for the first time its 5D contours in the gentle hilly rural landscape north of Munich where I was underway with a horse gig and felt as if I had transcended into the medieval past or into an indefinite future where all past, present and future timelines merge.

By the way, since the stasis during the summer solstice and the full destruction of the old 3D matrix all timelines were abolished for ever from Gaia. What we now experience is an empty hologram of the old 3D reality before the final planetary ID shift will come, while Gaia and humanity have firmly ascended into the upper 4D matrix that intercepts with the cities of light anchored in the 5D and higher dimensions. We are already living in the unity field of unlimited Creation.

Therefore, it is no longer possible to create anything within the consensual 3D reality, in which we optically still live, because no parallel timelines exist anymore to harbour all the futile creations by confused human ego-minds in quadrillions of probability alternative realities. Now this form of degenerated human creativity that led to the Fall from Grace of humanity with the annihilation of Lemuria and Atlantis is no longer allowed and this is the mortal verdict of the 3D matrix that heralds the upcoming failure of all humans who still stick to it. That is the downside of the ascension process which we shall witness first hand in the second half of this year.

This is very important to know and to consider as it gives you a clue as to why the old matrix will collapse visibly this year after it has remained unchanged for such a long period of time – it is no longer functional. It is only for the inertia of collective human thoughforms that still keeps it together – it is like the embalmed corpse of Lenin in the Kremlin mausoleum before the Russians finally decide to bury it. But the old 3D matrix is, since the summer solstice, no longer alive and practically non-existent – it is a mere Potemkin’s village in the empty Russian landscape, to use another metaphor from the land that now hosts the world soccer championship which your countrymen (the Belgium team) have the chance to win.

Here is what Astraea et Amora told us on June 29th:

“Through the silence and stillness  [Summer Solstice – June 21 to 22 (nightime: 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. CET, when all reality seemed to stand still, note Carla] it was the moment of the Separation.  This was the separation of the prevalent matrix which no longer served humanity, nor Gaia, nor any other Being upon her.  This shift was of a divine ordinance set out long ago to occur when all would be in perfect alignment through the corridors of both space, time and value.  New quantum alignments facilitated such a shift and the new magnetic foundation provided the certainty of success.”

June 23  – again, at the same time as the day before 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. CET- A profound stillness and stasis:

“This energy of stillness holds a penetrating silence.  And with this silence you perhaps feel empty. And it is with this feeling of emptiness that opens a channel to receive everything that the creation chooses to send to you based on Gods Will.  And based upon Gods Will, following this Separation, open to the stillness and reception of the next gift, you may have noticed a wave of pure love [June 25th, evening CET –  shown to Julia and I in meditation, where we were shown this energy flowing forth to Earth from what we understood to be the planet Venus].  This wave of perfect, precious, divine love is the necessary foundation now for humanity who can no longer create through the consensual reality of a dissolved matrix, and who will now create in the new fourth and fifth dimensional realities.  These new expressions must be based upon the frequency of consciousness that supports Unity, Unconditional Love and Loving Kindness.  

Therefore, this is also the moment of creation of a high vibrating fourth dimensional reality.  It was not possible for a high frequency reality to be gifted before this very moment, without the power of love to sustain it!” 

Since then we experience waves of pure love from the Source that sweep away all remnants of low vibrating energy patterns, emotions and thoughtforms of the old matrix from the new 4D matrix, which has been firmly established on a planetary scale in the first 10 days of July. This process, which is a veritable roller coaster as most PAT members must have felt, is still ongoing:

June 26th Personal Meditation with Georgi and Daniela

The Crystal Beings of the Diamond Core of Gaia offer a message:

 “Behold!  A wave of pure love has arrived – Flood it now into the sacred hearts of each of you!  Flood it into the heart of Gaia!” 

As we flood this loving light into the core of Gaia’s own heart which appears to us as a Diamond of indescribable beauty, Crystal Beings appear before us, to honour everyone’s love and commitment to Gaia. We continue flooding this powerful wave of pure love into the heart of Gaia and she awakens from her slumber and begins to rise up; rising up and changing into a beautiful divine feminine form, carrying a crown of bright blue and pink flowers upon her head.

Astraea et Amora confirm:

“This is Gaia!  She is awakened now. Gaia is the first creation of God.  By divine decree she awakens from her protective diamond!  She is healed and re-birthed! Eons of darkness are complete!

You are the forerunners! You have birthed the new pristine Earth and Gaia herself, and this truth came following the arrival of the Sacred Wave of Cosmic Love that came and firmly embraced you in the most profound peace and abiding love that this Universe can hold!  This was Cosmic Love and it is the foundation of all new creation! The magnetic sensations you felt within your body came from a place deep within Gaia herself!  Cosmic Love is within Gaia! It is rose-pink in frequency and blends beautifully with the magenta ray which is the foundation of creation around you now.  You see it in the air! in the beautiful clouds! and in the Living Sea before You!  It is all around you…and now this new wave of love brings a deeper frequency, a more expanded wave, that links easily to all creation founded in the magenta light!

July 7, 2018, sunset; the Mediterranean sea with view to the south is imbued with magenta as the foundation ray of creation

At the same time the city of light, New Raetia is exploding in gold Christed light in the sky

All is Light!  All Light is Truth!  As you attune to the new spectacular beauty of the world you also know the power of God’s Divine Will – this is the deep blue frequency of God’s Will for the entire separation of the old, tired and collapsed third dimensional matrix – this has been a divine ordination!

While you see what you consider to be a third dimensional reality before you, this is not the case. You are on a fifth dimensional platform and it is intersecting with a new fourth dimensional matrix that has been created the world over;  This new fourth dimensional matrix is one step away from a fifth dimensional frequency and it also holds many intersection points for multiple world protuberances.”

At present the two major cities of light on this planet, New Raetia in Italy and over the Alps, including all Central Europe, and New Lemuria in Vancouver, stretching further east and south along the Pacific coast, have been fully activated and are awaiting impatiently their manifestation. They are already inhibited by numerous 5D beings from all over the Galaxy and by excarnated humans who are eager to begin with their mission of transforming and healing humanity and Gaia after the ID shift. We are in constant telepathic contact with their 5D spaceships that hover over the city of light here in Italy.

This evening (July 9th) we noticed the same huge cloud configuration above the city as we see it for the last 4-5 days in a row. This is definitely the mother spaceship of the GF. Daniela attuned to it and the ETs from the spaceship told her: ” We are here for you and you are here for us, and we are here to create for the universe. Gaia was an experiment and it went wrong, now it is a beautiful experiment and the pride of the universe.”

Then Daniela got telepathically that they are very busy preparing the city of light for its glorious manifestation. She asked the ETs what they are doing and got the information; “We are establishing the Cartesian coordinates xyz for the manifestation of the city of light.”

About a quarter of an hour later we saw these skies above us which we captured in photos. You can see the amazing columns and straight lines that are in all directions and build pyramids and other unusual geometric structures. However, the pics cannot grasp the real beauty of the sky we observed.

These two light centres will be like huge magnets that will attract the attention and the aspiration of the ascending part of humanity. The people will flock to us to experience their architectural beauty, their sublime energetic harmony, and their healing effects first hand and report about them to the rest of humanity. Some will firmly move to these cities of light, if they wish so and are energetically ready for this leap. These cities will be centres for healing, illumination, education, human progress, based on the energetic unity of mind-body-psyche of all incarnated ascending humans. They will be the portals for individual ascension, where we shall gently guide the ascending candidates to their new 5D domicile.

From what we are getting now, I will be the first to ascend and open the ascension portals in Northern Italy and in Vancouver. Carla who is closely associated with Gaia will anchor these portals in the earth and keep them open on the ground. Daniela is a master soul of ascension and will function as a “midwife of ascension”, nudging all those incarnated soul fragments who are ready for ascension but harbour rest fears to make the final leap through the infinity portal. Her energetic soul structure is very much anchored in the Infinity of All-That-Is.

Here, I can talk only about ourselves as from now on each human being is an individual, unique creator and must create his/her new reality with his/her own thoughts, visions, emotions and aspirations. Of course all ascending humans who are aware of their creationary potential will cooperate one way or another with us as the new 5D reality will be that of unity. I am speaking now of the PAT that represents the spearhead of the ascended light warriors of the first and the last hour and the new guardians of Gaia, humanity, and the new Golden Galaxy. We have discussed this issue many times in the past.

What will come next is anyone’s guess. I personally see the two cities of light as huge generators of source light and love where the divine human mind of logical, axiomatic thinking will immediately begin to thrive and embrace the new Theory of Science of the Universal Law. This will lead to unprecedented creativity at the individual and collective level and to rapid transformation of mankind to a new transgalactic society.

We are at the focal point of the greatest and most glorious revolution in the history of mankind, probably in the history of any 3D and 4D civilisation in this multiverse, and the consequences of this creation of cosmic proportions will reverberate throughout the entire space-time continuum of solar universes harbouring innumerable incarnation experiments.

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