Breaking News: The Night When the Earth Stood Still

Georgi Stankov, June 22, 2018

This night both Carla and I woke up all of a sudden around 04.15 am CET as we could not breathe. The air was standing still in the bedroom and heavy with the heat of the previous day (32 degree Celsius), although all windows and doors in the apartment were open and this always guarantees a steady draught and fresh air in the night due to constant sea breeze.

The earth was standing still and there was no distinct noise to hear except for an unspecific thunder in the distance. Then we knew it immediately – this was the long-awaited moment when the earth will stand still before it moves to the 5th dimension. We were already informed by our sources that this event would happen on the day after the summer solstice, but it is one thing to have knowledge of it and quite another to experience it personally. The energies that were flowing through our bodies were of exquisite purity and refinement and carried the calmness of the Source. Nothing moved, all molecules in the air seemed to stand still and the heat from the previous day was all-pervading. Carla received a single word from her HS – Separation!

At this very moment Julia texted Carla from Vancouver (at 19.25 pm Pacific time) and asked her what was happening. She was lucky that we were awake in the middle of the night. We exchanged messages and confirmed that the earth has made a massive ascension shift while standing still – at the zero point! Then Julia texted back: “The earth is flooded with God’s Grace and there are billions of angels around us.” We also felt the presence of numerous angels in this sublime moment of cosmic serenity and solemnity. It was a moment of pure magic.

Words cannot express this state of being. Even now when I am writing this report, the earth is still engulfed in this angelic peacefulness although life is seemingly going on as usual, with traffic noise on the streets and seagulls crying from the roofs. However, it does not need to be a seer to know that this is a new world and the first day of a new era.

Stay attuned – as soon as we know more, we will inform you. Attune now to the beauty of this sublime moment and know that all is well and just as we have expected it.

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