The Function of Left and Right Brain in the Light Body Process

By Georgi Stankov, August 15, 2011, Copyright 2011


In most human beings, the two hemispheres of the brain do not function in synchronicity, although they are anatomically connected through corpus callosi. I describe this phenomenon as energetic malfunction of current incarnated human beings.

There are some other significant deficiencies in the energetic structure of human beings, e.g. the blockage of the 4th heart chakra (emotional centre), which separates the three lower body chakras (1st to 3rd chakra) from the three higher chakras (5th to 7th) as part of the energetic malfunction of humans (for further information see publication “Light Body Process in the End Times“. This topic is very painful to the ego of the incarnated entity, and for this reason it is not currently discussed by any channel.

In the course of the Light Body Process (LBP)the heart chakra opens, encompasses, and synchronizes the lower and the higher chakras. Ultimately, the entity develops a Unified Chakra, which can transform much more astral energy in the body than normally. I have dedicated a whole book on this issue, based on sound and irrefutable scientific data (“The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“).

The only malfunction that is mentioned by channels nowadays is the reduction of the DNA of human entities to two strands by the current controllers on earth (The Anunnaki from the Orion Empire and the Reptilians) and their potential development to 12 and more strands in the course of Ascension.

However, none of the channelers have the necessary scientific background to comprehend these messages on DNA, which are channelled in a rather trivial, unscientific manner. It is not that the DNA-strands evolve to 12 and more biochemical strands that could be experimentally observed, e.g. through recombinant DNA-techniques, but that the so called junk-DNA, which contains the whole information of all incarnations of the soul and much more, is now activated at higher frequency astral levels, where the actual regulation of the DNA-encoding by the soul takes place.

These overlapping high frequency levels of stored information cannot be currently assessed by material instruments, because their limit is determined by the Planck’s constant, which is the elementary action potential of photon space-time, the smallest quant of energy that could be measured with material devices. This phenomenon is currently known as Heisenberg uncertainty principle and is central to the conventional interpretation of quantum mechanics (see Tetralogy of Science and all scientific books on New Gnosis).

The DNA-levels, which the channels are talking about, are beyond the Planck’s constant and cannot be currently assessed.

I do not want to further indulge in scientific details, but I would like to make you aware of the fact that this topic is also at the heart of free photon energy. The actual physical background of this energy presupposes an understanding of the new Transcendental Physics of the Universal Law of Nature (see also my book “Thoughts“). The latter can only be acquired after current physical theory is profoundly re-written and relieved from many basic flaws and inconsistencies.

I have performed this scientific achievement by developing the new Physical Theory of the Universal Law in two volumes of 1100 pages (volume I and volume II (full version). In this theory, I have elaborated the theoretical background of photon energy to the highest scientific standards.

For instance, I rejected the second law of entropy, which is in an apparent contradiction to the first law of thermodynamics of energy conservation, by deriving a new law, called Stankov`s Law of photon thermodynamics. This law is basic for the future development of new power engines, which will use photon energy after Ascension in the 5th dimension. (see publication on free photon energy).

What I want to demonstrate by this elaboration, is that all channelled messages in the last somewhat 20 years take due account of the individual knowledge of the channeler and they will never transmit a more complex information, which will inevitably put him under intellectual stress.

In this sense, all current channelled messages that circulate in Internet – be they from Kryon, Metatron or Kirael – are preliminary, meta-scientific information of what is potentially possible in the 5th dimensional levels. But they, in no way, meet even the current low standards of scientific elaboration (see my discussion on this issue in “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction“).

It is very important to observe this fact without offending personally any channeler whatsoever. I am simply making a general, dispassionate observation. Spiritual high-esteem seems to be the most common trait, and basic human angst, among light workers in the current Vanity Fair of New Age esotericism, as well as a trap to intellectual perfection. These critical comments are indispensable for a proper understanding of the brain function.


The right hemisphere (brain) is predominantly specialized in the perception and analysis of emotions. The left hemisphere (brain) is dedicated to logical, abstract thinking and the establishment of causal relationships.

As the two hemispheres are not synchronized, most human beings currently cannot integrate emotionality with intellectuality. This holds true for all incarnated entities before they enter the LBP, especially among scientific circles, where emotionality is looked upon with a contempt. With the actual beginning of the light body process, the situation changes however dramatically.

Currently, there is a general misunderstanding among all light workers. Very few of them have actually entered the light body process. Those who have, are so exhausted by the energetic transformation of the four bodies (emotional, mental, astral (ethereal), and biological), that they have no energy to communicate with others and their voices are not heard. Those, who speak loud about this issue, have no personal experience with the light body process. This is the source of all confusion among light workers on this key process that leads to individual Ascension.

It seems to be a well-established belief in the New Age movement that one has to give up common logic in order to become a light worker. Therefore, most of the light workers enter the spiritual process with a retarded left brain, which they hardly use and are not even aware of this bio-mental deficiency. Even people, who believe that they think logically, as most scientists do, use a faulty logic.

In fact, human logic, as it has been developed since Antiquity (Plato, Aristotle) up to the present day (Russell, Wittgenstein, the Circle of Vienna, multidimensional logic) contains fundamental flaws, which are closely connected with the intrinsic hallucinatory perception of space-time by the limited senses of human beings.

This is a huge cognitive theme that encompasses the whole knowledge of Western philosophy, to which I have dedicated seven books (see scientific books on Gnosis and “The Universal Law in the Mirror-Image of Philosophy“, also “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction“). I am just giving my readers an impression of the complexity of this issue – it is not just a question of left versus right brain.

On the other hand, most people are entirely dominated by their emotional right brain. As their chakras are also operating out of synchronicity, they have to cope with their negative feelings that are transmitted by the lower three chakras and are often running amok, especially in the last years, when huge cosmic energetic waves are flooding earth and augmenting human emotions – look at all the wars and atrocities the world over, be they “civilized” Western or Third World countries.

The anticipated revolts throughout the globe in the course of this year (2011), which have already reached many countries, will be partially the result of the inability of the left brain of these entities to cope with the high frequency energies that currently enter their bodies through the opening of the 4th chakra. These energies cannot be properly controlled by their emotional right brain, which is still disentangled from their retarded intellectual left brain.

As long as the blockade of the 4th heart chakra persists, as this is the case with all those human entities, who will not ascend, these negative feelings of rage, anger, and frustration cannot be modulated and harmonized by the higher energies of the spiritual (6th chakra) and ecstatic centre (7th chakra), which are still closed in most human beings as part of their energetic malfunction.

These uncontrolled emotional energies exacerbate instead in brutal social conflicts, which do not truly contribute to the liberation of the awakening masses, but are rather a symptom of their perennial slave mentality within the overall duality on this “prison-planet”.

These chakras connect the incarnated entity with the Higher Self, which is actually a synonym for the soul family of the individual soul of the entity, which consists of about 1000 souls. The incarnated entity has an access to the collective knowledge and experience of his soul family through his soul. In this case, the soul family actually represents the Higher Self.

The apparent neglect of the left brain by most light workers nowadays explains their overt preoccupation with their right brain. They have to first overcome their emotional negativity, before they can really enter the light body process (see publication “LBP  in the End Times“).

Emotions are, however, never separated from abstract logical thinking. In fact, emotions modulate and distort the logical thinking in such a profound way, that most human beings are not even aware of it. This is the central energetic malfunction of human incarnated beings at present that has not been apprehended by all light workers so far.

It is not even considered as a problem, and this ignorance is the source of most intellectual and emotional problems, most light workers have to deal with. This is another huge theme, which I will not discuss for the moment. I only want to demonstrate to the reader, how intricately interwoven all gnostic topics are. To this issue, I have dedicated many scientific books on New Human Gnosis.


Now, I shall give you some information, based on my personal and scientific research experience, which will explain, why the left brain is the gateway of the human body to high frequency energies from the 6th and higher dimensions, when the light body process truly unfolds. This information cannot be found in any other source or book on LBP:

The left brain is responsible for the illusion of linear space-time

This is the faulty logic, human brain is subdued to. It is the energetic source that creates the common plane of existence of all human beings on 3d-earth. As long as it operates, the way it does, one cannot escape this hallucinatory reality and open for the real multidimensional existence of the higher realms.

The famous “veil of forgetfulness” is created in the left brain. It is responsible for the separation of the incarnated entity from the Source and is in the core of all human malaise. Therefore, the function of the left brain must be changed profoundly in the course of the light body process. Otherwise, the incarnated entity cannot ascend. By opening the left brain portal, human consciousness leaves the illusionary linearity of 3d-space- time and opens for the multidimensionality of the higher realms.

The left brain is not only a gateway to higher Christ energies, but it is also connected for the first time with the right brain in the course of the light body process, so that both, emotionality and spirituality (no more intellectuality), are finally synchronized. The reason for this is that:

All ideas in the higher realms are a combination of spiritual purpose and emotional intensity.

I will illustrate this fact with a simple example from wave theory. Take a short wave radio signal that is transmitted from a long distance. It consists of a carrier-wave that is of high frequency and a modulating lower frequency wave that transmits the actual verbal information. Both waves are superimposed and interrelated.

Likewise, emotions are lower frequency astral waves, often referred to as the 4th astral dimension, and the mental ideas and concepts being higher frequency waves are referred to as the 5th and higher dimensions. Emotions modulate Spirit, Pure Consciousness, and give the incarnated personality direct information from the soul.

It is not a coincidence that ancient Greeks used the same word “psyche” for the emotional body and the soul at the same time. They knew that the soul manifests itself mostly through feelings. Purely for that reason many channels speak at present that human beings will inhabit after Ascension simultaneously the 4th and 5th dimensions, because they cannot be separated, as they are superimposed energy levels.

The left brain is the portal to the Higher Self that is conceived as pure consciousness (“reine Vernunft”, according to Kant) or pure ideas according to Plato. All consciousness in the higher realms is expanded awareness. This fact elucidates the importance of the enlargement of the brain after Ascension (stasis) as to acquire 50 and more percent of its original potential.

This is a leitmotif of the author in all his publications, dedicated to Ascension of humanity. It is the left brain that will be largely involved in this mental expansion after Ascension.

The new General Science of the Universal Law, as presented on this website, will be then fully comprehended by most ascended entities and will become the new Science of Ascension. It will be further developed by numerous practical implementations.

Today, this greatest intellectual achievement in the written history of modern mankind cannot be fully apprehended by any “mortal” human being on earth. This situation will change radically after Ascension. This circumstance also explains, why the author is destined to become the First Ascended Master of the new Science of Ascension. 

There is always a turning point in time (= frequency) in the evolution of any civilisation in the 3d-solar universes, which can only be embodied by a single personality. Such was the role of Buddha, Jesus, and Lao Tsein the past.

Prior to Mass Ascension on December 21, 2012, the left brain can be opened only by the soul – it is an arrogant assumption to believe that human beings can make a decision on this issue. The incarnated entity can only give his consent for the initiation of the light body process and, if it is part of the soul contract, it will be triggered by the soul.

The whole process, which is extremely exhausting and tedious and is accompanied by numerous somatic symptoms, is entirely the domain of the soul. The only thing, a humble human being can do, is to bear the burden of it and develop daily strategies in order to survive somehow in an unfriendly and ignorant world with respect to such phenomena.

Precisely for this reason, the left brain is made completely open for the higher Christ energies when the light body process really commences.

Concerning myself, this process began 12 years ago. Since then, I hear these high frequency energies 24 hours a day and feel their incessant vibrations throughout my whole body. The energy flow is a column with a diameter of about 20 cm with an expanded visible quantum field of about 100 meters. Please, observe that my vision has also increased its frequency spectrum, so that I can see quantum waves.

What I hear, is not exactly the astral energies, but the atoms in the air, which are involved in the rotations of the 6th to the 14th chakra within my expanded astral field. Their rotational velocity has increased significantly in comparison to normal human beings. This high frequency sound is heard predominantly in the left ear, while the cosmic energies from the highest realms flow through the open portal of my left brain hemisphere.

There are many different qualities of cosmic energies, which I can discern by their specific tone and vibration pattern. Each specific astral wave is associated with a different set of somatic symptoms and psycho-mental experiences.

I can distinguish in the meantime more than 20 different qualities of cosmic waves that enter daily my body. Thus, I can precisely predict what kind of symptoms I will experience in the following time.

This is a very important feedback mechanism between my lower and Higher Self, which mitigates somewhat the often traumatic physical experience of the light body process, as I can prepare myself mentally and psychologically for the somatic consequences of the next nasty cosmic wave.

Real LBP has nothing to do with the fluffy, rosy stuff that most light workers distribute on this topic in the last years. It is hard work – the hardest – an incarnated human entity can ever accomplish on this toxic planet.

Yet, I have not come upon a single description of this process in any channelled or other literature. From this I deduce, that there are only very few selected individuals that are as advanced as I am on earth and have, at the same time, the neutrality and objectivity of an enlightened scholar to describe this process in an immaculate scientific manner, as I have done it in my first gnostic book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“, written in 2000- 2001.

This is essentially the role of the left and right brain in the latest and most advanced stages of the individual light body process in human incarnated entities. It is quite possible that this unique experience will become much more common in the coming months prior to Mass Ascension at the end of 2012, when many star seeds will have to advance significantly in their light body process as to ascend individually and lead the masses to their greatest collective adventure in the history of human civilisation.


This essay was first written as an email on December 7, 2010 to Kahu Fred from the channeling group/church around ” ” and later on published in my last book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction..

Later on, I revised this email to a popular scientific essay on the function of the left and right brain in the LBP, which is published for the first time in August 2011 on this new website.

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

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