Update on The Energies of the LBP

by Dr. Georgi Stankov, December 27, 2011, copyright 2011



The last discussion on the real cosmic energies behind the LBP and the role of the sexual energy “kundalini“, respectively the lack of any role of this low frequency energy in this process, revealed that there is a great need for further clarification and elaboration of this central topic in the current End Times which will lead to ascension of humanity to the 5th dimension. I have discussed the LBP extensively in my two previous articles, so that I will concentrate here on the new energies that are flooding earth and humanity since the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 with our help and are now contributing decisively to the acceleration of the LBP in all incarnated human beings.

As there are many false ideas and concepts regarding the LBP circulating among light workers and in the esoteric community, I will explain at some length what kundalini actually is and why this low frequency sexual energy does not play any role in the current LBP. The importance of kundalini has been wrongly exaggerated not only by Ute recently, but also by some other readers of this website, so that I came to the conclusion that it is necessary to shed some light one more time on this rather convoluted energetic process, which is determining the destiny not only of all star seeds as the members of the PAT, but also of humanity in one or another way.

Those people who will be ready to open their personal fields for the energies of the LBP will acquire the chance to ascend  by the end of 2012. Those who have almost completed their LBP and are now ready for cosmic ascension to become transliminal souls, as is the case with the PAT members, will also profit from this discussion. Due to the delay of the shift and first ascension at 11.11.11,  they have now the possibility to ascend higher than previously planned for this incarnation, if they establish a clear understanding of this process and support it mentally and emotionally in the last days prior to their ascension.

Why Kundalini Plays No Role in the LBP

The idea that kundalini should play any role in the current LBP, as suggested by Ute and some other readers  is a complete misapprehension of the actual energetic situation during this process, and I must decisively repudiate it. It contradicts absolutely what I have experienced in the last 12 years during my LBP and what many members of the PAT have also experienced and reported to me.

Moreover, these wrong views do not coalesce with the new physical theory of the Universal Lawwhich must be applied to the LBP in order to understand its underlying energetic mechanism in a consistent scientific manner. After all, the LBP is an energetic phenomenon and the Universal Law is the only physical law of All-That-Is which assesses the nature of Energy = Space-Time in all its infinite manifestations.

Ute and some other readers supported the view that kundalini is essential for the initiation and progress of the LBP. This flawed concept was presented in different facets. One reader believed that kundalini is responsible for the harmonization of the seven body chakras. All these faulty ideas stem from the lack of physical understanding as to how Nature = Energy operates as a Whole and in particular systems, such as the human organism.

Let me say it from the very beginning: Kundalini does not play any role in the harmonization of the seven body chakra during the LBP. The actual energetic principle is completely different  as I have written extensively in my two articles on the LBP and in my last article on the “Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization”.

First of all, there is no such thing as “harmonization” during the LBP, but exactly the reverse process – the incessant building of energy gradients in the mental, emotional and physical body which are perceived by the incarnated entity as psychomental disharmonies or imbalances, for instance, as conflicting ideas and antagonistic feelings.

The actual harmonization with the higher realms is coming from the opening of the 4th heart chakra, which begins to enlarge and to encompass the three lower chakras and to put them in alignment with the three upper chakras and later on with the higher frequency energies of the monad and the source. This process has been discussed in numerous channeling messages in the last several years, but without giving any technical explanations as the channelers are not prepared for them and would have been overwhelmed. I will explain below how this “harmonization”, which is actually a temporary disharmony of the human energetic fields during the LBP,  is accomplished from a physical point of view.

The opening of the stargate 11.11.11 accelerated this process and many members of the PAT experienced this acute opening and expanding of the heart chakra and have reported it on numerous occasions in the ascension reports.  Parallel to the opening of the 4th heart chakra, the left brain portal is also opened. These two processes overlap in the second half of their opening period. In my case, the opening of the 4th chakra occurred in the period of 1997-1999 and the opening of the left brain portal in 1999. I now receive regularly emails from members of the PAT, who report about the massive opening of their left brain portal and the associated clinical symptoms (see for instance report-43).

There are many wrong ideas as to what the human chakras really are. I will not delve into them. In reality, the seven human chakras are, from an energetic point of view, interceptions between the high frequency energies coming from the soul and the higher dimensions and the electromagnetic space-time of the biological organism.

I have proved irrevocably in the new General Theory of Biological Regulation based on the Universal Law that the human organism is a  complex superimposed electromagnetic wave system. The reason for this is that all cells operate as more or less spherical electromagnetic capacitors which transform the chemical energy from the food during their metabolism into stored electromagnetic energy of the membrane potentials of the human cells. This scientific discovery was made for the first time in the history of science by myself in 1994, after I discovered the Universal law for organic matter, and before proving its universal validity for physical matter and for All-That-Is a year later.

Geometrically regarded, the chakras have the form of rotational cones with their peaks rooted in the front and in the back of the body at the according level and associated organs. These cones are vortexes that rotate with different rotational velocities and this kinetics determines their actual frequency and function. The rotational velocity and the frequency augments from the 1st bottom chakra (instinctive centre) to the 7th ecstatic chakra, which is associated with the pineal gland.

Please observe in this context that waves = frequencies are rotations and vice verse – the origin of every wave and frequency is a closed rotation. In this sense all objects and systems in All-That-Is are superimposed rotational systems. They are U-sets that contain All-That-Is and themselves as an element. This also holds true for the human chakras. I have discussed this basic gnostic and physical topic, which is also underpinning present-day quantum mechanics, at length in my last book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction“.

When the chakras are closed, as is the case in more than 90% of the current human population, they harbour numerous debris and crystals in their cone fields, which impede their rotational kinetics. These astral debris and crystals represent the actual blockages and past dross of the incarnated human entity, which he has to cleanse during the LBP.

When the chakras begin to open, these blockages are eliminated step by step and the front and back cones/vortexes begin to enlarge their energetic field and to merge into a complete spherical field. This starts with the heart chakra and slowly encompasses the three lower chakras, where kundalini is induced only in those incarnated entities, who have closed 4th to 7th chakras (for further details see report-42 and report-43).

Many human beings have in addition closed lower chakras. In most cases they have only opened the 1st basic chakra which is responsible for the animalistic self-preservation instincts (survival instincts) and the 3rd power chakra of human dominance, which is associated with liver, stomach, pancreas and gallbladder. The latter chakra is well developed in all dark entities, which dominate the current debased society as politicians, managers and other minions of the Orion/Reptilian Empire. Their driving force in life is to exert power and dominance over the rest of humanity as to feel safe, as the three lower chakra harbour all basic fears of humanity that determine human behaviour and shape society according to the principle of angst.

Many of these entities have a closed 2nd chakra, which is the actual sexual chakra that also generates kundalini. The 2nd chakra is not only responsible for the pure sexual energy during the sexual act, experienced as orgasm by those who are able to enjoy it, but also for the creative artistic energies in the incarnated human entity. In this particular case I doubt seriously that those who talk extensively about kundalini and its role in the LBP belong to the group that enjoys orgasm, as large trials on sexual human behaviour have clearly revealed that less than 50% of the human population have ever experienced orgasm in their life due to their closed second chakra. In this respect I also recommend to read the Kinsey report,

This is where the term “kundalini” actually comes into play. Many artists, painters, writers, but also scientists have profited from this energy during an intensive sexual intercourse and have made use of this sexual energy more or less in an unconscious manner to achieve remarkable intellectual and creative results in a short period of time. For instance, it is reported that while Schrödinger had a stormy sexual affair with his mistress for several months during the winter of 1926 in a mountain hut in the Alps, he developed his famous Schrödinger equation of quantum mechanics and wrote several basic publications which laid the foundation of this new physical discipline.

Sex, being a stimulus for great artistic achievements, is a commonplace in the world literature and I do not need to quote particular titles here. Suppressed sexual energies in the Victorian and Biedermaier societies of the 19th century (read also the novels of Henry James about the prudent US-society on the East coast at that time) was the driving inspirational force that determined the mainstream of the Western novel (prose) tradition.

This trend merged with the esoteric movement known as Mesmerism (Mesmer, a French physician), which postulated the existence of a mythic “vis vitalis“, which penetrates all Creation – hence the verb “mesmerize”  in the English language, which points to the popularity of this teaching since that time.

It was from this cultural background that the idea of kundalini gained popularity in the 20th century. The term was initially borrowed from the Asian esoteric tradition, which reached the Western minds through the esoteric teachings of Blavatsky  (theosophic society). Essentially, “kundalini” was  introduced in the West as it is mainly practised in the tantric tradition, where it was seldom, if ever, used as a source of inspiration. otherwise we must have heard more about its artistic achievements in Asia.

Only the unhealthy combination of ill-guided Western esoteric tradition with unyielding Asian tantric teachings led to the mythologizing of this sexual energy known as “kundalini”.

This short tour de force through the historic background of this term is necessary as to highlight how some dubious and unclear concepts gain broad acceptance in the poorly educated Western society, as is the case with the current New Age movement. The New (Old) Agers in North America have seldom a true understanding of the cultural traditions in the rest of the world and how certain spiritual concepts evolved throughout time and became fully perverted at the end.

Ute makes in this respect no exception – she combines the proverbial German/European ignorance with the same Anglo-Saxon ignorance in a perfect manner. The End Times are unfortunately in the first place the times of collective ignorance  –  this is the most despicable aspect of them, and that is why it is so hard to stay any day longer on this primitive planet. Being in addition a “prison planet”  bothers me less as I always have been a free man.

This is the cultural background of the term “kundalini” that is currently on the best way to completely confuse the light workers’ understanding of the energetic processes underlying the current LBP. Therefore, I suggest to every star seed, who is seriously interested in progressing in the LBP, to delete this word from his vocabulary.

Another major source of the current confusion with regard to the evaluation of the LBP is that most people depart from different initial energetic conditions, which are inherent to their esoteric weltanschauung. Let me elaborate on this issue.

The Cosmic Energies of the LBP

When the left brain portal is fully opened and the 4th heart chakra fully expanded as to encompass the three lower and three higher chakras, this basic energetic condition of the LBP actually leads to the so called “cosmic ascension” beyond the 144-octave or the 5th dimension. Most of the members of the PAT are that much advanced and will finish their current incarnation with a cosmic ascension. Their number hardly exceeds 2000 at best. The number of all star seeds and light workers is estimated to be about 30 million at present. Some of them will have a cosmic ascension, but many of them will not make it and will end up with planetary ascension or die next year and ascend in this way.

The “planetary ascension” is reserved for the huge masses of unenlightened people, who are supposed to awaken in the course of the next year as to ascend to the lower second level of the 5th dimension in Dec 2012, where they will still experience some kind of physicality and their ability to create immediately through imagination will not be developed yet.

The ascended masters that will go beyond the 5th dimension in the course of their cosmic ascension will be able to create immediately and will enjoy multidimensional experiences in the horizontal and vertical dimension. It is very important to clearly present these basic facts as I have made the experience that they are confused all the time, even by members of the PAT.

According to my observations, most of the light workers are currently laboring on the opening of their 4th heart chakra and have not yet opened their left brain portal. This crucial threshold will be reached by some of them in 2012, so that they will be able to accelerate their LBP in the coming days and weeks under the powerful influence of the 11.11.11 energies and the follow-up energies after the portals 12.12 and 21.12 were opened.

There is a small number of human entities, such as most of the PAT members, who are in the final phase of the LBP and operate for many years with an opened left brain portal. The others have not had this experience so far, but this does not hinder them to discuss this issue as if they were experts in LBP. To indulge in such discussions will be as futile as explaining to blind people the beauty of the visible colours. It does not work.

This is the case with Ute for example, She has recommended herself with her remarks on kundalini as a paradigm for all blind New-Old Agers, who believe that they can “doctor” on esoteric themes by throwing with empty shells of words at their readers, borrowed from antiquated Asian or other esoteric sources or by worshipping past gurus such as Adi Da, whose teachings nobody remembers anymore.

The LBP is a very tedious recurrent, iterative process. This is the reason why it is so exhausting and so difficult to bear. Each new wave that enters the body is of a higher frequency than the previous one, but it essentially accomplishes the same job as the previous one. Only the intensity and the severity of the accompanying clinical symptoms is greater and this makes life on earth for anybody who is fully in the LBP a real torture.

This is the p(l)ain truth and any “sugar coating” as Wilfred says (see report-43)  is a treacherous confusion that distracts the entity away from ascension and spiritual evolution. This must be said openly and firmly at this place. There is no point in deluding us and other people, but helping us and them to ascend very soon and leave this hell on earth for ever. This can only be done if we see the true reality with eyes wide open.

Now let me specify: There are numerous wave patterns and energy qualities that enter the human body through the left brain portal during the LBP. Under this circumstance, the seven body chakras almost completely lose their initial function, except to still participate in the usual automatic coordination of the biological body. The body chakras are now subjugated to the higher frequencies coming from the 8th to 14th chakras, which are the highest possible frequencies, coming actually from the Source. (8th to 12th dimensions).

When these energies enter the body and flow through the KA tube and the neuronal pathways as described by myself in my two articles on the LBP, they begin to augment the frequencies of the seven body chakra according to the cosmic laws of  constructive and destructive interference – by deleting low frequency patterns and substituting them with higher ones as explained in my last article on the “Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization”. This is a highly repetitive process that lasted in my case 12 years without a pause. Now this process will be accelerated as the energies are more powerful and favourable on earth after 11.11.11.

For instance, it took me 7-8 years to cleanse my third power chakra and during that time I had most of the time acute gastric, pancreatic and liver pains. Even today when there is a new wave, as was recently the case around the two portals 12.12 and 21.12, these organs always suffer. But I have developed a special breathing technique to mitigate these pains coming from the 3rd chakra within seconds.

These powerful heavenly energies from the source, flowing through the left brain portal from the 8th to 14th chakra over-drive and suppress the low frequency energies transmitted by the three lower chakras. These chakras have in the meantime augmented their vibrations well beyond the spectrum of sexual energies experienced in a various way and defined as “kundalini” in the literature in the past.


Form this disquisition it follows succinctly that one should not throw all concepts in a huge barrel, mix them and hope that something good will come out of it. There is a rigid systematics in the presentation of the LBP and one should not confuse the individual stages, underlying phenomena and particular energies.

To understand them properly. one has to have an intimate knowledge of anatomy and medicine as well as to comprehend the new theory of the  Universal Law, which describes consistently all systems and objects of All-That-Is as superimposed rotational systems. One has to follow this paradigm to be able to explain the LBP correctly and without any contradictions and blunders.

Unfortunately, nobody does this so far on this planet except myself and sometimes I really doubt the sense of my efforts to educate the people when they have no idea of true science, but believe to be chosen to comment on such complex issues as the LBP. I must admit that I am sometimes really exasperated by the continuous denial of the people to start thinking logically, axiomatically and to organize their knowledge in a systematic manner.

Now that I have explained the LBP for the third time after my two articles, which obviously few people have carefully read, I would like to ask all my readers to start asking me detailed questions on the LBP and I will answer them in my emails to them and publish them in the ascension report. From our past discussion on the putative role of kundalini in the LBP, I came to the conclusion that there is still a fundamental confusion among some of my readers about the real energetic mechanisms of the LBP. If you, being the most evolved human beings on earth, are dwelling in such a confusion, what should one expect from the rest of humanity that has not even heard the word “LBP” When I think about this, it makes me really giddy.

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