Gnosis as a Personal Experience – Part 5

Georgi Stankov, December 14, 2017

This essay originally appeared in German language as Part II in my second book on Human Gnosis from 2004: “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy“.

follows from Part 4

Transcendental Gnosis is a multidimensional energetic process like the soul herself. The human knowledge of the incarnated personality can be developed and expanded in its depth, intensity and prognostic reliability throughout her short sojourn on the earth only through a universal, creative and continuous education. This kind of education includes two dialectically connected aspects.

On the one hand, education should be acquired within the community, in schools and other institutions, and in this regard the pedagogical skills of the teacher, supported by clear social ideas about the educational goals, play a central role. On the other hand, knowledge is an inner process of the soul, who follows her own route in each incarnated personality. The insights which the personality gains in this way depend solely on her willingness to open up for the inspirations of the soul. Social circumstances and cultural imprints can promote or inhibit this pathway of inner insight, as can be currently observed in different factions of humanity.

The LBP is not just an increase in body frequencies, but in the first place a gnostic process that promotes and expands human awareness. One cannot complete this process  successfully before acquiring and utilizing the necessary intellectual knowledge. Any meaningful processing of the manifold emotional fear-based patterns and beliefs of the present time requires distance and creative approach to all human feelings and ideas that can be only achieved by an enlightened person at the end of his incarnation cycle.

As the personality evolves to a “Man Without Features”, she prepares herself during her earthly lifetime for her existence as an immortal “multi-dimensional personality” that can dwell both in 3D space-time as well as in the higher dimensional realms. With the first ascension of a human being in the current End Time, which is described in Christian theology with the Greek word  “parousia” (“The word “parousia” is mainly used in Christian theology to refer to the Second Coming of Christ”), the fear of death that currently paralyzes the collective soul of humanity will be overcome psychologically. The standardized procedure to leave this world will no longer be, at least for many old souls, the biological death but the personal ascension, during which the incarnated personality transfigures her carbon-based body into a crystalline silicon light body and acquires the omniscience of the higher dimensional realms. During her ascension she should not be drowned by the immeasurable astral knowledge that will flood her awareness, but should be mentally and energetically prepared for it. But also all the people who are still in the incarnation cycle will strive to become immortal and to express their multi-dimensionality on the earth.

My ongoing education was never oriented towards pragmatic goals, but was exclusively based on spiritual principles and the evolution of my personality. I followed this pathway under the close supervision of my Soul. However I always took full personal responsibility for my autodidact evolution that brought me in constant contradiction and opposition to the official education system, which I had not encountered in this consequence and intensity in any other human being. This all prepared me for the LBP that can only be successfully completed when full clarity and alignment with true gnostic thinking is achieved. The reader can easily figure out that most of my intellectual pursuits were rigorously dismissed by my environment, sometimes in a pitiful manner, and sometimes in an aggressive manner, as idle and useless mental gimmicks, even at a time when all my predictions came true in astounding detail.

The point of view of most people, especially of the so-called “realists” who are very proud of their pragmatism, is extremely narrow; it is like a cone of light that only illuminates a tiny section of the reality and considers it to be the only relevant reality. Such realists reject all experiences and insights that lie outside this range because, due to their fears, they are unable to challenge their own ideas of the reality until these are profoundly shaken by a brutal external force. This is a major objective of my impending ascension.

For that reason, spiritual evolution is not just an idle intellectual and creative activity that takes place in solitude, but first and foremost the result of personal steadfastness – the willingness to oppose the ordinary opinions of the “realists”. The most difficult part is when these opinions come from your closest friends and relatives, and you have to experience with what vehemence they react to your justified rejection of their views and denounce this attitude in a prejudiced manner as a hurtful absence of love or lack of consideration. One can only gain distance to such co-dependent behavioral patterns if one knows intimately the anxiety-driven dynamics of the human psyche, and responds to such reactions with understanding, and not with compliance. From a higher perspective, the consistent, conscious fortitude against the false beliefs and behaviors of most common thinking people is a volitional expression of perfect, unconditional Love and the most thankless task on the earth.

After I was strengthened by these intense inner-soul experiences, became immune to any perishable social influences, and was equipped with an extensive in-depth knowledge, I finally stepped into the fifth decade of my life, when the odyssey of the greatest scientific and gnostic discovery in the known history of mankind took its inexorable course.

I will not point out all the convoluted pathways that I walked before and after the discovery of the Universal Law in bio-sciences and medicine, until I developed the General Theory of Biological Regulation in Volume III. I should just mention that at that time I read and analysed more than 10,000 scientific publications and many extensive standard textbooks, until I could prove the validity of the Law in every detail, down to the quantum level of the DNA, including proteins and other biochemical moieties. The extensive evidence in physics and mathematics in Volume I and Volume II, on the other hand, was relatively quick and smooth as soon as I had overcome my initial doubts on the adequacy of my physical expertise.


European philosophy knows innumerable writings on human Gnosis, but not a single useful description as to how gnostic knowledge unfolds psychologically, mentally and experientially in the human mind, and what inner-soul dynamics actually manifest it in the form of intuitive hunches, insights, revelations, somatic perceptions and rational arguments, which always precede and accompany any major scientific discovery. The feeling of shame, as a cellular anchored basic angst of humanity, has prevented such an introspective and very instructive evaluation.

During the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century, such mental and spiritual phenomena were covered, or rather veiled, with the term, the “Genius”. In recent times, this term appears nowhere. One speaks instead of “IQ tests”, although until today no one knows for sure what “intelligence” is. This does not stop the scientists from measuring peoples’ intelligence with IQ tests. So much about the mental and spiritual confusion of present-day humanity! If I report here extensively about how my gnostic insights and knowledge came to me, I do this only to highlight for the first time this central, but hitherto completely neglected aspect of every intellectual endeavour.

At present, it is generally believed that human intelligence exists independently from the physical perception. For example, all IQ tests do not take into account the actual physical condition of the examined person, although already the ancient Romans knew that a healthy body harbors a healthy mind, and everyone knows from his own experience how fast the thinking capacity deteriorates in a state of physical fatigue. Conversely, present-day humanity is not at all familiar with the fact that gnostic knowledge and intellectual achievements are transmitted and fostered by the soul not only mentally, in the form of intuitive thoughts and insights, but are also mediated somatically, through the physical body, before they can be mentally and emotionally processed.

Officially, the existence of the soul is denied by the majority of the people. The minority of the esotericists who believe in the existence of the soul, tend in their spiritual obsession to regard the body as an obstacle to their spiritual evolution and deliberately neglect it. The Christian-tainted belief concerning the alleged “duality of mind and body” promotes the view that the carnal demands of the body are a hindrance to the evolution of the human spirit. This very common view displays numerous facets. Neither in liberal arts, nor in Western science does one find even the slightest hint that the gnostic knowledge of the soul is mediated and promoted somatically – through direct sensations of the physical body.

This one-sided view on human intelligence as a mental phenomenon that stands in an antagonistic relationship to physical needs, is easily explained if one considers the level of development of the body chakras in the current incarnated human population. Because the majority of the world population consists of baby, child and young souls, their chakras are energetically separated and do not work in synchronicity. In most cases, there is an emphasis on the lower three chakras, which express the physical aspects of the survival instincts (1st chakra), sexuality (2nd chakra) and the exertion of power over others (3rd chakra). These chakras are separated from the upper three chakras of intelligence (5th chakra) and spirituality (6th and 7th chakra, also known together as the 3rd eye) by the 4th heart chakra, which is closed in most humans.

The conception of a mind-body duality can be traced back to this somatic experience of the separation of the seven body chakras. We recognize already in this example that every thought is ultimately somatically-energetically conditioned, as long as the soul dwells in an incarnated state. This reflective knowledge is not familiar to humanity. The usual interpretation of human intelligence as an independent of sexuality achievement, and even antithetical to it, illustrates merely the energetic separation of the body chakras in immature incarnated souls, who express this energetic somatic decoupling in a very unreflecting manner in their limited thoughts.

Even if the intelligence and linguistic abilities are currently mediated by the upper 5th chakra, these mental qualities must remain limited because they are not supported by the spiritual-ecstatic experiences (6th & 7th chakra) of unconditional love (4th chakra). Because of the immature soul age of the majority of souls incarnated on the earth, the sixth and seventh chakras are currently not energetically activated in most humans. This circumstance explains the lack of spiritual qualities in most people. Intellectually centered young souls with an emphasis on the 5th chakra, but with a closed 4th heart chakra, who exercise scientific professions have usually very limited, unspiritual knowledge and often convey the impression of “emotionally deprived professional idiots”.

Genuine gnostic knowledge can only be conveyed through and supported by a unified chakra which includes and synchronizes all the seven body chakras. For this reason the merging of the seven chakras into a unified chakra during the LBP has much in common with the Platonic Eros. In this way, the spiritually and medially inspired intelligence of the incarnated personality encompasses the sexuality as a physical experience of the ecstatic bliss of the higher dimensions and bestows carnal love with a new transcendent meaning. In this process, the power instinct of the 3rd chakra that is currently responsible for the manipulation of man and matter loses its relevance. The human species is heaved to a new level of spiritual and astral-energetic evolution.

These processes are completely unknown to humanity today. I will now close this gap in human knowledge by describing how my soul mediated the gnostic experience of the Universal Law to me in a direct somatic way, before I could handle it intellectually. In this way, I will put upside down all conventional ideas on human intelligence.


One day, shortly before the discovery of the Universal Law, while I was walking on foot to my office, I experienced out of the blue an incredibly powerful energetic gradient that flowed like a high-voltage electrical current through my whole body. I felt that the voltage came from the invisible cosmos and reached to the core of the earth. At that time, I dealt extensively with the famous Einstein’s equation for the conservation of energy and mass: E=mc². I had not yet figured out that mass as a physical quantity is simply energy relationship, and that the two terms, mass and energy, are tautological paraphrases of the Primary Term within the framework of mathematical formalism. I felt for some time, with increasing intensity, that this equation was hiding a secret that Einstein had not unraveled. I was under tremendous mental constraint to decipher this puzzle and stared long hours in total mental absence at this equation.

This event happened in the spring of the year 1994. Shortly before that I had developed the new space-time symbolism from the primary term in order to better express the physical dimensions of all quantities as they are conventionally assessed through the SI system. I had already proved that many of these quantities can be reduced to space and time but did not yet expect that this symbolism would be at the heart of the new theory of the Universal law.  I had not shown yet that all known SI dimensions can be reduced to these two constituents/ dimensions of space-time.

With the help of this symbolism, I intended to prove the validity of the Universal Equation E = EA  f , which I had first derived for the metabolism of the cell and with the help of which I could exactly calculate the entire metabolism of the human body consisting of trillions of cells. I wanted to investigate whether this equation was also valid for inanimate physical matter. As this equation assessed the energy exchange in a general way, I wanted to find out whether all physical laws may be reduced to this equation and thus show that they are simple mathematical derivations of the Universal Equation, as I later proved beyond any doubt.

In the beginning the task seemed impossible to me, as most physical laws and formulae in conventional physics do not assess energy exchange, but refer to various other physical quantities. I had no idea how I should bring all that diversity under one common denominator. Therefore, I first of all took Einstein’s equation because it proved in a fundamental manner the equivalence between matter, defined as mass, and energy. This equation builds the basis of the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. With its help one can, for example, calculate the rest mass and binding energy of the elementary particles in the nucleus, that is, the rest mass defect. This topic is basic stuff in quantum physics. For all readers who have no knowledge in physics, I will explain this topic in a popular scientific manner below.

The protons and neutrons exhibit, as singular elementary particles, a specific constant energy and mass. When they interact with each other, they undergo an energy exchange, and bind together to build the nuclei of atoms and molecules, which consist of several or more hadrons. During this nuclear reaction, a certain amount of energy which is defined as nuclear binding energy, is released. This is the energy of the photons that is emitted during this bonding of protons and neutrons in the nucleus. The released photon energy is equated to the nuclear binding energy.

In this case, the mass of the bound particles (as hadrons), that is, the mass of the nucleus is smaller than the mass of the unbound particles exactly by the mass of the emitted photons, as the law of conservation of energy demands. However, before the discovery of the Universal Law, all physicists, including Einstein, erroneously believed (and they still believe today) that photons have no mass and this created a hell of a mess in the entire physics as I show easily in the latest propaedeutics. This explains the total confusion of Einstein and all the physicists regarding his famous equation. According to their false perspective, this rest mass defect u in the nucleus can be calculated with the help of Einstein’s equation E=mc² and vice versa: one measures the rest mass defect and determines the released photon energy. In this way, Einstein’s equation proves, according to its conventional interpretation, the equivalence between matter defined as the mass of the bound particles in atoms and molecules and the energy, defined as the released photon energy during this bonding.

In the new physical theory of the Universal Law, energy is identical with the primary term of the new Axiomatics, and matter is, per definition, a subset of it, so that the two terms are by no means equivalent. Since photon space-time is also a particular subset of energy, which means it also has a mass, as this quantity is, according to its conventional definition in physics, an energy relationship, the law of conservation of energy fully applies to these two entities – matter and photon space-time – that engage in an incessant energy exchange. Exactly this simple fact is assessed by Einstein’s equation in a general manner.  Besides, there are a number of other conventional laws that also assess the energy exchange between matter and photon space-time, such as all the radiation laws, that I have also derived from the Universal Equation in Volume I and II.

As already said, I could not get rid of that very intense, almost obsessive foreboding that Einstein’s famous equation was incomplete, and was misinterpreted by all the physicists in a fundamentally wrong manner. Over the course of several days, I turned the equation back and forth, and tried out new interpretations. I wrote the equation in the new space-time symbolism as E = m[2d space-time], where c² = [2d space-time]. I was under high voltage for several weeks, and the energetic tension in my mind and body was unbearable. I had to think constantly about this simple equation.

Until that auspicious day, when I was on my way to my institute, deeply immersed in my thoughts about the Einstein equation, when a cosmic high-voltage energy bolt struck me so violently, that I almost fell over. I had to stop and catch my breath. The earth disappeared under my feet and I hung weightless in space. A forceful vision took full grip of my consciousness like a lightning bolt:  in one single moment that seemed to take forever, I saw, figuratively, although there were no pictures in the conventional sense, how the earth, more precisely, all physical objects and all living beings, were formed and dissolved as energetic eddies along this cosmic energetic gradient that pervaded the entire universe.

It was a simultaneous, symbolic image of the universe, whose celestial bodies I perceived as an assembly of energetic protuberances. These energetic entities corresponded to the diverse objects and forms of matter and were formed and dissolved continuously from the innumerable energetic rays of this gargantuan cosmic gradient, that was flowing through my whole body. I perceived these rays with my inner eye – as I cannot say that I really saw them optically – as extremely fast vibrating filaments that traversed the entire cosmic space, including my body, and filled it with high-frequency energetic oscillations.

At that moment of enormous physical stirring, the idea of the world gradient U =  was born in my mind (see Volume II for further details). I realized, in a flash, that the photon space-time builds the space, so that it is not empty, as physics currently claims. I suddenly knew that the space is formed by an extremely powerful energy gradient – ergo, the cosmic space is the world gradient. This world gradient is the driving force behind the emergence of inorganic matter and all living beings.

It was a real epiphany that captured my mind and paralyzed my body for a while. This extremely intense somatic perception of the world gradient, which as I later calculated, generated an enormous electric field strength in the magnitude of 1.1011 V per meter, became somewhat less intense in the next few days, but it stayed within me as an existential somatic experience for a very long time. The world gradient plays a central role in the new theory of the Universal Law, as it allows the integration of gravitation with electromagnetism and the other two fundamental forces, and abolishes the standard model (for further details see Volume I, Chap. 3.10, p. 80 and Volume II, as well as the new propaedeutics).

Over the following five years, while I was elaborating on and writing down the theory of the Universal Law, I felt the cosmic world gradient without interruption, but with varying intensity. Its vibrations encompassed not only my entire body, but also all my thoughts. Henceforth, I could perceive, in a direct somatic manner, the effects of the Universal Law behind all of the phenomena which I observed, although my five senses were not involved in this perception. How could they be? It was a transcendental experience beyond the known realm of sensory-material sensations.

The quality of the vibrations of the world gradient differed distinctly from that of the astral-somatic vibrations I had been experiencing for over five years during the LBP. If I could ever describe them, I would rather designate the vibrations of the world gradient as “long waves” that “carried me forward”. They predominantly affected my thoughts, and lent them an unusual clairvoyance and determination. The body was highly stimulated by these vibrations and experienced a tremendous activation and a motivation-like push. I was capable of undertaking every conceivable intellectual and physical effort. In addition, these vibrations did not produce a high-pitched tone around my head, as is the case with the vibrations during the LBP, which I have discussed in detail in my first gnostic book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“.

In contrast, the vibrations during the LBP are of extremely high frequency and penetrate each and every cell of my body. The intensely vibrating higher dimensional energies flow from the Source through my upper, non-physical chakras (8th to 14th and even higher), which are now fully opened, as waves into my body, and produce a deafening, uninterrupted high-pitched tone around my head, that can be very annoying most of the time. The portal of entry is the left brain hemisphere, which is fully freed up for these energies. Sometimes the wave is so violent that it induces a state of commotio cerebri, and that is why I call such extreme waves a “cc-wave“. During a cc-wave, the left half of the head is severed from the right one, and is greatly reduced in its sensitivity, as if it were anesthetized. The cc-energy wave always induces an excruciating headache of which current medicine has no clue.

These astral energies flow along the left pyramidal tract that crosses with the right one in the brain, as one should know, and innervates the right half of the body. For that reason,  the astral energies flow predominantly in the right half of my body and produce there a pronounced muscle rigidity and joint stiffness, which are sometimes associated with temporary coordination disorders. These symptoms have nothing to do with rheumatism, and one should not run to the doctor and ask for a detrimental treatment, as these symptoms disappear as soon as the current period of energetic transformation of the body is completed by the soul.

This condition usually lasts one to two days, until the astral waves have reached the lower body chakras and have begun to raise their frequencies. Because of that, after each such energy bout I regularly experience an acute gastrointestinal crisis, which is an expression of the energetic transformation of the 3rd chakra that anchors in the liver, pancreas and the adjacent gastrointestinal organs. Simultaneously, my airways are affected and I suffer from an asthma-like constriction of the airways, which can even stipulate to an acute bronchopulmonitis that is accompanied by a severe pain in the airways, and violent burning in the chest area. It is important to stress at this place that the mucosal cells of the airways are the most sensitive cells to such energetic transformation and suffer the most. These symptoms occur as a result of the transformation of the 4th heart chakra. Subsequently, the lower two body chakras are affected and transformed; this transformation is usually accompanied with a temporary irritation or even acute inflammation of kidneys, bladder and urinary tract. The enhanced cell metabolism during such episodes leads to increased diuresis and higher excretion of uric acid and other biochemical moieties of cell degradation that are eliminated through the urinary tract, and may have a pungent smell.

In this way, the soul performs a profound transformation of the biological body while raising its frequencies. During this transformation, the body feels immensely exhausted, depleted and listless. This condition can improve within a few hours if necessary, for instance, when some existential tasks are pending. The vibrations of the astral energies change their quality and intensity all the time, so that in the meantime, I am in the position to distinguish more than 40 – 50 different qualities, and be able to predict their specific impact and symptoms on my body. This kind of expertise in the LBP hugely facilitates and mitigates the psychological experience of the imponderables of these altogether highly unpleasant waves. Such waves can last from a few hours to several days or even weeks.

Towards the end of the LBP, the waves become shorter, more intense, and heavier – and the energy intensity is no longer human. The whole space around my body, visible within a radius of up to 100 meters, is filled “to the brim” with these vibrations. In fact, my energy field encompasses the entire globe, and much more, as these energies come directly from the Source. They embody a unique accumulation of source energies within this 3D holographic model that is unprecedented in the history of mankind. The moment these energies manifest in this dense 3D reality, the psycho-mental situation of the entire humanity and this planet will change forever. A detailed description of the astral waves of the LBP is, however, beyond the scope of this book and should be reserved for a special technical book or articles (N.B. see also these articles which I wrote later on: 1. Light Body Process in the End Times; 2. The Function of Left and Right Brain in the Light Body Process; 3. How to Interpret Correctly the Clinical Symptoms of Your Light Body Process; 4. Update on The Energies of the LBP; 5. New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – Serial 7)

No matter if I drove or walked, ate or sat in front of the computer, I felt during the time of the discovery of the Universal Law, how an invisible force field enveloped my body and let it float on an air cushion over the ground. This force field carried me forward with an irresistible intrusiveness and helped me immensely to write down the new theory of the Universal Law in a very short period of time. I could not resist its power, and I did not want to, because it also filled me with an ecstatic, enthusiastic bliss, that was previously unknown to me.

Since I first derived the Universal Law for organic matter, where its mode of action at the cellular level is closely related to the so-called FUELs (Functional Units of Energy transLocation), which are specialized transmembrane proteins of the cell (see Volume III), I had for more than a year, very lucid and vivid visions when I was looking at the trees in the forest. During that time, I had the strong desire to be in nature – to hike for a long time in the mountains or in the near-by forests. In my imagination, I saw optically with my 3rd eye, how these transmembrane proteins build the membrane potentials of the tree cells from the world gradient, whereby the sun’s rays, precisely the photons, which the cells used for their photosynthesis, i.e. for their metabolism, were, in fact, a concrete system of the world gradient.

I could literally feel how the energy of the sun’s rays fell onto the leaves of the trees and how they were transformed through photosynthesis into the electromagnetic energy of the membrane potentials of the tree cells, and how this stored energy was used for the cell metabolism and the growth of the trees: The photon gradient of the sun was figuratively showering from above onto the trees, and was converted into electrical energy of the membrane potentials, which at that time I interpreted as a kind of self-organization of organic matter, and how the trees grew higher and higher in the opposite direction against the gravitational force. It was an overwhelming symbolic vision of the elasticity of space-time, which I later summed up formally in a universal cognitive form as the “Axiom on the reciprocal behavior of two neighboring gradients of a system“. I was able to perceive and understand these processes very well, because the same world gradient was flowing through my own body at the same time: it was the same pantheistic feeling that I knew from my early childhood, but this time it was scientifically founded and rationally comprehended.

This simultaneous visual image of the energetic origin of all plants was so compelling and overwhelming in its congruence, that I engraved it forever in my memory. In this image, which I preserved alive and present as an archetypal thought in my scientific mind, I inserted later on all my factual knowledge of biochemistry, biology, physiology, medicine, immunology and genetics, without a single contradiction or inconsistency. However, this intellectual endeavour, which was actually a tedious detective search through the labyrinth of scientific blunders, took six years and required the analysis of countless publications and theoretical works before it was successfully completed in Volume III.

In this state of mental and physical excitement, I was carried forward by an indescribable spiritual inspiration and had to give up completely the person I used to be, and to subordinate all my thoughts and activities to the elaboration of the new theory. Over that period of time, I forgot about all my daily duties and responsibilities that arose from my previous life, which all of a sudden appeared irrelevant and meaningless to me. I dedicated myself to my new task with fervor and obsession that could only cause utter alienation and incomprehension in my environment.

Although at that time I was in big financial troubles, I did not care about it and I noticed, to my surprise, how the problems were miraculously resolved one after the other. The somatic and psycho-mental perception of the world gradient became an existential feeling; it was a supernatural sensual sensation of the ubiquitous validity of the Universal Law, which immeasurably expanded my previous limited experience, based only on my human corporeality. I lived in a permanent condition of an exalted pantheism and felt One with nature and the cosmos.

The disciples of Jesus must have felt something similar when the “Holy Spirit” entered their bodies at Pentecost (see above). They too were imbued for a very long time by a powerful astral force and accomplished deeds to which they were previously incapable, if one reads the Bible very carefully.

When I first perceived this “divine” power as an energetic gradient that conveyed to me the Oneness of All-That-Is, I experienced at the same time an indescribable clarity of thinking that expanded forever my consciousness. As soon as I came to my office, I sat down at my desk and derived the world gradient from Einstein’s equation and determined its SI dimensions (See Volume I, chapter 3.10, p. 80. and Volume II). Now I had to prove that this world gradient, as a physical quantity, is identical by definition with the electric voltage (potential) or gradient as presented in electromagnetism.

My hands were trembling with excitement while I derived the many different mathematical formulae for electric gradient, which one finds in textbooks on physics, in the new space-time symbolism. I hugely benefited from the fact that as a student and high school graduate in Bulgaria decades ago, I had extensively practiced the derivation of SI dimensions and units in physical equations as to prepare successfully for the entrance exam in physics at the technical university in Sofia. After about an hour I was able to prove that all known equations of electromagnetic gradient have exactly the same dimensionality as that of the world gradient of the photon space-timec2 = U = [2d space-time].

At that point in time, I was not yet in the position to foresee all the consequences that resulted from this proof, and later on became part of the new physical theory of the Universal Law. The only thing that I knew at that moment with unmistakable certainty, was that the photon gradient is the source of creation of physical matter and of all plants and living organisms. It generates the electrical membrane potentials of the cells and organizes these to high-efficiency energetic units of organic matter. I had already calculated that the entire stored energy of the electrical membrane potentials of all cells of the human organism is equivalent to the effective energy obtained from metabolism, when the heat emitted to the surroundings is subtracted (See my comments on the energetic balance of the cell and human body metabolism in Volume III, chapter 1.2.).

After I had proved, with the help of the universal equation, the energy balance of the human body, I was convinced that this equation represents the mathematical shell of a natural law that is valid for both organic and inorganic matter. Because this formula assesses the energy conservation, which is known as the first thermodynamic law in physics, I was confident that I was on the right track. Nevertheless, I needed this very intense and persistent somatic experience of the world gradient to intellectually grasp this realization and work it out theoretically.

The implementation of this gnostic knowledge in physics proceeded in many steps. Every time when I made a major theoretical breakthrough and transcended the limits of previous physical knowledge, I felt in a very unpleasant manner strong reservations, whose origin lay in my previous scientific education and training. At the beginning, I considered these reservations as an expression of my objective critical judgment, which I still felt obliged to observe as a scientist at that time. I noticed, however, very soon that these reservations significantly slowed down my quest to move forward and make new exciting findings.

As soon as I could invalidate these conventional reservations, I sensed a clear relief. At the very moment in which they had disappeared from my consciousness, I could glide through the physical stuff without any resistance and made new discoveries that I did not previously consider to be possible. I soon realized that all my reservations were unfounded, educated pseudo-scientific considerations: they were useless leftovers of my conventional education and only established artificial barriers for my ever-expanding consciousness.

Because I have always liked to be in the role of the spiritual rebel, I solemnly took a vow to unconditionally let go of all scientific beliefs taught to me at school and at university, and from then on to progress unreservedly in my exploratory thirst. I  have not regretted this willful decision to date, even if I had to acknowledge the futility of my long-standing academic education.

This long education was nevertheless not in vain: the throwing off of mental baggage and the destruction of conventional science bestowed me with such a sublime spiritual satisfaction which one can only experience in an act of divine creation. While I was working out the new theory of the Universal Law, I felt like the first human on the earth. I weaved the world anew with my thoughts, and bequeathed it to future generations in the form of a written teaching of eternal validity.

Another perception about this progressive dissolution of my previous scientific worldview became noticeable at that time. I read a lot of textbooks and journals, and had collected a stately library. Since childhood I had regarded books as an integral part of my life.  And now I experienced, all of a sudden, in a kind of optical vision, how the books began to formally dissolve in my hands as soon as I began to scroll through them. With their seemingly physical disappearance, they also lost their meaning forever. Books, which I had previously appreciated, suddenly seemed irrelevant and worthless to me, like dusty, useless old volumes that one throws in the garbage.

In this context, I had very intense presentiments that the majority of all written works, which humanity has produced in its history, are misleading and irrelevant, and will no longer matter. Later on, I interpreted this direct sensual foreboding as a logical consequence of the new theory of Universal Law, with which I discarded all basic scientific ideas.

Since that time, I have read almost no scientific books anymore, because their epistemological errors make me very tired. I also need only a few seconds to scroll through a book to find out if it is of some value, or if it is completely wrong and superfluous. This impeccable judgment greatly facilitated the development of the new theory which I then advanced without any role models, and without any considerations of previous accepted opinions and renowned luminaries (I recommend the reader to study my annihilating analysis of the “great” performances of such thinkers as Newton and Einstein in Volumes I and II (N.B. or even better the new propaedeutics) as to realize the full extent of my deconstruction of these monuments in science. In order to rise up to this demanding task, I had to distance myself completely from all previous opinions, assessments and veneration.).

During that time I experienced the worst anxiety attacks, which even though were justified by my difficult existential situation, were quite exaggerated, so that I wondered about that and observed them curiously as independent psychological phenomena. I had already withstood in my life so many blows, that I was not particularly impressed by these difficulties. Rather, I looked upon them as an incentive to intensify my scientific activities.

Looking back, I realize that the discovery process of the Universal law was at the same time the first decisive phase in my LBP, when my typical anxiety patterns and beliefs were energetically erased, and a fundamental reorientation of my world view was initiated. This mental change is yet to come for the rest of humanity and will be triggered by my ascension as the first multidimensional personality.

The full acceptance of the new theory of the Universal Law will take much longer, according to my estimation. It will probably take decades, if not centuries, depending on the timeline, until all incarnated human souls have understood it, just as there are still people today who have not yet internalized that the earth is round and turning around its axis (N.B. In this context, I would like to point out the obsolete idea of “flat earth” that has gained in recent years a great popularity and acceptance among the light workers community, and about which I had to lead exhausting discussions with some of my readers before I could convince them to give up this mental aberration. This fact shows how slowly humanity evolves on the intellectual and spiritual ladder, and how easily relapses can occur.).


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